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Rolling Stone should be ashamed

Jul 17, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the decision by Rolling Stone to place a glamour shot on the cover of its magazine. John, Gerry and Kirk were ticked off.

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After last night the American League. Has home field advantage. But after last night I'm not sure the American people. Have home field advantage low that is excellent after Adidas double Rolling Stone magazine. A glorified -- mass murderer. Beat disrespect it our entire country of 322 million people. And seat spit in the face of every Bob -- again and 260. Victims. With a positive story all star game. Which was worse -- Kevin James looked or how Neil Diamond sounded this guy. The second protected under the about it and -- do that same thing you do in Boston as I skipped that I see it was off. -- -- Begins -- and but then I know. It's Bruins. God and to make it worse nobody was engaged. Nobody wanted to know nobody got their nobody wanted to be a part of -- -- reacted -- when they showed the fans. On the jumbled trauma. And only kind of -- their hands. But the in Boston you know -- and didn't -- quote -- releases New York body dark and the 45000. People sat there are just too judgmental he -- you know I try again gets off well again the -- Tom -- tried to throw out the first pitch and barely did that. We came to Boston he paid his own way got his own hotel got up at 4 in the morning to fly here it's that shot. And clearly wasn't. Able do -- -- they played his. Actually played the song -- right -- behind veteran I put it behind insurance. But he but he gets like that yet but he tried it was like you said nice effort. Good try good effort did you do that last I know I know we're John Lackey -- bill McNeal back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think clearly police and home at -- right and songs redundancies at this crunch -- he's got six and that is a beer belly that is. A 62 -- or whatever the deal puts away but. It's like a billion dollar yeah you know getting credit for trying with a ton of money but he also as one of the most expensive divorces in my district number one yeah among celebrities. Sell what diamond. Old comedian old actress that's -- mom. Never heard some diamond -- emeritus diamond that's has seen this happen and that's. Asked him. A cocktail -- I and I don't I noticed that briefly saw Kevin James and they showed that thing at city halls of the MBE but also a ball gave him. Realty really don't know because Boomer Esiason played that game yeah. And that they had some athletes our former athletes Orlando in the pregame show and then play a home run. How would Kevin G. a.'s MVP and a movie coming out friendly and the movie wasn't legit. Couldn't ask if the voting process for suvs celebrity softball -- as yet I don't know I -- now find that out of my gonna spend an hour and a half. Watch you don't watch the pregame show what they did a long piece of him saying I should have made the all star team on the try out again and doc Gooden says there's just -- and -- -- -- out there. Maybe once you know bad play after another funny he's -- around the -- -- pull a hamstring he fought with mr. met because he brushed him back. But he has enormous he's closer to 400. -- just -- 300 pounds. And numb and in to that end at the end Joe Buck said at all. David Wright said how grow up all of you haven't so they're promoting grown -- I've grown up of -- grownups like read where you said even if you thought it was an okay movie decent movie in them but he can make a sequel -- -- you know revisit these characters again I mean no Adams and he can't say because it made money because there's not been a sequel. That's my bowl a year water boy Adam salesman a lot of money with his movies rarely -- -- see them -- movies that. Needs it needs so so I can't anticipate Jack and Jill to paint a pretty -- I think. It has grown -- she needed to on the ball that almost big stars they did -- one exception Davidson I mean. Rob Schneider in the museum and yeah Rob Schneider was the best guy who grew up Florida near front Schneider took a pass. Yeah yeah look at it looks like what's the latest script that said it's not quite as it is famously it was the powers like a half ago that Democrats. And who is half not a go to -- have again I don't know the animal -- was killed in Medford animal or something and he's got detail in -- and that's a guy who's a little particularly with the script yeah looked across -- and said. Just not a -- character had. Most dipping grown up one did you did did you see a rotten tomatoes was reading yesterday about grown up to. 2% or something yes they listed it among the the of the pop when he worst summer movies of all time it was