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Red Sox complete a successful first half: What's on the horizon for guys like Lester and Buchholz?

Jul 15, 2013|

We discuss the first half of the MLB season, especially how it relates to the Red Sox and their two most important pitchers in Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz.

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Good afternoon good he would view on a Monday morning heat wave once again Michael no baseball no basketball no hockey no football. No nothing. In this town until Friday. It is Monday morning now -- Monday afternoon to good afternoon. Easter Monday morning Heatley are kept coming out of sorts three -- -- water equipment but he got hydrates got me out of sorts for he life. What you love anyways yes. I do it's not gonna complain about. There's not that I have air condition if I didn't have air conditioning have probably complain bitterly get a fair. No I'd still complain about American nation and I complained bitterly Terry grant or not for ninety degrees and humid in the united fans were great when it's eighty degrees 758080. That he I have. It's not an accident and a couple things going restores. And racy and a going to places and have Macy's -- it is normally hang out here. Record copies all of them there for like holding at best buy it yet because there with a laptop. In your work in your novel or something to get over like Cumberland farms. Go to your local color font is exactly sit down if he can't sleep at these places like not. That's I think that's coming next by Arlen spoke -- soak -- sleep over places leap over its partners are offering like a sleep -- placed -- the all the players both -- spot you can go to those guys those guys to be copy but you know let you do -- drink -- to -- yes it's only when it's hot. Once it gets over 85 million agrees you have here and -- finally we have eighties the and you can sleep for 234 hours -- this guy is wanted to walk all day delivering mail. Again I would think you'd be better doing in this than in the freezing cold winter's sleep the whole deal right. Much much better I'll take the heat wave over that it. And we'll look like -- fun delivered mail. To Wear shorts. We got look what you know something that got some of those little many fans. And those fans really. That a unit that it's likely that spray water on you every now and then your mailman is taking it seriously. Do you see -- Male men and women across the city doing. A great time. -- Red Sox are gonna take four full days off Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday they don't play again until Friday some of the timing is not their fault -- little ironic right it's like. Finally all of the other things that we were paying such close attention to. All of the all all the Bruins news that we were so focused on the Celtics blown up their team everything with -- Aaron Hernandez and we do some interesting details came out today and AM and the USA today article. Outlook to give you -- bed but all of those things finally have cleared. And you would now wanna focus all of your attention on the Red Sox. And they're gonna take for his off. So maybe will be even more excited to see them on Friday maybe this would be like. Our little miniature version of how. Football basketball and hockey fans all reacted to their teams being walked out in recent history of ratings skyrocketed as soon as they came back. The miniature version you spent four days about the team that you sort of been taking for granted our. Is gonna say the Red Sox the ministry sees that very strange -- the beginning of the season. They were almost that well in spring training they were almost dismissed are going to be terrible. It's going to be average year out like patrons to the Red Sox. Then it became all the good start. But as Israel and it became that that doubt. And emerged with take your program -- I think people have believed that it's real for the Red Sox and it is not just -- that your excited about the -- are you see the rest of the American League east. And you see the flaws and obvious flaws including the rest our laws of all the teams. In contention in the division at the doctor right there with the rest of them. They may not may not be perfectly but neither is -- and -- On toward you workable more so they'll be all right. It is Red Sox we really take a lot of time. To get into the team and the gentleman's C. Where there are exceptional and where they need some where they need to now they have been as you said they have in the ultimate -- progress. -- they really have and now you're you're two weeks away from that moment right I mean these are the final two weeks. It was a Billy dean Wright has said that the data each baseball season is divided into three parts. You get the first third -- Where you see what you got the second third in which you make changes and then the final third in which you go ahead with the team that is gonna go to the playoffs if you're gonna get there. And they're about two weeks away from being done -- second third I mean they get two more weeks. To do their little tinker -- another player you need another outfielder probably not do you need another infielder may be do you need another starting pitcher depends on -- -- last -- -- -- tried another reliever may -- Say it may not be tinkering. And that's the issue with the Red Sox. At the beginning of the year with it was tinkering when when Jon Lester had one bad