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It’s a baseball night on The Planet leading into the Mid-Summer Classic

Jul 16, 2013|

Mikey is all over the diamond before the All-Star game. He looks at the greatest left- handers to ever take the bump and what catchers were the best behind the dish. Any baseball discussion wouldn’t be complete without contemplating the role of performance enhancing drugs, Mikey dives into that issue before the All-Star action.

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Yeah I just don't know how I'm going to be able to get through a two hour radio program. Technically an hour and 48 minutes. We have this all star game. Without the help of the radio listening audience. Craig. -- year you've got to make sure it is or somebody back there champions of the phones because without these callers tonight it's like me fly solo very. To guessing it's depressing. I mean I know the writer gets today off a few days off during the all star break as he so flat out of the baseball duties he has now. I don't how that works and I you know we we try to stock of the program -- people guests and you know comedians in funny -- tonight. A two hour show dead middle of summer right smack dab on all star game. I have no co hosts in the studio whatsoever so once again. Most of list. The help of our knowledgeable and vast radio listening audience spinning New England from Maine to the cape. That's of the commercial. Of the actually -- secretary grass merged -- and it. From may dedicate. And Connecticut as well. And the islands and the islands and western Massachusetts. Even Vermont with -- all the freaky moon bats up there won't talk to everybody tonight. -- throw a couple of possible topics conversation personable. Now here's here's the first one this is commits an -- I wanna go this for the rest the week to Craig McCann. I want to get the top five guys. At each position because I'm a baseball this is baseball cards for me you know to restart -- let's start with catcher rimmed out. Then. Left handed starters okay. The five best of all time to throw a couple names out here right now on the -- -- to get this conversation started. Okay now many -- are we gonna say current -- and indeed I am. Gonna put in my top five. I think I would like what I talk about catching position you also talk about defense in a big way you have to. Now does that exclude Mike Piazza of the conversation go because he might have the most prolific numbers hitting wise a ball catches the ball. -- as a combo platter of field general. I got a bit of power -- for average guided the clutch guy with throw out base runners I was I was involved at some stats of the day. I like to reached at once while I -- a stat geek. We don't get -- once a while I was looking at just just different catchers in and Carl -- These -- -- like half the runners to try to steal against that's a pretty damn good. Ratio and that's one reason a report even -- -- know that he did steroids and -- this goes against Maynard grain here. Yvonne robberies. And put him on the list as well. And I'll tell you right off the top two left handed pitchers I got 33. Left handed starters. Right off the top. Oh I think I wanna include on this list and one of them is the big ugly Randy Johnson as much -- kits and act right waves it. He was a good one but here's the most important thing right now Major League Baseball. Is dealing with the bio Genesis situation. And I -- and today. About. Some Bud Selig comments about what's going on and he goes through the whole history of drugs and in the major leagues. Talk about the cocaine era of the eighties. It -- quote says there was no drug testing agreement quite said the Pittsburgh drug trials very sad and still no drug testing. But says now here we are thirty years later. The toughest drug testing agreement an American sports we must be doing something right I haven't heard from anywhere in Washington. In eight and a half years. Now according to but. 4600. Drug tests were administered to major league baseball players. In in the past year. That's a lot of tests. That's like four that's almost like every player getting tested four times on there is -- like a thousand players something. And he said. 161000. Tests overall between a big leagues and the minor leagues. And it's a test produced seven positive results. And that the overall failure rate less than one half of 1%. That's mind boggling to me if those stats are valid if they're true. There's a really good chance baseball has cleaned itself up -- that in mind. How do you feel about that army -- obviously you're gonna be some other people trying to get that to get done with that with PD's but do you think Chris Davis is not PDs I don't know. I don't wanna be the judge and jury on this usually I am a player you know he's he's dirty. -- -- -- the -- they looked. With Chris Davis I don't know I just don't know when I don't know how to treat dissent. So Chris -- in this thing really the attention given to a goes back to 1990 courses via McGwire and Sosa contests that they had. And I into the all star game on the plate. -- certainly time for us to reassess maybe maybe reassess Arabia go back to the old -- think there's still a problem Major League Baseball with. We've with people and repeat CDs I don't know but here's the key to this whole thing. We are within days I feel because rumors are now swirling. The Major League Baseball is getting ready to dispense punishment. In the bio Genesis case. The the head of the players association says it's possible players involved would not serve their penalties until the 2014 season not that that changes -- life and he. He's not serving -- now either. That hitting is that -- get a ball it had eight double way. It's impossible he's just a chemical reaction that guy you know it's great it's only a little bit of talent lot of chemicals I don't know. But A-Rod -- LeBron Nelson Cruz. At some of the other principal players in the bio Genesis. Scandal. Really could be in limbo during the upcoming offseason. I mean real trouble. Here's appears the problem this whole thing in this is this is what really causes of the biggest problem I have a baseball right now. Is the length and the duration of some of these unbelievable contract if you look at the list of people who've gotten really fat contracts. Over the last six or rake yours I mean I'm talking about the big -- -- -- over the Vernon Wells Ryan Howard's of the world. Albert Pujols is never going to be worth the kind of money he signed a contract for he will ever. Be worth it and we know A-Rod won't be worth it. So maybe the greatest thing could happen the Red Sox was just get rid of all that fast. Agassi in people's minds of thirteen million dollar limit on on how to use these days in the in the in Major League Baseball anybody over twenty Mark Teixeira. What -- 22 point three million dollars a year these yankees have sort of top six. Valued annual contracts in all of baseball. Where they act and where the players at that are during a big money to not produce. So maybe the dumbest thing you possibly do now in Major League Baseball no matter what's about how much coveted player no matter how great he looks to you maybe the stupidest thing you could do. To give somebody you know. Ten years 200 some million -- 888 years -- you know. It doesn't matter anything over twenty million dollars a year is gonna come back from Bridget. -- in the -- Not to me I've said this a long time ago lawsuit again and I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you know in if there if you think there is a problem in Major League Baseball still to structure. You know who who do you think the problem people are and what you do about it ice -- say Iran is a classic reason why. You should take. The steroid of the PED -- offense and make it into where a fatal one. If it's your second offense. OK now they want steroids out of baseball and all drugs at a baseball sure why not in every sport maybe should follow this. A two pronged clash really be the commissioner that's it two pronged plan. The first is if you can do hair follicle testing a regular races would be great but short of that. Is to have a voluntary. Program for players that wanna be tested more often. So that they can -- maybe the cleanest players in all of baseball and recognizes so racially based portion of their own web site. And on that website should be a list of all the players who voluntarily get tested every week. Right now you can look at that has to say OK these guys definitely got nothing to hide they're not even cyclical about it they're everywhere they're getting tested. A bonafide. Certified. Program for people to show how innocent they are now of those people can become valid heroes. If Chris Davis says I'm clean I wanna be the first clean guy had sixty -- is Roger Maris. Go to the site. Go to the you know some pitcher you're samples we thought we see when they're really say OK now we can cheer for something this is like Sosa and McGwire 1998. And the second thing is. First offense -- for the year second venture out for your life. Sounds harsh. But it isn't really to take into consideration you've already been caught wants. So these -- the two things I would go to clean -- Major League Baseball. As far as catchers are getting a hold parent load of -- and I say that -- the respective parents everywhere. Submissions on that now I see you -- already -- harbor. Dempsey. Ali are you kidding. Mike Scioscia we're talking about the five greatest catchers of all time don't put. Mike so ocean Tim McCarver on the list cart was -- -- catcher would -- a win here. Nowhere near the top five as in visually Britain -- close. It was probably get to sixty hitter at best. Throws court bench I agree with. This guy definitely Yvonne Rodriguez -- -- now and look my. Take his defense out of it a little bit just you haven't made up for -- this year numbers. And it -- talk baseball until 8 o'clock 6177797937. That's 61777979. 