like. Third from the top elevate you know 200 million dollars yet people are stupid yeah. He he decided it -- -- -- that is the extent that Rob Schneider hit you know what I couldn't beat me. I just don't see -- -- big deal with. This close weapons that -- retiring. Several liked them. So you're one. Wanted it like to what you guys agree that you get a little uncomfortable at times he's the U bordering on the unification. Canonization. This is there is the greatest closed the greatest person the greatest player that was crap doesn't stink and humble guy -- -- -- and particularly the greatest victory -- which is finest pitching greatest player greatest person greatest new Yorker greatest everything it's like they try to top each other and every commentator. Every top player other player. Year pressed to top each other in the year. Flat out worshipping the man and I am. I'm likely to who I swear it just -- -- like I put at what point I mean I thought that we're gonna go on the field. And just stubborn and census data is important that quote and a certificate or stroke in the. I will hit I -- pat on the back that's not for -- in the greatest this greatest that is that's been a thousand times and will be done a thousand more to the rest of the season. This is most amazing. He has accomplished whatever he's accomplished no matter how great you think it is or -- not a great artist with one damp pitch. And the other thing I admire him for. He's go out on top -- -- what is the last year so I'm coming back for a one attempt a lot of people that don't to view -- tarnish your image has thirty bleak and saves in the first half of the season although it's 60% of the way through the season. Abby would most people want milk this and say on second thought I'm looking back for another was he making 1520 million acts. Ed do you think era I mean most guys would would at least be thinking about come back and and and because he's so effective I'm sure he's thought about it -- -- this year yeah -- Brian Kelly Wallace to argue that a pay cut a couple of years ago that troop Brian Cashman. Europe Joseph Girardi has. Broached the subject. Because he's so good and so rely -- yeah makes their job so much years and think about repair I've been it'll. He talked to a locker before he looks in the guy and he treats you like human beings like -- -- yeah so when the media was a good Christian community media is used to getting crap done when somebody like that -- great. It's great to you forget it's always over or -- and you get picked the most cynical new Yorker. You know vigils Sherman's of the right of the Johnny Damon's and they just melt right in his presence. I understand that but I know that's what happened last -- click. And it first -- he won the MVP with the game's ceremonial exactly I think it didn't matter I mean he could have on the same thing Kevin she named in this office. And he won the MVP if it and it was just. How are we going to honor him. On sharks are good or how we -- houses of worship him that's it's close are we -- on him they did -- nice job Leland did a nice job is that a wonderful job. But at some point you say okay and he's just man even mode knew it was a ceremonial MVP award amazing. -- our players. Everything -- thank god for baseball. You know when you won me over hoping to at Fenway Park when he got cheered. A lot of people like like what you have done in the situation. Jon Lester -- situation when the opposing crowd. Cheers him for having blown the World Series. I don't know but I think any day now is gonna -- facto Peru smacked his wife. You know selling drugs -- some and he's like that. -- term for Bobby or was always in a role model with a guarantees he can afford electric kids. At least in the old days lookup to lobby or you could afford because. I was pretty sure this has occurred that you write humorous he was -- -- -- like you know you name it. You name megaphones or are you sure. That room there is New York's version of -- stories about that. That I was -- five -- of home opener yes or excuse 35 of them -- -- thought OK he's vulnerable this is kind of start to see the guy. Begin the climb is is how it's gonna work what's his eight years later and he's -- -- -- president it's crazy at affiliate -- he's fifty. He's the greatest. I'm loving that at it if -- that he Healy get a whole Arafat head for your bedroom it's also nice that they got what I was thinking out what is baseball reference page -- -- you know he's pitching I'm thinking. You know five years from now he's not gonna give 100% of the vote for the hall of fame. A -- three I really not know. We're real people want to get out and but he he might get the highest percentage -- -- -- pumped into the -- 98 point that it was that ripped him beat them but Annika was here before I think Clemens was