start or couple that starts is still tinkering. But if you look at Jon Lester since may for different reasons Jon Lester since may and Clay -- since may scary Lester since may. ERA well over 667. This may 27. Buckles since may eleven innings. So if you have those guys is what's beat topping your rotation. Either can't go out -- perform where they go out and perform badly. Maybe it's maybe it's heavy lifting. Maybe you need to go out and give you legitimate starting pitcher because. You don't trust Jon Lester to come back or -- -- -- just going to be. Struggling all season long with this injury that we're not sure what the -- And that's one of the things that jumped out to -- Gordon he'd had his his article today with a five promising signs than five red flags. For the Red Sox and it's funny I was thinking about some of the same things last night and just sand. As as much as we like where this team is going. Whether you consider a five and five road trip to be positive trip or negative trip. I think they did with the needed to do at least they didn't spit the bit while they are out west and take themselves out of enemy and they won two games they probably shouldn't. They lost two games they probably shouldn't have. -- battle balances out in a -- five and five. Okay all right let me hear you for West Coast trip as you were curtain exhausted limping into the all star break. At least you remain 500 while you were up sixty when he can write the sixty were even this is your even on a very difficult trip. But buckles it looks like is not gonna throw before the deadline or maybe once. Before the deadline to -- -- get a chance to evaluate him before deciding whether or not you need another starting pitcher. Lester we find out is gonna be given even more extra rest than any of the other starters and do they trust him. Get the sense right now the Red Sox trust Jon Lester come back to back question. At the same time -- starting to go on their run they went fourteen of sixteen games in those sixteen games -- -- runs they've given up. And sixteen yeah sixteen games in fourteen of sixteen so they've lost two of them how many runs -- campus given up. About 3133. Hear her very mustard gas and excellent -- 33 rounds during that time their starters are nine in two with a sub two ERA in July. And I think that's I think that's what they're filthy right now what you knew about what the trip. That's part of the evaluation at Tampa is playing -- there they -- six and four. Over -- ten games. And you look at the Red Sox 55505. And West Coast. Are 155 tip was going nine and one made four games. In in the week and a -- So again like and maybe it maybe it changes the way. You feel about what this trip was with the team going for like you mentioned that you may have taken. I hope. That you've taken Tampa's best punch. Best best chart you say that with confidence -- -- not much confidence out of another. -- -- great. The I think I hope now. What what what makes me have a little more confidence with is the way the -- at the -- campuses. They they pretty much own Tampa yet we're just surprised. And coming -- -- it's the difference in the season if they haven't -- Tampa Tampa had beaten them a few of the games where where the Red Sox have come out on top. Your second place right now you're looking up at the Tampa Bay Rays as the one thing that -- and everything else that's gone right this year that's probably among the most important as head to head. They've -- the Tampa Bay Rays around the gonna Plame three games -- when they come back people in this tough stretch you come back on you play the Yankees the rays and the Orioles ten games right there. And you get to do it all fairly local so what do you do what do you do against those three teams we come back from the all star break you've given all your pitchers a couple extra days of breast. I would say awfully important -- still gonna do without Clay Buchholz did you -- Curt Schilling today. The year -- showing on today would -- Yes Hardin asked about the two starting pitchers that were just talking about who we're going to be the conversation. Pieces and potentially the commit the building block right there the foundation of what is supposed to happen with these Red Sox. Asked about courage asked about that Clay Buchholz he said this. It is that for a first -- like Curt Schilling speechless unbelievable. Are a big bird but it's now been partnered between regular part of Hendrick does is news. Knowing. What an honor you. I would tell you -- -- every art from the current reporting -- No discomfort and pain somewhere. It sort of I don't know I didn't get it -- -- but he also wanted to know and understand. That fit -- with our discomfort part of the rest of them you'll like what happened. He's not quite call an amount he's not saying clay -- -- to go out there and pitch and he's leaving a little the little hanger and hanging Chad in there that says. I don't know exactly what's wrong -- if he can't pitch he can't pitch. But pitching with discomfort is part of the ball game you start a column he's beginning in the process yet this. The preface to call about the prologue is covered chapter one the -- on a lot of the book. Any brings up an interesting point because what he said before that was a blow on a much Lou we're going. Back and forth with Schilling over some of the issues where we'll buckle. Least gets tested on the shoulder with incomes of five to MRI here everything comes up fine. So they don't know