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Was baseball better with steroids? One former major league player believes so.

Jul 15, 2013|

It's a thought shared by many baseball fans and we discuss... was baseball better with 'roids?

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They always worry when you find yourself in the same company as people that. You don't -- agree left. Like I told you last week we were talking about. Bob craps -- responsibility what the patriots knew did know should've known. I found myself and I'm not a patriot hater I'm not a Robert Kraft hater I'm not a Bill Belichick hater I think the world of the organization and Belichick and Kraft specifically. When I found myself on the same campus Ron -- on this I was concern. Up but I. Have a specific problem with the wrong but just not sure -- well of course you're maybe have a specific problem but not is that you can -- -- -- outside a reasonable person with third of that I have knee problem but -- But they're not being. Of course you do earning a bit of a problem yet agenda driven -- our own area but. I found myself in agreement with. Ron Borges and so that may need a little worried about my own position the same is true when I heard John rocker's position on on steroids and asked about the way ticket prices are going and asked about baseball today vs a few years ago John Rocker said this. Well it -- honestly and then new lupus like go against what some people think from -- ethical standpoint I think it was a better day. If the end of the day what people were put in their eighty bucks Auburn twenty bucks were -- -- Bothered to think somewhat that -- vehicles like the sort of to have put out there -- paid to be entertained. They want to use some -- pull -- all on one mile an hour and Obama thought it up hundred feet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- there anything more -- in 1998 what constrained its social and more Anwar. Cheney 61 home runs without all the Arabs were obviously you don't -- -- -- -- -- squat attention to the phils send them. But the thing that they'll potentially just. I -- does not marauding gunmen had a great -- -- for that we baseball fan out there watching that. I hate that I agree -- John Rocker I hate it. I -- like I don't wanna BA John rocker's camp. Art so he's there -- it was it was an entertaining was an entertaining. Home run chase yes it was. A better game went that a better game I think it was. You think I think it was that this steroid era was better than baseball right now yes because. More fun to watch it because the home runs just goes more fun to want that -- -- death. I knew more fun to watch I really -- I think after awhile he he stopped short. I'll agree with them to a degree I'll agree with them that 1988 the home run chase because it happened. At a time of ignorance. War -- is the perfect -- are talking about John Rocker well now -- okay. The company I'm busy making other -- are not anonymous comments from saint ignorance. In terms of baseball for -- our reporters. Major League Baseball in general. We were thinking that this was something this is -- this was a noble pursuit. By Sammy Sosa and and Mark McGwire we didn't know source of that well -- know McGwire is as well we shouldn't. And so. Guy or two guys chasing the home run record. That was pretty cool. While it was to the cliche. -- -- home run and yeah Brady Anderson hitting fifty. You had. Marginal Major League players hitting 35 to forty Greg Sean and so John John Honda some new -- if you had 830 home run hitter. That guy was ignored he wasn't real power threat because parties not to give it forty. 45 McGwire hit seventy Barry Bonds -- him at least 73. In the beginning sure. But the entire steroid era the home run became a cliche so I didn't think it was a better -- It's funny I guess I never see it that way I think we -- and for the most at least I did and and I think the ratings showed that people really enjoyed watching it. Not just the home run chase which was incredible and and I remember that entire summer. Of 98 is being transfixed by what was going on every day. Not following the box scores nationally look in making sure I watched baseball tonight. Knowing whether or not Sosa -- when that day whether McGwire hit when that day -- thought like everybody. Was following right. I remember that that summer I was working here and through a series of events I ended up driving around Dick Gephardt for the day you know I mean the that congressman and a running for president a few times. He's from Missouri. Writes these huge McGwire fan huge cardinals fan -- Our phone immediately gets on the phone call somebody I assume he's going to call for some important labor dispute to congressional now. What McGuire. Yeah -- sells. And that the -- Could legitimately Mac all the wanted to know about was what was going -- with a home run chase and even cooler but those two guys -- for rival