supposed to beat him -- -- Clemens years and bones was like this is gonna be the first right now -- choice for the hall of fame. It didn't happen it's still see you still see -- ninety point six or something like that yeah Mike Maddux may be. That's another. It hired controversy we've really gonna just ought to think that somebody would look at that they have a vote for him because 66 your -- say the same thing demise unit and get in the first amended and get right percent -- Williams Mickey Mantle. -- savored and get -- -- percent how could you make Rivera right any. Just just to relief pitcher to the -- don't say that these two people wouldn't appointments and. We determined I'll be -- that we determine top receivers 606868. Man -- -- at -- -- heavier a few years ago whatever may be sick these losses will appeal the same as when he pitched for the -- he does until got to deal with them. It was aloof yeah. I was there and he he commuted to Connecticut. All right Australia yeah you would ever talked to you it wasn't always there. Put it yeah. Yeah it was not he was on the Clemens schedule -- -- the Yankees just. It was a shag fly balls in right field during beyond every single life but it -- he would he would engage you talked humid the sensitive got to look at them as those actually Smart in the professor but he was not. One of the guys but did you not think you'd see a better arm slot and and him and span. Arm speed and look more like a pitcher. That rep that he wasn't gonna look like Carly rejects and I anticipated that exhibit that rabbit didn't expected to look a little better than it did. Yeah I mean some people think this is born with a two or three best pitchers are all technologies 96. 68 was -- what happens. Now to. Wasn't that bad no -- state of the crops to catch that that's true. It was a better than Ted Kennedy's. It probably had the first drop its first pitch -- first drop in the ball dropped one. But what are -- talking about the first pitch when we have to get to the cover of the Rolling Stone I I -- the cover the ruling stops sorry that it is it. I'm -- and we're doing this because I announce the sale burden on the computer. Many years every night ten years and fifteen. And been on Twitter for a few years I've never seen read like it did last night I mean and I clicked on it. Edges and among them. Literally and who could on The Rolling Stones site to my -- -- -- site -- -- The site it was one of our guys -- one of regular wonderful I -- that. It says have you seen this you know this is unbelievable surfing the rolling stock eventually did yeah you want to confirm it because initially get the tweet. And look at this it's outrageous unbelievable and you click and it truly is outraged and unbelievable I'm and I suspect it was real it's so. Professional looking but it then and go to the site and confirm that it was indeed real your initial reaction and she was the same like Photoshop Photoshop yes -- -- this is this can't be real well. I'm look and everything I'm look at for the Photoshop -- a couple of phone shops one which on collier. On the cover one with Martin Richards in -- statement Richard. And you say that have been appropriate Russia and you could probably have the same story we can't confirm that as I won't read the garbage. That's inside the magazine them read the little press release. And it truly is about trying to understand. What went on the -- heartbreaking journey. Heartbreaking journey but by a popular charming kid and charming -- yeah. Our policy if you're if you're not that on Twitter feed him heard the latest it will turn your -- that's literally turn your stomach the league yeah Carolina. That queasy I literally saw red -- literally. Was infuriated to the point where I didn't wanna tweet about it I want to defined. One of these and -- -- -- Rolling Stone witness wasn't there hang immigrants village that's fairness -- bought -- the the Hamptons. And everybody out except that it and Antarctica. The Hamptons. And you strangle them and just smack him I mean I hope. I I honestly believe and a lot of people tweeted to me say this -- they want to get the publicity that's a good point I disagree and I disagree there is a breaking point for that theory there's a point we've crossed the line and you say. Tonight. And you. There's enough good decent people out there amid. Clearly is some scum has been you know on the mat he -- in the world these low light schools in -- coal. But Janet Reitman of the world whoever she is and his brother wrote distort but. Can you imagine anybody even in Cambridge even some dirt and Cambridge -- games where this this -- lived. Anybody in new wing -- Boston new -- and pick that up. As they walked to the grocery line on the go to the -- stand of the go to target public -- and say yes how much is this this I had