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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 07/16/13

Jul 16, 2013|

Four topics we haven't touched upon today.

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-- Now word excel and Ali swollen painful rate roller board or the. More fun cleaning. -- -- Well we solved -- and sports radio and W. Since the all star game is at the home of the Mets this year a figure now would be as good time as any to bring this up -- -- received a check on July 1 for one point. 193. Million dollars from the New York Mets. He received a similar check every July 1 until 2035. Is that the worst contract ever handed out. In sports now walk as much worse contracts -- contracts that huge money given out the bad guys and it was all wanting Milton Bradley's contract. It's a terrible human being was never going to finish out his contract. And was a disaster for every team he played error during that contract A-Rod one is worse because he's not even playing anymore it editing this when -- teen friendly what's that what's two million dollars a year to the -- nothing. And I would say from the two million dollar on the players respective stock. It's the best contract it's the opposite of what we were just talking about market to really who I don't know if it was Bobby won't be as idea user agent -- collaboration. It's a really Smart way to put together contract because well after your playing days are over is taken care of. Have to admit that's still playing pain -- -- country at this point in the fifteen year conference if they are that's the worst contract. Cam Newton told the Atlanta journal constitution that quotes I've always been a falcons fan and I'm still -- falcons fan except those few times a year. -- a lot. No problem. But at Wimbledon comments. About a divisional rival while I it is that the exact same comments I have last week for stupid -- tapper nick wearing his dolphins -- except this one is worse except this. One of the worst -- this is your arrival they did and -- -- still played division I can't do them I don't care. Starting quarterback camp in -- -- back do you know -- for the falcons. Got. I wanna like Cam Newton so much -- so fascinated by him as a player and I think he's so talented but this is so -- -- dumb or how hard is it does say no I'm not -- not help him or I'd play for the arrival. Okay but here's here's a quick and I agree it's partner but one thing. You do you mind if players silently. -- their hometown team deport you want me a transformation. That that you're drafted is -- you lose all emotion like a block that player. A guy who grew up from Boston want to play for someone else play for the the jets and the giants have to and I -- out -- -- -- And now have the same eating -- just keep it quiet Richard dole and put it lightly and by no means should it ever come into my life -- -- Tom Brady's 49ers and is about it was on me until he would be just not like. Like if he goes home with his dad and they want -- -- niners game on -- Sunday were sure that does not bother me. Apple's not bothering you don't have a Sunday anyways as well -- salaries aren't we but he's by we have whatever but if he's wearing his niners have to. Yes I'm bothered you work for the competition please stop wearing their clothing. Might princess -- called out David Ortiz for being a self promoter. Doctor. Wife's -- he back talking about. So. That's a good way don't want to do this this is ridiculous question let me ask them. Thank goodness -- -- Google -- what you want to do with little boy whose room. Self promoting -- Your question for you guys can anybody in talk radio. Present company included -- anybody can talk radio accuse anybody else big to promote. And they -- rule against that. Also promoting low art well are we supposed to do. So for for Mike for that that Ortiz promoter. Maker joke out of it and we know. That if one of them all. Also is David Ortiz even really much of a self promoter. But you see more of a self promoter than other people are not at all because in this age of social media everybody's so right that's what social media. It's self promotion how how was he is are -- what is David -- done that promotes himself specifically. He did a sports center commercial rule but what -- Not on it it promoted the sports and a brand now it does help the David Ortiz break as he looks good looks funny doing it by. I don't even see how he qualifies as being a big time self promoter. About a guy who fell asleep on here and use the excuse -- excuse. Its pilots there actually a divide that I got kids now I'm not gonna look at tortured for that excuse anymore. Ticker ways and so no one -- -- no one can have a who's at Dawkins. This is is Gerald magistrates. And what. Have you oh stop wait a second did bag and what -- get on influence. Well today. What does he -- law. Wait you're telling him to hang up. -- I -- and if if the jets had as many number one -- -- is not -- -- -- pretty good data knowing anything about self promotion. Well and. Now the AT&T question of the -- ESPN has come out with a new ad featuring golfer Rickie Fowler acting colorblind it's actually pretty funny. What is your favorite this is sports center at a low crime. Lot of good -- Man. I like all young -- that's a tough I like -- -- skin. As the Russian spy coming through the ceiling that's pretty again. It's already