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Dustin Pedroia's under the radar performance

Jul 15, 2013|

Mut and Merloni talk about the outstanding play of Dustin Pedroia's play this year and if he should be considered an MVP candidate.

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It definitely taken the pressure off you know me David. Doing some of the other things they -- -- -- haven't we can just concentrate on playing the game indoor carpet on the hill because we know it's a step in that. That clubhouse. Or well worn out to dinner or whatever it is in matches together in there. Same personality their rosters just -- each car they've -- Jhonny Gonzalez error anybody like him. Mike Napoli it's been a great fit the tornadoes that are unbelievable. To solve a guy who brought here and it's it's. It's right right when they walk in the -- expert -- it was ridiculous the most it's so much it was altogether that yeah. And it looked at her black. Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia with us last week but Lou -- 37 WEE -- to remind him in the second half of the year. Everytime he's joined our show he's -- -- home run that night every single time a 1000%. The get among some point the second half of the year. I'm glad you played Dustin Pedroia because I I recognize that and rightfully so that the the first pass in the American League that Chris Davis and and Miguel Cabrera put up. Deserve MP MVP consideration their rightfully won one day you know one to every one ranked and there in the conversation but it. I do think it's overshadowing the year Dustin Pedroia is -- you in terms of playing second base for the Boston Red Sox and it's easy just to look at his. You know batting is baseball card numbers and say a seven a pretty damn good year you talk about 3166. Home runs driven 56 ones. He's walked more than he struck out he's stolen thirteen bases. Those sort of tell half the story to me. You know -- 96 games played this year means you missed exactly one. Tied for the most in the American League. He raced quarter and 78 assists second base with one error so far -- 998. Fielding percentage. Here's some more for and you don't love the war stat -- seventh in the American League an eagle just positional player he's top five. He's fourth when it comes to defense of what's a good his defense has been this year. Baseball card numbers at the batting average fifth and on base percentage. Ninth and runs tied for third in hits it then doubles. Third in walks. Second in terms. Of times on base second in the American League. In terms at times on base. For second baseman I don't is that the typical power numbers the -- a lot of pub. What this guy is -- and normal year would be MVP. Talk at the half would be MVP talk. In terms of how we help her in this team around. But because the Davis and Cabrera -- I don't feel like he's getting enough credit for how good of an all around player he's been this year from beginning to -- nine -- six games. The impact he's -- the Red Sox -- overstating. What it madrassa for the first step. Well it depends -- going with it I mean the if if you think he's gonna. You know getting overshadowed. Probably meaning seven an unbelievable years -- before -- may be one of his best years all around. Anyone an MVP you know back and away. But the numbers the other numbers MVP now. Now those numbers art but you wash can play every single -- defense we get ridiculous I mean every single every game now -- past week he's made a game changing play in the field coming. He's playing at a different level defensively and offensively is outstanding but it was a big difference between being an MVP consideration talks and actually having a shot at winning it. Which she doesn't you know boy doesn't take away from the every savaged to Cabrera Chris Davis heard that since -- went through just like Cabrera and Mike -- last year it was absolute no brainer with whatever to 657 games left. All we said at the numbers -- MVP just that the home run numbers you look at the home runs and just say because of that low number. He just can't be an MVP candidate I settlements this year specifically I understand why he's not. I understand from -- peace -- -- why go Davis 33 home on what Cabrera is doing and say get those numbers don't stack up but it normal year if you project them out. If he's gonna have over two -- hits three top five and doubles walks. You know batting average on base percentage we'll get 96 games top five in a lot of things different that -- -- -- -- two across the board. You know I mean there's one guy right now on Kabila look at Cabrera -- Davis obvious he's put up crazy home run number but Cabrera still be Miguel Cabrera. Right right hander remember I don't remember just like about him don't remember third and remember first or second Cabrera Davis which one is that. It's like last year Cabrera -- so being considerations as if that is before being consideration obviously -- great player in every great year which is what he's having. But an MVP of the leak. People might debate was MVP this team right now. Which is a good one you know whether to your David Ortiz. And Ortiz impact Ortiz is seven or it just -- all brawl game. That that would probably go to the base running the fielding that type of person who believes that the the people that voted for trouble Cabrera would vote for Pedroia all Ortiz. The way you look at it but it being consideration but did not MVP numbers percent yeah I. I understand I don't know at. I'm trying to figure out exactly where he fits in the Lansky Phillies vastly underrated this year for star player. Was -- the all star game I think Pedroia is first half is vastly underrated. And is not getting enough credit. Maybe because the numbers Davison as Brooklyn at that that's -- -- feel. About Pedroia had a key is having an unbelievable. All around year and look the number of Nike come back to. Is the 270 assists one error. 