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Mustard and Johnson Set the Table for Sunday Dinner -- Red Sox in First Place, Dennard's DUI, and the Celtics Odd Situation

Jul 14, 2013|

Craig and Larry on a Sunday! The boys discuss the first place Red Sox and their overall opinions on the team heading into the All-Star break. They also talk about the possibility of the Celtics "tanking" and the Patriots' issues as they are face with the hard decision of whether to cut Alfonzo Dennard after his latest run-in with the law.

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And welcome to a very very special addition actually not so special anymore -- worked Sunday last week here we are on a Sunday major hole on the Sunday programming lineup with a Red Sox. Finishing up their West Coast road trip in the unofficial first half of the season out in Oakland in the rubber match of a three game set lol we -- Larry Johnson. This is a very disruptive to your a church schedule it is we're back next likely Russ Ortiz had an eleven so he's all over the where the 7-Eleven you know he works all over the sea -- like she's over there -- wondering. Don't want to force that holy slightly 24/7 bullets won it for a 7711. On your -- -- -- probably did they -- it has classes like that for free of the day by the way thanks to our Rob Brown Brock Bradford a bang up job of government promoted so much and one half hour period is what's the floor tomorrow. Wow you always get after me about that but I I think if your team that I think you should. It like for instance ties to slow -- A lot about I what does that mean -- is that not a violent -- that meaning the tiger I was amazed and and so entertained in plea yesterday at writer and man actually got Arafat. The chemistry was fantastic writer with money. I had no idea are you shocked I am -- be honest with uranium I mean I love him at night by. He's got a wry sense -- you Byron yeah it's not the first thing I think ever cried about it absolutely great yesterday. So what are you saying. Just giving him credit to him and -- I -- -- them on the Saturday night no one's laughing -- writer has a great. Handle on our bodies MBA players -- names and he's throwing all these name it was just great listening to them such as regular credit in the dale -- assignment today at 12 o'clock it -- field and very nicely and I appreciate legendary John -- coming on Benoit. You know it's funny as as you do the Sunday show the one advantage you do have with the Sunday show is you have the Sunday paper. And the as you know. Saturday is a very thin paper and unless something you know out of the ordinary aperture really don't get a lot of the offer with the sanity paperback. Sunday you usually find. The conclusion of things have happened during the week in you know like united it's funny when I picked up by -- are horrified at first -- -- photograph on the front of the sports section. It looked like Rondo driving through. The Oprah why app or something it does but three out there playing yet and of course it wasn't. By. Which brings me speaking of a herald to as usual a long time Celtic writer NBA writer basketball sage extraordinaire one Steve bull -- Writing in today's -- Much talking about much of the discussion we had yesterday. And what strategy. The 2013. 2014. Boston Celtics are going to take in as much as we can get excited about. -- Winnick and what he did out in the summer league in Orlando. And some of these young players and perhaps maybe a -- -- Brooks coming back New England after his stuff PC experience in college. Part of that big trade that sent to pierce and Garnett over Brooklyn. The strategy. Seems to be. Pretty much what we said in what to Max and writer talked about in celtics' summer cooler along -- -- somewhere in North America we're not sure where. He phoned him. What the approach that you take in is it going to be do you go out there and actually. Make a commitment to winning basketball games trying to get Rajon Rondo back on the floor because if that happens. You know what that's obviously going to be exactly where they were last year seventh or eighth. In the conference good enough to play one of the top teams good enough maybe to get to the second round. It's certainly not good enough to position themselves offer a blue chip lottery pick in next year's draft. And one of the things that I'm hoping they're going to be able to do and I've heard this story even more sort of late now that the trade has been completed is that the Celtics are gonna try and move. Wallace at Humphries in excess hope that that they do I really -- I mean. I just see it on the salaries overrides that these guys are getting old themselves may be Dini and his genius skin. You know how much -- angle through all of that reviewed the different scenarios for the NBA draft to get ahead I mean trade deadline you get a headache trying to. Match at all op an exemption every other kind of thing amnesty and everything you can think of I'm just hoping they can move on. I do think again now this is interesting Greg and Emma tied the two sports together. I do think it is a matter that one has to entertain. Where on the one Meehan do you want the Celtics to win they shouldn't go -- the -- and nobody's gonna c'mon let's say I want them to lose. But as a true Celtics fan you realize the only way back into being competitive is you have to finish low enough to get a good track picked. I'm also connected together Borges says article on damaged. In the fact that ballot check can push his new team as a reference point as you know a sick. Erica referenced some times where you -- out more of you wanna read a quote which ones I've no idea which