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Curt Schilling: Farrell is the manager of the year

Jul 15, 2013|

Curt Schilling joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the terrific first half the Red Sox have had, the job performance of John Farrell, and how Clay Buchholz has to learn how to pitch through pain.

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We go home after a tough trip. Needing four days so to recover from physical standpoint but overall very proud of the way this team has played the number of guys that we called a part of contributed. And our guys deserve a much needed couple days off here and looking forward to. When we start back up on Friday. John Ferrell -- -- trigger line today 97 games no brush fires for the manager and a great job 58 wins. At the break second half starts against the Yankees on Friday -- -- 937 WEEI talking a ton. A baseball today and what a good got to talk to part of the I ESPN's got two days the coverage here he got home run derby they got all star game. Coverage tomorrow Curt Schilling was on talk a lot of baseball yesterday joins us on the AT&T hotline will get to the Red Sox -- but I'm curious republic John rocker's comments. A few minutes ago where he came out and said. Baseball was better off baseball is better during the steroid -- agree with them. Like on a break from all couldn't help out and John Rocker would be great and didn't care. I don't think it would not -- the ball -- You know what I'm not so sure they're not on the front and I mean and had sent. That what he was a it was a different game and I don't know who works writing that. You know they have -- open -- The apparel wanna ask you about this this team here because they know it's been a couple years now we're talking about managers effect on a team and a 162 games in. Show lined a shot at the park and having a guy with ability and how we can perform under one guys -- another. If you are summed it up and input it as far as your opinion goes as far as the difference is you could have by playing for Bobby V in for John -- Well I tell you that are big -- program in particular days -- the man of the year the American League at the I think he's done here I am not surprised. But I'm I'm happy to see it. When you're surprised and I bet me and you know I didn't take a lot of lack of it started talking about who's there at the -- but I think one of the best -- repeat baseball people. I've ever know and tonight I think -- -- as a child in the game is over or at war and and I would tell you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably -- The best communicators I've ever been. And and that -- -- in the big leagues these guys it's about community -- -- about an open knowing when the bought. When he wrote about getting across -- players it's about putting your point our players in the best position -- -- -- that apology -- the -- deal perhaps it would have been mentally prepared. For the grind into the paint and playing in Boston which has a very different animal and anarchy as well as anybody. There -- -- better at doing that. Well I got to follow up that for those of us who have not EO and communicate with and can you give me example when he say he's a great communicate -- called the best communicators you've been around a baseball. -- what does that mean you have an example that. I'll tell you that you would think he'd be. Is obviously got by a lot of very tight ate all the mail strike. And done well commands the -- in the big boy -- McRoberts. Immediate sense of respect. But he goes out and try to to Garner more teams will also -- eight. And you know like that like he would break and I thought he won't have better at in my -- that -- I don't believe. You would later in the media are illegal -- and into it when you. -- -- He's going to sit here and irritant here or on -- and to walk out of there are no older congress and compete or the only people -- are that are about it. Great and -- other players in there and not necessarily -- by committee but it -- you know. In the two hole you know we usually normally your game. I think. It's been like that you're. Tool that means. Not a lot of managers -- or understand or important that he shall. Put me in network request what he -- of you sort of part and I know. And coach you are incredibly thoughtful -- in the day and especially playing in Boston. There's no. He knows this and then. And how -- that as it relates to media you know I think he understands all of the potential. And a triple -- can happen in -- it opened my big. It's an incredibly dog -- out. Q what are you more we hear abuse is not fixed this rotation in the first nine starts Jon Lester looked a lot more like you did that in the previous 45 years before last year. Lately though I think his last eleven now he's kind of gone back to some things we saw last year what what do you see is a big difference from Lester early on the year and right now. Why didn't anybody see the frustrate you -- she didn't ability. To adjust then and it's going to be great in the big leagues. Too -- to make adjustments you've -- Why our record and everybody goes everybody goes through on what we're relaxed here -- soap opera multiple parts. Because legal -- first -- -- bigger picture and I don't know. It got pretty Lampe and a lot because. On the -- I didn't know -- -- Cy Young guy to beat you -- -- into our program. It over -- court and -- to be able to beaten Kirk and I that you could -- the opener beat rhetorically. He doesn't have a dual sport or something but. He'd be redundant now. You hope you get into the struggled going about a 140 -- and I got back to market your number one. Yeah we say physically mechanically pissed me when I watch -- -- I think it's predictable when it. When he winning now when he has struggled toughening it just sort of implode tonight. I set point to the mental side of it like it looks like he gets in jams wants to be perfect realize it's not his day. And just can't execute pitches whether it's an umpire whether it's a ball finds all and it looked more mental to me as far as getting over the hump and limiting damage. You write about that against a page use it you know a good team when you're on the you'll see it in on an opponent when a pitcher out here. He doesn't have the ability to -- it probably is an insult per game which is what I agree that there -- -- that and when you're going to go when he kicked the ball out of all of nothing big -- Cuba psyched up about it -- the culture of the great bone credentialed to put your. And he has shown an ability to get -- to gain by the and about how weird everybody out there and everybody -- on our typical white. Aren't you could go a huge part of it in the big return the one that should help each