37. And you all -- text numbers those of you would have been texting. And 37937. Is that is via the text number. That's somebody says to me Gary Carter goods are good suggestion he would have paid a fine dinner hall fame career. Mistresses might -- -- lead by example when you get a drug test to release the results Noble's. All right I'll do that. I will do a good time -- that sites run up run up my blood test on their two. So only one real bad -- unified in there and it's estrogen. I Charlie's in Arlington our first caller of the night hello Charlie. Don't -- courts I use the estrogen Charlie to mask my absolute masculinity. They are distorted Islam which seminar on the arbitration bookstores and create insults to -- I think the pattern. Is pretty evident with respect to. The free agent and signed contracts OK right now big money. Subsequently. Usually after they signed big contracts that performance goes down in their injuries go up right. That's usually the case here right. Certificate rights are being. I think that it's pretty -- I mean you look at -- Crawford look at a guy like Gonzalo should look at it I like to share. Between the Yankees don't look at what you mean about two years I mean look Rodriguez pretty. It's so typical so I mean protecting the -- and in that epic give big money. To a lot of these free -- to such a risky proposition today. That I would quite honestly I mean I would have avoided I mean I -- big names most of the time. It's going to be a situation where they very likely could have been on performance enhancing drugs to get to that point performance that is what -- demand in the big -- Right and you know the prior testing. You know had to do with you know you'd you'd get tested as a Major League play you know the -- -- get tested for while -- -- on a cycle that's the way I heard. Absolutely as soon as they kinda contract and he assumed they signed that big money contracts there is no benefit for them to get suspended anymore right -- I wanted to -- They've made their money they leak site devoted to take the drugs anymore. And you know that's typically they get hurt the route for a long time and and the and the recovery in the -- they got hurt it would take something to make it back and. Well it's it's doing you know it that that's the original reason for steroids to begin -- -- terrorism HJ tournament I -- the mall together they're not really detectable steroids we don't talk about. Yeah I mean I think to me I get the debate and I take it picking Smart not I think -- they got to start to realize that the patent evident and that. DB. The a longterm contract that you talked about. -- probably got a window into going to be if you would Archie I mean even pull also multiple W I mean you really can't -- calls it ticket there -- anymore. You know I don't know I don't I have nor do with him his body so it as they want to -- I mean I mean it's likely that you and anymore. It's hard really hard to say with him and he's one of those guys -- looked -- many of the injuries followed him alone round will be to know what's his contract -- -- -- it up. I'm more -- you get for years. I -- to that point so I'm looking -- just quickly clicked on Wikipedia list of the highest paid guys here and I don't see his name on the on the it goes Rodriguez. Vernon Wells by the way last year -- -- -- It is obvious. That we. Have right immediately spot. Vernon Wells is was last year the highest paid player not on the Yankees and now of course he's on the Yankees -- He's got 24 million dollars a year Johan Santana again New York Mark Teixeira fourth 43 million. CC sabathia 23 -- mile war. Is is sixth on the list Prince Fielder these are all 23 million plus of course for -- run the average thirty million. Adrian Gonzales. And it 21 million Cliff Lee. Miguel Cabrera who by the wait is worth 21 million. I think your best bet when it comes to signing creators of big money at this point I think is pitching I. I'm out there which is I'm not something but I think it's it's it's -- likely that they are. Yeah well there's you know there's a Halard Carl Crawford on the -- -- but when I was in the porno is a reason drew the line twenty abilities to stem these guys are really. I'm trying to keep -- of the -- guys who might be worth it okay on this list and more of a news. Sabathia. One of them could be Mauer in the long -- I don't think 23 million for his numbers it is worth Prince Fielder. You know there's certainly Cabrera but there and that is for -- gone downhill twenty bucks a year man as