when you're talking about well when Bill Belichick mrs. -- quoting -- board uses. A provocative piece and that's almost redundant Ron Borges provocative -- because they are far. When Bill Belichick put his name a letter vouching for you as he did for dinner in April. And it only takes three months to make that look idiotic. It's a good time to audit of how quote we do things unquote. And to show dinner at the door so not surprisingly -- Borges ever the assertive one. Has asked the patriots if you're really going and more specifically. The man he met face to face last Monday in his office Bob crap is -- Borges along with. Mike Reese and I'm not sure who the other person was there were three reporters to reporters and Ron -- is really more of a columnist and reporter but certainly. Understands the reporting aspect as well. There were gonna look Bob Kraft said there gonna look into the way they do things in their gonna try to perhaps change. The culture a little bit down there in Foxborough so do you subscribe. To Borges is assertions that the patriots. Without waiting to find out what happens to dinner in this latest. Scrape out Nebraska. They should just let -- go. Chris about there's a huge. Difference we all know that between the two. We've -- between Hernandez case in Bennett's case like help solve yup so that being said Robert Hernandez immediately even before. Any case or trial and anything they just three kicked him off the team period. I think -- wise to wait for the truck for the for the hearing on July 31 to see how they judge the judge might rule for them so they don't have to do anything you -- now here's the question that I have crazy decisions lately to write one down in Florida -- out last night and here's the question that I asked and and you know I like nasty things they had attackers Danny and has no pork and people like that call up. Three months later and then they're telling you what you said -- what you didn't say so ideally I want to be accountable today to UN others. And I want others to do the same -- Carlin and be accountable. If you decide the U don't want the Celtics to tanked games you want them to try to be competitive. That they end up with a fifteenth to twentieth pick in the draft. I don't -- any whining. With the patriots mr. Borges. If they decide to cut it detonated. Immediately. And just get rid of bomb and weaken the secondary. I don't want any whining when if the secondary gets torched. It's one of those situations Craig where it say it we -- of our character yesterday will not want thrown back on us the fans. Which do you want. Do you want. -- like you know quite a -- back the applying in the secondary. In of some of them can't run that fast are they won't look back for the ball. Don't whine about it because that's tragic and end up with you're going to have to. Have a couple of AG players on your team because as I said that's the lake your fishing out of well it is amazing that dinner who certainly. Was entitled in his last caress he actually was able to serve a one. For of this player your honor. I put my name on the line. If this kid has got to learn from the experience he's got to walk the straight and narrow path and he will be under the patriot way. In you won't have any other problems out of him. See here's the problem when that if you were just the DUI. This recent do you why I certainly. Think you can take a conservative approach here let things play out you can wait till July 31. But he's already on probation. And you would think that if he is indeed found guilty or at least charged with the U wide on his. His agents claim that he was under the limit because he didn't. Blow hard enough into the grapple lyzard be hard to believe that an app like -- three little pigs yeah I love for our house that's what got similar 23 year old professional athlete who plays a position where obviously win the in endurance is important quarterback position. Can't blow hard enough that the the breath lies are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He gets in town during his business and stuff and I realized that I had removed the registration. From my car because of something else that I had to do it -- validated so I have the registration. On me. Not with him with the capture so I call him up immediately in informed him of that and I just said. Don't worry not a problem. Stay under the speed limit. And don't take any chances right here because you don't have you know the necessary. Validation for driving the vehicle under the law the where he has approached -- he did fine brought the top back not a problem. That's what you call probation he was on the probation. Because I had the registrations are yet to drive. As a person who is being cautious because he didn't have the necessary paperwork. -- to use the automobile and Bennett's case. He did not have the necessary validation. To drive it tore clock in the morning like an idiot. Swaying back and forth in the -- like somebody who was inebriated. So what I'm saying -- to tell you if you have a party in the front of the -- keep the current speed limit on the seventh. And what he did it. Again if he doesn't get suspended for -- and thrown in jail. -- violation of parole how -- from being starvation not Perot got about -- stupid right well that I don't. I tortured and -- the -- does and I'm determined not how about my life did add rejection stickers on my cows over the years it's a nightmare. In trust me the last state matter of fact I drive a Mercedes I purpose they used to drive and that's our purpose that you described in the right -- playing. So I was state trooper according come up on my right you see the sticker that had been