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Victor Cruz and Roddy White controversial tweets about George Zimmerman trial

Jul 15, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the tweets sent out by Cruz and White following the "Not Guilty" verdict read at George Zimmerman's trial.

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Well it has been a 48 hours of public apologies. In the National Football League month -- 937. WEEI. Started yesterday continued today. A couple of things that came up on Twitter and one that just came up. Via picture. Matt. I guess in the case of Twitter. Young people are just never gonna understand you know. You got this gonna have to do have an answer for when you -- sometimes he of people may not agree I'm we care about that but. You don't acknowledge that what you tweet out there. Might get a major reaction and a couple of big time receivers this weekend. In the NFL petered out and things and a couple of former Florida Gators. Or some hats and Aggies start with -- Roddy White the over the course of the weekend he got the results of the Zimmerman trial on George Zimmerman. Seventeen year old -- -- Martin and Sanford Florida. And it garnered national attention obviously and he was found not guilty. And immediately Roddy White took to Twitter. Expletives Zimmerman got away with murder today wow what kind of world that we live. All of them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves. For letting a grown man and get away with killing a kid. I'll later the four time probable acknowledge the negative reaction you reviewed received the tweet will no kidding. It's crazy up people on Twitter want me to get in trouble for a tweet that they are re tweeting because they want something to happen. And then finally Sunday morning -- -- Happens sometimes he would say something or do some video. I'm not great you wake up the next day in your regret. I understand my tweet last night was extreme. I never meant for the people to do that I was shocked and upset about the verdict I'm sorry so I guess what he says that he means he didn't. Really want the jurors that gold. Tonight and killed themselves after tweeting that the ships at the people retreating and that's -- these teams these organizations now all of a sudden have been Twitter seminars. Hopefully that put stuff together and say okay this is the simple -- That was 32 lead 2.5 million times all in -- represented you would represent this organization and you can't vote back now. So for him to be upset that people actually re tweeting it's -- something happens demeaning you put it out there you gotta be thinking about the minute you put it out there. Because delighted really mean it I was just joking and making a statement the juror should go home and kill themselves. We all have reaction of what we heard when the German verdict came out not guilty. Whether you agree with over the disagree with that you know option there. On the cape -- -- the lawyer friend of mine is gold over the whole process of written so you eat yeah you're probably shocked that he get off but -- he did. But the reaction like that the go on Twitter. Aegis you can't get it at some you know some down the street -- -- 450 followers and can say what he wants that number I gambled that like 451 as an domain on epic its. Is that is second -- retreated 2.5 million times in your office also negative phone calls that you play this guy now but in. Where these guys are. Gotta take responsibility you have to know. It's almost like a piece he's got to pretend he's in a press conference -- these athletes. Before they tweet something just pretend your product fifty cameras on the NFL network. And before you tweeted out there. Decide whether or not you wanna answer for that what is and a lot of cases more people are saying is -- That would seem interviewed after gamer interviewed on national TV did not recognize that there's some people quite frankly that are like addicted to Twitter. And they wanna get athletes in public people in trouble to what they tweet I want you to get in trouble so. Yeah I guess that's part of Roddy -- also up to Knology tweet something that extreme. It's gonna get a reaction. I he was not the only NFL wide receiver to have a reaction like this. Victor Cruz took to Twitter Saturday evening after four to judge acquitted government expresses feelings but Zimmermann will be murdered. Quote. Thoroughly confused. Zimmerman doesn't last a year before the hood catches up to. So this is a guy to campaign for president Barack Obama's reelection in 2012. Appeared in a PSA. Calling and gun violence after shootings last December in -- -- out thoroughly confused. Zimmerman does last year before the hood catches up to one. So Roddy wants to jurors to kill themselves Victor Cruz weeded out there -- can again. Factory work at the President. Obama get elected. On -- no gun violence policy. So I guess -- own up to this today joys -- kind of at the media Torre did not catch the slide we have. We have him on WFAN today explaining -- what he had to tweet about in regard to this man. Bubble one that is one -- in no -- it was a -- position yet as to where I was response letter to -- -- -- -- we're writing opportunities it's. It was my initial reaction to it they want to without. In -- rented house side you know do the wrong thing to do US CQ is that file you know kids. -- will roll out some of these kids in the phone lookup to mean so much it was just it was the right thing in the polls summer to type of guys. To incite violence on any war not comparable -- and passengers with his arms around -- day -- -- day -- -- -- -- the last thing I want to do besides that. On anyone -- anywhere that he wishes performs. So he tweets that out and they also went on to say I he deleted the tweet say apologize why deleted and I believe conversation not confrontation. Lead to change your progress and never have never advocated violence under any circumstances. Our two deep down -- -- thinking that that's okay or anything of that -- is okay. And you know -- -- -- from -- understandably come from being that. Just