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Is baseball losing popularity?

Jul 16, 2013|

john Gerry and Kirk discussed the declining popularity of baseball across the country. They brought up ways to improve the speed of the game.

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Write your phone calls in about sixty seconds here I'm reading a piece in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) by Mathieu fought Armon. As baseball's moment passed is the headline. Sub headline on opening day gloomy studies suggest kids are losing interest. -- eleven and a half million players of all ages in the United States baseball remains the fourth. Most popular team sport drilling basketball soccer and softball however. -- last sixteen years numbers for Little League Baseball. Which account for about two thirds of the country's -- play have been steadily dropping and there are signs that pace is accelerating. From 2000. To 2009. The latest year for which figures were available the number of kids aged seven to seventeen playing baseball fell 24%. Despite growing concerns about long term effects of concussions. Participation in -- tackle football has soared 21% over the same period while hockey jumped 38%. The sporting goods manufacturer association. Another industry trade group said baseball participation fell twelve point 7% but the overall population and there's more and more and more -- -- Not gonna go to baseball games now -- -- the softball games and soccer games talking -- -- just a patient ought not to we're told popularity of the game -- could be -- easily which is it whether it was in the NHL was beating and albeit eighteen to 49 point two games this year to. Beat them in our great victories rate in 49 year old plan on watching games in jogging the participation you're talking -- it matters to help. Both. Okay -- if you look Majorly Jason as safe as Sharon talked about kids are watching its participation and pocketed a -- -- a revolution -- -- participation is down. Ratings are down attendance -- interest revenue is through the roof right now because. And -- Lester seems the year before it's the -- the the -- new deal is six billion dollars on the other 29 deals with Pittsburgh steel -- walk out of this deal they're all girl group the rocket you -- everything's fine right now note the TV revenues are good yes. It means everything okay. Talk about participation. Attendance or TV talk about all the overall image appears based in this country CD is saying all it is boring and people are getting tired what you said is what people been saying thirty year but we're still -- it right and it's and it's coming -- pretty -- numbers. -- a number that's the same numbers last thirty years. Eight as Amman twenty years old -- college not exactly think baseball bank board. I've never sat down and -- watch all right our game on -- out on you right now I'd -- But down into the thought -- time this year and they've been able to make if they're on I'm an. It is not the -- anymore but that would be our basketball soccer but all of the the big sport that people want to eat and eat like -- And the guys you hang with Mike would agree with you is that what they watch. That's who have never had anyone come over and say hey let's watch all the game like let's watch the NBA finals what -- the -- let up now. The ultra silent soccer odds that your friends are watching soccer forget soccer Jerry catch you probably Smart -- well -- thought it right away give -- a few are always will be a -- -- just hung up on Mike. Who said east money and is he and his friends watch soccer now he said hockey ends and sidebar. He said -- Backus played dominate starting at the wanna hear this argument stars you're -- said he watches soccer and used it for -- start making the -- he gets the -- he gets a parent you know what you -- look at Major League Baseball Jerry and say it's healthy and moving in the right direction in the hearts and -- -- sports fans in this country whenever you just can't do that ever so that it might just said he and his -- watch soccer do you agree that -- three things they watch teachers said they watched -- -- called -- -- -- federal. Would you lie he named three things defense soccer hockey and -- and me in do you believe he and his buddies get together once -- probably more than baseball. There is a younger group who watches this company is in the cellar -- is that yes those. -- -- and they don't want a couple of what they don't want -- Red Sox that looks like this theater to watch the World Cup doesn't watch Pittsburgh Milwaukee. I don't know him I'd be a good app. Tonys in Rhode Island to actually be NC. I hi I'm. I I I agree totally that there are based while it's like watching grass grow but I know how to make it much more pressing your vehicle back. To win -- would rest on TV -- here thirty years ago if you remember it was boring -- can be blocked because they just followed the lead group around. When they -- all the cameras. It got very very much better what you need in baseball is not to watch the red stopped and watched the Red Sox didn't. Would have all -- your vision rifles. Showing I like constantly during