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ESPN's Tim Hasselbeck with Salk and Holley

Jul 16, 2013|

We discuss what's on the horizon for the changed New England Patriots in 2013 with ESPN football analyst Tim Hasselbeck.

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I if I we're gonna be applying to be an ice from a look at -- pink suit the Tim Hasselbeck is wearing yesterday on TV. Person I don't want to apply to be. Guys are parents don't want to I'll stay away from that. But if I heard it on you saw it was probably was pink -- can look pink. It was taken flat panel -- some had a pattern on and not really sure maybe. Maybe you can and you'll focused on winning knicks at the time let's be fair yes you'll agree. But but -- it was a bold move. On your apartment for an what what was the that was the background on that suit. It was purple. Actually closed for Easter and figured you know what it's. Nice out pot. You know make a statement in some -- it felt that it in the Twitter makes statements -- -- make -- statement -- Let's be -- he was picked out that since. It is not think -- -- a new job rights equality on May actually. Looks like. Wardrobe consultant of some sort it all make that -- we like to hear Tim Hasselbeck took it. Get any day and night. Pay Ali we love you man yours you know over the counter right are reluctant on the radio. -- on TV. You probably got this guy he's coming back from Seattle who is not really -- down this so we're gonna terribly year estimate to. Oh thanks Tim I appreciate that and I thank you. Know say what's that I'm not. I never worked -- -- -- here. He's been trying to get rid of me for four months how it happened. That's nice thank you Tim I appreciate that thank you for for really helping me -- my credibility here a minute down nice to be back -- -- insulted by former former college special team or quarterbacks -- and he did little vote there. Thing is Michael you can hide in Seattle like when he was in Seattle only talk about it background and stuff like you know -- this guy like. He's like Matt Damon Good Will Hunting is okay we elect this guy you know been all about race. He comes back completely you know -- can't hide anymore yeah -- don't know -- yet. Depreciated over their victory yeah. Thanks a lot pay help us out here we started off the show. Looking forward with the patriots and trying to trying to figure out where they evolve to next what's the next step in the evolution of the patriots either because the league is evolving around -- the division is starting to vault. On May be devolve depending on which team you look at that. -- or some of their own personnel issues from from the loss of Welker -- Hernandez possibly gronkowski. Kind of evolve next. By the one of the ways that we saw a little bit last year. Like to Israeli and we saw a lot of part of it last year so little. Last year. Obviously the run game we have is all right game he looked backed its 2011 million best. You don't draft picks in the running back position. Some days you know try to develop those guys that these days get them -- playing time he get them game ready. I think that another passing football team and always will long has -- quarterback. They need to be able to situationally run the football aren't rather effectively and so where it short yardage situations like it's going to -- situations. I think they feel confident -- in the back that they and you know the different styles that they have as a runner so I I think that's one way. You know it could be better closing out games. -- just being you know a little bit more effective offensively. I think that that's been a key component component to what they wanted done. And I think the other thing that they do extremely well so in terms of the evolution of football. In the NFL I think that they've been ahead of the game on this I think it's everyone else trying to mimic what they do it and copy -- they do. It's controlled the tempo means. They can speed it up on you at any point. And then it can slow it down whenever they want and and they're great doing it seems like they've got -- -- on the same page that's about them offensively I think defensively. Well pick they've they've tried to rebuild this thing while they have Brady as a quarterback and hit some good players move on. We're we're talking of operating just mentioned they'll be a passing team is all they have Brady. Where does he -- now and it's one a couple of MVPs in the Super Bowl is won a couple of regular season MVPs is he's still at that level. Yeah it -- that level you know as Ron Jaworski on his. You know quarterback rankings it's seems to kind of drive the conversation he has piano and about. You know where these guys rank in players Eli Manning who's you know got a pretty good credentials and he's always at eight and you know that he deserved to be a top five quarterback before asking me yesterday and Macedonia the deal in my mind. There's four guys and you can may be moved from around however you want but there's four guys that are. But I don't think you can touch when you rank the four best quarterbacks in the game and you know it would start with Aaron Rodgers in my mind. Would then go to Brady's demanding two birdies in -- you have 44 players right there. That. It's very hard for me to understand how somebody would post somebody else. In that top four group but let's see if the fight you have a different conversation so. But common at this point. Got to be 36 now is not particularly those six. This will be another group that. Pretty impressive. How long does that group look like that may -- how long do those four guys how long can they keep a stranglehold on. The -- that I don't know firm for that much longer you know when you consider that -- This probably around thirty will be 38 that would get by the end of the season. You know Brady at his age. You know breeze -- mind is about my achieved at least 35 probably 36 before next season starts so. It's -- before that. Yeah I mean look we've