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When will Clay Buchholz pitch again?

Jul 16, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss Clay Buchholz, the injury that has kept him out for over a month, and his ability to pitch through pain.

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Are a big bird but the -- imparted it would new Yorker's -- who is news. Knowing. What -- honor you. I would tell you that per every art from the current reporting by Martin. -- some discomfort and pain. Somewhere and sort of I don't know at their peak at -- -- but he also wanted to know and understand. That fit in with our discomfort part of the rest of them you like that happen. I was Curt Schilling on this show yesterday -- -- 937 WEEI your phone call 617. 7797. Reset again Texas right now at 37. 937 the AT&T text line the Red Sox best pitcher before he got her was Clay Buchholz and chilling was saying yesterday you know got to learn to. Pitched with pain you know it's gonna happen the rest of his career and and base in the comments yesterday from -- He's still experiencing pain and for now. He doesn't wanna block third pitch of these durable and session. Sunday in Oakland he felt soreness in his neck and shoulder area. Hasn't pitched in June 8 that he -- on the bullpen session until Thursday. Quote from buckles and Dan -- story today in the Boston Herald. I'm not gonna go out and do something it's gonna cost -- the rest of the season. I want to be 100% the next time I get on the mound so that's what I'm going to deal. He has been told by doctors. That he can't hurt himself any further. And is not at risk for further injury is determined to proceed cautiously quote. I just don't know what it would lead to if I just kept throwing throwing throwing. It's like picking a -- I -- -- messing with this forever I don't know how long it's going to take a regardless of how long it takes. I just want to be done in one and done in one time and not have to keep going back to starts -- back in the DL it's frustrating way. That's sort of my mindset. So one and is being told he can't have further risk and on the other he wants to be cautious and alludes to want and be 100%. Which they will buckle had to say yesterday while -- and percent comment on -- really -- percent -- -- You know I understand when you say that you can't further injure your injure yourself of the injury itself can't get any worse -- that that's not the problem it's called compensation. You know it's like Carl Crawford with a sore wrist thrown a baseball too soon altering the way holds -- baseball altering -- pros because his wrist is somewhat sore. Was that the reason why in -- and Tommy John. Did you Alter your throwing motion. So if the trap is bothering you buckles doesn't get his arm up is higher -- baby cuts office fall through. It just throws the baseball differently. Then what's that gonna lead to. A healthy elbow turns into one that's injured helping children turns -- something some issues and shoulders -- get that side of -- select a 100% thing. Like the fact that he did say you know this or September we -- -- -- that makes me feel a lot better you know because that's the request to mark. And here we are we're ninety whatever games into 95 -- -- into it and so it's. No we don't want Clay Buchholz is and its two largest want sick just to suck it up like so many people wanna do right now just suck it up and start -- And in four starts from now expect at a DO. -- news and -- a year does that make any sense at all to anybody. Meet some apparently. But -- anybody but how does that make sense rushed this guy back. At that 97. Gain market. The Rome on the mountains they suck it up. -- come when it matters in game 155 he's not there fully. -- make -- sense now -- and the way you're saying it doesn't and I get your point I don't beginning of a spot buckles can make every start this year by we thought at some point that kids get his guys a break along the way whether it's a one week break a two week break a fake -- in a real BL stands. Our guys skip starting Francona won -- drank was he was able to. He was able to manage his pitchers in the second half and at the break and it's the second happening if Francona a lot of credit for that. I figure he's -- the same exact thing here we talk about John Farrell's -- so that's not the issue. The issue comes where. We appoint where. An enclave that we can answer this so it's it's me speculating which we do here on sports talk radio. Does -- buckle to know what it's like to pitch -- -- And can he do it. Evil when it matters because he says he can't follow up quote and rob Bradford -- WEEI dot com is. If -- -- do or die situation and you have course. -- -- the possibility of pushing through with a month ago if we're September were pushing. That's what you pitch for is to pitch in those situations. Not everybody's a 100% pitching through the year anyway if it came to that that absolutely. Were not at that point yet. This was that was him saying he suggesting at the current feelings -- that lingers in the September the approach might be different. So he's trying to talk up pitching when he's a 100% he's now talking about what he woody ramp up and push for getting close to the end -- year nowhere to BC's today. I can pitch right now yes. So my question not about a missed a couple of starts -- -- missing two months year. Gates is Clay Buchholz if this lingers and it never feels a 100% again. Can go up their pitch Kenny walked their -- in some sort of pain and the way chilling city you have to yesterday after the age 25 or seed and always had to feel. He's got to tell you had not our percent not gonna pitch and -- these beasts played professional sports now for why he's never going out there for percent. It's impossible. All the why he keeps saying a 100% because that's the case it's because of what you're talking about it is oracle walked there and and feel