what it is he says -- discomfort and that Curt Schilling says what you just heard him say. If you issue is just discomfort and in the in our eyes are not showing anything that's damaged or saying. That's a red flag but the issue is discomfort that you gonna have to live with that. And I think it's OK I. We always say it in this in this. This environment. -- Sports Radio environment the. The bar room environments. -- -- -- -- That's always almost always. Interpreted as fighting wars right and that's after negative all the guys fragile what you're trying to say hard cotton balls in -- And it. -- may be fragile and that's OK. If it's man it's the right way pager Martinez Martinez out these great we know was his -- let's -- Martinez the man in 2003. Was he demanding 2003003. -- ERA of 222 yeah he's pretty good okay. -- 200 innings 20386. Innings 2002 this is I had 20032002. Almost 200 innings. 120 gains don't like you should've won a Cy Young over Barry Zito was great. Not 200 innings we always talk about Pedro. Being baby that it Pedro. They would err on the side of caution and wicked way we need to skip him. A start or two we're gonna do it. And -- buckled it OK if you're that guy. Some some players can work -- thought into everything that they're supposed to do some guys are. Fragile right or -- injury up Pedro was brought into. He was like I mean more than anything else he was it was a small guy. So you always worried about it within the always wanted to give him as much expressed to you said as possible and it was almost always balanced off by the fact that you had one of the great innings -- on your team. Tim -- Right I mean it -- it was gonna have to miss a start. Wasn't so nice to always have this other guy and your team we could count on to take the heat formatting needed to Wakefield or even Derek Lowe or you want about Derek -- another guy who could just go out there -- yet inning after inning after inning after inning and eventually Paramount Schilling who is the tough guy personality will -- -- discomfort. You raise an absolutely great point Michael that to be fragile. Is not necessarily. To not want to pitch to guys really do find it difficult. But what chilling is suggesting there you -- there is something a little different -- -- that that's right. But it -- pressure pulled it it makes me wonder about something else because it were immediately. If we throw out the phone number right now. OK about it by a sports Radio One 0161777979837. Is Clay Buchholz scratch. What do you think the -- -- up like a 100% right we have six phone lines here five of them light up and say yes Clay Buchholz is frat pack rat EU. If -- If I. Had asked the exact same question about John -- Couple years ago right is John Lackey -- Wallace's John Lackey. Nobody would have known that he was being the ones nobody knew what needed John Lackey that's right he was pitching through arcane don't want to know what column know what -- they -- just say he was back right right. We durables in the spot -- can't win. Right if if you try to pitch through something that you really shouldn't be pitching through. Everybody Ritchie says you steak doesn't trust you for the rest of your time in the city job like John Lackey even when your pitching well -- I believe that when it's an entire year probably one of two years ago with three years I don't entirely trust it. When you do try to pitch through or when you don't try to pitch there's something. They just fragile back doesn't wanna Curt Schilling calls you out. Will probably get a call you out everybody's gonna -- in fact we asked John John Farrell specifically I asked them this question exactly. It is Clay Buchholz -- is Buchholz. No I mean there there are certain things that you know he deals what I mean. You know this is the question about -- -- Ellsbury is presently in a body types are different and you've got to respond to how they are. Handling of the workload based on their position in what should you know what strength in their game. It and to you know we don't take a position of putting a player in the best position to succeed him in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- around the shoulder and neck area. You know you just can't jeopardize anything in and play is the almost something that's been nagged him for a little bit of time now. And he's doing every -- maybe you missed one start came back in New -- -- all too well against the angels. Unfortunately. What an awkward throw on a line drive back to the Middle East felt some. Spasm in the neck again and so what we've got to respond accordingly. You know fans want. They just want to pitcher to go out there pitch right -- don't care whether it's 'cause he's fragile little Carolina. There's no it does there's no they're they're not willing to accept anything other than -- out their pitching and pitching well. I have no doubt I have no doubt that. Clay Buchholz as the ability to be -- top of the rotation starter course if you if you say -- what is. Easy. He's he's he's he's won two were you one of those now 45 there's no way he's got incredible bills -- almost take that three out of their tail. You know three departures are you have a lot of departures in and year -- -- was really. 