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Aaron Hernandez's lifestyle change in prison

Jul 16, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the Boston Globe's extensive detailed report about the Bristol County Jail and what Aaron Hernandez is doing in prison.

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Look when you write your right. When a texture is a good point a fair question -- right off the top league start with -- that's a -- until I look at radio what is it with someone has a strong. Start like this from the 978. This is in regards to you talking about I think. The Aaron Hernandez -- on the story to stick it out in profit. And you actually taped an out -- you were saying now how small ones the jail cell nothing else. Texture and you've never seen a jail cell before. -- mark. -- -- What I should talk jail cells before what are your -- also expertise I don't well I I don't know that -- would that's going on I missed like that jail. A field trip -- -- -- for Lou did you guys have a jail narrowed and he rested it idiot and one of those copies just in in -- scored a moron we went to. -- Right I mean we do things like that it doesn't appeal trip went well. And whenever it yeah I saw Alcatraz. On India on the open rather rates and bring you opening a -- on up -- via the Robert Wood film right but. Until you measure it out. Seven by ten and he realized that is the -- -- there and he asked me saying. You don't really realize how small it on so I haven't seen inside the jail cell moron. But rest idiot. Ever seen in jail cell Lou you played the Briggs Ludacris -- jail cell you'd open and I guess that I'll address yes. Michael back -- it was very returning but until it's just the reality hits you of measuring about keeping it off. Realizing what's in -- it's small Texas right now and every measure never seems overseas has -- and what always happens away. The Hernandez story that as the front page of the globe today for Wednesday growth and assistant Rumsfeld to Wendy's. Stories -- great pictures that he takes as part of it. Excuse me I'm getting choked up because as -- Was so dead on about you Nazi in jail cell and these are all -- sports related the united the past like -- on Saturday or Sunday it's in the globe that there and it's -- -- Red Sox and players -- -- With a yield big sports story. And as these great pictures. His focus this time is on the -- Hernandez jail cell in Bristol county jail the headline is a long way from luxury for Aaron Hernandez. -- before I started reading the story I'll be honest with her DNC talking about it. Came in pick of the globe and before it got a chance to read the first word of understand wrote from the North Dartmouth being in the violent. The picture the second picture down. What is -- dog kennel I don't care what he calls in the story that is a legit -- can we had a Brittany spaniel named Abigail. We would go to Maine I would go to Maine. And we would tape at abbey called there Abigail great dog -- should name underdog Mike. -- -- that and well my dog's name as -- Us question in my daughter. It now they'll see all different types of it -- just put out the ethnic code name is -- -- had a dog he was a popular for matters a little weird Louis -- change in name now it's strange. Running around the neighborhood screaming -- people look at too low forty Q all which -- so it's just. It is what it is where you see your dog's name is -- With that what's conceded and you get there and dog after that's the Little League has ever seen a jail cell Joey did -- would expect from an idiot. Are -- TLC and a new dog after -- know are uncomfortable moments but you go Abigail we we me and my brother and are fairly shared the we had a great dog -- hunting -- -- my dad was a great that we don't in the summer we go to Maine. It would go to Aaron Hernandez exercises in that is -- dog kennel. Now he calls it a -- Dog kennel that -- and and it's exercise and for exactly one hour a day. That's the first thing I audible and the story in the U do you dive into it and you realize Hernandez from what he went to what has now. This is a great advertisement for he kids stay with crime. Because you find out about a guy that is in a ten by seven cells that the what you ticked off and drop in drug addict yeah. Just thank you use real names. In my elect named -- -- as the -- better Louis Vuitton bag how -- in -- pound bag or. You know dog you just named him -- Abigail you name -- dogs like yen. Come on my. He called -- John -- classic. You don't know anyone -- dog with a real name. -- -- -- -- he's a real name is said it's it's strange because it was Louis Vuitton bag or dog so she just got the dog named him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't did you -- Nickel back -- five year old Mike and ask him because I remember exactly how we need an -- but now I feel. Like -- -- because we named our dog you an actual room and I don't think that's not on com. You think it's not uncommon at 60. Joey you what do you think continuing on this I didn't and I cousins my cousins have a Golden Retriever in the dog's -- -- that it. -- okay -- the big dog man I didn't know this week it's not part of the first segment on everybody to harass me about myself and just sort of -- come back just like they -- about. It's like you -- -- radiate like a real -- -- go. Bleep you Lou I have a -- Better than blatantly so it kept fighting and a Jenny Charlie -- -- dog puppy -- constituent in his dugout dog got himself apostle that's that Doug. Doug. We -- LE a great dog firfer that's a great dog named audio spike. -- name you know it's just -- dog's name Samantha. Well that's -- it's like. Don't dogs' names a lot of times sound like Terry Francona nicknames for players and our hockey nick Zito -- -- it's got -- in the at the end. -- -- Corrected itself and the ultra decried judges they would things going on Saturday my -- car you want to bat down acts beat them like his name either. She you'd jerking our side jail cell moron -- Bull Mastiff named Abby I guess so well both the good name it. Okay. -- -- so the -- small is that typical with this thing it's not the -- at the cells via the first thing that I am aware that panel the kennels where it works soccer channels the work out the celebrities in his ten by seven it's 24 hours out of 21 hours at a 24. It's got a double bunk. He's only on the bottom sink toilet plastic not to -- -- I guess little swivel -- desk. In the back. 61. It's ten by seven. This cannot be a good time for Aaron Hernandez. And mitigating into the details of -- and add that to me the -- the -- was what I some of frontpage and he works out -- That that was unbelievable to me that albeit -- digging a little bit deeper and you find out what his his days like. And you find out that every morning. -- he gets an opportunity get some breakfast. You mentioned the breakfast during the crossover not a great breakfast at 6 AM like 6 AM you know I'm about to get out the door. His breakfast at 6 AM as an egg well one man and me unbelievable right. Mean really. It breakfast what's in the seven and -- -- your daughter or wife Dominic -- their indicate most important meal of the day. Economic times do you go all -- -- I don't -- I'm going to their pats and elect would you like one bag. A small little rice cake and one English -- not even elected to apps just half. That's really gonna keep my day yeah non -- Now you go to create your day gonna be creating god ash can you know the -- prize. Whatever side -- -- -- in -- -- yeah yeah -- name and you know maybe a short stack of French toast. Did you feel a crazy it's I don't know crunch time maybe just maybe bloody Mary record Sunday breakfast in me has always been a celebration. It really is it's a celebration of life -- I'd love breakfast packet on the -- -- -- breakfast at night you know. Just waited some guys or breakfast or dinner sometime I'll Providence College I learned that that's the best meal that day about 132. You know when. You know you're at a couple things in drinks and you know having -- get myself breakfast. Chris rock's diner food late night this all I've diner for their late night when I woke up first in jail and they threw the -- -- underneath the door to an opening. -- he -- you breakfast at that point. I would probably breakdown cry but to realize that this is this is it it's -- it's just when I got maybe if I read the rest meal for a better America. He gets a portion of greats. What do precarious here in the northeast it's a big deal as -- -- and today. You likely get a small mountains where Joseph what's a -- square I've heard of mountaintop just -- -- corn bread toppled the mosque and to you bulletin muffins square. It just like a piece of small mosques and what think you -- the base them often. Just the stump without the top that that's cruel unusual punishment. But it's nightly cornbread negative choice Robby Gordon milk or Jews actually served hang out a cut cost -- believe it or not. That's using higher nutritional value than orange juice and it's cheaper. So that's his breakfast egg portion of -- small muffins Kuwait air. Choice of juice and milk and maybe some tanked in the key week in when he went in the GO right obviously. You -- in there and he used these in the physical and -- -- -- -- probably some it has fueled -- a little bit more say -- how much -- to think the guy -- is a football where. Think about it but these guys that match and a big Vince was in there right now on the one Adam. You have -- the doors down one and didn't get better for launch. Pick your you know give you the choice here okay. Cheese burrito server two slices of red and rice. This -- keep me out of jail. Okay I'm just let you know right now typical Spaniard Italian you you love food right you eat it does is no wine in his diet there's no. There's no all the law does not shoot though there's no -- not enough Buffett. This this alone this manual Kenya while dinner does combines some of those you get a beef burger rice and beans green beans fruit for a -- -- I guess that's again -- No me back in the water not getting it done lyrics. And that's the food portion of. How about the -- itself -- mentioned the picture in the