rejected. So the last thing you'd Joseph if if you don't have via house in order. It is dry heat or bring attention to yourself. I'm just have -- right for me I just -- somebody could interview him I I I know he's he's young I understand all that but honest to god. How much sense does it take Craig if you've already been arrested in that community. And I can I hit -- -- show you the -- -- the typical -- Johnson caution going to do not try to make sense out of any of these situations because I went out front right kind of a little -- offense you maybe make it sets but try to apply logic once again or rational thought to Aaron Hernandez or even something like this. So will only. -- -- extremely frost so he has run I'm challenging our our listeners to and if you wanna -- on it is. Do we does the end justify the means if you really wanna be honest about it. I want the Celtics I'm saying this on the racquet I'm saying it. I want the Celtics to lose because that's for workers wearing forgive them to get back I don't think anybody disagree your map are a lot of people aren't if you're kidding with an article -- today that. We're not going to not talking about the fans were not talking any Celtic officials between now and 320 when we make way for Red Sox were away where you're welcome a call but I would think if France would will be insulted no -- has want the fans want them to go down -- at least at this point you're not gonna find. I daresay. And I'm pretty certain about this. That you'll not find many fans who think it's more important for them to land in the seventh the -- spot. In play somewhat efficient basketball or competent basketball this season. Everybody wants the Celtics the plummet into lottery land I can't imagine anybody you know want one got an otherwise perfect scenario -- -- only game. Oh -- scored like twenty Warren points on ten rebounds and three blocks and they lost. That's what you want to -- why -- you you can only put up with that for so long but he says this is what if you understand -- total -- about but here's the -- And the problem of all of this is. What do you do with Rondo how do you schedule how do you schedule his return from the ACL. How do you sell him if you do try to sell him on this team. Can you convince him in the last two years of his contract. That this thing is now we just work in progress it's a work in progress that will start the bear some through. Us sooner than later those are very difficult things the markets are you really ask you -- how do you hold back great exactly. Now all of a sudden your liberated EUR. Given the keys so to speak to this franchise as far as leading and on the floor you have this new coach that you allegedly getting along -- famously. But you know a lot on the other hand even though you may. Be it a point where this is the peak of your career. We really don't want to play that well I don't know how you keep right now tell us. -- -- -- gathered on whether it's Rondo not Marxist -- don't jump prom because I'm not getting into politics with this summer to keep it very very generic. How many times have we elected politician to have been caught with the hands in the cookie job. But we still elect them because we feel they gonna be the best candidate to represent us. We are always force to make those kind of decisions by race OK I think that this is. You know if you ask me how to feel about Dennett I I guess you have to wait for the hearing after park dorm the patriot -- and prodded me. I Obama McCain. Listen here's the difference as I wanna -- -- same -- It's easy for the patriots it's -- bottom line and -- are there are people I heard this morning with dale and -- Bradford. Talking about how -- they basically I wanna see a performance on the field they don't care particularly in context for Hernandez. It's almost better. You know on the one hand. You don't wanna be messing up off the field in this and allegedly new culture that Bob Kraft is looking into. On the other hand relatively speaking you it's it's it's just -- a minor. Blip on the radar screen when you. A blower breathalyzer test and and get a DU myself. Yep to police say there -- are exceptions. To. Wanting to win and I think Hernandez hit a -- found guilty. I don't care how -- I don't care fees. Better than Antonio Gates RL or any player in the NFL. I don't care I don't want him on the teams aren't we all have about limits. But it would and it -- case Hamas saying it's OK I just like the of the deet tails. And again the vols who want to just get rid of some of these guys quickly. We UB saying the same thing when. When you're quite a basket BT now you know that's the problem -- -- stock -- -- and we understand their play. He's gonna go to court on July 31 complicating matters of course is he's on probation. How we able how he was able to. Get a one months and it's. Put off until next march which is told to talk act what you told -- he's an NFL player board is entitled. At bill ballot check nationally among. Culture and respected by all right I'll put his name right on the line I don't know whether you've ever had to do that I had to do that a couple of times. Matter of fact some people they call it call signing which rich richer should never there -- in your life for anybody to drive calls nine for relic to certain. But you put your name on the line. If they fail. You'll pick up the payments. Impala checked the reason he got that deal he got is this ballot checked put his name. On the line you're gonna say Kraft put his name on the line when he gave Hernandez. That extension of the -- and I also put his name on the line last month. Today when he bowed out and you like to believe that he uses is good as his word. He didn't put in -- didn't sign a contract but he vowed. That that he would look in two. The way things are handled in this organization in the wake of the Hernandez problem. And certainly to a lesser extent the -- problems 617. 