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Minor Details Ep. 59: Futures Game with Xander Bogaerts, Anthony Ranaudo, Garin Cecchini

Jul 14, 2013|

The Red Sox, for the first time in the 15-year history of the All-Star Futures Game, have three representatives in the prospect showcase. Triple-A shortstop Xander Bogaerts, Double-A right-hander Anthony Ranaudo and Double-A third baseman Garin Cecchini join the podcast to discuss their outstanding seasons to date and the significance of taking part in the Futures Game.

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Welcome to a special edition of minor detail. From any -- will be all our futures game is taking place today three Red Sox players are representing the organization. At this cookies to the top talent to the minor league. -- Ekene third baseman for double -- Portland right handed pitcher if you were not all of doubly Portland Indians shortstop Sander Bogart of Tripoli Pataki. I checked in with all three of them will start with Varnado. Who just a year ago was had actually been shut down from what would prove the rest of the 2012. He's been in what was a grave disappointment to him. This year he's obvious -- turn things around in spectacular fashion. Earning a spot on the roster I feel our futures game. How would you describe the difference between what he went through last year in what he's in what he's able to do now. You know. It's this just. Totally different to last year they're gonna get up close worried about you know what I have -- -- trying to. Create more velocity you know obviously was down worry about my mechanics and everything like that worry about my health and this year I'm able to go out and know that unhealthy know that my mechanics are good to have -- repetitions and I think you know my velocity is there but I think it's brought and I can just thrown out and he's not focused on Indian situation you know. Things I need to focus on as far as on the drug companies and things like that does not that I wasn't necessarily be able to focus on the question of paradise isn't available respect you have something there -- got it says some literally just use that extra confidence they need you know. Unknown -- you can reach back control fastball by somebody who you really think he can now and then a lot better speed and some of the others the -- than I was able to do. When you -- -- in this visit fastball or are you are you just as comfortable at this point getting you know two strikes and you know are you busting up the curve -- fastball. I'm. Comfortable either way you know that I think it obviously depends on the situation on the news much danger for them swinging misses a -- of strikeouts on the so I think all depends on the -- all depends on the situation like that to -- account that you were amending -- -- donkey but until a couple of seasons and technologies. I'm going to. Return the conversation took place that we've done a couple times before. We're gonna make you particularly did you know his first big league start today. How cool is that to see how good was he you know from your vantage point Portland and how how much of a reminder is that because you guys you know basic same draft class. You know same you know same dominance in in double -- this year how much of that as a reminder that you know you might be getting close and not just a AAA but. You can put yourself in the picture pretty quick for the big. Did you said -- golfers -- -- Armey deserves to -- He's been a model runs like we talked Al model of consistency in our organization the past three years and everything and done. It's awesome to see get a chance and especially. It on a team you know that's contending in -- -- -- -- -- -- like -- said enough known he was there just a month and a half -- with us and and Portland everything it's it's pretty cool and knowing that I don't. Let's keep doing what I'm doing hopefully into the get a chance in the future and then hopefully this year and it is not this year next year whenever. But knowing that were close that you know that come knocking on the doors. -- -- is -- you know is there kind of a phenomenon of you know there's a lot of upper level pitching talent in the organization right now. Do you guys know kind of thing through a numbers game and wonder can we all make it up to the big leagues of Red Sox or. You know or is there a sense that maybe we can make it up and kind of have this whole wave of you know in the same way that Lester and Buchholz came pretty close to another that you guys could do that. Yeah I think that's probably more focus on -- off because we can't predict what's gonna happen as far as there's a trade sources or somebody you know. Whatever it is you can't predict and you have to focus on trying to make -- -- with the Red Sox us around right now and I think. You know all of us believe it looks as though we have the talent and and the ability to do it. Overall a pretty good years you know and so we know that anytime you want anyone of us get pulled up and I think it's on the fuel from the work for and I think we're all prepared for and I think it's something that -- overall authorities have. You have played with both of your futures game with fellow Red Sox representatives this year obviously gotten just a little chance of -- couple Ecstasy to keep -- What guarantee done he's coming up to Portland what stood out about that. He's pretty unbelievable honestly you. Especially is less well besides the last three games -- he was. And he finds the barrels Donna is that no more consistent without seeing a lot of guys -- it and that message has seen it seems the -- is getting singles doubles and -- all fields and everything like and and he's played really good surveys for us to -- is pretty fun to be around -- -- seems like an intelligent baseball player knows the game he knows when to do stuff and how to do that and does critical. So that's pretty unbelievable and think about it like the class of 2010 you Workman and choking like this a cool day for one group of guys well