front of the -- you go back to that that front page of the globe today. And you look at that bond bed these you know we only on the bottom bunk but do you see that mattress their -- yesterday was joking about 900 count sheets nine -- thread count sheets -- -- and you know existed. He's actually sleeping on its EC EO of the new balance sheet next door and a great gym next door right that new balanced and they have these. Match is sort of put down ten to floor exercises. That's Hernandez is sleeping on at 61. That's mattresses sleeping on an inch and he tells this year. That he's got to make is bad now I guess in the the picture they're showing us is that the beds not made maybe actually sheets. It is bad b.'s gotta get up he's got to make is bad things have to be neat. Nothing is a lot and -- walls the windows divided to three narrow sections faces they barbed wire fence. He can't read doll that I guess I am bearing some of the good stuff he can do is lot of read two books at a time it write letters. No video cameras and a cell like your tarnoff each night and eleven. And recently share -- since that he was reading a copy of Tuesday's bore. This painting him in picture for the deal. Aaron Hernandez. Got Tex the guys you don't get jail meals is more than many get any outside. -- don't start that we're talking what are Hernandez or compare to his forty million dollar contract meals. Yeah compared to what he lived on the outs that would be dealt with there -- I'm not a lot of people struggled a lot of people homeless by. The conversation -- -- Ramon Hernandez and myself. Particularly. I think Aaron Hernandez records contain more than what meals contain more we're talking -- -- there's no. You know there's this is no more. Great steak houses in the future for the young man has promote -- point three -- Morton's. It's just not happen this is what role for an but he is a lot of itself for three hours a day. He gets an hour in the morning to shower and make collect uncles and then it gets an hour to walk. And make collect phone calls I think part of that is in this -- -- to exercise and where seven other men can watch -- YE exercises which is awkward. And it gets a full -- exercise. So that I guess is that a plus that for three hours today's able to get out and will stretch his legs he stretched his legs and walked thirty yards. Thirty yards in the unit that's an historic. Thirty yards -- seven other inmates can see him through this window. Okay Annika possibly communicate with them he's not allowed to stop in converse but sometimes he does -- So you know. People yell 07 other individuals -- yelling at through that window while he's walking back and forth for thirty yards. We think he does like laps does circles think he just walked thirty straight line. Turns around thirty straight line. The games you play yourself psychologically are walked thirty steps and we stepped it takes to get year. When he steps that the long ones army you know ideally you losing your mind you I sort of OCD anywhere like we got a certain things sometimes like so much time -- you -- you avoid lines to step on cracks sometimes -- -- -- delegate to do something -- about a time so when you said that. I start to freak out Havel panic attack laughter. But 200 times a -- -- -- yesterday and I got to mention can't talk to anybody all guys young that wave can't can't communicate. That is his is as far as him being able to walk this isn't the common. Pain that this is not in the Charles on the other Saturday when nobody used to be you brought snow -- get third of -- here he's get thirty yards. So it is you practice and routes go abroad over there indicating -- actually run but can -- run a thirty yard -- any practice some plays out there thirty yards to go stop and start like he's ghost receiver a catch -- from Brady. As uniform dark green. Now I don't close it is the New York Jets don't say that your -- yeah yeah it's pretty close your putts and says no white the Walgreen. The pricey moments ago on your damn right as is lucrative endorsement contract he now -- standard issue prison ten issues. But the mattress sleeps on -- inch thick. Looks like the -- it's over it an ounce muted as he laid out and YouTube or stretch out a little bit dropped the map. Were to happen to sleep and on that for these lights off at eleven to six since it is -- now -- I can't even really set up -- the bonds sold from the Nolan and up on. And that's a -- Hernandez right now when you see this as the great ad for eight kids. Stay out of jail because it's a stark reminder what he's dealing with right now and I'm sure people looked at this today and and a have a reaction you'll get your phone calls and 6177797937. AT&T text line 37937. All the details in the story the pictures. In the store what bothered you the most what's what's scared you straight the most three was that dog -- any through from the exercise that's what scared me. We'll get your phone calls on that and tie in with the patriots. Your reaction what Peter King wrote yesterday and he. Interesting pieces Monday Morning Quarterback about you know what