01 day. But. What does that mean for the Red Sox and ship -- So they push him a little bit if if if everything is and you have to say the big yet. Because it's not about sports teams total I'd be like -- all the time. It's fine on an injury year and they note well that their guys are. Especially this sports team. What this sports team is famous for every single person starting off with. Stated day significantly weaker to -- put him on the DL arrogant move into the sixties and into the if they're telling pitchers. Nothing showing up on MRIs. It's just the discomfort and I'm not sure but they're going to be crosses. The push him a little -- the -- and -- aren't cooling. We've we've got some of the finest medical facilities medical institutions in the world -- got team doctors. We're very good who have been thorough be subjected to cross checked it everything's fine. You may feel a little discomfort but. -- -- -- -- It lets see what happens and it and -- -- -- of having to put you back on the DL because you simply can't pitcher wade through it fine we'll take that risk but it's a public reaction of see the guy out there. -- given -- a little extra rest and maybe this is all part of the management process just as you spoke -- with Pedro maybe you gotta go even farther. With somebody like Clay Buchholz than you did with -- or maybe do need to give them a month off in the middle of the season as long as you can survive it. In order to have him fresh for August September and hopefully. In October. But -- eventually I mean this isn't this isn't hockey or basketball where everybody makes the play -- You need to act and you can't just squeaky and that. Would they with a wildcard berth anymore because the media player one game playoff to move on that's not really the same thing as making the playoffs and yelling that you've got a five game series to do your thing. At some point you try to win this division. You can't baby the guy for two months at a time. -- -- he really has lost some level of value can do that up post season is all that matters thing in baseball just doesn't work that way. Yeah I can't an an is that baby and I guess it is for -- we just got it's got -- -- -- what this thing coming up early we can't tiptoe around it I think without buckled as well. Maybe it comes out of this he's pitching. You have -- pitch count nobody's really happy with that but you have them on hard pitch count. It is 95. Now -- 95 pitches. Or 100 -- no matter what the situation as that's it you reach that level in your out of the game. Then you can't call them annie's because you -- public enemy sector and things will get it done a world. We'll give you eight when you absolutely need eight and sometimes and they will get your complete game even if he's losing. OPEC and Pedro out use him as an applicant is pleased that the best example of an eighties. I've seen here. And in my time in Boston. Pedro. Won his won his favorite games he says the game against Kansas City where he gave up 45 runs early in the game. And before the game he was told that -- bullpen really needs help tonight and you need to give us a complete game or -- close to it. Any of those four vibrant but east and stop that there -- kept the team and game. Out of those moments. And things will do for is that mentality in addition to just the ability to call dominates Internet he's an excellent pitcher can culminates ninety -- not right now and and a league called Jon Lester -- -- either just because of the lack of consistency. Pulpit and -- 61777979. Victory so what do you do. If you're John spare a few of the Red Sox organization. How are you handling these two guys heading into the second half of the season are you put some pressure on Clay Buchholz to get out their pitch even if he's feeling some discomfort. We know they're going to give Jon Lester little extra rest. Are you what are you doing to try to figure what you have in Jon Lester. How do you handle because I know what I'm doing John last play of that coming up next sultan Ali here at W media. Everything that -- -- this policy. He came in not only strong but symptom free of any back issues that he dealt with before which were obviously as legitimate. But when you when you factor in you know. Starting every fifth day at Texas poll on the on the human body in the laser like we talked about here there are different body types are different. But I wanna say. Or different durability levels that that guy can go through and withstand the pounding the picture's gonna take. And you respond accordingly what what works well for Jon Lester doesn't necessarily work well for Clay Buchholz. Perfectly honest nothing to work right now for the one of them. All colts remains on the DL. Jon Lester has been fairly ineffective recently getting an extra day of rest -- -- eight days ever -- gets a few days. Extra rest during the all star break he's gonna get an extra one Red Sox. Moving him back until Sunday -- a Friday Saturday Sunday against the Yankees they're gonna go do Barack Lackey and then last -- he gets pushed back. Animal actually pitch on eight days of -- -- the other two will go on seven days a brass at treasury this morning so. What do you do. The other Red Sox front office and of people on the phones -- get to -- the sex 6177797937. And get another arm while. Is it just that yes and because you saw you saw something intriguing yesterday right you saw something intriguing -- -- Not about I don't buy you get that cannot count on that because that's the that's a kid -- is. It is the first start we've seen with them. He has a great. He has a great start against a very good team. But I'm not. I'm -- -- frighten the American League east all of these teams are right here when he got