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Ken Rosenthal: Some players cant wait for Braun to get punished

Jul 16, 2013|

MLB on Fox's lead analyst Ken Rosenthal joined the show on the morning of the All Star Game. Ken said that some players in baseball are looking forward to Ryan Braun getting suspended but he is not hearing a suspension is imminent.

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Our friend Ken Rosenthal as the lead field reporter for a fox sports covering Major League Baseball will have probably what is going to be the best seat in the house for the 84 Major League Baseball all star game tonight. Also Roger that he won the Maryland sports writer of the year five times in a row and -- that. Ron Dennis called the Rosenthal a war like the Lombardi trophy is that. Well it wasn't by time. In -- -- it -- five times scattered and I will say this as well. That award is voted on by. What started in Maryland. Now -- all -- respect my former state there are a lot of us what it is in Maryland and I was quoted myself. So I don't operate the war I really didn't like it did it -- Are so we do -- -- gonna have the best seat in the house tonight for Fox's coverage giving us a little preview of the story lines that we might be seeing unfold tonight beyond you know the ad -- portion of the game. -- out. -- and the fact that this will be at last all star game and that he will pitch. At some point in the game to end all but assured that yesterday. That will be the end of the game at some point in -- the getting your thinking being absorbed it yet really done that beacon of hope. In his home -- our. Don't believe that you can intercourse in between. I imagine there will be a lot of talk about -- status and this whole road course and some of the things as well. I'd I love you heard -- but Bud Selig was on the Letterman last night that these two were reminiscing about the days. When they went through like summer camp together back in the old days but does Selig implied that there is about to be a reckoning that these. Verdicts are gonna come down with I think we think they run we think we may be Ryan -- -- like in a couple of days is that what you're here and any of the going to be any. The revelations any big bombshells. Well one that hit yet to be bombshell. Question is that I'm. And we'll have the a couple of days or couple of weeks. Just from yesterday I didn't get the sense that it was imminent in pockets and people -- who knows Jerry and what's complicated about it is that in my view at -- -- -- Internet. They've got to hack everything in order or they announce the suspension. And then make sure that the suspensions. Are solid enough that when they are appeal and they will be -- They held up. -- Baseball what I'm saying. Cannot -- into this. They have to have everything in order and whether that -- few more days two more weeks or so much for that matter rotate out. -- -- -- -- And you think part of that impetus part of that desire to get it right is due to the embarrassment of what happened with the right -- situation previous -- I don't know -- do that those certainly. They don't want that to happen again right. I don't think that the situation. Is so be it. And there's so many players and it's so complex. That. That. It's kinda. The liberation all over the huge difference between a couple of situation as well. -- at the and we only found out about the appeal. Because it leaked that he kept -- partner -- where that player has populate the appeal is held confidentially. It player win -- -- -- -- and obviously you're out only when you go to CEO -- you're the announcement. These engines will be restrictions. For just taught. Mr. determined that there's just called the to suspend these players. And the way I understand I reported a few weeks ago because these games have been out there public and media reports. On -- and in the just cause. It's falcon and output and then -- -- SC though it a little bit different here putt. When I'm getting cute at the questions are about is that they all act. Proved just caught up on the patent that you can hit it just all evidently they the -- -- -- -- will they. So it will will brawn get fifty is that what you're guessing. Jerry I don't know because what they've been misunderstood here also is that the joint drug agreement. Does not specify. Penalties -- just caught. The hit 100 lifetime. -- -- -- -- Positive test one you get hit you you -- three you know like I've got caught spent in the art not. Numerically. Identified. In news charter agreement so basically they -- do whatever you want but they've got it. Units according to practice. According Q past violations of which sport technically has not an Iraq attack on so. The idea well 150 for Iraq -- abroad. I don't know them by. We're talking to Ken Rosenthal -- fox sports. But Shirley said last week that an almost every Major League clubhouse he visits he's hearing from guys. Who said they are looking forward to broaden being brought down and brought down hard have you heard any that owner -- kind of conversation -- Prompt some players -- and there are players who. Were upset that -- to. Wanted to appeal there's no question about that that indicated a recipient what added to it and I. If you hear a player down