organizations and Chicago and that was that was -- but ultimately it -- don't I don't even -- even though some -- way in the back of my mind we sort of knew about and grow we knew that but they're being looked human at. Hear that much and then. When when McGwire. I think it's as this is before he got to the magic number at the time you. Before he got to seventy remember one of the reporters at the from the Associated Press. Was looking it was in the clubhouse looking at McGuire stalled and he saw Andrew Brett and he wrote about it in me. He became the Phil -- the -- outline why would you do this -- mean that. Mart requires -- do anything wrong McGwire and Sosa are receiving baseball and now. Why is gone the other way because it's always happens if you're able to fool somebody. Because they don't wanna be fooled again or because their man you made them look silly. The anger. Is is far beyond what it should be now people -- -- spitting man. Mark Maguire which becomes automatic yourself to remember them talking about reporters in this case predator reporters. Just some baseball reporters just flat out missed the story word got out got caught up in the romanticism of it without thinking but do you think. Our compound and the story can I don't know that we really wanted to I mean I was not working in the media at the time in 1998 I was a junior college and all that was going on. If you if some reporter come out of a matter I would have all the -- would have been mad at him but it would have been bombed out -- -- I don't wanna know about that I was perfectly happy living in ignorance and just watching it and enjoying -- and loving baseball whatever bummed out because you know about it now you still think it was -- I guess that's true but I -- been I guess that -- been upset that it was marring what was such a fun experience at the time. It was fun I enjoyed it I mean I I'm not gonna look at I don't wanna get on my holy high horse on this and and looked down and -- while. It's all he did for me and I guess -- -- the fact. They Chris davis' right now on pace to hit 62 home runs we barely even care because that record -- is -- been now broken and EU. We have to wonder about Chris Davis even though there's zero evidence to suggest that he would be guilty of anything in any ED zero evidence and he specifically. Has denied any PED use. You bring up if you bring up and postures it or take every but it it's important McChrystal talked earlier and he social media it was not a factor in 1998 there was no Twitter. There was no FaceBook so. Now we're -- the Internet yet so so Chris Davis asked him. Answered these questions from you mainstream media -- both on and on Twitter and he addresses the address that very well. If -- Twitter in 1998. And you would have the story would come they would have been holed up to -- Mark McGwire. And Sammy -- would have given in to the to depress you think so yeah. Yes but it would have but who was headed thinking about somebody would have somebody -- about it maybe but I don't know I don't know that it would have reached that critical when -- -- everybody would have been into -- I don't think anybody wanted to believe that that could be decay and it was a different world and now. It was it that was anymore. That was a more exclusive. Sports world. Where it was. The most part it was a media members who were we're setting the tone driving the story for him in the narrative. On what this -- I agree now in the sports. Or. You know it could have some you know somebody's sitting there aren't straight Lewis can be somebody with a blog what the cardinals blog thing. A -- or -- told me that. It's all Mark McGwire. Needle has. And I think he's doing something wrong -- -- great rival -- big gate keepers of sort of like pushed aside and parakeets everybody gives it but my -- all I don't know. -- the general population really wanted to even know about it. I really think we're pretty happy eyes wide closed not knowing anything eyes wide shot not knowing anything about what was really going on earnings overall -- surprised that we talk about the other day. I don't think we wanted to know I didn't wanna know I was I was 20/20 one years old at the time. I want out. I was perfectly happy just watching those guys crushed home runs. And later I got caught up in the in the scandal. Of the Mitchell report and all the other things that they came down -- around 200620072008. Because that was again entertaining. Once that kind of went away. You saw -- no offense diminish in baseball I think a lot of people believe the game is not nearly as exciting as it was ten or fifteen years ago. And and number start to decline what what was the number -- what was -- -- we just gave us here today about Fox's. Fox's ratings. Do you have any that they've dropped was not just -- -- it was the ages on the each for Fox's Saturday baseball would you say it was like 60% over the age of fifty. As -- -- that with our I don't