the -- the fourth place team in the division. Six and a half games out. I'm not I'm not counting on -- or anybody need an established. Arm the starter just in case. Jon Lester doesn't get it worked out just in case play buckles decides it -- is is not work of forming. So I'm not gonna -- McConnell work and ask you this. Regarding Lester I'm not afraid of the truth I don't wanna run from the truth here. But I just find it hard to believe. That his 6207. ERA since the twentieth of may is because of a lack of mental toughness I just kinda hard to believe personally people talk about. How little things bother. He doesn't get a call that he wants or. He can't locate so we get very frustrated in mentally loses focus. I just don't buy that guy that Gillard who has a track record of success that he has. Is that temperamental where he can be thrown off his game. For my all because if he is. You've got a much bigger -- are a threat to fry it and drove it -- leaders. Is he hiding an injury. Is it is it something bothering him now will not say -- -- as we said they're giving him an extra day off with its obligation to my team count me in the no I'm not doing great content I'm going on here and give my team which Mike. Even more than that he he he said specifically that's part of his view of what any -- -- a guy takes the ball every five days no matter what he goes out there and gives his team as many innings as he possibly can are are we. Are we ripping. Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester for opposite sides of the same coin it is really what I was trying to say earlier. It's no different from the Lackey -- in in circle Lester it's a Lackey spot from a couple of years ago. -- every ripping two guys for exactly beat beat -- -- said the opposite side of the same point one person is saying you know what I'm I'm gonna try it I'm not healthy enough I'm not gonna go out there and we rip them and say here was get out there and go pitch. But the other guy may be we don't know for sure we won't tell afterwards he he's charities not able to do what he's supposed to do. Which makes some sense is your right he shouldn't be that much of a mental midget. That did it he's completely thrown off his game for this long and in such an intense way these terrible maybe he really is hurt he's pitching through -- he's being even better by not even whispering. Anything about it but correcting them and saying -- this guy's not a federal Crocker before I'll tell you what I wouldn't exercise what separates the rest are from raises the rays know when integrated well I think you should -- I would I would be shopping -- lost. It's not to say that I would be trading Jon Lester yet. But I would definitely be interested in knowing what I could get back the beach to. I think the Red Sox beat you to what I I don't I don't think that was a bad rumor. In the offseason and the opportunity or are talking about getting Myers at the time was with Kansas City who. And trade Jon Lester firfer will Myers. I didn't happen they made the trade with Tampa and Tampa. They probably got more return from Tampa and they could from the red -- I guess I'm saying I would not just be shopping him for for prospect though for young player like that because you're in a different position by -- day you were then but that's an elite prospect. If he he becomes what he's projected to be a mean this guy was an occasion Tripoli last -- good job -- start off in Tripoli were Tampa. And got the -- and got to the majors. And is is regarded as a a legitimate middle of the order bat. That's not that's not an ordinary. I agree with the I don't I'm not sure that for the Red Sox need the need to have -- yapping reporter the Boston Red Sox and so. I continue to come back to the to the idea the you have last year last week rather. I thought that was a really intriguing. Jon Lester will middle Brooks for Cliff Lee the more I think about it the more from the Red Sox I make that deal now that's not a rumored deal. This is not something that we knows how to. We're not talking about a rumor that somebody's brother Michael suggested this as just a a trade idea what who would say no. Red Sox -- Phillies and told I called around talked to one executive offer neither of these two teams just for another team who said. Yeah I I think the Red Sox will be the ones the balk at that trade. If I'm -- I don't think they do the Red Sox -- attempts but he says he said the Red Sox love Mel Brooks love their prospects over value of their own prospects even at times. And and looked as a relationship between Lester and -- that that the it's always been comfortable. He Lester is Donald -- didn't SpinRite is tomorrow and that's why would they let -- he's a grown man. I would have slowly and that they are told that in the off season the Red Sox were saying that but Brooke -- -- untouchable yes un watchable match now. In 135 in the last ten games in Tripoli. -- -- shopping him and I would be shopping -- not just very young player but for somebody that could come in right away and pitch better than he can. I train on some of his use some of his. Some of the belief that that somebody might have that you can get more out of him long term and even if you have to take back a larger contract like cliff -- yeah. I would sure think about trying to do some like that 61777979837. -- grants an idea. Guys are you good. I only got so so like honored by the opera but so does opera that's where OK -- -- injured. One thing. What