and say okay you want guys run up a -- rung up without -- -- And the question becomes a little bit more complex and everywhere want to -- cleaned up but if you're a member of the baseball players union. And you are careful and worried about future you know what it is and how in the order in rights violated no wonder it is done properly. And brought. Despite what we might all think about what happened there. He went through your rocker he won his appeal. Any player -- in -- and I was quite apart all of it is OK but. He felt that -- from -- publicly. That he was wrong at procedures were not followed properly well that's why didn't -- there. You protect players in that situation that the delicate line that you walk. Because obviously it's -- two victory at the union and Major League Baseball and of course it's all of the union protecting. Players -- players. Right. At the Yankees tried. Can actively get out of this Contra -- there art of investing is many ways that they can mean it's just par for me to believe the -- and come back. After suspension same play for this team in 2014 and 1560. We're really -- and it. That does not happen at -- county is sent on his way. I don't know that it would be by buying -- the contract or more -- I don't of the leaderboard. What is it that. Because penalties it's print or. Performance enhancing drug use is done -- the basic agreement to restore doesn't mean you're eight or look this plan in place it's not awarding contract. -- discipline players. -- The Clinton ever had to get out of it. Maybe this settlement at a time they were making sense here at all the condom here with a cute -- the portly and -- a financial deal. Right now were so wait wait. Again who is the biggest names gonna -- moved by the end deadline can -- here you hearing any whispers that the Red Sox. Will be involved here as buyers. Well right now at this it Garza is the biggest name Cain. I says that the Everett hit a lot of very good name. Now he's an accomplished retreat pretty accurate and the -- out of -- these check in the -- -- by. Is he the kind of guy we're used to seeing go down the deadline. Saying well how about absolutely not and for that we and let the let me. I refused to believe how many -- -- -- and seeing trade deadline passed that held in open court (%expletive) here. In Cairo last week is it like such a shock for -- because. There's such a lack of quality start pitching available you can really get something under your contracts that are. I think he can guide the unions being so creative and haven't sort of energy. That there are going to be bigger things go down their -- or. Would you be surprised if many were not in the rangers' lineup at some point in the second Afghan. -- I don't know what it was Betty. What will apply and -- not. He's got from now. I don't think the Regis yeah this is anything but we look. -- it okay I'm over it get shot. It is not there -- some questions here what that he is not completely obliterated so -- it. There's been looking at the idea that -- -- got them that much by whether that happens or not permit it. Of the final. Of the next four stories that. Caught a lot of people's attention in the first half which one do you think is more sustainable for the second half Ken Rosenthal Chris Davis. The Pittsburgh Pirates the newly constructed Boston Red Sox where you -- week. It keeps it going for the second half. Great question and arrival from Miguel Cabrera. Yup that's given because -- didn't just -- it does it. Are a little right and how that. I will stay. Status remains a -- sort. Of pirates -- an historic. Direct stock keeping it going to some extent. And Warren and I think meatball the Greek. Because nobody can -- that. And he has posed in -- viable. Yeah as they -- started it. But I -- think the other three legit and a -- -- the question about that and the little that we could help. And -- it is really good which is that they spotted at the start that he did it look like. While Lester Buchholz back then -- going to the foundation now lack it but then that would have little bit but -- -- -- for the -- Little part of my view anyway and obviously he -- -- -- kitchen. And the question is how they get it. -- -- LA TMC already -- caught him coming out of a restaurant late night but he starlet on his arm and getting into his new white Rolls Royce so there can be issues there. Well you -- that they've got a slap arbitrary. Target dating from Sports Illustrated model of the -- days. I don't now that the league hit here. Or it goes for many minutes about him. But -- guys and a whole different world. And he would suddenly -- are well so far back it up and won't it not easy for someone who -- -- two years old and brought up -- that he's playing. The typical sport and you're still getting is the most difficult skill it'll sports so that one is the one that I think might be the most leading. -- you you believe Michael Young will -- they'll correct. -- I don't know -- accurate. But. I just wrote this morning there are of interest in the -- the Red Sox and yankees. My understanding there are about well should keep their check in on Michael Young in. The question operate in the story is okay you know it -- sell because they're kind of in the race. You still -- in the figure out