any tightness in the compensate and then 23 weeks later be back on the DL he wants -- to review mere bad choice of words which were on the stops and -- percent. And you stick it with. Went up real culprit that I can pitch at a high level again it will. -- was -- 2000 leveling at the back injury in a mill a season. Or September there wrapping him up we're talking about you know would. If they get to the post season which how would you use him in these therapies that -- in September because maybe can use separating out of the bullpen in -- up enough to be -- daughter yeah. Meaning he -- at that point is there's the playoffs. In September he was thrown so they made it to the post season were talking about you know. Would you start at an eagle to give you five but probably a mass that rotation was in September could give you anything could get a -- anything three long innings out of anything. So rather than sit on a Colonia when economic crunch time that's -- human ball let's try this thing to make the post -- -- bit ago. For relief but even at that time and Courtney from all percent then did we question how long it -- even get to that point member kept getting pushed back and push back. During that season you when he's gonna so what the so -- thing now what does he get a ramp up. He's not ready to -- I had a toughness and everything and I don't know it's not appreciate stress fractures in his -- I'm not. I'm not trying to say at a toughness but. Is it a skill to be able play with pain is it something that mentally guys have to get through that you're never gonna feel -- a percent yes and at some point -- -- through -- At some -- say yeah yet not I I I I agree. -- saint Leo we were questioning back in 2011 how long it took what are you doing that -- a question to. He's questioned whether he can play with pain and not what was that was that the same exact thing. That the ramp but never started until too late because he wanted to be a 100% for that ramp up came to get a stress fractures in the back -- we think this will be different we were told a story where. He was holding his daughter certain way. Auditors AC -- his neck obviously -- obviously that wasn't the case. You know I mean obviously it wasn't the case and that might divide he had the issue with that and sleeping on a certain way obviously brought it became a quicker. But it's if we never spent premise fell asleep -- his daughter he would one up there's next outing would've felt that the same thing so. At some point this year yet he's gonna have to rip it up he's gonna have to try. Now and right now the Red Sox waited to a police offer more lenient today -- do they have the answer right now they afford healthy bodies in their rotation. Note Joan Lester has been thrown ball well but -- -- healthy bodies -- -- have you with three options that they can sliding for the fifth spot right now. Who do you hold them out I'm sure that it does seem an amount he can be dominant when healthy but you look at the risk reward -- rather have a pitching. You know at the end of the year when it was Beck never going to deal. So I agree with kind of not Russian cut back if you need to right -- well that the the after effects of that are. If it takes two too long and the Red Sox might be forced to go get. Some other piece that'll mean necessarily starter because of -- stays in the rotation long term if the worst case and are capable colts he never came back. Workman like being your rotation and now you and I have -- pencil and our bullpen right at some point he has to just a master -- -- the bullpen now he can't. And I go on -- -- plus another wrong that's one thing that could happen it doesn't happen is that. It's apple wants to work a pitch out of the pen couple 234 times. I leverage situations not the one -- a lot opportunity pitched and where the second -- first that he stunk. -- was hurt by defense -- Jackie Bradley should remains in a field came back in the second inning was lights out for strikeouts over two -- I wanna see more and act consistently sell. They have the option now but there are some dominos that don't go the way you want to if buckle takes a long time to come back specifically. Getting Workman an opportunity pitch out of and the second half. And see if he can't communicate -- to Britain Chile yesterday didn't he -- -- He said he had a fastball but rubber mat he converted masters and really couldn't do. On Masterson -- been a bowling ball and did he not see that different -- wore it for a rematch since the sinker ball pitcher back. Then you're right handed specialist did nothing for lefties. You know ice changeup everything just don't -- down and away and it's latter right now he's been able to control of the -- kind of neutralize lefties -- back their back foot back foot. He's a different have a pitcher. You know he's got the power -- some locations get the curveball changeup and cutter so he's a four pitch mix out of the pen which one as he put his back pocket. You know out of the bullpen he probably stick with the top three but I agree to the Q1 Eminem not concern -- please -- another week two weeks. You know you start get in August he's got the push himself because everybody has to test it. If you -- -- -- you hurt your Al whatever the first technical baseball and you throw it okay than you let it go OK again a mound or take BP -- really ramped up. There's that -- in my like ill in my doing more damage is this thing really gonna come back you got to get over that mentally united just throw the baseball. So for him. Couple weeks. Controller bullpen on Thursday hopefully -- -- things that are at right now well he was supposed to in his bullpen on Sunday. Was supposed to suggest he was close to having your rehab outing. They're now saying he's pushed that rehab outing back -- is gonna having another. -- another bullpen session Thursday. Followed up by this is his opinion I guess he wants to pitch a simulated game. -- pitching your rehab start. So is it bullpen session Thursday that if he's okay. Watsco Fridays next Tuesday. Simulated game. Next weekend which from the 26 of July or so would be his first rehab start. My guess is there another one there in the second. That next Wednesday or Thursday whatever date that would be and then. The following. Saturday Sunday Monday somewhere that not on the Red Sox schedule -- that's closed August 1 at that point. He's founded back -- pitching for if you go by his schedule if this Thursday bullpen session goes good. 