big a couple Ryan Howard for twenty million he's done. Yes CCC Cabrera and it just. Decide the long term deal right there. I don't ignore I don't know how long term Yemen where he is in his -- Miguel grew on -- user -- 21 million dollars that's -- best hitter in baseball right now he's the -- so. Charlie thank you may take care keep -- best friend is next on planet Mikey show -- eighth. Hey Mike are you doing. You must be out of your mind for going on the air without syrup today. Was sick -- Sarah might be back tomorrow or some -- I think. I think with the money you make young reporter on your personal pay. Well I don't know but that I you know you'd be surprised at how little money and me. Most of what. They paid tribute mostly in free goods. -- Worked for food diet there wherever home. I think it I'd like get two things are won this football and baseball. OK can -- don't know who's your favorite captured the best catcher of all time. Tony. -- I'll accept that. I will -- for two reasons first -- hitting gun behind home plate. Secondly he hit for power and drove in runs so he's he should meet could be considered to be the best catcher mark I'm Mike I maybe it's a good choice. I think in the supported he was electric. It that there are certain players and in baseball that are electric. -- you can't stand not to watch them play. Johnny Bench and get Johnny Bench was really great yeah and what a great baseball on the -- You know a Shani bench and only John John Mara is better than now. Tom on the -- you know. Anyway arm I think -- that this thing would -- Tom Brady they came up in the earlier showed before I can get. He had taken cult you know is. It's it is this is clearly a situation right after a game. We had. Brady talking about trying to keep an Anderson line. I don't think it had anything to do that is off. -- is soft appealed stopped. Yet it's they have never done that I guess I tried my teammate. That's why haven't tried to keep this kind line in order to win this game but that I did it. You know what I mean I I think they'd be comments he made. Is -- not pertinent I at all. To any knowledge so what Hernandez strolling up the field it's clearly a post game you know you play sports. You know I don't know -- any of that information off the field from Hernandez would be shared with anybody addicted you know. It's like this -- is leading -- a whole separate life. I mean it was like it had nothing to do with the -- anything going on honesty -- is is like. I think what Brady was referring to was just trying to keep mineralized. On the field -- is trying to trying to get him in the spot of course you go. That would be his job nor are we wanted to be his job to keep -- -- -- in -- off the field and I agree that. So I I think all this -- about well Brady knew about he and his way back I think that's not. But anyway. The the all star game. Yet it's tonight at 8 o'clock that's at -- Tony. -- you know law. A whole lot of -- well they got to tell you it is you're too old like me but don't say so they're not tell little kids. This book is gonna watch that thing. Tom -- I did the way you do it when you're little and dumb and pick up some hero. And I don't think there's a damn thing wrong with -- that's our -- -- -- I sure hope they pick up the right heroes because it would that we all know there were some some people out there on the on the Plainfield who -- you know I don't know how anybody care about Dustin Pedroia. That's a guy a little kid can't get inspired by you. I love GDP he's one of my favorite all time baseball player as it's 'cause she plays the game like an all star. Even -- Valentine said. It's that sort of what even though after Beatty came after him after the -- saying yeah. Even Valentine's said it is really enjoyable to watch Scott player every day. Yeah he's I'd say -- get a guy like that with a chip on his shoulder he who's short and as always and try to prove things to people. That's the kind of guy I want on my team Keith is set Dustin. PD -- destroy you Johnny Bench break out year aged twenty to 1970. -- 45 homers and a 148. Runs batted in he played a 158 games. The 1970. Red state talk about all these guys get days off now catchers for known and novel catcher goes on thirty games he's starting catcher. -- 140. 9758. Games. It's 72 -- Johnny Bench forty homers 125. Driven an -- and -- a lot of guys on base front it was a big red machine for God's sick. But as a catcher to drive in our hundred plus runs six times in your career that's pretty impressive. As I said a guy with a gun. He was MVP twice. In the National League he won -- about ten gold gloves and looks like to me here all star every year for fifteen years -- be good choice. We take a break quick break -- get to Harry Tom Eric steep and you 61777. Point 7937.

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