which -- -- -- -- jumped into Lester OK this guy is maddening. To watch okay that he injured. Albert has these periods of brilliance. Followed by ditched you know I didn't get a strike called boo boo me I take you are. Now I'm gonna walk the guy and four pitches that Tyler they -- of the Red Sox record and allowed it. What journalist why not it's the answer. Okay -- -- -- let's catch you on the head way to go Johnny boy oh -- -- the -- up. And. Joseph Joseph guideline. Guidelines but an accurate that Tyler and analyze our. Maybe not totally -- -- but -- -- compromise and this guy unruly trying to remove them just throw that will achieve this in mind. You know after that the support that call. -- -- There is no doubt that that some of his antics on the mound or frustrated affected got back I think that's what's interesting about this conversation about these two pitchers Lester and Buchholz are both incredibly frustrating. In their own way they're both we believe immensely talented especially in buckled case you know the stuff is there we've seen Jon Lester. Put on shows before we we've seen what kind of a young pitcher he was the way he rebounded from the cancer. I'm not gonna I don't wanna bring that into it in terms of growing up but. I do understand where the coach comes from a terms of the on field demeanor of Jon -- He is not -- that is not continue to mature with. Does that make sense senator at times -- it to a bit talked some about it you know his they Colin non presence. Of their their things that distract him now. You set up the fields that you wanna bring an end there. And and I can understand that because if I think we're talking about. Focus. Mental focus and all that stuff I think we're just talking about it in a sports context that I'm sure there are many guys. Who in the real world have gone through real thing he and -- are mentally tough and in sports. It should be easier based on the university they've gone through -- for sports should be easier sometimes it's not and they are not focused. In sport there's no doubt. That Jon Lester is he mentally strong individual we know what he's been through personally so -- not say that's who we is. In all walks of life but when he has a baseball on his hands in an umpire is squeezing him on a pitch I freaks. He he he secretly in Italy is that painful apps out at times any loses focus and you can't be number one pitcher you can't even really be -- number two on a team that you're open is gonna win the World Series. -- that kind of an -- doesn't work as well -- and Revere migrant. It yet but I can you elaborate suck on an outlook. For the lesser IP like he -- There either gotten his load shared that with the respect the -- at the end of the administration they're always on dirt he's with the EP as a couple of couple of days. In you go back a lot all. He'd been on the Mac -- a long time so you know debacle may come back and it is the first place for a cold. On the DL it yet but called back and look at them -- in -- rat. And that technical I have a question -- get. Where you -- only looking for them to give buckled -- when he comes back Eliezer but they are they have to Lester got there and I see Richmond county are what I and I get great agri view are much -- question. And and I -- -- about an -- with the Red Sox this year because I would not now I am in the my question really goes to how are you willing to go. -- -- -- this year. How far I am I willing to -- -- one year old third baseman that Tripoli right now no I'm not. Yet say that that are different so I think the category of players of which I would straight at it Eric I don't know -- here -- at value descending. Not -- our. Well -- way they eat and Napoli. All through the Major League at some of those guys that have. Even the even arbitration at a very cheap and proven -- and traits of that group. Or -- pitching particularly close. It until after seeing those are the kinds of players that usually hear about teams acquiring the deadline now on the net he the other Red Sox and you really wanna be only in the he may be enough right because he's a young player but he's been so important to what I've done this year -- young -- just in terms of cost right and just comes up a couple of years ago. The 600 lucky percentage eat pretty valuable and he's -- -- -- arbitration and I think in the second category are -- you're you're you want prospect. And may -- straight from the third base that they at three tier one perfect -- He returns and it brought you the trades in about -- -- Now would not eat you know wanna eat right and Little -- you get any behind him -- consider trading you know one of the two. Bring it up there they are. But I agree with you buy the -- one of these is is your documentary but you don't need to trades in -- -- -- you know a guy like that don't get dealt at the deadline -- -- is middle Brooks. Gonna bring you. By himself does he bring back the top of the rotation starter now I don't think so another wave hit this year and he does if he does yes. Yesterday right but you're not and that's why I think we had to add in an -- area they would have to adding Jon -- and again somebody's telling us that that them Red Sox still might not even make I don't -- I don't buy it now now OK maybe it was a case it and April. Or before may twenty news. But if you Red Sox today that aren't -- opportunity frequently. And they and they start and you had taken his salary start to query and enter to -- cable cost. What's