on the number fronting me and we can get on 18% -- like eighteen to forty range and a huge amount of people over the age fifteen in baseball's become a very much an old person's game and and would that have happened. Regardless of the steroid era regardless of that it ended regard I don't know I think some of it probably would've. But I think some of the younger generation that was drawn to watching all the future home runs and the freak show talent in the big biceps and forums and all that. So don't go away. There's a -- -- by I think part of it is is just natural. It's but it's a byproduct of this at the time that we live in me baseball. No matter what even if you have if you tell all the sluggers in the game right now okay. We're we're gonna collectively bargain that you can do. Go ahead and do whatever you want to do. Hit home runs this is great our market research that we are our people want more home runs. There's only so much you can do. -- casual baseball fans who wants all the bells and whistles. And once that hot that that fast paced entertainment product baseball is not going to be that you're not into now I find baseball extremely entertaining I love -- I loved it. The delicate. But. I'm not looking for something in baseball that exist in the NFL or that exist in the NBA where you have. -- the dance team coming out three or four time irony that he got the big you know he's got you got a the pretty much got a concert every every five or ten minutes. I'm with -- is not gonna happen I'm with -- Michael I don't need that either but there is something in between I don't need necessarily all the other stuff. But I I think I do like offense and at the time to jerk man honestly I don't know if I'm -- but people who was able I don't like all the home runs I I appreciate all of bolting in and good fundamentals until you actually start watching somebody at 67 home runs a year -- -- like you know what -- I actually really like this -- total fraud I had I love watching these guys hit home runs and have a -- unhappy that part of the Boulder, Colorado Colorado overhear -- sounds did. I don't actually -- -- -- I don't really like that don't cut prefer nice finger roll and a nice shot from the from three point nine not really. Actually really like a big dog really like a home run ball as well. Even get a tweet here network TV would cut into their bats during that summer in 98 because the the entire country was gripped by. I think there's another solution because what -- the one thing that really does bother me about steroids is the unfair platform that creates some guys are using -- other guys aren't. And so for the guys that are trying to do things the right way. They really do get -- guys who who should have made more money in the league or should have been in the league longer should have whatever. I end up kind of getting swept aside because they are unwilling to play the game it at the same way the other guys -- in terms shoot stuff and -- -- But I do think the game needs more offense it's why would lower the -- I think its -- I think it is the easiest solution. To try to help baseball without turning it into play you know maybe he's more operatives for. For what. Some of it is wondering what what what factories trying to satisfy. People that wanna -- take offense that wanna see more home runs the wanna see more hits people -- be offered by. But basketball you're gonna security commissioner can't afford to do that it's baseball. But why exactly can't afford to say go watch football. Actually OK because your job to grow the game or the owners can grow the game he tried and tried to. -- have seminars we teach people baseball well this is why are raised important is what -- means. This is -- going from first to third but what happens when that doesn't war. You cannot you cannot get to the position. Changing the fundamentals of your game to satisfied. Are dissatisfied fox because they're giving. But I don't that's changing the fundamentals that money and it's happened before you wanna -- and we've seen Florida -- -- and I'm not talking much changing the rules of baseball my talking about. I'm not saying that a a walk should be only 22. Balls or anything like I'm keeping the game in the same -- the mound up and article about. I just want more often in the seems like the simplest way to add more offense into the games behind. They need more offense I don't know when I hear those numbers about a lot of people watching it no young people like -- -- you watch URG you want to team. That has plenty of offense on a regular basis and that leaves office and if you have more often -- -- an armored volume find some other ways to shorten the game which is very easy and we talked about this I mean you can. Eliminate how much time guys spend outside the box you can eliminate the number of times the catcher goes out to the mound you can and there's a million things you can do to actually cut down the time