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John Farrell Postgame Press Conference July 14th

Jul 14, 2013|

John Farrell Postgame Press Conference July 14th

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Johnson probably picked up where it -- Give us an outstanding effort to you know concern is taking a no hitter into the start the seventh inning and grumble infield single. You know he didn't show any kind of fear for the situation. He was more poised very good mound. Presents good composure about -- very gets stuffy instead of middle of the plate for the most part of the day. Multiple pitches for strikes and and you tip your hat to Donaldson it gets a 32 fastball that says they don't play maybe a little more than intended and I just a hard fought game hard fought series as we fully expect. -- rookie sophomore and exactly what you he's been doing. It is saying you know he's got the ability to guess explain this was -- he's got his curveball and a little bit of a cutter that it keeps people honest with. -- so I think the thing that continued to be repeated about Graham was. And like we talked about with the -- intangibles to the mound presence or is just another great example today as part. That I would actually it was -- is going to be his last that are. Unfortunately in a 32 pitch it is what. Transpired and what took place. But it's. A very strong here that's part consultant. I'm not going to. Or -- from getting out of an unfortunate to base on balls factor in that inning key and keep away from them. Once again Donaldson it's a bloop single to right field and you know we're we're going pitch to pitch working our way through it and and our sports out of 32 count for for a walk as well so. We had a base open so we're gonna give in with with young Ortiz second base put them. They set. They extend the game with a two run homer we fully expect this to be very tough series and was this is good baseball -- -- The so it's. Well he's got some deception in his delivery and he -- behind his arm also -- -- -- to the side of the plate which is intending you rarely makes -- mistake across the plate. And because of the decision deception had mentioned to me he's got to go to get some swing -- miss -- atrocity believes in it and rightfully so. Homered and drove through and the person there to pressure you. No. We go home after tough trip. Needing four days -- to recover from a physical standpoint but overall. I'm very proud of the way this team has played. The number of guys that we called part of contributed. And our guys deserve a much needed couple days off here and looking forward to it. When we start back up on Friday. -- -- Somewhat. But and then going to be careful not to turn our era to the strong side of the plate we end up doing -- unfortunate because of you know Donaldson being in the middle -- wanted to stay right -- against him. And so it in retrospect. That there's a second guessing on my part as far as the matchup in that situation how tough it out. Would agree. If we. No -- While we're looking at the big picture as much as an individual outing in today. If he gets in the seventh inning in the same fashion. Don't know who unfortunately the decision maker this is the talk about so. Most importantly he gave us a big start today. -- there was an there's an opening -- that padded wall there and apparently that is share or rather than. The on the wall and fortunate to come back on us.

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