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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 07/16/13

Jul 16, 2013|

You ask, we answer!

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That's the question. Question -- question what's. The big question. So it should be used -- It's. And Mike adams' here it's brought you by heiress restoration specialists if your property your facilities manager for an insurance Perot call heiress to a jury of the disaster restoration game plan in place. That's 8774611111. Orbit a -- serve dot com on Mikey. You. Right wing tips today. Wouldn't. Let him Michael are you. So loafers. Fashion plate well articles where. We got to do a little of that for our friends or Michael they're going somewhere at the look present about the virus treatment. In term of art which are going to have more and more fun I want to play and there are often. -- when the golf tournament action that during the week these. Are -- have to go to work during their culture. Which -- -- great event -- -- -- I want to be -- fresh. -- -- -- -- Without -- having the boat crucible were on the air dual someone's on the don't think. Pay shipping policy because they may change today. VOY. A reality is close to pay him an exit for our there was artwork of old -- is our viewers or race. -- I don't work. It work -- acquire. The next question. -- do you know what each of the other ones of you makes. -- All I know that one Ian Ian. I know handles all these are very well texture but he told -- make up for. It used to be Michael's. Yours. I know. Sort of -- make. A whole lot of -- Can afford those more on -- -- you try or you trust my agents more than anybody if you think -- Next question. Once -- -- that bridge will be that's for sure -- about -- -- well. Into the question girlfriend talks too much or girlfriend makes snorting noises when she laughs and talks too much because prefer. Every -- talks -- much. So not every -- starting ago. Simple solution specific -- -- that you should do well who's next -- the neighbors agree like degrade. -- I like this I would go to snorting noises you would prefer this morning as if that presume that there is I don't Britain that everyone talks too much resumes that. But. That's right. And all -- process of elimination when you're laughing. She's laughing you're probably laughing record you know really focused on the sorting. It. She's snorting. Those -- the -- depends how serious I think the snorting as our. Like she snort like -- -- -- might French Bulldog and that movie Adam miss congeniality. Undervote. -- yeah she did. Anderson he somehow you're gonna be. Full for. You open up. If you ask her more questions if -- she would speak you have more interest maybe should -- that's a great point and -- stopper from target. Next question out what is your scariest plane ride of your life. I thankfully have never had one that is all scare. Michael -- and a former employee coming. Up sharply petrified. Really in the air and -- as we were ending and they said a word about smokers orient where we're outwards from taxi. Six fire -- -- -- yeah as for getting up to rush to the back with -- similar thing happened to me out on a plane right over the Atlantic coming back from Germany Michael Hamlin was on the kitchen. She is. -- a pistol and what -- over the a lot of places to make an emergency landing there at least the rubio. The kitchen and get that Joker -- and what's your last thing but I just don't know what that's not the person think about it. -- -- -- -- What did you guys that your whole family get free ticket. -- move -- didn't go for it like -- differently with tons of. I gotta get out there aren't there any -- -- go -- airline lets you down and asked for free ticket recipients. If the the -- who's walking away with the all star MVP to. Does care who wins the MVP deals to some -- like -- last -- go over there. Have a clue Norwood like. What I don't think ahead about who it's going to -- Amber's sure somebody doesn't when we're out Ortiz of Victoria sheer. Nothing to be one of those guys in the objective. If that would mean zero this wrong it did. J. D. Drew when all of New York he'd get right to doesn't take major. Alter what they are sort of the -- I don't know any idea when the -- problem -- -- not mean five in the last. Fifteen you know what. -- I don't I could -- zero. OK now I know the J. D. -- That it Betty Ireland -- didn't -- Irwin won that year that a that he accidentally revealed that he signed -- contract. I think that happened. -- no idea Jeff Conine one an all star game he did. It was 1990. Played her a question yesterday Hoosier hero growing up it was just go to go and I think that's only one last. Marlon. What -- will KG where we just all things Celtics -- walls. Did they do that about ovals and what one of shooting where. -- championship it was right on the streets. Go to Springfield rocket boosters it would have to be timberwolves but we want to be as a don't know how could their. Cultural spree will convince the Szczerbiak who would possibly be their first. Leon let -- as a whole thing from there Chris and Kate mr. Are finally answer the question you're -- You're stopping traffic like Massachusetts this summer in a pickup truck pulls up next -- -- with two very large and Eckerd flags. Proudly waving in the driver twenty something year old punk. Stairs the what he did I would say gentlemen that the -- of heritage is not necessarily. I have Bruce Edwards -- NASA should not drop. It. Drive Steelers -- -- and -- -- at one point -- still withdrawal from -- is -- but you have to use his -- in order to get that done which do you expect a review please. Mean girls. -- would mean the fall season and my dad how many games dating our ex. -- be impressed by the -- -- -- think among this guy can wrap warp speed that's great you know more proper -- Like that four bucks -- get a cup of Starbucks you're not impressed at all by a guy can -- at warp speed now but that does nothing for now really. All of the don't don't don't feel like -- it's a they'll do everything and the west and don't come down and didn't -- -- it has been a would've -- when Roddick had to visit and a minute with a minute that the desire and and to meet him a lot of you know it definitely let you wouldn't let me do it right. Heard members of society that time has doubled from cutlery on. Now and -- Iran it was it was BP's. Double -- enemies. Swings immediately says -- Alexandria but that's -- -- stressed out about. We're done for today. At two hours two hours of Mike Adams stargate. Awesome two hours of Mikey will be back tomorrow -- surely Bruins general manager will join us tomorrow at four -- looking forward to talking to Peter. 4 o'clock tomorrow he's certainly been active since we spoke to him last that's at 4 o'clock tomorrow looking forward to it like to play that takes off for months that Peter. Think about that special talents when you're looking at a scouting the player like maybe they can point is that the kind of thing that would. Draw YouTube player perhaps or maybe keep you away was Peter surely those questions more tomorrow for Quebec victims there. Went too hard and that's -- --

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