of the game and counter balance. Some of the offense that you would be infusing into it. -- look at I don't think it would be that drastic to try to make baseball faster. And and put him and with more offense at the same time you can make us -- -- -- Can make baseball faster without saying we need more offense that's a separate issue. You may baseball faster by doing -- doing what the umpire did yesterday. That that played true that got Jonny Gomes jacket I was totally on the umpire side yet Jonny Gomes and I'll ask for time taught how to get tough and he's one that he's upset. If there are a lot of guys who go to their routines after each pitch in on the welcome back in your notepad doesn't need to be. If you're -- does need to be adjusted your gloves don't need to be adjusted he just threw one pitch. -- -- You saw the staff as well see the stats that came out over the weekend there maybe his last week. The sitting on average baseball game there's seventeen minutes of action. In an average baseball game there's seventeen minutes of action now by contrast of I remember reading this correctly in the average an NFL game how much action you think Paris. 35 minutes twelve minutes. This very look there's there's more action and there's actually more action in in baseball than there is an average NFL game but the anticipation. Bone crunching nature and everything that's going on -- people just love football. What's funny is hockey and basketball actually have been nonstop action. Right right innovate in a basketball game -- 48 minutes of action every time the clock is running something is happening and in the NHL you get under US sixty minutes is a 100%. Action baseball's about seventeen minutes NFL's about twelve. It's not for everybody. And and you try to. You're trying to make. You try to make the game understandable. To those who don't understand it war war -- the -- But to a degree. And I don't coastal forests and changed this and make sure that it's it's eleven and nine or 97. Our publics -- just 65. I mean maybe don't need to go all the way to the screen to the extreme of Kenny I have a 652 -- our entertainment please I am OK and is not about meanwhile it's about the general population. And trying to keep the game strong trying to keep people watching gave the game is strong mentally it's -- hump and the game is entertaining the UK and you can try to draw people and it's still stick to what the game is I think when you start thinking -- how do we make this. We make this -- more accessible to. I'm -- 23 year old toward interest in baseball if you we want to make some really rash. Stupid decisions I'm Dan is in New Hampshire -- I thought he couldn't beat. More talk about polygraph talk about -- gonna want. I have more runs. But again you're -- good baseball they luckier I think to 503. With 1210 hit range. Did good pitching and defense you know exciting and put -- betting game not Lebanon's nine predicting a twelve block it pick it. Prince I mean icing on geologists that I just said exactly what you did the 6575. That type arranged. You're out you're a more score I could not -- more scoring in baseball I think they do I mean I think I think that we saw when when when the home runs were flying out of the park guys we're working in as much as they were people lost. These -- I -- baseball was incredibly -- a bit. Like apple orbiter had not heard of it would be kind of did you. And do it now all we need more run. I. I'm not saying that it wasn't illegal I know that what I'm trying to think of is a way to add backe in some of the same offense you've got from a legal drugs. Without using illegal drugs but you know people want to people loved baseball before -- generator as well. -- before before you had. Guys to assaulting. Home run record through records year after year to year. Properties on eighties and new carpet on the celebrities it was -- that what the ratings war. They demographics have changed the country is cheap cars the NFL has has completely changed the game in terms of what's acceptable video games that she is wearing more dirt so let's say an apology to -- are the NFL is the most popular league in this ruptured by such a huge mark up. Right everybody's playing catchup with the NFL trying to adapt some of the quick -- some of bone crushing hits just. Excitement factor that the NFL offers that they know others. They don't take hits. The PR hit some talking about when they have labor disputes we know at the the lockout they have a lock out. And TV ratings standpoint. Which of the NFL is better than any other league batter at packaging that better PR. So is not necessarily what people are drawn to this game. Know young people are drawn to this game that's part of it apart as it to a really good job of of summer and that followed. You're right all that Michael I agree with all apple what do you do now. Now that that ship a somewhat sailed on the NFL I don't like a little bit of fancy