no idea now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I have I tweeted about ten times. May have finally a text and you guys and so if you see assistant editor at. I can be went looking at Twitter and Joan Glickman I. I made a mistake I made a mistake I apologize -- I -- still McDonald. But if you if you haven't seen the cover. It looks like if you don't we show -- always -- -- a lot you just look at us now it looks like the latest you know rock star of the month yes you know you look at this whose mysterious green you know. Crazy sexy guy -- on the covers so we don't you do yeah should stay our our go cart car magazine. Joseph cars are native is on the cover of Rolling Stone in this kind of worshipping there's that word again this kind of photographed him and ask yourself. This photo approved and where did first appear he took it. And on his -- -- this is the one he chose for himself right so right the photo that he looked as it. Yeah that's the cool looked at chicks are gonna do right meet with my little deal lies in my hair -- softly album my particular. Or whatever that can assure it is. There's among the many thousands of people between them last night was someone who who put it and trying to find and now maybe confined Curtis. Right next to the Jim -- a Jim Morse and cover it's very similar. I mean it yes people tweeted about it looks like that Bieber it looked like. And on the latest hip -- Rock star yeah it looks like Jim -- and -- literally looks like Jim Morrison got to wishes okay dead in a Paris cemetery looks in his heyday. And the the idea that -- this is for shock value whatever you want shock value as I suggested on Twitter. Amylin. That last photo yes Campbell and that on the autopsy to -- it put that on the won't shock value you could have the same story. You can have the same is that targeted at the same audience could put Pamela and yes -- got the shock value this is so sickening. I can't imagine anybody saying you know. I know it's a little edgy year and dangerous -- that magazine up. Please tell me no one's gonna by the magazine please tell me everyone is like man in canceling this inscription I mean they have gone round the bend. Roland there's no decent person who would ever by Rolling Stone again no decent person who picked this up even. Out of curiosity says I gonna buy this magazine let's let's all agree that this is it's over for -- don't at least in the wing. Hope so yes I would say this if you put -- on the cover the autopsy photograph and a -- mussina but it's quite a deal catcher interest. The only thing yesterday -- that not only the only thing you would have to change is the is the last word in the little headlines. Will deliver a riveting and heartbreaking account of -- -- charming kid with a bright future became a speed bump it to change monster beat by the trip. According to -- right. -- story they want that's funny Carter wants funds to debate but -- cheesy he's there should put him on the -- and and that what that story in the magazine right -- -- know four or. I'm one out you know which some if you don't wanna push on -- if you wanna put Martin Richard if you -- Padilla Bowman put some cock. Picture of the carnage put it in and it. Only address city I mean what's not the cover of Sports Illustrated just wasn't that riveting the deregulate the good. Well the cover went -- when the yeah what's that in those in his right seventy -- you have got to fill out how to play cops right. Quote in the woman -- gone out the three cops around and great photo Britain in this unbelievable award winning photo journalism. And they I know how -- may not Rolling Stone but it's Sports Illustrated this is not some. -- newly -- yet in this picture from that on the cover. It's a roomful editors at the painful decision maker digital consensus base say they put them up on the wall what about this follow what about this photo it is a painstaking process. -- -- -- I assume this round. Snow bath salts and some good week Eden you know -- know that -- -- -- their burn -- -- with no -- cells left in the but there had to be some deliberation here they had to be. A photo of you know whatever the carnage that finished lunch on caller my Richard had to be a photo. Some other photo of well this maggot it's some other photo of -- -- they thought this is going to be a talker and that's why do believe that put them -- I think his wrongs don't dying circulation to weighed down it's irrelevant now and I think they thought this is in this business talker people are gonna talk about us. I'd like to think that only these brain dead idiots who flew in from Washington and drove up from -- Freetown but you'll want to gonna purchase this Gartner well today and look at it but to all look how cute he is he is a victim in the event. Consider this -- they're gonna be