imagine if that was your son that was taken from US ATF agents. He -- or do you that that and had to go through this stuff is -- -- -- -- especially when your father didn't include data from that perspective. So on those tough but I understand that you know do it is that doesn't mean it looked up to what I -- I don't want anybody taken that -- on the wrong. Yeah -- says after some expletives. He was showing outrage and chose the wrong words obviously who cares. His point is valid just a bad choice of words of court it's that it's the best part about this country free speech. But you have to recognize again. It's not like a text message you send in three or four your buddies who how many followers does. Does Victor Cruz out on Twitter on up as many as the Roddy White does. It's a this a big time athlete in New York that has got an obscene new contract worth an estimated 43 million dollars. We tweet something like that the the -- gonna get them after a year or so. But that's gonna get some attention and and I really recognize it out now got to be careful you can't you know. -- -- do -- too much responsibility and W Warren you sign a fortnight just the way it is official at the eagle on Twitter. It's gonna be re -- it's going to be all over the place just like let's just say for the -- broad. In your last weekend in your at a club -- got to celebrate birthdays is coming up here soon played with one Aaron Hernandez. You while you're at the University of Florida. You can't come out and tweet pictures of yourself. With homemade hats that -- free and ended. -- -- Probably not. A hole made hats like. It looks like they made a bunch of these are some -- -- hold a -- hole made it metallic embroidery at some local around rhetoric job seniors is sporting. Just when I think you couldn't possibly be any over. And the principal and the hands and bring him to rightly tick these out free Hernandez. And eligible in all but. To cut guys guys I mean you followed it -- as closely as we are appeared but. Connecticut guys hopefully throughout the free -- hats on Twitter don't let me let the case start. Before you get your big league he would Wear free Hernandez that's all public and for. And forget you tweeted it out I guess that's acknowledging them to you -- in public. Annual proud of wearing these. The -- alleged. Murderer Aaron Hernandez alleged shooter -- voted Lloyd. Right. It's at some point you've got to cut ties you know let it if if and when Mike Sox ever you know let's charge -- murder right -- -- free saw locator on the radio station. -- like the kid at all but you move all of and these guys to we're free Hernandez stats show -- and a complete and utter lack of judgment. Roy and they just it just dumb we we probably Dennett last week would -- and it was so dawn. The put himself in a position where it even be having breathalyzer test. Three months four months after he got a pretty lenient sentence there -- Nebraska this is just stupidity. Yes she's your friend yes you play with them he's accused of murder there is a dead. Odom Lloyd. A dead man. -- families grieving. If you dope -- walking around money on a cut off you go on a regular -- at a birthday apart with free Hernandez she chats. Grow -- So it's bolt Brothers this Markey said it's like. Mark keys. Hold on now I gotta make sure -- get this right. It was is that marquee sponsor came out it is so -- three tweeted up a following. I fully recognize the seriousness of the situation. Involving my former teammate and I regret. The my actions appear to make light of a serious situation. I apologize to anyone who has -- about my actions. Apology sucks. Thought that I regret that my actions appear to make light of a serious situation no they don't appear they do. You're advocating a free somebody -- -- -- -- two weeks ago was accused and is she is being charged with murder this is cool we get these -- and in all at the -- and support -- We -- these out at a club that apology sucks. Well should we don't knowledge this this apology sucked moderated again. I fully recognize the seriousness of the situation. Involving my former teammate I regret that my actions appear to make light of that series situation. I apologize to anyone was offended by my actions I don't know the Lloyd family. One. The worst apology of all time. A source told espn.com John Clayton. On the Steelers had planned to talk to bouncy about the photo it's unknown whether discussion and taken place before. -- posts an apology my guess it did. -- Mike county as -- to -- similar apology a source close the senate Toby is Ken -- come on Sunday the dolphins were also expected discussed the photos with the oh crap. Hey guys where your NFL team we pay your paychecks. You're advocating to free someone accused of murder. Let's let the story die down before you know. Two weeks of coverage here. I'll circle back and -- -- actions way more followers the white delegate not surprise from New York went to UMass Durham 3336000. Cruise. Modern 62000 Roddy is with humans but. Any -- -- -- the 617779793. Sevens the phone over Frank's job around MacArthur and hi frank. I don't know what's up but. So I just wanna comment on this whole notion that you know Roddy White -- crews reached the conclusion that an injustice was nine. The trip to the -- -- that we could jury in you have jury instructions. Instruction indicate that jury find the following that you must rule as well. It's not like it to appreciates or a whimsical decision on the part of the jury. They're very very specific instructions. There instructions that were added not just by the defense but by the prosecution. Where a very logical and recent decision on the basis those jurors jury instruction. The one clown like Victor Cruz and Roddy White piece or he's a because they are ignorant. To have it any attention to goes on and while. Frank I I don't agree with them voice their opinions on Twitter -- when you say thank. We talk about the outcome the outraged that there are saying it was ignorant comment coming. It's a court of public opinion correct it was an outrage and OJ go left off that you feel it that the same