packaging. Is gonna turn baseball right back into where used to be is America's pastime maybe I think I got more on that predators gone maybe it's ever put your Bud Selig you can't afford to think that way. If your Bud Selig you can't afford to say. You know we're just gonna be a niche. You can't afford to think that and for us here in Boston it's one thing is able everybody likes the game the way it is -- in Boston. In Boston and new York and Saint Louis and a few towns were baseball's enormously popular but you go to other places it is not viewed the same way. The 61777979837. More calls here on this in the second -- -- Camellia. Yeah they're they're coming a lot of -- -- the -- and from what I know about that stuff hugging no lose badly but I believe there are over 50000. There was compilations. Did -- good. You can you can go into -- about -- anywhere. -- where you -- all all fall short order you get a tennis ability was stairway to atom molecule drug molecules what are they -- -- stroller toward. The best test -- they're the -- still live pictures. The only trip for 500. Mile to a combination of 50000 possible combination. You know you've got a good argument when John Roberts on your side. But seems to be much. My lot like these days sultan Ali here WEEI by the way it's the question jerking about twenty minutes already Michael. A couple of very good questions in areas of the questions thoughts -- tax them 379. -- 3737937. I text your question we -- coming up here. But in about twenty minutes Mikey Adams is already come and he's ready to go he's excited. Ariza try to for the question here is we just excitable and general argues that it's one of those guys he's excited to compete against the home run derby tonight is keeping you can win. Now out of the textures have mentioned. Why football is more popular hit a lot of people have said fantasy football I think -- a good point it is I don't get that one -- entirely on don't get Mike -- football I think there's -- -- -- are better than Tennessee football but maybe it's I well it's a second port cancers especially secrecy for -- And then the second. Most popular answer I would say is sixteen games vs -- 62 -- Iraq. So fantasy baseball may be better fantasy football but if you keep your fantasy baseball team -- 462 games that the job it is and it really is too much work as opposed to. Sixteen games. The NFL is the is the perfect league for everything Americans want and need right now -- it worked perfectly for your phone net. For a year for your Smartphone for your once a week of -- Affirmed for drinking and partying and getting together to watch a game together for HDTVs. In your great sound system and now with the red zone channel. And and gambling I mean it's got everything going -- -- caught short attention. And yet in a weekend as Sunday that's Sunday afternoon. In this the perfect one. -- Sunday afternoon at one Sunday at one perfect time and I don't think we live in the kind of society right now. Where people are OK with it. Shore along -- I mean everybody is so little short attention spans and always being on the clock for something of you tell a friend of yours. Could be three hours. People have to -- up but I think it's different than that whole lot because with the other thing we like to do his multitask in addition to our inability to two. I have these didn't have in the short attention spans we do also like to multitask part of multi -- football. You watch you sit down get a pay attention to three hours one of the great things about baseball is perfect for multitask. And it's it's since forever right sit on our porch barbecuing got game on in the background on the transistor radio. Saw -- if you have to denies summer -- at the baseball game on your eaten dinner hanging out -- this he even -- the picture -- picture kind of works that way. Baseball is good for multitasking but still need those moments to meet you want to pay attention. And and a little bit more offense would do that 617779. 79 -- 37 -- the violence -- for what that's pilots fly hey you know field a baseball proposals are good too. -- in the car. I'm Mike Eric I don't like Eddie. Just the point you know it's not good -- all of these guys mentioned just a what we Specter. And it's -- a way to market and picked it particularly get to net. 212 weeks after a chapel all week built up to it. And to talk about it any any little people like you know they know not to pick up as an epidemic can make predictions and at all about what really you know it. It -- market. The current week matchup built up and you can your team and they do against this team and -- opinion about all -- -- -- and asked about it. Yeah although Michael I'll ask you about this -- you've been doing sports -- what eight years you've been doing this on the station in years. You find it easier to talk about baseball and every day sport or football once a -- sport. -- At the good quote I -- doesn't doesn't