back right that's going to be trials the trials can take forever. They now have their placards they now have there you know their their god hates afterwards that west Borough Baptist Church yet hands of the -- their signs. They are every time you see. Amylin are GOR. Arraigned. -- to ride these maggots these groupies who come from all over the country are gonna show up right now. Guarantee this Rolling Stone cover is on a -- is on and on teachers it's on T shirts it's on bedroom walls I mean they know these are people on the fringe the margins. But they now they they love -- they loved us more than we can imagine this is their new poster literally he is there. Poster boy now. Thanks to the low lights in the maggots in the Matt -- Who run this dying rag. I just think I hope maybe them being an optimist optimistic I think they've gone too far at this point I think we will remember the death. Rolling Stone and and this will be one big reason why what they point at time magazine into the Hitler on the cover that put Joe's installed on the power that officials say shots he just sexy poses of those guys write it looks at this picture of himself right -- that that's that's the man of the year that's the biggest newsmaker of the year that's what they do every year. And no one would disagree. Euro stung more or -- Caminiti with the biggest newsmakers of the year this new story this is almost. Worship and we're back to the word again geography mean it's. It's. Again -- and read the piece of garbage but this is again. Is exactly what they do with The Who rocks -- the issue now this is what -- Bieber wore on the coverage you know wherever. -- -- -- This is how they would treat this is how this is the kind of picture they would use this as. This is just so wrong on so many levels that I think again it's it's going to be -- and the death of Roland. One Jerry he was a charming kid with your rate futures a heartbreaking story where you read it affected anything in there about and killed in the -- -- And I haven't read it now now 6177757937. AT&T text line 37937. I'll talk some Red Sox baseball Jerry Remy in the 8 o'clock hour Bobby Farrelly from the -- Brothers Jonas in the 9 o'clock hour to officially confirm or deny. Whether dumb and dumber two and elect the fact that -- to T 00 that's the OTL I mean. Is is in production. -- be right back with your phone calls. As long as the kids keep making the traveling team and the new restaurant across town doesn't deliver you're going to be driving. So it's a Smart choice to join new PP driver rewards you receive an instant ten cents per gallon reward just for signing up. With every second fill -- of quality BP gasoline you keep earning and saving five cents per gallon. Pick up a BP driver rewards brochure at your local BP to join now up to twenty gallons terms and conditions apply see BP driver towards -- com for details. We can still. -- -- -- Instead there's a story a cover story on the Rolling Stone. And the author Janet Reitman. Is going to talk about eight charming kid. That had a bright future and it's going to be riveting and heartbreaking account. What a 100% of the people naturally assumed this was going to be a story about mark Richard yet what do you think that indicates yes they -- heartbreaking account of a charming -- bright future and -- we're gonna Butler some more stuff about the mark entry. You know there were 280. Victims 280. You don't think he could have found a riveting story about you know a charming person any of them yes -- -- GQ credit GQ. Is also on the can be a little left the in my mind I don't read it much anymore they did a brilliant job on this and focused on I don't know six or eight. Victims including Jeff Bowman and his group and Aaron. Evans. Paul Evans probably amendment get the skinny it. He ran the marathon. Then went back to South Boston. Went to the I think it's Steele street bathhouse or whatever was -- and hot tub to recover. Was laying there after haven't got a Padraic of the Gatorade and they called up in this you better come in. I mean just real cool inside stuff well done real good. Journalism great magazine work obviously you don't have that. The advantage of that David de tune breaking news and all that but if you wanna read. And that I don't ever tweeted -- the GQ amateur it's all on line and not the GQ did a brilliant job on this. This is what pro installed could've should've done they had. The resource is the lead time of the personnel that could have done this instead. They decide to to to. He put the bag down saw mark Richards saw him saw the old boy. Knew that he was going to murder an eight year old child. And walked away smiling that's the guy that's the charming kid who is on the cover of the -- looks bright future. Bright future. And by the way they chose the photo of Joseph -- -- could have weeded them out. From -- hospital right. That he would have chosen -- that's the -- like I -- my FaceBook that's the wanted to come myself it's got the look I'd like it has got the look it's gonna Charny is a fourteen year old. Idiots and 35 year old idiots in informal thing the guy is is is somehow. A big. What are the gonna do it again appoint this and say look is this heartbreaking this kid could spend what a shame this is for the -- that's good defense by the end the brother I meanwhile brain washed -- And that's that the angle -- from the tees they have you know simple points from the story. That's the angle but it is not -- right exactly he's just some -- Vulnerable child who became under the spell of his evil act of a mother and his evil that terrorist brother. And you know can you really blame them you certainly can't. Execute the excuses start right at the beginning though -- better -- you read the bomber public popular promising student. Was failed by his family stopped off. I. Swear -- and so that's fine by the divorce your morning. Above the excuses -- the -- tally popular promising student was failed by his family fell into radical Islam. Islam and became a monster hell he just fell right -- interviews he's joke -- friends and family. He was any Muslim prayer group -- high school and took his religion seriously. But he had a troubled home life. He once told a friend that terrorist attacks would be justified. And that an FBI agents speculated that during the Watertown -- standoff. Joseph Clark could have been moved to give up. By the mention of his high school wrestling coaches plea to him for surrender no he was prompted to give up does that blow -- -- I'll get up you know I love that gave up like he gave sum that up. He was bleeding now in boat. Unarmed. Under fire under fire wounded heart crying like a little action where his mom. -- is -- topic is something we feel this is called. Humanizing this is like humanizing. We -- somehow -- the frailty of human frailty. There's pour out of the child the defense is gonna read this and then just -- results later exactly -- and this is a defense this is eight of that these these these these. ACLU loans that are like surrounding him that that are costing us millions -- when she getting in every week. The to work with -- joke. In this magazine saying. -- -- Where's your compassion. That really it says here and we got a defense here tonight. -- it's sad to -- he had a troubled home life in the months leading up to the bombing. His family had disintegrated. His parents were both living in Russia. Has two older sisters were estranged. Only -- Was still in Boston pals saw he had was to support child supposed to blow up. -- people like -- Hernandez father dies when he's sixteen -- But people really just don't report child. Come around -- now that the EU should adopt the -- your particular candidates 01 troubled home life. Which would cost to go to Kinko's and make a big poster of that cover poll. Go to -- whoever does that I don't know make a big baby up like a stick on the backs like walked down the street came that's what you get it done for less than fifty. Free free GO -- he's just so hot. Proposals as a league and get now from these and money on chicks money they're -- send money charming kid just. Well in them out that is if you just Fallon is -- you know it's like following when -- Walk and I -- so you never -- them around so you know you balk oval -- -- mystery just fall on the terrorism you've never done an idea what happens I hope. I wished these Rolling Stone editors would fall and Clinton -- black holed an -- tech and Florida. If so called ball to a single. A whole bunch of these worthless. Drugged a burnout low life Rolling Stones -- Extra 50 -- from the five -- it's as we are all very upset about this but what are we going to do about it. Well most people -- ready most people already canceled their subscription would you say the percentage is down about. It will hold 26 point 9% bought it yet the couple years ago they remember on some of the big magazine you know they went to the smaller one -- -- money companies have their. They're done they're gonna be -- in Internet only -- two -- -- -- what you the Smart thing to do is this is where it really works if you care to do this if you wanna make the effort. You you picked up -- a Rolling Stone -- garbage don't buy it. And you and you look at every advertisement that is in there. And you write down their website or you write down their full number and call them and say I am not. Biting your Trojan pro full house -- let's say what what's in the ital I don't look at what this caught everyone other advertisers and say. Because you advertise in this piece of toilet paper that were wiping my but on. I am not buying what the -- yourself it's ever