998. Fielding percentage this -- watch him play every day but the second base that he's playing is as good as any point during his career. We talked about defense players at second base -- the real baseball seem mental point out good Pedroia is but do we. There recognize the race for the terms of defense of war all the plays that he makes their public the 96 games they say on this team specifically. It was the MVP. -- for a while I thought I had to be David Ortiz and you look at the game is played eagle Pedroia played 96 of 97. He was out there every day for -- doesn't have a natural. You know number three hitter right -- -- really don't. They plug committed the number three position he's probably best served at number two. Any still it over 300 with final once he's driven almost sixty runs by the break. The leadership he's offered this team I think Pete Abraham. His story in the global on Sunday -- always it was it was are positive and this time a year -- positive. And that tells part of the story but the guy shows up early this teammates respect the hell lot of room for. And he's actually had an impact with his teammates because of the way he goes about his play. -- that accounts for something for me. So I think the reason I bring up is because I understand tight is going to be about Chris Davis and a home run there back back back back back goal one. For Berman and tomorrow's about Cabrera numbers he put up -- -- match in the second half. I think Pedroia deserves a lot more credit he's getting around baseball for the first Japanese had given how badly last year went. The comeback this year and put the numbers he's put up. Again -- give credit for chemistry edition numbers he gets some canister credit to diesel lead in my opinion he is the de facto leader of the threats. -- the first FM VP baseball. -- -- Think this long Cabrera Cabrera and Cabrera Davis Pretoria in that order. Those different well it's those stories it's it's I mean think in the long and hard and you know that he. You know it's not a -- -- so these third. Human final restart it could be Robbie should be. You know I don't know if they have at their to do it now people show up the first tepid BP's first at. Cy -- and everything else but the first shipment BP we notice it's two guys. -- We talk all we want and with -- Chris Davis goes in May -- with those guys are doing. I don't know man at 37 moments at the all star break -- there is in I don't know no chance of there there should be no chance that anybody current -- baseball should be chasing. What bonds did what McGwire did what Sosa did. This shouldn't happen. Their -- -- saying that that it should not be in today's game. That's all. Or at the port or to -- -- to -- enjoyed he's gonna face you know that that'd been the interviews all year long. -- -- Cabrera has caught up there yet you know and who knows we just sort of sit back and watch. But should anybody be chasing 6070 home runs right now. In this day and age. Give -- what happened last couple years -- -- I mean -- you're saying the world thinking most normal people court not Orioles fans. Are thinking you know what Davis is doing specifically. Seems awfully suspicious and look if it Balco what happened if the story Daryl -- hadn't happened if buyout Genesis hadn't happened. Maybe you wouldn't feel as. -- dirty is I I feel look at it Chris davis' numbers and watching ESP NN. -- home runs like it's done the home run chase in 9899 all over again another break in and Avis it's another one Davis it's another one. I feel dirty when they do that I can't imagine at this point in time a Major League Baseball he's doing a clean. That just how I think -- the way you say it is. Away a lot of people say it will -- -- matchup the second half he's got a he'll take questions today save face the questions today's like the one day or every guy has to speak to the media party all star availability -- Chris Davis. I glances from national questions today without you being in New York. They're responsible questions are -- a policy and we get back to your phone calls. You say that -- a mental. Eight is still a long long time since I called them and it'd probably -- I'm so glad that our current. I just gotta say. Even in my wildest dream performed the -- To report I had no. No perception that the human going to be in first place at this point this season. So I am happier relieved that a -- you know stuff. That they are and I can't believe Eric what my bigger foreigners. -- budget. -- Article victory not an apple and and -- -- are answered in Portuguese and Cowell. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The cigarette reporters say it would -- -- -- well last year and that her. Recently and to you know. Well I'll certainly -- -- there are always local. How these three players and their brother on you know there are herald that the and one of them vote cent per year. -- -- -- And for the rest of the team all really collapsed airline. Ticket -- -- all the program. And all that data that are -- a third base and rock or really -- not hear what you are over there they were. Second regular and it's really calm down -- be what are. And away when they're saying the Red Sox program at home all -- and now -- Dirt the dirt dogs and that's why we love. And that's what they were last year and it just if you're just really kind of goes to. Pedroia burst or eat and those three guys who aren't and grind and aren't. And it's brokered the -- -- so -- on watched. Yeah I think you know -- it looked at things David and PDF think wanting to let me lackeys they're there at number three. But the consistency that he has given you that's. That'd be my top three. He you know three in the -- minutes of pre season all star break sort of things and biggest surprise and it was you know Iglesias -- of a -- be like 123 -- agree with that. You know