baseball kind of lend itself because every day something new was happening there are so that all too. I think you have to. Here's the crazy part about. I think more people. What you think baseball what they're easier sport you know. Baseball I would think it's an easier sport -- know you mean like to really but no game to know. Everybody knows baseball right. Really everybody. You know you aren't a lot of people who know baseball. I'd written auto who I -- you claim 48 by -- know the game they played baseball can't. Starting with Little League. Little League ball noted basic unit remain the first or third out at thirty days -- kind of going like your team you know the rules of baseball look at Knoll. What makes that team and you know why -- team is struggling for the most part it's pretty indeed the numbers are right -- -- the numbers driven sport right. You know it David Ortiz is. It guy who's the got a good start report is a pretty good player. -- Football despite its popularity. Is it tougher sport to note -- baseball. Intricacies of football -- secret intricacies of baseball. -- of linemen. Out of the pulling guard you wanna tell me about the senator making them make the adjustments on the line. Now I know you're saying and and and clearly there's so much that goes on football that we try to understand that unless you've been in this film -- -- -- -- close strong safety vs -- that's like I'd like Doug -- and Yahoo! is like one -- I can't stand that stuff I never played any football on his life in every week it's about the fight -- -- got to -- all the -- -- -- what the hell you're -- drop shot linebacker -- just silent dot at all. It's it's still blocking and tackling catching and running and all that. All sports are like Mike I think look when you hear Jerry Remy was that last week number did you watch the game -- correctly predicted the strike out. Jackie Bradley junior was the comeback game in Seattle and he is like how they've gone away from home four times in a row with the changeup or whatever I could see an inside pitch you may be an inside two seamer you run right -- -- -- back over the plate. -- -- -- -- Exactly what happened two strikes like -- see the game like that deal. I mean I'm not watching the game in the your -- into a game like Jeremy no no I don't I don't coming close to that article the -- most any of us do. You watch any sport I think it's like panic I love watching hockey and never played in my life. I don't see the game the way -- prickly doesn't mean not even close and those guys haven't got it's hard to know any sport like that that scare them. That's dirty a -- hard apple realize the order but it would compare. I'm talking about people -- level of knowledge people were all in the same category didn't play the game Brett. But if you just say what are people more comfortable talking about with depth is baseball wears a football. I would think baseball's easier true I don't know I I think I think would be about the same but I don't know it's an interesting question -- is an -- for Roger. -- ordered. So I would important. To me based old port -- featured two very victories in slate. My analogy you'd be. All of like summer blockbuster movies in baseball public when he episode season you've been watching them. America I like. You know -- all the exciting in the game of baseball exciting part kind of zooming out and integrate them and the wild card race ala. Yeah I think that's a fair point and and in -- -- in -- who -- -- talking about football and says to me. How often how often do you discuss off with the climate you phony he missed my point. My point right that's exactly the Michael -- and -- and complicate it if I try to tell you. Hey this is this is what his assignment was this is what the left guard was supposed to do leak -- a little tripped up. That he put pressure on the center in the right guard the play blew up talking like that. Baseball. Really get into those -- account. Do you see by the way that we have more track and field stars going down for steroids just over the weekend Tyson Gay tested positive and a couple of the guys in there as well bond. Always taken tracks seriously anymore -- -- yes there are are they a lot of money. After lie nobody else's and I mean if you're telling me that you're a little suspicious of Chris Davison whether or not get a break 62 legitimately. Cannot tell me that you also by track and field Bryant. Like you're not buying the fact that you -- -- is a 100% clean RU there's no way. There's no way he's clean and don't even Tyson Gay -- -- fifth -- -- order I don't what I hear that. Are you behind Tiger Woods or anybody who's is clearly superior to anybody else can't tell me that guy with a perfect name Hussein bolt out. His name like John com source. Rocks in their. They got all -- like. I got I just wanted to chime in on this baseball thanks maybe they eat but I find myself agreeing with you think baseball does need to