might have happened. -- Scott -- were still with the patriots and at the patriots. What are would not draft some players will get to that which your phone calls next. As he's they've still never give these kids -- don't want to grab Monday where you've been here is critical. Should the group that kids can pop or it's not you'll be up when I was bird in the -- Had reduced Daschle -- -- what -- expected. I don't believe that we doubtful when -- hit so block but don't expect. You -- -- -- Visitation -- on the house. Well you're limited you're limited on this 120 community concerts on. But. He -- body. For -- on cookies so we have -- He beat -- -- the X axis. Implement and and so we need to get back in your balcony gain weight. Because -- accept it can be he's. The heavier on. Food which. You can. Security basics and that's when bill. Reform can -- she's been purchased. Well I'll be working. We'll see the we're going to buy cookies for Sunday brunch. Mix it up that -- right would that make you feel better -- -- soldier. You get wonay grants up couple cookies -- standing in -- UH future meals right boy -- between now nobody eats eat meals. Michigan -- waiting scrutiny got to eat them but there's ways around always dragging you allowance you can buy certain things. Cookies yet find -- -- many raveling was the information there. Power his cellmate tells it one dealing with the he's a punk. Says one young inmate wearing the tan uniform of the convicted he's Obama says another. I don't care bottoms of the third inmate I'm worried about myself. -- pots and was. Reminded here picture you know. You're asking for autographs. These people try to do that there. And uninteresting story and I -- text what sectors industry part of some sort of school project -- scared straight. Works because it's scary. Read this story have kids read this story look at the pictures that is just as scary -- and harper mix in some your phone calls this morning hi Steve. You know I got Steve what's up. I actually spent thirty day. And I medium are transactional. Jail. Internet. And you wouldn't believe -- He would deplorable and you'll end up. Wish and you never even more -- at first -- that yeah. The you can run and you know the -- or immediately humiliated at the strip search and check it out at but okay. And handle -- you know that don't actually. I'd like potter ride your bike you know that might welcome whatever they do an 88. With no humility whatsoever. And yet. Around bounced around a couple base here in the air. And so it knows so and you know right now trying to get into that -- population. A couple of days it took part literally thirty days -- under suspension. I. I'm a -- I'm white collar guy but he never and play like that. But at that time you -- on an air. And you look at any one. Thing to get into that other than the ultimate. There were like you'll be up there Kirstie now I but I'd -- -- -- book by an overall outlawed. Like that would have on but it. At not they've finally end up. -- and and well elect elect rat out -- well I'll -- -- Checked it -- that he went it'll let you know -- they pick right up. No way to really I don't wanna -- I thought I. I thought. It literally into -- better -- on several occasions. Right get your actions. The pot. -- every. -- up. Out of that I don't ever shot I didn't eat out on top of the -- so wrote. I lost seventy pounds and thirty days. And and it's hard. -- in general. Situation general population and. -- -- Everybody. Who would -- about what they considered torture. Anybody who would elect. -- -- outlaw their trip. Yeah it's all I still think it's a little bit different for Hernandez in terms of where he is right now but I -- year. You're story is it is telling notices. I think that's what the story to -- -- is trying to get out there and chair pods and has been very open with the public I know is -- Mike salt in particular said maybe he's. Taking a victory lap over the story I think he's just taking a chance to use the media. Take get the word out almost like a night honey PSA standpoint put it at a teaching tool and this is what you're gonna deal with and also he wants let people know. As a professional athlete or maybe even former professional athlete Hernandez is not getting any special treatment. And I'm OK with with -- doing that the -- he's enjoying the spotlight but that's. That's a good thing in this case yet discuss how to no joke I mean in the article target goal for bill Belichick's playbook the rule book of the Bristol county sheriff. Who says he's been called a pillow behind by liberals and on the job since 97 excited that. Voluntary and voluntarily unpaid chain game working in 1999. Received a fax from China condemning and his human rights Li from China exit the -- makes him smile today. Yet guys no joke it's after that I expect that bills and Witten built and I built. A bill. Or so ago. Doctor bills bills bills phone as rough. -- is -- Pittsburgh to help us out this radical more about. I don't mountain -- -- Let's send it didn't count the ways that these guys like -- say they want equity in the wanna work -- more that