their game you'd be watching for a five game at the same time your main game looked the other. You'd be in other words somebody would always be hitting catching or throw the. All you can do on -- package because he's a switch around on the MLB package -- -- out for. But nobody could pretend -- paper at what Major League Baseball needs to do what they wanna stay in the mainstream. If you're this on their own that the simple and to deal with the technology that's available now. And it wouldn't make the game ten times weren't searching door -- -- or purely be like you're watching I liked -- at the end which could be working in a lifetime. Alligator in Boston that excited to see you know the 32 pause YouTube -- not -- that one of the great and opportunities lost her opportunities blown by baseball -- in football. You care about Seattle San Francisco. And Arizona whatever. You care about the awful welcoming big part of -- -- you don't month long before fan right -- -- we cared about does it. Games between troops impartial and those cities. In baseball it's never been the case had never been the case -- exit -- watch it's true enough -- -- Cisco play whatever player. How much -- -- an appetite however there would be for a Major League Baseball red zone channel. As opposed to the long and -- the karma is good point as opposed to those. Protracted periods where Jon Lester all in his eyes and Robin up baseball. And and Gomes as adjusted his helmet and grab an instructional that's sort of stuff -- you have a specific channel not -- and but we an old yes or -- where WB yet and there's a red zone channel for baseball but there is action happening all the time I don't -- -- right -- interest. MLB network is done I think but as well as hand that's a no -- going to go to the guys -- -- the big -- they -- go to a redirect it to Jerry's point. He's right -- playing them payers on the Sunday 1 o'clock and it's no playoff implications to sit down watch that football game. A random baseball Sunday Night Football rates the world -- -- -- Rachel with television. Sunday at four and number and that that Celtic football is done things right in terms of selling it to Republican baseball hasn't was -- can all agree -- Baseball hasn't I wish I -- commission I can be. Commissioner I would use email will that commissioners make it almost twice what every other commissioners -- that's the problem and that you know what that here's the problem is. Baseball is doing so well that's the problem. They're not gonna change but certainly do and me personally -- to do well. When he talks to owners. John Henry paid 700 of its electorate to not worth one point three -- nearly one point three billion almost doubled. His whose investment. You think John Henry is call and complain. A lot to Bud Selig they never has been commissioner for early 2000 years -- why. -- it's working. It's working for the -- it's working for the people -- -- -- or better yet you have got back -- I said that more than anybody there's nobody who said that more than -- but still with the Kansas phone calling for Wilpon and tell stories about the Brooklyn Dodgers -- upon all you know what the -- a new TV deals right to that big sponsorship. -- new revenue -- justice -- Egypt and actually DNC. Or Mika reported -- work is cool parent salty and now. And lose a lot of numbers are peaceful. Cross. -- should apply in the crush -- Yeah. Are you talking about the -- should be encountered baseball or wanted to hit it out which -- it. That's what happened for years I'm believe me -- on the front lines Erica Coke can product quit baseball all the time. It's you know it's it's the it's two different things no one's watching the Boston. -- -- -- Instead threats yet to play and it apply because it's exciting it's action so -- it's something we'll look at you say you -- born lacrosse player. That could you look at and say you should be playing baseball Arenas -- right. For two hours and do not discover it's not about. People our -- really is about 1213 fourteen about a twenty to thirty original baseball will be fine for years and eight years twenty years. For the kids that are eleven to twelve now the ones that the money it was a historic before it was one of the genius -- -- -- -- back had to build to build up the Boston Celtics and that was you know back in the heyday and back even before they were really really good. Read insisted that there be -- anomalous -- -- -- files that might be wrong maybe 2000 maybe 500 tickets available. At walk up. An hour before each game started because he wanted parents to be able to look at there's kids at dinner tables -- -- -- -- to the -- game tonight -- walking and buy tickets away father or mother could bring kids to the game and grow the game he wasn't talking about the mom and dad become ex Celtic fans he was talking about the kids they're 101112 and thirteen year old goat while I really like this game. Talked to Michael Mike connects with the NC. Good morning Joseph Mike you've you've -- all make like good points. Oh you know this whole situation like. Jerry bring it up cable revenue rose which is what people of these agencies going you know. It in football we