again what -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the it's it's easy when it's a -- he's whiners that's a different shot whatever Aaron and then it's one ball malicious and yes and the balance the the year ago -- -- it's probably. And -- -- advertise what you get what's what's in there it was like the last one I saw and music stuff. As some epidemic those those. It was a fake cigarettes that's all he's cigarette access. To these don't look at it and they -- kids can -- she zoomed -- and the national like Kat candy bar on earth am I some -- Asia's recent national stuff. Guarantee we have a back there's that trigger much -- -- -- in the town hall they probably -- no -- -- accidentally -- the cover up there was talk to Scott and -- -- -- your first of the NC. More art I -- And I almost thought that the document he also supporting the -- Crockett. -- -- -- by in the long -- walking. Up there and to the people are awful are to walk away and other. -- -- Was not saying with the ball almost just a scare at I mean again. And by -- look at it -- and read it but. Do you think how depiction of your card standing behind an eight year old child he's about to murder yet they have. So I mean you think they included in the piece probably not that wouldn't seem -- chart. It once seemed so promising new forfeit any right to be charming be popular. You know to be promising when you placing a bomb behind an eight year old child and murder and -- -- -- that that you know we never we never -- textures back but I wouldn't mind -- -- called this cut back from the 71 just because you guys don't agree with that doesn't mean everybody else agrees with you about the Rolling Stone cover. I'm out welcomes some dissent on this I got. More response on Twitter I printed and when. -- -- me. You definitely know what that means but I printed we try and they say and do little things that you -- -- you I don't know from tweeting about this but anyway inevitable reaction. I might add to people's day. In -- way read the story via but that's beside the point but I say he's a victim you're dumb pass and back and I said I -- that better be sarcastic he's had calmed down -- -- -- -- -- set up like the car before we take a break Mike. You know hey guys -- all right you know you got a boycott -- but what -- -- -- is that. -- talked about boycotting. ITunes or Maggie well that's the Massachusetts. With everything going -- -- all Patrick -- -- -- -- wake up. Caught a bit this is a Massachusetts and force them to do something about that. Because when -- we get -- there -- individual we -- -- -- well. We deal I didn't touch and when it -- of all do. He took the picture uh oh yeah I mean not musical to a point that a deal would be surprised them in -- the -- when. When and if that we have there have been deliberating the death death penalty. This charming kid yes you will that will really brings me to say -- of people like Devoe who will be there won't be marching with the it on the groupies but they will certainly be speaking out what do Rolling -- put George in -- -- on the program. It could be. -- people it's just wait and read the story was found not guilty George Zimmerman is in this Jewish sentiment -- game has gone back he's -- ago we talked usually for business to the court but they would never ever. They put this mass murder in. Muslim. Racquet on the cover. We can call -- all right we can try we try. No response that's a little Leo -- try to talk to anybody name appears on magazine politically trying to fight the system for years the big guys and talked to silence and silence and and finally when the crap hits that's a good point -- hopeless and -- and -- about housing policies and really we could -- I wanted to know there are fighting back -- -- sit in their corner like a bunch of policies. How well it's where I don't isn't shouldn't be out defending your position to -- somebody twittered me you know on this -- -- notes to editor it's a guy we now yeah and editors said often. There's an editor at F off and died to. Somebody -- inquiring about this court critically. The publicist of the woman Reitman wrote the story is from Boston and she's the one works for what was her name -- Aaron rotor RO -- are and what companies that Houghton Mifflin. XNG and Janet Reitman is on Twitter at her name and -- and a messenger trying to get her she's no response she's gone dark too. You ball or shoot thirty under something -- to owners who are 617 -- -- -- 79837. Jerry Remy joins -- 8 o'clock hour Bobby fairly 905 we mentioned Neil -- divorce and said it will most expensive horses ever. It's amazing. He is -- -- in terms of how much more money he paid his wife Marcia. That's a very famous people will do at that particular phone calls next with the NC.

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