basically. I think you ought to sign the same day to let's get into technical. Did really isn't. Hopefully we can all. We've lost some good memories at the end of the day you know and and make them successful I think -- -- but as far as getting -- them signing on the same day and advances -- How about Bogart and obviously had more of a chance to see him in double -- -- before he decided that he was going to leave it behind the head start hitting bombs every other day and triple -- what what stands out about it. I mean just the fact that he's so young and it's a physical and you can get the boldly does is just pretty unbelievable sometimes. He seems like he's might be honest from Honolulu with a bonus points -- thirty feet there. It's pretty it's pretty remarkable scene and he doesn't -- everything in. So early in his career it's awesome it's going to be around definitely. As a pitcher how is it having him behind your troops -- It's just it's a good -- you know. This much for your plan with a -- for that he's made tremendous strides as far as defensive the ability and I mean that's that's yet -- confidence with them at shortstop but he doesn't make a lot of plays and I think in the end the assault on. Did you ever come here as a kid growing up where you only Yankee Stadium spousal Yankee Stadium I didn't really draft work out or whatever at the old chase stadium to. On the -- summit Citi Field this vehicle. -- -- -- -- -- -- Good about them feel just a quick glance but. 'cause it's pretty nice. Do you have any sense when you're going into today's everything up it's in the fourth and so as long as they're but he. Everything works out on the floor but it has you don't have to be like Barnes and wait for the whole thing done for -- yeah yeah yeah absolutely he's that he pitches to pitches questions. I think again of unity and in the game early -- Well Anthony got. Questions and thanks so much appreciate. And encountered guarantee -- who originally wasn't on the all star futures game roster. But ended up being announced as a replacement for third baseman Joey Gallo -- he got of the Rangers when he got injured. To -- had a spectacular year and he's not afraid to say though he acknowledges. That he's thrilled to be here at all though you know really. But the fact that he was away a last minute did addition he feels very much like he belongs and rightly so. What did it mean for him to find out and how did you find out that he was going to the other. Two days ago Kevin both the that's pretty cool because I mean that final vote happen. Stuff like that kind of disappointing thought estimated already passed -- I mean it happens it happens for a reason I'm here Sosa and how was that voting process -- mean you know there is a pretty good you had a pretty good support network that came in second in the voting. Yeah I mean thanks thanks to the sea dogs and it's not nation you know family and friends. Vote for him it means a lot and it's good man here now -- In terms of what it means beaten her you've competed at really high levels and compete your team USA you've had other kind of showcase itself. -- I think you've been tapped for -- you know all -- happens how significant is the -- the futures game compared to. So awesome man this is one of one of Michael's gone into the offseason moves to make a scam Michael alive you know and it's a dream come true it's pretty cool it's another steppingstone in my career and I mean it's a huge honor man in the did all these players these guys -- elite players in the minor leagues you know I mean. -- here Nixon -- -- -- each other all time spring training. Menus to get players. Awesome playing. All right we got AJ -- I mean it's unbelievable pitcher Nolan wanted to be considered. That's on top players in the -- and weeks. Which is a huge honor. Have you how good have you felt about how this season it's been going for him in. You know you kind of toward Upton in high -- -- where is consistent guy is -- as -- -- match I was actually really closely tracked pretty closely with what Jackie Bradley did last year. And then you know you've not only combat over in public but your numbers are actually -- there at US hasn't felt like have you felt particularly locked in over the course of the year. I mean -- -- -- -- be consistent try to take it day by day when pitches and -- my goal this year was to sit -- be consistent with everything I mean you talk to spring training. Trying to be consistent not only my fundamentals but my mental game in. It's really help menus I mean we've just got to keep right now waves. Have. Have you been surprised by the ability -- to the ground running in public is usually there are oftentimes like just transitions a couple of days a week. You didn't have that you've basically reached base in every game the first two and a half weeks. Yeah I mean. But you know there's going to be adjustment period there's always adjustment period and every lead and you're gonna you're gonna go through it's baseball you're gonna go to a week here. Went for Tony's slump where everything's getting hit. Right TP four and striking out alive. It's how you get out of that it's in the -- either player that you're gonna be in the big leagues and can get out -- that can jump out of and they'll be good arm but I mean I'm. I'm not worried about it and there's gonna be just appeared in Dublin was there an adjustment period that he put in high end. Yeah the first few weeks or the first week. And that's -- -- yeah news -- I mean I'm not talking about a month you know putting in a candy you know but. It's always. It's a cat and mouse game it's how you gonna their you know they're gonna try to get to our they're gonna make adjustments and hearing him make adjustments to them. Have you thought about third base defense this. I think I'm getting more consistent every day you got -- to mayors but -- one's party game was sort of like you know had a really good defense and years last year. And we're just getting better and we're just trying to really work from a fundamentals being