77979837. July 31 is the court date whether or not. Alfonso did not dinner -- -- Denard -- timing -- to will wind up in the slammer rule we shall find out your thoughts. What where should the patriots go witness that I want your answer will become backers you you have a good way of answering and correcting me on things but you never give an answer -- that is my role here it's -- radio and it's served me well you can. Texas -- well it's up 3719837. Mustard and Johnson sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. 6177797937. The tax -- is 37937. Hey Larry what's the difference between tanking games to get a higher pick in the draft or tanking games because you have money on the game. Attacks during the 978 -- it's not the reason why you do it the fact that you did something. Against the rules so that particular text or maybe there some people say I. I think he's right I really drew that's why I feel uncomfortable saying it was let's lose one for the gipper by. That's the structure and we all know what happened with but the Duncan's situation it was almost San Antonio David Robinson. A couple of weeks. -- -- -- It's -- the system now the NFL for some reason or another. Doesn't have the scene. Type of its not that obvious. And I can remember. The day the am hockey in in baseball that thing is -- -- most people don't know -- that you have to play isn't being drafted so it's not as. Drastic I think the MBA in the NFL but I think the MBA at the most blatant. Because you know the most the plays a prominent because you see him in the -- in in March Madness and prize in everybody wants one. And there's only a cut out five in this year's draft only 45 to go around. Right Muster let me see if I understand this text him 7810. Points out without number five and without remember 34 new coach -- a budget nobody's. There early get a slipped from six this year to seventh or eighth. -- not need to worry about tanking there opponents will take care of that for them I don't know about that in this is where this is where. The the problem lies in his name is Rajon Rondo when he comes back if he comes back I think you know what I wonder. If -- truly committed Larry. To this rebuilding process in building both from trades and threw. Off a very desirable draft next year. Do you really want Rondo on your team. You know they're overture is already from a Nixon from Detroit that they want Rondo and again and you got Wallace and Humphries. And you know let's let's connect the patriot day dinner in as well because I think there is a connection in terms of I -- -- that texture it if you do the right saying. They -- trying to win as many games as you can -- the Celtics if you do the right saying. Then you get rated down it did dented in the heck with it there you'd give -- Go what the people that you have in and restore your integrity from that angle but dominant teams getting beat because that passes getting completed over his secondary. Do you still feel the same -- them. Well that's the problem but it's two very. There's a difference station Delaware it still comes back to. Does the end justified the means well you know if you put it that bluntly no one would ever say yes the ends justify the means it got to be a little bit new Warner wants them that well how would you put it and it's just to me. Why you're losing games because we want one of the top five pick I think the question is it and -- it on Italian. Because he's probably the a second or third best cornerback we have. I would like to believe is it in the best interest of the patriots. To find a way to hold on to players that -- in to off field issues. Like -- obviously Aaron Hernandez. That's a no brainer we all know all the where we're not gonna do -- murder any shape way or form at least in alleged murderer. But how about the -- is how about the assaulting officers how about some of these other issues that don't rise to. But here's the at a time hill got a problem our have after the patriots. Went of these things happening in July when you're training camp coming in July. They don't have that much time. To fix. What they would have to fix if they jettison people out right so you're looking at a purely as a football as a football fan you're looking -- -- as a powerless you look at them a -- -- well but did Bob -- come on Monday as a moralist -- -- he was worried about the brand he's worried about the image she was worried about how he's going to be perceived not only in his own. Fan base how it's going to be perceived by the other owners in throughout the National Football League and throughout all sport -- the other artists they are about animal puppets right out what is right but you know what sometimes you do have to take it Larry I'm surprised the -- because you like at least -- purport to take moral stands in a variety of areas. Here Bob Kraft. Has the opportunity. To take a morals can't we -- a problem is -- -- surprised -- -- -- -- -- -- I've said it 50000 times. I think sports. Is different we're gonna give him a pass now we talk about sports different where -- -- yelling and screaming at each other -- interrupting you we're going -- kinda stuff. I act that way in my normal I don't know that actually -- I'm not I would just this summer to hear the steel armor on you that's right week. Argue with passion and in it in the likely in the standoff that. I'm not saying -- throw morals. Out the window and again I'm asking you please -- because