got the get the Manning. The whole fairly short -- out. Eli and -- Each other Archie -- around to cut out even twenty or beautifully with the Clark and things we've and yet -- What is terrorists. Going to the elevator. There's a dental -- doubled -- -- going down going down that affects. Luckily I'm at it he can't pick one. The John played one from last year ought to Clayton is great Clayton -- in the slayer T shirts pretty awesome you love. Given that tomorrow night thanks and the best one is going to be when they signed it out of high school. It's mostly though he just wasn't prepared -- is it to themselves what's it like for. And you know and on its. Two -- -- -- this. Jack -- commercial. Jack was the cute little to really think it was too mature and whichever receiver -- you guys you guys come up with -- go when that relief. Use the open Mike GAAP. Donald that it happened user click on the Mike inactive with ten seconds of what that that's about commercialism. LeBron James in the chair yeah we've got -- of the group when. Ortiz and Wally. How is it that Clemens photo copying K cards get a mile Charley Steiner problem of freedom. -- -- It's funny listening -- Tomlinson. Drew Brees in the the flow into the park Tony Romo have one worries looking at the numbers. It is important -- that -- yeah yeah I get on them they haven't whatever company that is. They keep that company keep that company and stand by -- -- accompany a -- whatever it is they do a great job they haven't haven't had a -- yet. That is today's forward four. -- hit at the open Mike it's the bottom right hand corner of the WEEI -- apple has brought you by AT&T. Official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. Just looking at home there's a ton of these on -- differences program that was a week. That was definitely united way -- are -- I was gonna -- like the Corey Dylan patriots went for visa human talent. -- dealers and not knock house not a day. That our -- of its okay good. It ran constantly during either the 030 the 04 patriots run he just kept saying not our house not today he knows the home. Basis of the commercial don't really good. The victory. -- new brilliantly -- have three amigos one Diana. I was pretty good by the -- can I take issue this for the people were saying that. Tom Brady wearing yankees -- is the same thing as -- as as Cam Newton saying he -- for the they are different things to different sport it is. The Yankees are not Tom Brady's arrival he does not play for the Red Sox he lives here in Boston right now some of the time when he's not living in California he plays for the patriots. If you can find any time on the patriots schedule when they are supposed to face the Yankees. I will buy I will jump on board and -- Brady should never Wear that again. Play adamant that they are not go out equipment is not -- -- the patriots are not predicting I am positive. The day will not play the Yankees this year next year or any year. If the patriots are going to play the Yankees. I will be upset the Tom -- wearing yankees -- equivalent Rick that Tom -- equivalent would be LeBron are wearing no -- objects were born to run well candidate Tom Brady were to -- our our Cam -- being a fan of the falcons like properties thing and the fans. Of the makes no sense if you can't be a fan of your division rival. And I don't know what you do what here's the next question what do you do -- that information. If you're the head coach. Where the owner or the general manager of the Carolina daughter's ball well you're what do you do with the information -- your guy is a fan of your opponent. I camps and are you like the falcons but this is how -- gonna take advantage of them I would okay. I know maybe you don't wanna throw that pass against her favorite team but they're vulnerable. What you gonna come up with these crossing -- they can't stop them. You know the quarterback's gotta Wear red -- enough practice to make sure that they don't get -- do you make Cam Newton where falcons Jersey during that every one of his many campus how we retreat the falcons they -- exactly right -- What do you do and doesn't do you think it bothers them like I -- bothers me but I you overreact I'm a fan I'm whenever I'm in these are the types of things that would bother me is. As as as a radio host and -- Do you think that the people in Carolina management -- bother because -- -- that they're not bothered by the fact that he grew up and liking the falcons are still likes -- and would root for them. They talk about the fact that this information comes out why would you ever say the sellout. Just speaks to bad decision making and speaking of that decision. With Cam Newton New -- makes the story better. -- was quoted the Charlotte Observer talking about Cam Newton and how he feels and 96 year old Carolina -- now his dad of course. Why. Stop stop I didn't learn from the college experience no. Be your own man. The connection of letting your dad's speak for you in the media or let your dad be a part of the story. -- -- -- well many grew up here and of course a minute that's what is. His dad said from his brand new plush mansion paid for by the good folks at Auburn. Yes a whole Obama called on to my Butler and let you know when -- -- -- after cam got drafted. A year before that I just came into some money on my own and angry.

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