consistent. Being consistent on the fundamentals being consistent with my footwork being consistent -- -- accuracy. And that's the name of the game his view consistent and you're helping your team win and that's the big leagues that's all that matters that your team went. Part of the reason I ask we've had this conversation before but it was a very different point like there have been questions. Just the Red Sox right now are loaded on the left side of the infield between guys who can play certain short between you will middle Brooks Zander both parents and they put some steps. -- presently used to -- that it was kind of spread out but now it's all clustered right you guys are doubling up. And when you when you see for instance a guy like Iglesias. Things shortstop in third and getting a little exposure to second or guys like Bogart playing short in third. You know do you do you start to play the you know do you -- start to -- keep him under house is gonna fit together. Now -- means a good thing to have -- and a Communist and really get the -- had -- not only on the player's standpoint but. Red Sox standpoint endured the people who. Them compete week. Bogart's who's number three player middle groups the Iglesias these guys here. Guys -- into this game that have been too deeply deeply -- some -- the groups. I mean this is this is awesome problem that had been aiming. All I wanna do split and I just wanna win in the big leagues and I -- to think these assault wanna do. You know. It's a good from the haven't done much study into like I saw today. Yeah I mean those -- People who are athletic enough to play flip side of the infield like it doesn't have to be a problem you know it doesn't have to be a bottleneck like you guys can figure out ways of you know getting to other positions and you know. That's that's a pretty good talent base to have choices and yet be an athlete go to other positions so the team win that's what he did it. It's totally different schemes anyone's -- hurts us once TSA but to assume that sentence which stops typically sent shortstop -- Lehman shot it was shortstop you know -- close their basement -- the second base. -- harper was seen photos of left field next to that problem hat is make your team better. You have a couple of fellow Red Sox are here if you were to school like I imagine that like as a group did you know there's some meaning to being able to take part together. What have you seen what have been your impressions of him and you -- -- -- from the brief time that you continue to dominant and he's been dominant. I mean yet again one kinda. Crazy outing but I mean that's baseball. And other net and the -- that's been his fastballs into the catcher's -- looks like he's gonna throw it to the catcher and this despite curve ball it's. So I mean -- so much depth to it and I mean kind of sucks plain they're patient on meaningful off subpoena. Because -- get jammed a great event go to first base and strike out. Between Henry Owens -- him -- the series you've had a lot of boredom at that position and a lot of boredom and it's not good he it's a good thing but yeah. Theater Bogart's I'm not sure how much you actually overlapped with the because he moved up to the -- it just a little bit he kind of helped to clear the way for you to get up to. To get up to Portland have you had much of a chance to get an impression of him. Extended spring training 2011 that's the last time I really played with the effort between the time it's and he used -- then. Stud now obsolete and pilots aboard the plane with them and look forward. Hitting it doesn't playing defense let them I mean he's an unbelievable player and it's it's also the problem that. We've talked about how how much how -- how involved in baseball your whole family -- With the futures gained something that you guys is the family would pay attention to not really man we play attention to. Just Major League games really take pictures. Never really pay attention too much about this but I mean what you got the pro ball -- like -- games. Should be goal and -- write down your goals were among those that had never told anyone but. And every time you see those calls every day you're like -- -- -- that's wake -- -- you know are all right full disclosure or any other goals that you I don't know that you articles that. Then things get to the big leagues and -- the Red Sox went in and its ability that's written down that first one. You as -- as I've mentioned before your season has followed pretty closely with what Jackie Bradley did last year. There are a lot of similarities also between what you and Kevin you clue what Kevin Youkilis did it and kind of comparable interstates are comparable levels. Do you like those guys exist -- points of comparison and what what about it would you. Would you like is but what about those guys would -- -- -- humbled to be put in the same sentence is both those guys mean those guys careers Jack he's so young. It's been unbelievable Kevin Youkilis us. I mean I'll -- some humbled to -- missing since both of those guys. But Darren thanks very much congratulations on being here and you know it was fascinating thing for you to get to watch -- -- the -- voting process involved. I have to mention what a what a fun surprise for you get from bulls again that -- -- is -- the right. Price holly Campbell as you continue. I'll never forget that. They check -- -- -- voters here for the second straight year. Folks are already had a spectacular year dominating in double -- twenty year old and a passion that was ultimately shocking hindered him a motion to Tripoli Pataki. He's been so impressed that -- -- -- how would -- -- the transition between those levels. When I had the ball long and do just that guys are welcome Vegas and that we thought that's what I mean he hits every ball into and you know we'll we'll we'll helmets on him. This is about if you look takes around you know it was -- Until -- yeah guys say. I'll signals and homers aren't gonna visit bubbles and out there with the -- What I've -- -- in the -- and we didn't. And it was supposed to be doubles yeah they're right -- people something catches so it's. A different level keeping. It's different this adjustment that person's going to Portland last. -- -- it to you and me in the second -- It all the excellent dialogue feels like I have receivables at adult league in victories and their wives get along we'll we'll. Before that you wouldn't movements and so it was that was stuff. You're attacked back seat but yeah I value out of that little bit tonight on identity through today's life I mean -- -- we just couldn't rule protecting. How do you feel about the fact that you -- take -- to take -- walks. Duck target how you feel about Iraq. State dinner and I don't want to let me -- we feel good that it but I don't recycle. Everything is okay we'll I try to get out vehicles. Again I love my thoughts on what was that walks he's good. They're focusing and doing everything it I don't mind open to -- you know -- it was good and you can use. Start for the first time in your first apparently didn't on the NBC there's been some movement around the infield. What happened. Yeah hey there basically isn't easy. I know ground balls incidents are not alienate any of god and whatever you don't like the pop -- -- Nintendo play and nothing since and the problem was that. Plus yeah yeah yeah. Violent and you'll get my dog yeah golf balls and actually. On any -- don't look. Thought to have plastic with a little tougher than and then you go ponson would it was yeah it most often you have more rubber balls what we we will -- -- So you know we'll bad -- in the world. Absolutely look good on to have it feels good book know backups whenever it's a pop up or network I'll definitely you know zone and I -- comfortable home -- Good -- it's interesting to me that you're on the same on left side of the infield as middle runs right now you know middle Brooks was in this game a couple of years ago you didn't -- But the news. You know what to -- to. Kind of drop from and try to get him and try to get excitement about playing third base. Yeah he'll realize it's believed that that was him he's always -- good news you know there was one we beat them. The stuff you know what it was something you own it and also. I don't know volatile politically can't get upset at this time. Down what it goes in and you know what happens -- Didn't feel all right now and you can. -- know not -- any games -- I don't know I don't know -- hopefully in the game -- -- something ordnance maintenance and -- you're gonna -- yeah. Yeah so yeah. It's an interesting thing casino in the UN middle Brooks there right now. The place is constantly made just training has been playing great this year than I've just come from London. That's a pretty crowded talent to the left side of -- -- -- does well we'll definitely visited doesn't like to double play -- you know shell game like out of all -- -- on Ron Ronald Ronald you know that's that's. The big dog okay those guys don't know everything else it's such an overhead it's what had significantly GM -- Wouldn't that didn't do. My dog on man what's he talking about those things that these people don't need you begin to worry about the present moment a lot of the the only thing. How has put middle Brooklyn's got back into -- moment he's he's. Gonna -- on -- right after -- The big -- Was hitting -- also sometimes what he's been -- for the simple way. Does not falling -- home field -- Interview with some other Red Sox representatives we saw a lot of Anthony were not noticed you before you got promoted up. How good seed in this here and outstanding you know I don't I never -- would've had you done. Bonds sold -- I'll call the South Florida's gulf could control with the fans so I guess that's been stuff. -- this seems to me I always -- -- a -- and a new and -- yeah right I know who has been involved something big because. This had something in his swing you know -- off the field. Something like you need help me so -- -- that he had something. -- -- making his debut today you spends a lot of time with -- his first big league start today. Earlier I suppose it's the coincidence you know up. It. When he got promoted to sue them. He's got promoted I got promoted out again this did he got promoted to triple I got promoted to. -- -- government -- -- yeah I go into. Doesn't know what I'm Elizabeth that I would mean good and that. I think it's fair though like based on what you've been able to do against AAA. You feel at this point you know it's it's all hands on deck when -- in Tripoli right like. You're always you know you're -- of legitimate step option in their followed you in the big leagues in terms of what you're doing on a big name basis. Do you feel if if they were to collier and -- standards like you know sub in the big leagues if you would you be that surprised you would you be ready for the. -- -- -- -- -- Got up there you have it -- And I'll I'll I'll I'll be right back. God. -- everytime -- totally confident on the report unassailable. I didn't want the Yankees you get into the -- Are you a little bit of time at a level that's too much. There's. Yeah. How does it different being here for a second -- how different is that you know as it was last. Hi good afternoon the casinos. But obviously this offensive line -- for them. That was. Plus -- tell us you know you're go to your kind of really starting to put yourself on the prospect mapped out this year I mean you're getting -- getting a lot of heat and you're -- you know. What people say -- among the top handful of prospects of the miners. You know that you are you mindful of that in what does that mean to. It reminded me if I if I have a leg up that -- a couple of the -- that you know. A lot of guys who -- teammates say he's thoughtful he's all -- you good good you know bottom of the the problem is not seem to want to body to get caught up -- only -- Alone on this. This Hussein guy this. Is being gunned down -- third place guy. Very take a lot so. Okay.

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