seen guys do it we've seen guys play really well at 37 of 38 it's rare. It's even more rare to see a path that and so yet that that group is not gonna look like -- in three years in my estimation. Are we any falloff. With the guys who are getting who are generating a lot of conversation a lot of excitement Russell Wilson and Colin -- nick RG three. Andrew Luck do you see any kind of they may -- Griffin is unfair because of the injury but he's -- drop off from those guns. I think because the the sample sizes small. Force somebody like cap predicted even relatively small for Russell Wilson. You know on sentencing Pena right -- will be somewhat of a -- or you know RG three because the injury. You know we. And it was so good capita probably the best example seven regular season's start three post seasons start. It was a really good I mean there was there was very little bad for what we all know that. Even the best of the best. Have bad games have debt you know sometimes they'll put you know. Two games on the road that are -- they'll have theories that are pet quarters that are bad. And so you know as you start. You'll see some warts on these guys and then some people you know the expectation level and. I guess just the opinion that people have of these guys because it's so high right now. But that probably comes back down to earth. Come with that being said. You know cap predict that a lot of things well now is just up again provided yeah I'd I think there's a lot of it has some obvious stuff that we can improve on. But the commitment Russell Wilson. I think the holes in his game are a little bit less clarity executed pretty solid player Matt Chico continued to play in a similar way that he played last year. Talking to Tim Hasselbeck former quarterback of course then -- now the SPN. The patriots are so willing mcinnis last night picked them to go eleven and five the division isn't very good day. But they're not the same team they were how good it. You know. They won eleven games or Mac to oppose -- quarterback and I would never -- that that would have been possible. Not because you know counsel in good not to do it but the change in the adjustment however want to got to respond to that. It's typical I mean it's really really difficult. Our way you know in some way to look at the New York Giants and I think look what Tom Coughlin they're -- a kind of expect from the -- about ten game that is. Because they'll find a way to do it where running backs hurt many young guys do that they just find a way here. Came next got to answer -- you'll find another got to step up and the -- is Barton has the game of his career and and they get through it. You know New England just seems to in May -- just the culture that they created. To find a way to make sure. That they're competitive every Sunday -- -- -- -- to work. And I think what you do that we have the talent that they felt happy with the -- -- -- the you know even without broke out without Hernandez without you know Welker. Look I think they're double digit win team you know I political went fourteen now but I think they'll -- changing. You can make a text Tuesday here Tim on the -- -- army of people. Writing in all sorts of things so one guy. Says ask Hasselbeck this make Michael look really dumb so glad I'm not gonna tell you what side of the argument Amman but he wants to know. Are your opinions of Ryan cannon house cornerback. So. First of all it's way easier makes the outlook -- You don't know which side of the argument on this and either. So here's what I was there a -- and it helps. IE. In the evaluation process when he was coming out of college. I would have preferred Kirk cousins in the second round -- any on the first round dead that was my evaluation ecology of standing. The where we are right now he probably does start that the quarterback position last year alone. You know had seventeen. You know starts in college quarterback. -- played a lot of football last year for the dolphins quarterbacks so to me. Is improvement I think is going to be very very impressive he -- guys around him better. There's no question that he looks like he's a starting. Quarterback caliber player in the in the NFL. I don't think -- to the level of you know from -- that we were just talking about but I think that he can end up being very very good. -- -- That's pretty much early in between the dual list as -- say you know he's. What the writer Michael says staying I was -- you -- him because I -- -- -- college I was very unimpressed I didn't think he was gonna be in the same class body -- a bad pick by the dolphins in way over drafted and then. Watched him play last year for -- didn't play that much football. He looked pretty damn good and then you wait to see we gonna do over the next usually change your answer them. Donna I think -- thought sixteen if you get me started fifteen games you think about that that's that's. Crazy to think that they went from seventeen starts with the quarterback position -- time and it now. Essentially doubling -- and then you look at some of the game that he had their very flat out didn't do things wrong yeah absolutely dead. But when you also look at supporting cast down it was not good and it was you know first year for everybody in the system. Look I'm -- crow in terms of my collagen valuation on them so. You know. So committee I think he proved that this is starter last. You had Mike Wallace branding Gibson Dustin Keller at -- it into that offense how -- the dolphins next year. Look look better. Part of what happens is you know and and people wanna do that you know argument with. The Kansas City Chiefs that whole you know out of there now Andy Reid and you know -- -- April rollers or whatever they had. Find -- -- gains last year you know so. I just think as part of the culture than normal patriots. Sometimes people losing culture is it's hard for people to. You know could change that even with the talent their neighborhood of coaching staff there. Look at all these games that end up