have the -- own it rim of the red own but it apparent without a game because you guys -- past. It is so much rather watch an old watch on red zone to people -- -- people all. In baseball. You do you have like Jerry -- all the lack cable contract. Not in the 96 billion for the Dodgers or whatever all these teams. It is just children need it. -- to go to com. -- -- That baseball has become an irrelevant that they make and all that revenue what cable did not make of that revenue whopper is going to -- game went to the team like Tampa Bay -- purpose. Second place all the time. And they got 121000. People in the stadium that show cubic inch is. Is an Oakland better example the entire upper deck is covered with you know a tarpaulin -- -- and -- the other this past week and a half the seats are empty in Oakland a very good baseball team. Right incorrectly reported becoming almost irrelevant and into every point there live and optic cable and people don't want for the game what you -- on. And sit you have a three and a half wore out. Tampa Bay is the least valuable franchise in Major League -- -- in -- from the Marlins 451. Million there weren't that that's pretty good when you think about it. Why does next now Marlins -- 26. Tampa Bay Kansas City. Oakland as the third least you -- Pittsburgh and then Marlins. Marlins were 520. Million. Yankees -- first -- 2.3 billion stoppage. General that were to break somebody big Mormon might encourage your prep school Gary -- -- will that I've asked for your Wilson yeah. I -- -- Ewald arm's guy we had a we had an angle there that across circuits are sucked cocky to say about that. I want to get into big ball. I think it's become almost people who walked up to right not. I mean the picture -- at all. The catcher he catches it hit that Sony Pictures that are tighten his belt -- issues that stack in the -- -- on the mound. It's like it's like 99102. Minimum between pitches. Be they don't enforce the rule almost the entirety -- in the game has deteriorated lead actors no urgent eaters it there's -- Get the box get the ball pitched a ball get things don't click the umpires saw I mean it it thinking it's just a. Not a game. Again it's that the old quote is baseball must be a great game two to survive the fools who run I mean you you know everything you just said it's fixable. And you just right. NAIC didn't want to world. Will blood doesn't have any reason. That is what questions that diet after by going to be one bloods guys switching probably is he going to be this great sort of -- to visionary at this change -- -- we talked you know look you know about the song that's Roosevelt pistol and a but it just seems so easy to fix that like like. What -- Goodell has a real problems head on his hands with head injuries wouldn't agree yeah. I don't know how to fix that the do you guys know how to fix them. Mean to -- -- trying to the you know through through legislation or rule things like that doesn't help technologies as close to. I'm fixing a flat or -- what it has. The fixing the baseball problem that we talk about all the time is easy it is instant I could do it today and by that when they return to play on Friday. Front and they were just like yes it would be fixed the -- missed -- them on the batters to in the box. Is that you get warnings about again you -- about personally because I just randomly picked at a date in 1975 baseball game the Red Sox beat the tigers on September 11 nineteen. 75. 1321. Time of game one hour fifty commission to look at the World Series right from like the forty Cologne based in reference to assault them look at and you say. On -- 52. Mean imagine if baseball were indeed two -- I mean just every game were generally to a -- up at 9 o'clock at his mother right not a clock and you don't have that on that that tedious -- is sixth inning and seventh and looking at 22 and a half hours. If you eliminate that and just play nice neat to -- every game relies -- clock. But it could be some games or hour and 52. Indeed go to game seven and your home by 930 me wouldn't just be much more pleasant experience if. Could do that I would vote may raise over his eighteen million bucks you said if bush -- because of course Clinton. This iPod would get the word that that that they embrace and a tradition as well legacy. Terrorists themselves as terrorists that's when we certainly are somehow we are above adding these modern newfangled computer some ideas and concepts we're baseball there's nothing -- and -- -- we're on the timed so purist doesn't wanna play the game the way it was late night and I wish they -- what appeals to emphasize the old days that's what the old -- that's how it worked in the old -- -- off the field and on a -- -- coach. I scream and and -- on one of those image and I'm going overboard. It's a walking off the field and on the back on my whole -- run on run on so many simple solutions to this problem. But it all -- back -- June the guy the mindset doesn't use email. Who by the way it was on Letterman last -- we'll hear from that we combat is Ken Rosenthal final -- Emanuel Mike Jack Joel Bruce we CU was well.

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