bringing guys back. To what we thought they could be maybe in -- brink depends on what you thought it could be -- -- 32 good luck. But he thought he was 2009 guy at 30355. Or sixty on base steal a lot of bags so wells -- come back. But 123 in order you won a one -- whatever you want Pedroia Ortiz doesn't matter. John Lackey number two solidified that step from day one. You know number two Lester was great for awhile buckle was great got hurt John Lackey W my top three. Number two or three. Is that what you said go 11 -- in order -- wanna -- Pedroia Ortiz they're making Lackey which number. Again. What Google either so I -- I think it's Pedroia. What Pedroia has done play 96 game to do what he's done on on. Unbelievable. Goal make that impact you know -- is a huge impact on a pitching staff. I'll come back Scott Connecticut want to jump in a Pedroia MVP Stephen -- and all your phone 617. 77979837. -- the show right now at the eighteenth detects wind. 379. 37 Mott and loose Sports Radio WE ER the last follow up on the Pedroia conversation we're having is. We talked about this last week. I dove and a first base and poorly towards you CO right. And missed one game in the first half he played 96 games in the first half of the year with a torn up UCL. Manna that that accounts for so open to never went on the disabled list with that played through the thing we get my current world we don't go and BP's. Because. Of the toughness either. Well for this team it's part of that they need somebody like that we we get them back to my understanding that there were back in -- your love for Pedroia and it should be. The guys -- tremendous players having a tremendous year questioned it may be his best year -- career. You know and and that's that's -- it is. But when it comes to MVP you know okay. Maybe doesn't winning a -- all day long senior team. Here's a way they'll begin UC about each and every day is the MVP -- -- the uniting nationally not get enough credit because what Davis and Cabrera the video game home run numbers they're putting up is overshadow the all around. Really really great year Pedroia said. I Scots in Connecticut talking about the jury today Scott. He. Am I totally. You know. It will enjoy -- a mile -- here but you know I'm. Should know and it's a totally -- the district have been bought and bought -- everybody go to I think. The battle climate and Cabrera didn't overshadow what right does all the intangible it'll it'll play out the ball park. I want to you know I really tricked out and check out this is my gut feeling. I'd feel that it is gonna follow him on my god thank Indy champ a pact compact. Triple Crown. Which would be ludicrous and and there and it happened to me because on the -- camaraderie like you're. Up my other antics. In the guerrilla theater and as much I love Pedroia and -- start a mob I'd start treatment everyday of the week. Economical Cabrera is doing really audible Lopez got. I don't know much about personal but. -- is this is trying to let. I think did that and -- in the -- in the -- battle I think a legitimate chance compact back. Triple Crown should be. I don't know what you guys but it it did any of that happened slightly Peter ROK so it is to -- -- baseball. What happened and how can get him -- too much I -- -- PD is that nuclear -- and popular -- These aren't all that -- is the grinder like Eddie played injured he plays. I don't tolerate being in their leader is good enough that it's either get -- are like it is remaining gave up and let. I think familiar you're right it is incumbent companies -- -- people don't like that. That the power numbers and Cabrera in our area -- accurate at the hit a great hitter you. Much like -- -- that -- He goes the -- the -- actually look at it'll. Peninsula country is in the white dug it. So. You know electric drill much like it. Detroit -- it -- I think a lot of Cabrera and Alberto would go to going to be off. The live without mention it to look like -- as good -- -- your short tour I think you're plant respect all the I like Pedroia. He's gonna come a little more power numbers a little birdie and a lot of guys out Allah sort. -- sub par at the -- and as we that there are other -- -- but that's my opinion. As Scott appreciate the phone call. I think a lot of and again you know he's the guy won MVP balloting should be in that discussion won in 2008. But has some due to what the guys seven years around. -- more -- -- Goodyear Youkilis and agree year Carlos Clinton had eight absolute monster year -- -- -- the September. So those numbers didn't translate -- sort of stopped at 36 and a hundred. Basically you know 130 games Sony. He missed some time there when he got hurt kind of opened the door. Morneau would -- years you can a good year but nothing like what you're seeing right now. Nothing welcome you seen enough and Cabrera and he. Cabrera is distance and distance himself in so many of these categories from the second. Place personally -- just is his batting average for example is -- forty points higher than Trout. His on base is over fifty points higher than Jarome our. Be Doug Davis has been slugging and some of the power categories of 37 home runs. Yeah -- it's may be I am lumping. Maybe I'm just so questioning davis' numbers and -- enforcement lumping Cabrera and that's a -- problem. I go back and look because his numbers their their video game times hundred. You know what he has done this year to win to even be in the conversation for Triple Crown back to back when when you said. At this point. -- -- -- player should not be challenging home run records in the stage of baseball. Says sending about a guy being a Triple Crown back to. -- They just -- backing it watching enjoy your funk music great hitter you know and enjoy watching him playing jury what you workers Davis is doing. You know -- again -- home runs the power 37. Sorry meant to say it shouldn't happen right now it is shouldn't happen. They got I don't wanna hear you humble almost don't run the break you know -- shy of barrier just yet I would McGwire or you know we're gonna chase -- and sixties. You know of the forty home runs 4040 Foreman should be were. Our god Tom and -- on the Red Sox Tom we'll get you what's going on. Doing -- not. On the real quick I. Yes -- a little called preacher and teacher and he couldn't. I'm on the land and -- and I can't -- it. It looked as well a lot over the ladder into which you should do well there you go. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The quickest again okay. Think you know it wrong that -- it -- -- actually district or is rivaling police he asks what is -- means. Well yeah BP but but he. Keep order to play -- little thing in a lot and of course but I don't think it's gonna get beat epic deal. Aren't the other thing is -- Illegal okay -- -- -- to the occasion all the -- can't -- Look good at that and Hewlett let me do all the guys are currently no need a cup. -- -- -- -- -- And wars Lackey at its beginning in that -- up before beginning to see -- in the it's a different kind policy must wait. And and and since then and then out and allowed. Only. In my opinion. And I think Lackey black people wanted to play and let it could be keep fit and. Well you certainly get a we've talked about somebody asked last week you know they would start Lackey over. Lester in a playoff game you know I don't know if Ferrell would do that interest tomorrow you would. Right yeah if mr. -- capsule -- the F fair AM to save the projected out Arnold John Ferrell what -- baseman numbers plaque you get the start you'd be more deserving of Jon Lester. A -- playoff spot to go start one. Lackey is more deserving is here the Lester has been Lester was again panic and on Saturday he's a guy -- we start to look at the second half a little bit has got to be a lot better than he's been a -- first nine starts nick is in Warwick panic. You know guys could -- shell thanks. -- it to 2.0 automate what about and it -- and what one migration. -- -- global respect it don't. Mean to tell you neatly pigeon no doubt helped but. Leinart and and I believe -- -- -- we don't want you are we don't care how it you know. You can eat but what -- CPU in your -- so c'mon how do we. How important game in go back to Arctic. And they're not act like in the print work on that -- our -- -- that they could do more. In the true is the basic. I'll bet that he didn't troops the end and I really believe the Kia is -- -- shortstop -- and indeed very aren't I never like great at all. -- over the record that he and I eat whatever you're all. He really. Aren't they are either going to -- it strikes. I can't -- that he's done it all and you everybody -- -- at Wrigley Field. And yet so you don't you are short of the. Yeah I mean infield of the features that shortstop you know lag. Safer now it is absolutely they got some guys coming up of the future game this weekend. You look at the you look at Bogart's you know and and the pub that he got had to hit offer not a back up the middle. Square that thing up beautifully. And everyone talked about Bogart's in obvious today at some other infielders in the system. Down the road but yeah I. I wanted to -- start the year. -- -- shown anomaly B a a defense of star that -- called this a year ago to be the best defensive shortstop and in baseball. He's right there right now but he's not a complete liability with the bat he's got 400 -- But he's not a liability where when he come with -- eagle and that ago. We think is down 10367. Yeah I think it's 291 for the year. That's aliens up at this year plays price sixty of the final 65 games or so. Ends up in about 29 you're so wicked witch. I will take -- not it's going to be hard to be critical Jose Iglesias does end up to nine the US that they are currently -- a league ball players can come back to new levels. And you know you can get a hot streak for 23 full weeks whatever it is we're just everything you hated the base hit every line dragging his -- caught. Every ground ball yet -- hole -- shift the honor goes up guys Glover swinging bunt that tries to bare handed baubles that it's hit. That in turn around her every swing in -- -- bare hand made. Every ball hall is back in it and put somewhere in every line drives -- And publishers -- -- year 291. I think he's going to be below that BT 75 or so some mitigates it's coming for him which I'll take over the course of a year -- me to seven. Became Celtic and all day long we said to 25 to thirty -- and now for and that's that was gonna attack on the utility player you can beat daddy got -- to fifty to sixty. And be productive in different ways you know what you stealing bags here on base percentage is high was literally a base runner tibia that's been a partner upsetting he comes back to 275 and it rained so there's going to be a big fall. Putting teams play great defense. Put a bunt down bunt for hits I think we'll get them out of some of these things push button sacrificing. Too little things the playing workouts. -- productive outs. You know which can happen -- -- move the runner those types of things but I just to get it becomes back to that level. And you take he's shortstop. Arrogant Bogart's great interest victory for five point -- always go play but if its decision between those two choice and it's no brainer. You know if he's going to be show up for awhile -- let's do this John Taylor always get you updated top the hour will come back David Ortiz. It is a guy that is considered for that one -- MBP the first after the Red Sox. Let's go ahead 6789. Years is David Ortiz going to the baseball hall of fame and as part of that conversation with the lord John Rocker said. About steroids in baseball will do that would you guys next month and Lou 90%.

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