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The All-Star break has us filling our time in strange, strange ways

Jul 16, 2013|

If splits on trees weren't bad enough, our next piece of gimmick rap is sure to please. The all-star break makes us all a little stir crazy. Bring back baseball!

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It. Only I -- Gump lemonade Obama's race and. It's easy to catch you Michael you know is going to be your -- now so. You've been somewhat resistant to this is these salt of -- -- to try to pick people lost when you're down after a bad day that's not a sports term partner and arms I'm gonna acknowledged this. I'm not gonna acknowledges that I was -- part time right now assortment -- with no you don't use you worse you were singing the song I refer you are united in your head. Never tell you the story of the day after we heard this. What happens somebody in my about a -- you know -- I'm leaving my neighborhood there's a woman jogging and stops the I just started -- it has stacked with countries aztecs put on injuries or you don't. Not I was doing during the break. You'll and you'll you'll appreciate -- we'll talk about it and well before we get to the new song by the way because we have a song -- withdrawals you wanna hear the new song first dirty when we get into the NFL that's going to be a longer -- like -- and honest. I was I was gonna tell you what I was doing during the break and -- -- -- -- -- but during the break. Apartment and a program about an hour ago it Tim Hasselbeck and grade and -- quarterbacks in the patriot. And I just mentioned -- and -- the dolphins would be very good guy tweeted me and said. To all the dolphins bodies. Michael colleges and WEEI. That the dolphins are gonna be under 500 this year. And I said to him on this following trends six losing seasons in the last seven years right. And get in and -- all of -- friends involved now madam it. To use I'm going on going and going back and -- of golf and you've become he's dolphins Troy dolphins hater. On Twitter stop trolling dolphins fans so if they're they're they're very upset about this prediction. Until now have so dances at. A fair. I used to six. Six losing seasons the last seven years to get command and worked with and on the smokers -- this guy came back to it yet well. -- your head looks architects testicle. I was gonna -- very quickly you really -- -- -- black man. -- there. -- -- name calling I can you not go there regarding what are you call that the dolphins and that they were gonna keep losing you immediately have to go to heads looking like testicles that seems like the only negative territory there's attacks are out there was that test and -- on -- -- -- -- your head and your testicles are very similar looking. I -- we did have this on any found this to to maybe replace hash tags what's on through my whole year it's a year old the -- by who. Mac lethal Mac lethal and really got to see the video because he's. He is cooking pancakes. While wrapping this song about cooking blanket she -- -- She takes the white. Put a little bit about the -- and deliver -- -- yeah -- love yeah. -- additional and it's gotta remember the -- -- -- get birdies. Being ladies love me. -- -- OJ. Everybody's anyone that's ran to this we still okay -- -- be you know nobody really has an old vampire and a challenge impressed at what he's done it. -- you ran the -- Go -- now for a group would mean that all car. -- make -- -- case -- -- -- we're a cook let me know for a car. Fresh and I don't love Chris Brown drama that is reasonable another got to begin to know how genuine man and do that -- -- -- and to get the magic front end to the -- and Obama -- -- we can kind of -- and give it to them a lot of -- is limited. On -- on -- -- is gone. To a thing is that does that beat -- explodes onto his -- help keep you a good mood and a bad day. And I can't believe we're going there I can't believe it. You opened with -- worse. And worse and so on and -- -- -- I don't know rap music. He's he's rock and about as opposed -- -- -- case is about pancakes he's -- on Chris Brown wants to get with agree on a I'm trying to find the -- -- for tomorrow. You very hard to please. Actors who get very very high standards yes and this is it is a silly song -- -- we're looking for something so there was one Acela accounts all its. Really went anywhere did you simultaneously predict Hollywood crumbles -- from different. Producers that. -- you just say that because I was talking last week about -- who was the greatest rapper of all time -- he can wrap quickly like back of a hearing more people do it does sort of diminished press about -- through. Go with me now form a -- would mean that all wrong. -- make him OK okay. -- Text message that should be and I -- new commercial. It's not bad play it again. Verses that song is terrible that song is awful. The intro to some slayer song would -- people get into a good mood when -- -- Batman. The slayer help with that and are there have ever heard the news that way -- becomes hard. This terrorism and -- and I mean you can't so and he found it now. Witness that I was looking at the video for some reason. This came to just followed the lead and just went from thing the things -- -- is -- first thing that it's. So now you're thinking about me at home that's all I ever wanted -- and holy outcome might. So you don't good dude I have paid out that men in my life that stock you like -- It. If you. Don't you're wrong you're you're Delhi or the wrong parts of which we all had no idea his song this problem. Until Andy you know winning this mean we're just playing the crash the party display in the chorus that's slow middle schools when he's going fast that's what makes it also -- When he -- -- a warp speed man. And the pancakes part is great but Andy c'mon you gonna play when the guys. All around another one -- -- and Don Don Don I feel like -- kids they'll do everything and I'm gonna west on. Come come and getting an early it has been a would've could've went from being another visit in a minute with a minute -- a desire and any debate whenever that literally get a -- without telling anybody what about the US -- and admitted that about a and they do without him about everybody being about about a phone. You don't think that's a different and that's that's pretty of all -- I heard her on that are heard Danny DeVito. Heard Jerry sandusky. I didn't understand much of her bobbing. And oh yeah he's got a couple different types of flow man and he -- -- -- one of not -- not given -- given the fast speed. That's that is impressive now I have no idea what it doesn't matter what the fact that he can do it after that sounds good it's like a good speed nursery rhyme it's totally fine. Other people on here and formed by snow on Albert that's going to happen and -- as the song is totally wrong to Baddeley -- you can't have OJ with pancakes in maple syrup. Makes OG tastes like crap. Toothpaste makes those it is like crap I never thought of and I personally don't like OJ in all I don't drink OJ ever think it is -- cannot. Stomach the idea of oranges like he's one of the worst. Tasting foods or drinks anymore I cannot do well I don't like oranges at all. But those aren't well. Stunning -- this is worse than the dolphins spared Zagreb at the and it does it can't stand the taste of OJ Greg fresh squeezed now I -- I think I. I had like how the whole orange juice after. After brushing my teeth one too many times as a kid -- And I've not liked it ever since I cannot stand OJ. Will not drink it never no way now out -- it back to football we are ten days away. For patriots training camp getting underway what do we reasonably expecting and how the patriots going to a ball this thing movement for that's next alcoholic WE. We're seeing -- a group would mean that all -- I make him -- case.

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