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The home run derby is awful

Jul 16, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing another boring home run derby. They also discussed the Globe cover story on Aaron Hernandez's jail cell.

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You don't wept. Veteran performers stage performers singer's concert people's Springsteen those kinds of people Jason -- -- say the key to a great performances. You you've told. A couple of glasses of wine but this 111 and eighteen those in Tina's former life he advised people on speaking in public -- member -- and one of us tips was have a couple of glasses along a one. Oh well what what have what my clients come I have to and I said well the Pentagon tolerant one works. But do not happily go to charity carbonated stuff like beer and -- are bought at comic comic they'll correct and and ones Lucent's solution -- oh -- -- -- that's not the -- -- 10% slower yes I liked that tip when you speaking in public over Chile could do this. You Schilling needs to go 10% slower on your -- wouldn't be Schilling think it's -- -- personalities that rapid fire him get too much information that's like -- you know you just are all over the place should not digesting. Could Chris Berman use that -- wood to 10% quieter 10% slower at. 10% fewer back back -- economy of words thank you. The key great singing performance -- a concert performance is the same thing as a key to great sex with a beautiful woman. Which is the same as key to an Aaron Hernandez meal in the Bristol county jail money. Them. He's from me leave them wanting more can leave them wanting more and when that thing and that last night at 1135. I was bombed. 1135. Not I'm off home run derby for me -- Chris -- left me a lot more I. Watched it this morning Obama well I watched the last 45 minutes this morning in. There really was a flaw in the system insists basis. Had his second round and he didn't have to hit home runs yet. And Chris Burke started telling stories that know mark they weren't even paying attention because it was just forces says that is the state little yes it came -- -- that Narnia or did you skip no I -- up -- skipped up it was just like he's just gonna stay loose his captain told the trying to hit by area. That helped the American League. And this and can lead women and and so permits stop describing the moment. And started I don't move on these stories in the -- Which is like element of the law all thoughts it was an awful and it was like someone at ESPN MLB -- All -- tweet this thing hundred times per game yet yeah they said. This might be something we have -- -- because suspect -- just in yeah he doesn't need these home Bryce Harper's often indicates -- where -- aren't showing Ortiz. With his helmet camera around the Gatorade. -- the on the show the crowd talked piazza said. We do now. It worked -- here and there were like you like me that would like nine million more probably twenty million people said. Yes and yes I'll I'll I'll catch islets in the morning I think -- what seriously with that let you wanna more of course it is just so protracted it just so mean. First of all there's an hour pregame show I watched -- if you did not it did not -- several pregame shows it's again sure I was flip round was a plot hero you watch the entire prediction in -- tired to go works mumble. I was flip around to get. You don't is good Chris Davis -- find him to be an interest -- area and I'm like watching them trying to. See whether he's telling the truth in his you know in it was souls and is this guy for -- -- -- -- Among the fan does he know when he says I've never failed drug test that Lance Armstrong rendered that the useless -- statement buried on the same thing must make him seem more guilty. Yeah I've never felt I just assumed guilty. Maybe it's a cynic but -- I don't like to see guys like him -- trying to figure if they're Smart enough you know -- if you're dumb like Manny Ramirez he -- broadcast you know I'm at right you know put enough effort into it. You don't get the right masking agents. If you're Smart. You know like Lance Armstrong. You've passed the tests if yours -- you pay the money to the best yeah right you find the best if your heart you know you get away with it and and it doesn't seem that praise -- the Texas -- Texas guys seemed -- up to go to a strip all the Florida and higher totally -- stretch it out precisely where it got really good as -- of the stuff he's not been cut that would be devastating when can be right now for MLB if Chris Davis or Miguel Cabrera even worse. Would get bus or suspend us. -- that he's still kind of new and fresh freed one of these guys Reagan suspect you'd say oh split apart yet and and did you hear. JT Tillman missed this we should get this we teams economy come at a restaurant now. Which some beautiful bronze in the in I think it was two minutes ago yeah. The first break. And you get into a 400000 dollar Rolls Royce which it has a role Roy -- is expected to collect one again it's the major leagues. These -- managing his money well he skipped is that not the worst sign when the rookies. On -- guy who hasn't played enough to play in the all star current. -- get in a white rules -- -- like a bad baseball leaving a restaurant in Hollywood somewhere -- have -- starlets and it's still. -- LA confidential you know so if I think. Up little Marilyn Monroe and shaky medical records for what it's now let me ask you this in all seriousness. When did you begin to lose interest in the proceedings last night I have a specific time problem myself I did exactly right I did not -- timing right. But when I lost interest is after suspicious finished his first round at seventeen I myself. That's enough and I can -- and the highlights tomorrow and I said he's gonna win that point I was harper. I mean like the idea of opera -- his dad dad yet to win and I'm like. Hoppers effect on baseball this before. He plays like -- it's football you know. People warn him don't play so hard. Don't run in the players that don't run exactly mean and I'm so sick of these new patient hitters goes up there any rich yeah. And and he was. The most compelling guy out there because he hit line drives and he wasn't even just the swing. Just ripped the ball and have -- runs just barely made that. Frozen ropes and says Davis was mucho which was fine but it was a good final. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- go from 7 o'clock eastern standard time to 1135. I'm pretty sure that's more than four and a half hours put this thing not be tweaked -- -- some sort of skill competition. Where the home run derby portion doesn't last three hours and 35 minutes and maybe it's five. Outs and you're done we're old and I don't that would bashed like all the previous records of David Ortiz settle Villaraigosa you do. Like pepper contest for something a lot of a throwing content out reveal that. Mean this is the -- -- what -- for reining in for in this world that's good that you 11 o'clock that's good and economists. What they should do is get it and -- I mean I would you've picked off land. This is this requires some kind of a clown and Gary McCord type David Ferrer David -- type -- guy -- on our -- Precisely that Kevin Malloy actually. If Kevin alarm when there you'd have some docs I mean it might be forced to maybe. It would be great but. Nomar is the most bland the most humorless these most vapid. A color. Maybe they have they have. Yeah. And you pick him with the least serious baseball -- to -- you know it just makes no sense at all I feel. I mean I know Chris -- -- agree Chris Berman is -- You know calmed down jester and ringmaster that's this he belongs there. Not belong there that would be great could it would get heat Pedro Martinez you see that addresses all kinds of guys you'd pick ahead and not be the last guy you shot tasty. Sean Casey perfect choice you Brooke I used to do -- John -- used to doing all great the looser than. Anything so it's not just a little bit and Alice young did what I thought of a good yeah I -- a couple of who is not. You don't want to get to -- and I just add edit. Regularly wore course. And so you know her to a looser and -- they'll try to figure somebody's not. Who's more but I'm asked to know that element. Not is just looks miserably looks like the guys the press coverage of the snow doesn't he looks he looks like he's faking it yet but that's only that's like any always hats -- -- and yes exactly looks like KeySpan. That's going to the most is just gonna say what -- posts and when he they try to make. Jokes about Iraq and Z. So. Yeah you. Nine million guys in the hey it's clear that David Ortiz as has sort of appointed himself and is enjoying being the what you -- -- tour -- of Major League Baseball the all star game virtually the official -- at the -- are -- only one who can get away with not taking pressure yeah he does that and and and maybe they tell him to -- is now and they can't make -- -- him but he said as -- Bud -- -- to use emails I'll -- my -- -- -- the highlight for -- -- -- was in the whole thing. Ones when Robinson and O. Two home runs didn't see him. I go blow off the Gatorade. One of the rules about it -- you have to take Gatorade in the -- you have to mean they tell. You have to. And the kid runs up to. But he blew off his father whose father it's too didn't shake -- and a hug camera anything. But he writes but he did -- swap -- blue -- and went home and not David as a back up there that's a bad -- -- -- be captain of the American League home run -- team you have to price I didn't I don't endorse Heisman -- stiff -- the Gatorade -- however -- notice how aggressive they are -- Sprint -- when -- -- -- -- -- -- spread like right there that's almost like they're taken -- act like -- like the gonna tackle the Prince -- for exactly. -- stimulus. Package. It's if this like ice cream -- -- a bigger you'll always. He's only five elevenths it's less thanks Butler 656465. Is it over to sixty. Probably about the -- that that's -- problem to see it look like five years after he retires. Like spot on the shorter than a short Robert Douglas that -- covers sports illustrate there's going to be huge. It pound pro. Argues that he argues. X as much enough now not later Hernandez. -- that age a a up to fourteen to get to. Are -- up after can't -- it to that won't get to the schedule. So we can decide that we don't know that we have Greg Reynolds here's a tag rate in vivid update -- Aaron is Aaron Hernandez like impact. At the risk of hyperbole this might be the most interesting thing Everett in the Boston Globe and ten years. That's not a bad idea I would agree holders pretty good okay all right since the whole thing is that 23 years album you know got bum rushed. Yet as our I'll say that since Bob holders expose. About the chicken -- the beer and Tito and drug dozen phone calls and all that sort of stuff that this is the most intricate you're not counting obviously muscled for that product how Jon powers and notes. No I don't uttered as they recovered from the head of the Charles don't forget about the Figure Skating Championships in Budapest. That perished. I would have pushed it. Now that -- imagine that should worry that with I clipped they. Will get to this unbelievable. Story. Which to me. You almost the reverse some of the ones that don't think you'll -- now what they should have done. Eric JT's application of what they -- did. Aaron Hernandez in itself the killer. Three days and then it never would -- -- I suppose you idiot. Yeah. Here's an enjoyable -- business. Stefan gross field but he did a great great job. I'm alive and Pulitzer this is awesome it really as a fourteen I mean it's photographs its text its quotes. And here's how I will -- it. Some people lower our. Condemning criticizing sure Hodgson. From the Bristol county jail the sheriff there -- enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame too much. So lucky -- all this monastery was. So hates Hodgson who hates them Aaron Hernandez. Double play ball -- yes -- this story. This the first time Deval Patrick read some in the globe that he didn't Elijah is the first time that he picked up the globe and said this just wrong he is probably. Take an action today he will do -- up and say this mattresses and soft enough. You know you got to give -- coffee hang techtag tang gonna say we need fresh squeezed orange juice bag but a lot. Well and that is what you guys you laugh. That's true that's how our governors make sure our governor sympathies lie with the criminals now with the victims. And if you wanna go back penal and a joke about all the time but it's a dead serious issue to the governor he wanted to make sure they had called to. -- -- He thought was cruel and usual punishment anyone to make sure the basketball were properly inflate out that the -- and spends ten seconds -- about the temperature of the tournament the. The air and the basketball that the temperature of the -- that I see a picture doesn't matter cold I can't tell what this -- -- -- -- in 1990 and yes went -- to our basketball here's a -- able to used to get to the break Fernandez goes from the playbook of coach Bill Belichick to the rule book. Brewster county sheriff who says he has been called it felt the -- by the liberals. Point continued to you know first half MVP he gets the Pedro and if it it. It -- -- handled this well handled this Pedroia or Ortiz. -- it is a sustainable. Is the suspects they want I know you got to give the -- to say one thing would you out of battery we may need a bad thing. Coming -- -- -- right now they -- and are thinking about Iran you can never over the -- that's thought to myself. Could have a left in their -- which could add enough. That's in the Nazis and -- yeah. Did you -- and you don't yet obviously need depth its depth is -- -- -- the bullpen as he. -- So for those. Like -- -- and others who -- pots and is really enjoying middle too much as fifty minutes of thing I disagree and by the way solace to share. The sheriff's sees a silver lining in all the media attention quote. I actually -- media coverage of opportunity for something good to come out of a bad situation he said. Young kids particularly get to see what life is like for someone who as celebrity status. This is probably one of the greatest advertisements. As to you why you don't ever want to come to jail. He had everything. Going for him amen today measure that it -- telling you what I was thinking about commit a crime this afternoon looking at this reading this -- in the diagram looking at the menu. Looking at the room in which. Aaron Hernandez will live for the rest of his life perhaps. Our budget -- It's just awesome don't get a problem that he said it's too much publicity -- are decisive enjoying enjoying enjoying his time on stage. And and -- is -- is -- but he makes a great point this is part of the job this is real deterrent yes and we. We've heard the about the programs scares me intrigue has seen him on TV with the kids go in the prison right yeah it's brilliant it's a great idea scared straight whoever came up with that. I'm sure wasn't liberal sure it was a like hodgepodge as a bunch of that program right and and but Hobson is our actions actually write it for people like us what you said it. Look at that say. I never wanna spend a -- into today you know. I mean I saw that album -- important. Does Hudson know. And it's very effective this story is is very effective at the point is to get the message that you don't wanna -- -- wanna go to this. And I can tell me if Hernandez had spent three days minutes ago. Yeah yeah brief thought that the -- his whole Planet Green yeah I mean it's it's putts -- is great I hope we never. Hope to -- never succeeds in -- much governor. -- today on. In this state means it's probably guarantee you lose the war ate some marquee -- some. Steve Grossman hates and these people gates and the man. And what he is is. Really affect the really good -- his job. I will say this on some level and the keyword here is almost a camps and almost after having read this. Having digested it having the -- -- look at the highlights I mean there's just so much information about Pakistan shall have a great great bet agree great piece. In the in the Boston Globe. That I. All balls to feel sorry for -- handed Hernandez on some level I don't really can look at the sky and say while he. Is asked he is paying his day what that is Bryce what's supposed to happen in a civilized society when you. Murder people you're not supposed to get cold and we're not supposed to care what they call the jail much -- season -- basketball. Not yet a month rate. Yes of the time as. -- one I don't know Korea fifty years as 1600. Molly estates there whatever -- would be going to be much better in the it'll be a little better I think Jim might have TV now it's I don't know what. -- -- just he'll have a roommate clips and companionship. When you have a drop but don't you drop it in front yes I'll make this thing was horrendous. That that's my take away did you close the toilet is to the bad. And the sink in -- all one piece in its missile stark 6177797937. Text machine 37937. Doctor Rosenthal will join us in the 9 o'clock powerful lines rope double talk review national -- -- Hernandez new digs are all about.

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