because I was going to be so it and that question the red dot happened -- -- -- doubt about that changed the guy that will it. The same time there's no guarantees there will want to get. An interest. What about Cliff Lee will he be traded. That would I would say now and I -- they -- a couple of reasons one silly. Preferred not to. And quite say that they're a little bit different and well. He could they have very strong and then they feel an obligation to their customers. And they think that Utley Cole Hamels will be that you guys that they build around long term. There's a lot of lip service that I'm here a lot of smoke. I don't you -- smoke and that is legitimate reason that. I have acted -- Lockhart. If they could have back in the division chief in Atlanta team has an injury and it really is not played well. Huge -- They're not if you did in trading quickly we can. What about Ellsbury you know that Boris Said yesterday the Red Sox haven't even started talking America talked to in the season. Even here really -- team's facility with Ellsbury you hearing anything about. -- offseason comes. No not yet and yet it surely can stay healthy. And sustain it and then they'll report yesterday about genetic freak injury -- -- to an extent I. Only to stand she'll -- she is Italian or increased his value. -- -- and let's face it. Regardless of what you think about what might happen in the future when he's healthy and -- good player. And whether the red dot peak around -- -- -- -- unusual period of factors. And the idea that negotiations haven't ordered I wouldn't put much stock -- that -- the golf course or it. Stop wars generally prefer it quiet the open market and the Red Sox if they try to start negotiations will probably be wasting your grass. And finally Ken Rosenthal any programming note questions on it marks the 22 and final broadcast at the all star game for Tim McCarver and getting special plan that you where we gonna ask. -- jump out of a taker you and Erin Andrews to jump out of a cake or some sort of celebratory thing or -- let it pass. Well brutal leader don't they just because would be special. That's that's going to happen and whether it's -- the procurement. I can't actually. Have thought that you wolf and I think he's confirming that -- -- can't you can't you're okay. I don't think we'll let the moment at an animal that -- -- I know a lot of people fail to -- it might wanna well okay I'm not one of the leaders and attack -- strongly here the other side. There have been doing this for a long long time he's been doing -- on fox since 96 the very beginning. Is there were beaten he -- -- who even in not because he stinks. Okay and to me rather remarkable record date although exactly grow in early sixties and future. With the cardinals in that career is. And I have what you might think it and now it's something to celebrate. One is in by that logic what is Nomar have his joke it's easy -- it -- our. Equipment out. You can I like so people can make the point that that McCarver talks too much I'll see Davis there's not an analyst in sport and how we just baseball. Was told me said more things that when he said I said while the bottom at that way than Tim McCarver has over the year. That is my point in. The -- like. I would. Try it and what agrees with what anyone Wednesday Mercury out that. -- about the way it works but -- question. If you -- in the car you wouldn't have -- more about absolutely absolutely and virtually every market and that goes not just for. I think fans out there. What on -- -- that they have money here with the look at. So equity in the great period special multi tonight on. -- -- in the united terms we're gonna face. Yeah and you're going to be a night where baseball soccer. And active military members and veterans as well also it's a hole. With camouflage both Thai army navy surplus. No all my boat that object the boat type. And custom made by the should. Different charity right and there organization or more may go to quote I -- not comics when people aren't. Get Rosenthal fox sports have a great broadcast tonight will be watching reference thanks for the time this morning. -- -- -- -- And Paula -- -- the AT&T -- AT&T forgy -- an idea you know as Rosenthal -- -- grief but -- ties initially but then he started to catch your breath obviously. We commend him for support important -- we could do. Dino could get. Cures for cherish for a some look at sponsor you panic -- the problem with that is he's the gets the vote as the weather is something tangible to your health clinic might want to vote to. That I felt this great. Follow -- -- -- -- idea that some people might be in the network we get the sponsor for for a minute and chocolate milk. -- Nokia ace combat sponsored by them. Running shoes and began the bull test coming back and knows he's lucky born credible plan for you know -- the -- -- right now now projectiles no -- Appel number. Sort of like Kentucky -- bring others into that Tony is into is a newspaper of -- -- right yeah the whites who would otherwise and that and that and that he's still isn't the old commitment of sexual that your risk rating. Mean you know. Is more important. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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