they're keep you know keep your weight optimal on like that. They'll do it nobody can get -- all -- And then you'll -- you know the -- -- you know multi like carpet flavored stuff like spend so you buy a box so that and then they had smoked peanut butter into it. You know of protein and stuff like that. I had on knowledge of the connections org get batters that. I'm on the canteen where he's -- I don't think you can get any -- team in the hole up like that like they are a bit not not Stater anything like Barack. And that are down there is the biggest. You're like. That like Hitler ultimately I mean it's unbelievable. To his next stop the election gets fed better. Where we're -- as it is next stop. Oh yeah -- got a hundred well no -- still don't get under current that -- -- but still like I don't -- that moment you go to local loop like I -- in the -- -- -- -- cut back our wide literally -- -- apple. -- grab -- you pick your big -- Simply a lot. Yeah I'm not big got an arm. I just think that I mean aimed at plenty of time and like like I was saying. Whenever billion dollars or so -- can't stop and talk about like back where you aren't -- chromium all party in the whole year I mean yeah kidney belt aren't what I can elect can't be normal or walk off. -- -- -- So where he has right now revenue we ask you this -- that he does stop and talk with say he's not as good as as the sheriff says that he's been great in their so far. The C doesn't he doesn't cooperate well what then what happened so meant. Not I mean what what what can they do they don't -- they have in -- -- sit there and will look at what can maintain interlocutor knew they have to you know -- they'll correct term you know or mean or still in the didn't salute. They have to allow you vote certain amount of time I mean there's nothing they can you know they might -- I need to treat you like -- I mean about it. They don't then are also right argue like that market standing there walking around like you're walking around. You know they don't care if there's -- -- it'll come up all those it -- the world view of let me ask you that you are like little nineteen year old kid doing little 38 -- -- like he -- you like yes. You are mean that a little while. They get up state that state resident -- they won't be acting like that you -- have -- I'm up. There just aren't that -- democratic leaning adult upstate normal air repeat rule in our -- get -- part of being -- off you'll be in the year all. Anything like that well. You -- BC quotes some of the other guys in this is some quotes and from other inmates and he's a punk. He's a bomb and really care about him more worried about myself I -- -- How -- and yeah there'll be an act like you want the report is to put something in the paper ER I mean there -- inaccurate and that you know. -- I -- how would you react would you would you would you treat him differently I mean it's Aaron Hernandez -- -- What are they thought up by a party that paycheck you know I mean if you're body at the -- -- our president is that we are other people you know I mean. So these people would be missed a retreat from now or maybe they weren't making them all of that it uranium. So -- state people -- -- -- -- -- -- right there in the end that blocked blocked every murder and everybody like that. That carried out their -- I mean everybody broke. Nobody yet and seen if that the plate -- admit it meant. It doesn't it doesn't sound like rabbit they have much as always look Italian ESPN's got Roger costs that we get wrapped in Pittsburgh but -- I'll take rabbit every day of the week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can -- it will begin again after that too if I named an animal rabbit like I added that a bad name to yet in my dog's name earlier. If you're an -- rabbit rabbit trying to -- bad if you don't don't you have a really talking named him grab it when guys. Give I think -- -- yesterday but like could -- bigger yacht named your dog dog. Yes -- snake snake -- bird bird react to see that I would. An objective that no not at all but just I don't know why Canada a -- I -- why -- -- about it I I assume that you assumed that rabbit with smaller 'cause the name rabbit. I know why because he said reckoning and engine is late news hop around yes that is sort cholera. Seventy -- animal away. In addition to this Aaron Hernandez conversation I'm -- read your quote from Peter king's column. And we're gonna address that we come back you know Peter King has written. As Monday Morning Quarterback and number two on his list is this. Since -- -- left the organization 2009. Bill Belichick doesn't have anyone to argue them often troubled players. Not the purely one all the time but. So -- knowledge of the patriots front office told me quote. There's no one there with Scott's balls anymore. The bill needs someone to challenge him and I don't think he has that now is it that simple this Scott Pioli was here. Alphonso bettered in and air Hernandez would not have been it teacher give full uniforms with just that with your calls and.

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