what's gonna set me back okay we're gonna need. -- -- Music in America in their basement. Their it would -- there were okay. And the Arabic we have is pretty can't have a first baseman in the -- project the first baseman will do that later. Always find it up -- first base but DH type autumn on this team. And it is gonna cost you Jon Lester. A year they're banking on what you know from quickly. Vs what you think Jon Lester can regain. That after gamble and of course a lot of money that kind of money. You might get some money back -- deal with Philadelphia if you were to do some like that would bring up one powerless to that we are we haven't discussed that you. I think they I would hope they would my economy and it did for chance to have somebody. And that's what keeps coming back to for me. Not just having a player that you get at the deadline is gonna help you for two months and then -- later somebody's gonna be here for those -- moments plus another couple years we can continue to get some value out of not just two months. Of going for your product and have to -- -- Bogart's I don't think that happens early I think people become so much more reasonable knowing. That team's. Guarded their prospects especially their best prospects like their life these days the way the game's changed in baseball. No one's looking for Santa Barbara to -- and I'd -- to get them but they're not demanding him for the types of players that are available to trade deadline. Apple will little Brooks is that a possibility yeah I think it is and I would certainly be making them available there is one little thing with middle Brooks it's in the back of my mind that I wonder about toilet that is next lot more salt and all your call 6177797903. Says. And up and ultimately Brooks in the back in my -- that I wonder about it's I can't say it on the radio WTI. -- -- -- -- Ten years. -- Since Alex and you're not Dexter does a great text and that's -- -- Excerpt from looking at the press conference. Hasn't been subject to being introduced. Look like their own death row -- I'm really excited to be here is this team requires my expiring contract. And plans to maybe go after -- -- next year so yes I couldn't be happier to be here in Boston from Brooklyn. Thank you yeah that's the Celtics press conference going on right now Chris Humphries excited I Disney star that he's that very excited. Just some -- Chris Wallace's. Offensive. So. Did you ever try to be -- last year I signed this deal with the nets and I'm tweeting Jay-Z. RJ he's gone to -- -- an agent. And I'm here on this that surprised. -- didn't try to take him with him to his new agency surprise that -- -- -- and say hey you know I really want to help Kevin Durant maybe that'll be cool. Chris Humphries in order to really make this thing work it's weird. That that didn't happen we've been talking not talking baseball talking Lester -- and -- trying to figure out what you do if you're the Red Sox of these two guys heading into the rest of the season I think you have to get -- -- out there. May be pushing a little bit after listening to Curt Schilling say that at some time yet it's -- discomfort. Yeah I think I'd push him to do and I'd like to see him do before the trade deadline. And -- Lester making them at least available wanna know what I can get back I'd like to get backe then another veteran pitcher and if I have to throw something else in order to do it like will little Brooks. I think that's a really intriguing conversation plus got a good contract Lester got the one -- with the Red Sox I guess that would give them positive and -- want to look for big thing. We're gonna make a push. This year with the best people available in decades you would take I think you know you gotta -- a clear lead over last month that -- -- -- -- is not just this year that's what's great about Cliff Lee. He's given you a window of two or three years now well but that's my point. Maybe the Red Sox don't want that maybe they like the the flexibility. That Jon -- contract -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- just a jobless is pitching right now is like a fourth starter. Yeah it's something to think about having you just don't look at that just okay clip lake record -- plea is better than Jon Lester who aren't so go to the better pitcher right now on the Jon -- But. You have to look at that contract and it he reaches certain goals we agreed to certain milestones we have argument -- these milestones. Then you're talking about guaranteeing. You -- 27 million dollars. You know related Phillies are willing to throwing a little bit of money maybe the little five dollar five million dollar five dollars zero throw there are five billion dollars a year they -- offset some of it. In talking about Mel Brooks is being in the guide may be upset some of that talent difference. The one thing it did jump out to me and I I've been I guess critical of him along -- -- -- -- and don't like we heard from -- are seen a last week being incredibly blunt and talent you know Vienna he got to be professional what does he ever really accomplished. The one thing that does jump out to me is what was the injury he had this year in the outs in the in -- turn. Was the wrist in your pocket we forgot about it because it wasn't supposed to be major and just kind of went away we didn't think too much about it. But how many of those of we see I don't we talk to doctors is that wrist injuries -- not quite there used to be. You know what. Wrist