being sold so closely for good scenes but it just seems. Something that they are always find a way you know those found a way to get that extra. First down -- to pop the ball back they have a you know they have a -- that that he doesn't -- the 37 yarder at the end of the game they just. There -- teams that have that culture I think until you -- show that you have that. I think you're just a Europe are sending improving football team in my mind. Our government my last question for -- is. Is on the patriots and there's been a lot of conversation about. What they should have known what they could have known about Aaron Hernandez and their culture as it stands today what do you think of it I mean do you do you hold them responsible. Four for taking a chance on Hernandez in the first place. No not one bit and the reality is is that all of these you know that. -- -- player that prominently in this question marks about them some of the guys turn out to be great guys other. Album turn out to be. Bad guys the truth is. You know you can't ever fully fully Nadal and you know that they -- people you know sign of the day after he signed -- I was up there. Many camp. And you know at a quick hello Dan Hernandez with a time actually read around the time a lot of. You know. -- in the event happened. It means it you have no idea. And that is in the little exchange I had with him you have absolutely no idea and so there's plenty of players that are like baton. Not I don't know -- I'm pretty hard on the NFL on a bunch of different issues. But to meet -- effective at the end of felt somehow responsible for holding the hand of of adult. It is ridiculous to me I mean. Was that you got -- is that 24 year old out of college and he turned out to be a total blow result what they do they fireman animal bond and people aren't you know. You know accusing yeah I have been irresponsible. So to me I'd just. Look I don't think that I think the patriots in other press that is but I do what occurred and I think they got duped by a guy. And it's a hard lesson not learned and unfortunately it'll run at the very public way split. I don't hold the organization responsible. I think. In some ways it takes there. The responsibility away from the individual and -- bill last at one of them. What about their responsibility just as a football team not just from a football perspective forget am I think I agree on a percent. They're not responsible for making sure Aaron Hernandez stays on the straight and narrow. But they are responsible for making sure they got a really good tight -- out on the field -- him and they spent forty million dollars an extension because they believed in this guy. Did their need to be changes made in terms of -- you evaluate just from your own football perspective you don't lose someone. So how did you know like I mean that Heidi but -- You know there's been plenty does -- mean look. You know what Calvin Johnson came out of school you know into the comedy admitted to to smoking marijuana I think that the com mine or something like that to -- Because Calvin Johnson beat any batter machine. Everything about the guys. What familiar to him he played for what nineteen -- play anywhere very long I know but it's. There and not -- the guys that. You know some of the way people describe it and and and you know. Ice bears a million the other the -- guys that could have been described it the exact same way double arm. You know win in -- direction that was a bad direction and others dot com. It seemed like they realize the app users that they had and they kinda. You know they they try to they found a way to -- altogether and changed those trajectories and capitalized. I don't know it just in terms of the patriots -- by the end of that deal look I don't know anybody who was criticizing the New England Patriots prepare dinner Hernandez. For valuing them -- the player. When they are moving the ball around the utilities plant running back in the game it's unbelievable. The things that the -- -- -- -- a -- minicamp. But you know let this timetable. Guess who stated that there importantly -- practiced well done. And -- -- the -- coming off an injury I mean I mean I don't know how you know but what effect does when he leaves. In a lot of ways it completely. Out of your control and I just think it's unfair that they criticized the team forward. There's a bunch a guys that if you watch their every move on that football team in every other football team you know integrate the few eyebrows. Forty until I mean for the Steelers get you know suspend my pal Mike -- is often. Marquis out there you know vice Versa if teams or opera or the idiot you've got -- -- that it's just. Listen you know the guys here that are mature in the make bad decisions -- And obviously that's one went behind you know beyond. Amateur bad decisions. The pride of an area and you get to -- -- a variant in BC education on display they're all well reasoned from Tim Hasselbeck thanks a lot -- the doctor. -- -- -- -- -- content to get a path to make it jones' view the AT&T hotline talking patriots stock and NFL. Talking AFC east ranked and -- -- it is interesting that guys only had he doubled this is starts last year. I mean again that's why I'm high on more long term is supposed to short term. About the improvement is pretty good last year north on what was really interest -- -- you still have to I'm guilty to. Times -- a bit goes back along the way it's also those more ruthless than it's ever been out of court of law usually it's been about my AFLAC my lack of athletic ability or something along those lines this was the that was well. I was that was definitely new for our hey coming up I would take my what what -- -- say I was. Difficult what we call me if you can remember article -- not what -- College a lot of things. Well if you listen to some of my advice maybe you could be rich man -- we will go through some odds -- give you great pick coming -- so rockaholic WEEI.

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