way. Eagle -- -- H two BOJ trial it completely different that circumstance that we were dealing with. And with the pop -- out while more probable. If that's for OJ -- -- what I it's. An opportunity to the pro prosecution propellant that. There that distinction between the UK. He simply was questionable in the Zimmermann case. In the case of OJ you know we get worked reporters input on this great dog impartial that last forever. -- bars and what is part of the job of the jury. Aid they let him off was that an injustice to mean lawyers obviously did and did their job like you said it's a process and the jury after a lot of thought. Found not guilty. Right. You know I question whether or not they're gonna be a reply -- -- and guilty in -- kind of the civil prosecution. It could be the evident that we prepare there's been no evidence to justify it. The defense and the game -- ground -- that extradition law. In the case -- OJ you know he was found civilly responsible and at that judgment hanging over at. I don't think you can opine that in the George commitment to. But at the point I'm trying to make it that you're you're gonna make these wild reader comments like. Like -- white did and like we recruit it's open affects their ability to get. Endorsement deals. That the truth of the matter is -- you're not really paying attention to what mature or these jurors had to -- true and what they were to respond to return to their jury instruction. Frank appreciate the call -- like I. But this obviously bright light in Victor Cruz were not following in detail the Zimmermann case I mean you know they didn't. -- know the questions of whether or self defense you know the the evidence apparently -- that showed the -- it was a problem is what injuries in the back of Zimmerman -- With the witness said -- -- -- at least it's not -- a -- -- is up bomb was let the -- You think Roddy White Victor Cruz got to follow this thing you say detailed production would you say eight this is someone I didn't pay. And other nuts and bolts this Lotta gray area in the case say details I think a lot of re airing those -- -- the case no I don't absolutely not I don't saw the verdict. Did he get off. That -- wicked witch is dead he got off and they voice their operation about it. Sony's talking about the -- that a lawyer talk about the process of archery and now you know this is what they did and everything else. Listen. People -- of the opinion the court of public opinion. And justice OJ got off that corner some people that just does -- ago -- -- -- and a when you read tweets like this and I guess Hernandez is not technically we've got a picture of the freer and as things right yes so that's a tweet to. When you -- like that if you were 88 team executive. Is there anything you can do is there anything you could do. You forget legally from a contract standpoint Michael windy city's three tweets would it concern you enough to wanna do something against because part of me says. Boy if I'm if I'm handling the brand for my team. And guys and I'm paying am contracted to go play for my team. Are tweeting up -- themselves and free Hernandez jerseys the kind of hurts my brand right from the dolphins on the Steelers today. You know people are gonna watch my games people are gonna keep and season tickets and watching on DirecTV all other stuff. It's bad PR. I just don't know what if anything could do what would you be would meet with -- -- within your right. To tell player he can't -- You just feel like you can not physically. Tweet when your member of our team as your so concerned about whatever public backlash. When you falcons dolphins Steelers. Giants in this case you don't wanna deal with it. Liquid would you go that far or is that just part of because they're gonna use the Twitter account without it could be down that road at some point. If it continues could be amusement and knowing -- millions -- dollars billion dollar businesses. You know if if you obviously wanna educate them you obviously one of the seminars -- -- to be part of rookie development of regular in season type thing constantly. And if your organization has taken a hit in beat down by. Tell -- employees. I I don't know for violates an -- laws as far as what you can and can't do in a lot of them for the most part again we're talking about small percentage is right. The percentage of people the gulping in trouble -- lot of use at the right way -- interact with their fan base to promote different things fundraisers whatever it might be. So the majority of people -- in 99%. Of athletes probably use it right way. Just that one -- 2% -- there and say something that reflects that organization eighteen yourself the at the keep and I. But if it was my business in it would make shirts -- its. We're sitting down it would discuss Syria must what are out -- -- Twitter editor for my players like you when you when you want a tweet. It goes -- somebody first like you we Dino jokes but -- you wish there was almost like a lock on your phone sometimes. Right texting or tweeting. And whatever team could have some sort of better place where yeah you're gonna see it gave up my tweet the -- gonna run up by somebody first. Yeah but again it's not just athletes in the world of Twitter and itself it's a whole different conversation for. For example. Somebody sent this to me on FaceBook this weekend you others say. There is a prison current -- Twitter account. -- guy says they are clock trying to tweet from prison for my fans. I got nothing else to do hash tag -- hash tag -- hash tag Latin kings. And the avatars Aaron Hernandez it's supposed to -- prison. Aaron Hernandez. And it has almost 2000. To open up left and right value all right. Open any Twitter count. Do whatever you want. 61777979837. The phone number eight TT tech slide 3793 civil talked -- -- -- -- your phone calls on this and speaking of apologies. Hundred times will KT VU. Have to apologize for what happened this weekend. On their heroics property moment and how many times that I watch that this weekend and laughed my ass off on that for next.

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