injury scare me now say it all the time said it before say it again when hitters injure their -- it takes them a long time. To get back to who they really were -- Arnold and Nomar Garciaparra. Ever 100% completely recovered. From the wrist injury that he had in his current number how long it took no more to come back from that course and it took for ever to come back from there sneak in when they finally do come back. Because for the most part they're tough enough to play through it before they're really ready. They struggle if you have to be able to break your wrist and really quickly in order to hit a baseball a high level I wonder middle Brooks struggled. There really bother them bother them I believe it was a wrist -- -- may be confusing Omar's injuries he had a few when he played here but. I think it was a wrist injury that bothered him so much he wound up missing -- playoff came from and I missed a playoff game in nine. The in 99 I don't remember about 98 or -- and I want them -- against Cleveland. So -- accurate against Cleveland oh yeah and it beat him in 99 and went on to face the I don't remember that. I've -- -- doesn't that doesn't ring that is our development when I'm 11 it was so bad and I was a registered you guys remember much better -- do but it it was a it was an injury that Collison missed out you know -- like -- fills a Connecticut I feel. Where Laurie Garrett at. I would definitely do Lester in medical Brooks. Certainly no question about it. Western -- Inconsistent last year I -- the count there. Huge Hispanic and sit and what vocal. Their ability issues. Yeah I got to go actually excited and and then it is torn apart -- can give -- thirty plus starts eagle at the age. You know he's not getting moldy Apple's -- any scientist. You know caring not much like his his that me or out of their league suspend the model of consistency. Well and not -- well and get. Maroney -- -- an -- got sent and a minor in landlord he came out eat it certainly got Eric stringer and then phenomenal site that -- do that. That -- That's. It's brought let me ask you this bill and and I saw it's closely one of those guys. -- -- Only. Eighties. -- OK so he's that guy. Don't you hold on to those guys desperately wants to say that there's no way he has bounced around for a little bit. Understanding on his contract is coming up at the right times and he's able to make decisions that are best for him and get the most money but. You know he's -- -- with Cleveland and then use -- you know it's Philly Philadelphia and Seattle then detects Seattle -- access backed up. If you wanna I don't think those elite guys would bounce around that much do you think he's still does the DO I think he's one notch below that you have to I think you I -- a metal god I mean it. Who do you consider in that category me that's the Pedro Martinez's I mean he's not -- that that's similar and -- in the game right now in the game right now I think he's -- that next notch below right field lives -- venturaland honor heroes guys. There's more we can go on I think he's probably one a righty he's right in that next group he's the number one pitcher on some teams -- -- if you look at forum. -- number two to kind of share that. Number two role. Where Buchholz is your number one talent wise and he comes in issue number two babies more consistent eats up more innings and John Lackey turns out to be a great number three feet and keep doing what he's done so far this year. -- and I. Watch Cliff -- every start for four months when he was in CEO he was there for only four months but delta that the deadline the prospect Justin Smoak who didn't exactly work out every area about three -- I was awesome. He is on below and a three -- corner yeah it wasn't just that I mean it was every game with no run support taken taken shut outs into the seventh or eighth. It was working quickly never walking in when he strikeout to walk ratio was like that some of certain number and I think he went. 345. Starts without a walk he works quickly he's. Got that old dog mentality remember him in the playoffs in the World Series with the with the Phillies. Just kind of caught the ball his bare hand is just called my -- had snapped at a ball that was on the air he just. There is some that a little bit different about a but I will say this. The fans here would love closely. -- -- they -- -- I think -- would be an excellent bonding moment between Red Sox fans and Cliff Lee he's got so much of that Bulldog -- warrior type mentality that band hero we seem to to latch on to notice and appreciate. He do. And you Ira thinks -- you feel like you're going back in 1962 as well because those games to be fast Cliff Lee has taken the ball and he's doing his thing not putting anybody on base. You've got to be a nice clean possibly sub three hour baseball game. That the one thing about quickly though is a contract Texas and it wouldn't trade little Brooks were -- -- pitcher when not reading about Brett. This is this is day to the least expect this if this is it any body OK what if you give it quickly so you are you're inheriting that contract. And an -- as he gets older it each year goes up that contract becomes tougher tougher to move. 61777979837. -- your thoughts on the Red Sox loss Michael you're liable to read something this morning. About Aaron Hernandez loosely. That is that is really disturbing and sort of hard to read read that -- assault -- WE.

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