be a bit more exciting you know one of the older guys. I'm not -- popularized by any means I can't sit there and enjoy. You know game -- up. There's one run and a great pitching performance I do -- you mean I wanted to -- an action in the eagle and likely a public I don't want any problem with TDs being used I think that won the game more exciting. It's entertainment. I mean -- It's easy to say I have no problems with CDs being used until you really think about it because I've been tempted to go impact price edit myself. And people of reminded me know Mikey really do c'mon. Don't be ridiculous I mean it may not be the biggest issue to -- -- do you -- it it there is -- level of unfairness right there's a level of the fact that guys are. -- people who are sons and daughters of of a real humans are making. Decisions that are potentially disastrous to their body in order to to their health and order to make the game better. But that's why suggest lowering the mound I think it accomplishes some of the same things without needing. To have people make them. Let's injuries or -- your twenties during the McGwire Sosa home Rodgers was when he when he won yet. When did you follow baseball and -- are I was a little kid I mean eight years old certain element that you need to know I didn't exist of course -- I think we have to go back. To go back to. The home run explosion. Kind of goes against our development based on that's me personally I mean look I love baseball but there's no doubt there are people out and it's like it's a 100% what baseball needs to be more entertainment what is it in India got you have to also ask and try to get a consensus line. The people who weren't in the baseball. Lot of taxes during a baseball slow baseball's boring. Art you can help them out a little bit buying. The umpires aren't on that given time. And it doesn't matter there's no doubt didn't box. Box and swing and pitch the ball into it -- there's -- doubt but I don't qualify if you're if you're one of people's you know baseball's too slow just to work by. Do too much to help reduce the game time game by what -- I played about twelve minute what are get a person is that I like watching baseball on the late ninety's I don't like it as much now are -- Tell me why we I like watching I mean this is not speaking from -- and I let me speak for other people who that the people who have gone away from the game and last year's -- it looked like I loved watching the home runs. Now I don't like watching as much. No more home runs in house on you'd have to get a consensus on on like that that person maybe 20%. Percent of people left because. The home runs down often. And maybe you know and another 25% today on the game it's just too long for me almost could be too slow. I. They should they each have a pocket baseball I don't know what is I think baseball bat to figure out. What most people are saying what the majority of business it's always the majority in the program they will but but what can we admit that there is some sort of an issue I mean it the gay before the all star game which is supposed to be. A a celebration of all that is great about baseball. But you're not the only Sports Radio show around the country talking more about what -- change -- what are you OK with that game how much people love it now it's. That's not -- spot but that's existed for a long time ethic that existed during the start border during the Stewart -- -- it would change the rules of the all star game. To make it more interest in the -- Patrick in Manchester gamut. Are you guys but good. Real quick I think the reason and it goes I think is more popular better hurt or what -- it is an appellate -- expertise you know. But -- high definition TV. The replay. That yellow line that they put on the street now -- -- -- are now. I don't know what and a boat and you really feel like you're involved in it it it is bankrupt TV well but that a lot actually made the gold watch. You know the -- -- the -- summertime throughout. It's a good multitasking game when your home it you're right after I mean these are all differences between the game when I see attacks that says. People have short attention spans of the problem well they may be but those are people. Those are your fans and they may have shorter attention spans and they used to but if you're Bud Selig put into the barrier head in the sand and say now while they get your attention spans girl. Can a fourteen to prove that those that your customers are to serve people warm baseball fans are real sports that -- that made major. But their potential sports fans he got a chance dub it to get them as as part of your audience. Yeah find ways to do so -- more calls or 61777979837. We also anymore it's the question questions 37937. You can text them or use the hash tag ETQ on Twitter any question any subject. Points are coming up a few minutes alcoholic Iberia.

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