'cause then you go simulating game couple rehab starts I would think to be the process. And again I do not want to jump in this group of people and some you folks are texting and and I've heard them on TV and radio. That wanna compare. They wanna compare -- colts Tom Bergeron. To. And I meant I I I even today kinda wanna compared to the draw. Yeah because Pedroia -- UCL opening day by Dohmann to first base he's played through the entire thing. And I -- and I understand it's different it's different it's completely different but he also played through pain and Pedroia could learn -- can play through pain and. And it broke baseball the pain and understand the difference. You can't do it. Again chilling just only yesterday McCain. Well silly talk blockaded didn't specifically talk about a sore elbow -- -- -- horrible. John Lackey pitched the arsenal rubble it is six point eight ERA. -- is -- talking about pitching to a tight growing jammies though locked up right now only -- a lot of offers for sure what does that -- Schilling pitched through what. Woody did with the ankle is sold a thing up in your pitching it throw throw. Right but if I guarantee you pay it was an elbow or shoulder and was sitting here game 97. Do you want in the picks through. He's he's not gonna last. If it's still bothering him. He's not gonna last. Throwing a baseball that's what he has a soft ball -- that's a natural motion. Picking up a baseball throwing away it is not your natural natural motion you damage your shoulder when you throw a baseball. -- scientific. If you get elbow problem -- shoulder problem were trapped problem that is the waited through. -- Ron Burgundy that's science -- I like science that at medical. At its diets like that they can't do it our text or makes one comparison might actually work is Gregory Campbell Patrice Bergeron dole work I'm sorry it's a different breed. Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose medical side -- Derrick Rose. Was pronounced healthy by the doctors have around said he was good to go he just never get over that hurdle that -- decide to buckle to dealing with right now from -- When can I really ramped up again he he seems afraid to ramped up to you don't think you certain. I don't I don't know there's nobody thought -- growth was hurt. -- growth and yell of Derrick Rose suffered a major injury would buckle we we actually don't know really what's -- them he tells these. He does get -- facing discomfort. On a follow through off the mound and at that's leading him to say he's not on -- percent even though doctors said. He can don't do any further damage to himself and so now he's trying to mentally get over the -- I suspect of B -- say have a 100% he keeps it on the percent -- So that numbered and is very important there's a mental thing there with that. I think you sir I think he was Sergio missed that but I will be hurt. But at some point I think you've got to be able to. Get yourself ramp up with the knowledge -- -- it's a pain here. But I'm going to be back to the guy that I awards and if he feels like an extra week here is gonna help him like edit. If you get to August 1 he sold at a rehab outing and always rushing you really trying to get back. And affects it -- I think it's fair question a little bit I'm just pointing out that he. -- big guys have to learn to play with a certain level. And at a 100% what he keeps it seemed like he's hung up on that. Now there are -- certain injuries you can play with an uncertain when you can't in the game of baseball K and other sports what you wanna do as a hitter if your wrist this hurt you can't hit. Okay it for a pitcher if your shoulder elbow -- not a 100% but injured if your trap. It behind the back you shoulder is hurt -- pro baseball you'll compensate. And you end up probably have been some kind of injury video -- all right. So is it worth it right now at 97 games -- going -- Do I know how much discomfort he is doing no pain tolerance now nobody does you know the actual Andrea before -- -- we never thought that clay was -- on number one. Nobody ever said he's an he's an ace gave because -- go to oratory 230 innings I don't think he'll ever do that. Give -- 189 last year. You know I don't think clay will ever do that. I think we will always be you know a 189 last year is a full season -- buckles you'll never see that out of him. Which you'll see is when the stock he does make they hope it wasn't what he can start point three start to open at least 28. You know when he would get close to approach that 189 mark in that area he's never going to be that guy. All you wanna force when he's opted to be the dominant stuff that he was like he was early on. So at this point got a two and a half game lead yet they got Tampa's got a price coming back and got caught coming back and they get Alex and that's fine. In 23 weeks the Red Sox -- buckle going back this way a look at. 61777979837. The phone number eighteen tee decks on 37937. Your thoughts. On buckled -- is he John in San Diego actually watched him pitch. His batting is BP session I don't know who'll get his thoughts on that and we a follow up -- Alfredo sevens. Not only is he no longer on the big league roster. He's changed agents and you won't believe who is new witness is out of control talk about that would you guys next.

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