and had a camera he should know. And should have no our -- he broke. Who can cover and we're going calls what does what he shouldn't be called cart but the Big Apple and are there any games continuing -- And not the part reported. You know and artwork. Any any -- that the crop rotation of eight will be good but I'm becoming fewer arbor between you know the -- treatment. Guy who was the race where I got her was clip buckle to so long ago now Kurds tunic like Tommy pitch but he had. A neck strain needed MRI and -- shoulder that was came back OK the discomfort I guess is coming easy decelerate or follows through. According to John Ferrell how concerned are all are you. -- about Clay Buchholz in the second half and how quickly can he come back from this injury get back to the guy was. We got hurt are a big -- but it's now been part of it we don't that are part of Hendrick is good news. Knowing. What an honor you. I would tell you that -- every art from -- are reporting primark. -- discomfort and pain somewhere. And soreness. I don't know at their peak at camp and but he also wanted to know and understand. That -- and what our discomfort part of the rest of them you'll like what happened. I don't know how critical children and you. And an important -- committed to it got to clear your blog -- your -- -- are allowed to eat. It could be you know it it was typical of October or September when you get there and one of course I'm out there it is -- apparently weren't apparent and you're kidding are in particular ball. Because of a popular pick up the -- and start. And how the police have patrolled the bottom of the rotation everybody picked -- -- if you look at right now I'll let you run in this league that -- and don't -- and don't want our own. -- -- -- We think about October -- big Bubba doubling. In it goes bought all them and what current what -- wow that's what I've been committed 83. Escalated around now. There's been good at intimidating the pick up. Yet what you've seen a lot of young pitchers come appeared Felix to -- when you look at him first couple years strikeout totals high. They don't get many hits off the kid you just can't get deep in the games in the run we've seen him lately is it just maturing third year type of thing realizing -- stuff is really that good. Welcome to spring training in shape physically mentally. Which he clearly didn't do it's a supporting present and how would you go go unconscious but that's about -- should only ever -- one time. What -- in the spring training you were ready -- -- -- -- And he should be in the paper there's like that just point. And and he should be worried -- -- or dark and a couple guys from Portugal but Romero start the who can -- They'll compete in the coaching -- a mental game pitching. And he should be getting better he should be understanding that commute thing and every one awful commander told fastball he's got a this -- -- why this has got to do broader recollect I look at Chris barker McCardell and open it up to market report articles and other team's number two debris. -- -- -- -- -- It a loaded field of 9290. Or how well he wouldn't good breaking ball and a great -- could be getting better every start. And that's what got throughout the pressuring pretty right now that -- what you're going to have an eighth and ninth inning and and at a hundred pitches at ninety. Kurt you're guy went back and forth little bit in terms both starting and pitching out of the bullpen Brandon -- we saw him yesterday and I. And have a curve ball and was able to get through a fastball location -- and I came we know it's on the board until eventually. Donaldson others got him a little bit but do you think he can be. Age Justin Masterson tight angle to this bullpen and BL one in the -- one and two thirds to winning guy and be effective out of the -- the second after the Steve. It's about it -- not watching him yesterday. I it's all about all that that. You know our pit -- what -- what. You remember the card. It was ninety ordered 97. And it was a bowling ball but he -- It took a look at the slider intercepts and that when you go predicts that. We execute and equipment that you end -- being a big -- you know I still can't stop. Achieved no. Matter how hard we all week it's all about all -- eager. But he pitched pretty novel -- predicted it would kind of cup -- creature but now that the purse here. In the end and you know it's great I'm always -- about marketers so all I wanna make sure my hard worker and -- Ryder -- and he comes up what circular -- -- -- -- -- that you pork -- great about himself. And I'm gone up dirt ball wrong and it was in the game and they are a good problem to what part bundled up eight I don't know what he needs that right now. -- but it certainly yesterday -- make it to look of intensity don't swing right now. Equally blunt despite our continued to be your first place when guys are the guys did you think the ball went. He gets out on -- you guys spent some time on it now last couple weeks the -- -- Hawks are -- he meets -- baseball. -- on Friday odd doesn't Choi off for spring days is its spring game is during the game on Friday night that gets rained out. He's their Saturdays Sundays out a way out of shape I guess to see play again for the Yankees we ever see him play for that team ever again. Could be wrong and I won't be stunned if he ever -- and nick uniform on again. I don't think there's been scenario now. There have been a problem -- it. I think he knows. -- -- I think he knows. -- you know that that. I -- to -- your -- what he knows I eat a lot of -- and sponsors and I think it's kind of sharp and comedians. Did you -- -- big undertaking -- we're known as she goes about and and I'm I'm from the majors this era went up RD started and probably wrong and I -- being here. -- it's all a -- and I would work arm in a premium on appeal at least terminate your. Kirk great stuff we appreciate and enjoy the all star break we'll talk too -- -- Curt Schilling ESPN catcher brick and Steve Downey joints here in the AT&T outline ATP. Forgy it's LTE was speeds it is up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible interesting you brought up Lester with them you've been talking mental he -- ever a physical standpoint but it's also. -- -- to mantle's doubled and everything. With a guy that really needs to find it now is the guy he was in the first nine starts. Here in the second half John like you'll be as good for so long at that point you need Jon Lester. Come back can be that pitcher again at 6177797937. ATP -- like 3793 several put our Schilling interview up. But all -- up later on today WEEI dot com. On demand will come back Ron and Stephen all your phone's not only united 37.

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