I think it's a fair question as they pain and -- you've got to be whining in November. When the patriots are losing games because the the secondary stinks right. On the other hand. And in this isn't the problem is you're actually -- all of this. We'll have been forgotten as the patriots roll to what's most likely another twelve or thirteen win season against the pat -- in the AFC east games on the schedule but. They're gonna be one of the favorites if they're not the favorite there's certainly the second third favorite coming out of the conference Tom Brady will be Tom Brady yet they're gonna have some problems adjusting to no rock for awhile know Hernandez. Forevermore. No Wes Welker forever more at least some issues. And I know you're absolutely right. The realist in me understands. That no one's gonna care about Alfonso dinars legal issues in Nebraska in November you're absolutely right but right now. Less than a week after Bob Kraft finally speaks. And generally. The response was. Positive everybody agree praise Bob Kraft for seeing the right things we got duped it was his word. He was pushing my buttons that was his phrase we're gonna change the way we look at things around here and then. The very same day on news comes out or at least around that time that -- did not dinner -- that Arnold president -- -- out to her. Get a -- Adams -- a dinner and I say it three times standard. Involved in another scrape out there in Nebraska. Don't want right now they are playing games what got. Drawn -- wait a minute first game of the season right Kevin -- the new quarterback for the buffalo bills' -- goes back. I don't. Go back did throw a seventy -- bomb or -- they darlings. And Eagles are part touched out of people are going to be thing and -- I am glad they got credit -- -- -- your resume as Bill Belichick -- another -- -- -- -- already they need to write -- down the field. Goals for an end zone past. Dennett intercepts -- and goes ninety jobs for eight touchdown. What do these same people think as I said number but that's reality cracked the reality is what kind of team do you really well winning team and they will accept the U -- -- -- assaults -- totally opposite I would lie I. -- first degree murder robbery drop well -- there. Chicago is 617779. 793. -- but I charger you've got to look at the late you're pitching -- let's check out Steve up there remain closed the states. -- -- -- Did you. Certainly have to get the call on this one years -- but in the right there in the gala -- now I'll. Remember this correctly when -- altercation happened to him before ought. I -- with some people probably not someone grabbed them and that's when you get the police are. Yet he says he didn't know what was it please out of course not to sound correct undercover. I -- I would think believe what you for the judgment and in court if somebody -- proved that he did it deliberately knows a cop. That he would got more than the thirty days after that I kind of fear itself. I think it's fair every member it was a female judge so I don't think she -- too -- tomorrow for Paul it's always topless female judges first this guy and and Ochocinco unbelievable. So I'll probably go forward a little bit young mother to rev -- our final -- -- Out it could be caught the -- saw his name I'll make we got them since he had a but he didn't let go or that's why it's. Already and whenever I went and went impact at the tape. Did they see his name for -- or did they see a cop. On -- back and forth. Over the line. I'm not saying the media -- over the line OK pull them over so that I was license ya I wanna -- up so he did indeed Cassel twice and they grab them anyway. It could've been a little you know a little payback to a twelve point -- -- -- that's -- And why wouldn't it be content him because it on the police swat and so many people for the country just jump to conclude. Well that's right I did you misquoted me I said I would wait in until the July 31. Hearing I wouldn't cost him it's not -- -- at the same situation as Hernandez. I wouldn't cut him I would wait it. To see what they hearings that while you violates his parole on July 31 that it doesn't matter nation that he's gonna go to jail for a month then he'd be eligible -- -- unless of course commissioner Goodell steps in and is likely to do that. Then what are you guilty violates his parole what position should the team take then Steve. Oh well I guess that's the case I sit Roland -- guilty doubt that solitary and -- -- a different power of course. Oh bowl I would still rather see him playing cornerback compared -- get there you know if you can open you know what you know I'm sure Wal-Mart has over. There you go sell -- So he started off saying that the patriots. Should protect this guy because he might have been. They railroaded the first the rest with the assault of a police officer and might have been a target of police the second time around yet. Here's the problem if he does violate that probation it's determined on July 31 he's gonna wind up in jail. And then it's gonna get interest in from the patriots perspective I don't -- This -- for sure for once and you elect to give an answer. You want one of the top five picks in the NBA draft what do you want the Celtics to be competitive. One of the top five picks in the NB -- you went in the tank. What does this have to do -- have I'm have become so -- interconnected to borrow. We the bottom line is we want out teams that the good to be competitive. We want them to win but in both cases a moral decision passed to be made and how. How heartland. Are okay so you're saying is immoral decision yet at buckle. Dilemma that any change in Brad Stevens in the Celtics -- -- the fighting is Brian maximum -- a rod is right I forgot what was ever our enemy and detect a player off the court of the -- Britain Germany Curry's. I -- -- that's why it's a moral issue organizing and yet so this attempt I don't want -- -- Paris that you would even infer that they would tank. Here's the difference. In the patriots situation. It's pretty much business as usual it is the ends do justify the means. You put out the best players possible to win at all cost were certainly. Seeing that a Major League Baseball with the bio Genesis connection and Ryan brawn and A-Rod and everything else in the -- PED or over the last 1520 years. The patriots are doing what all teams do they're trying to put the best players on the field to win. And I guarantee you that Red Sox got Rockwell I guarantee you know it's a moral question because that's sport I -- not know about -- it's a moral question as a fame and because you have to answer the question. Are you willing tool who was one of your better cornerbacks. Calm because the he broke his parole. Probation. Com or -- deal. Kinda looked the other way because you want a competitive second I would say that morality would. Certainly be out the window in both cases. I think most Celtics fans wanna see him up plummet into the lottery and I think patriot fans really don't care about what's happening out Nebraska all went -- and always usually but what about you all they wanna know is can he can cover. The best wide receivers Jerry run over 4359. And I wanted to and that's all that run on out I think we've already set the table -- not joking about parent in this thing. There -- -- limits to anything. Okay so we're not gonna tell he almost you know what it was very different guy beaches right there that's our cake and he's a great you know what is defensive -- normal -- it's almost. Clobbered by Hernandez he's protected by her New Orleans and -- -- that he looks relatively speaking. You know he's committed a relatively speaking a missed the -- and what makes his situation. Or are horrible is the fact that this the second time -- in a short period of time right so you're asking the question. I'm wondering who really is going to make that decision on July 31 if it is a probation violation he does have the service time in. August and not march. What to the patriots still he's not gonna be ready for the beginning of the season the NFL commissioner is probably gonna jump in and if you pay -- result is about patriot to wait. Right people perceive that is a cop out. Probably especially after Bob -- made his announcement and we crap for saying oh well. Doctor -- -- is column Belichick put his name you web Mike. You have my word all right 617 start at 79 various 79837. We're gonna get to your telephone calls we have -- what I want. Teams don't and I. In my era probably wanna thank rob Bradford rob if you're listening out there is -- driving home we have loaded. Them up. Well as an organization right now that has to stand -- really when you look at this young man he he has been he's been -- the oldest since he arrived there I mean they knew these guys. Issues before and he's going out now and -- put yourself and in a position where. And wouldn't be surprised me if they cut it. As Herman Edwards on the NFL network garden actually ESP and that's where he's employed down there and Bristol. And that does a are a great place to continue this conversation. Herm Edwards says he wouldn't be surprised. If they caught him. Would you be surprised absolutely not it that's right is such a different call. These are the best topics of the gray area projects but that's why it's so different call. As a person who tries to live his life the best way he can and follow biblical principles. It it sounds hypocritical and -- -- here and say well Hank to games and you know we do need a cornerback I understand half a bad -- that's right you've checked your hat before your -- the duo with sports I mean if you for if you are Red Sox and you'd found in new new Ortiz was doing PED's but he wasn't caught with that party. Now because he's performing. Paul you'll be able to come up with excuses for the last ten years for David or debt that ten years is over nine it was numbing out that -- isn't the pot it a test which sports I don't know the other which we're not big enough to fix the problem. Okay we know if you wanna get behind a curtain for a minute. We are not big enough to fix college football and Urban Meyer in the low IQ and what how how they allow these guys to do this stuff that they get away with a college about a time again up to the pros and they stop -- the big money they can handle it. If the charge. Emailing back and -- with a very very bright friend of -- house -- -- was email Wayne Bingham. Donovan -- pretty very very bright guy and we're going back and forth but I gears and stuff -- it but the bottom line is. We are not big enough. To fix the problem crank. -- -- not big enough so what do you suppose to do about it you just you know in jury at the sports for what they. We're not big enough to fix it keep in Bedford your next on Sports Radio WEEI. -- -- -- -- what's going on -- oh man I'm gonna have to give you whiplash right now our car and I wanted to talk baseball good bomb. Let's see here it's seems to me that. That was on. -- you know is that now the dean of baseball. Writers. -- I really he's great. And he advocated well we just need young it out to third base and I just like so my point that I think. You know you've got to understand when you got -- as good as it is to not do anything. Just keep it going and I I think to trade away any prospects of any note. About right now would be giving away the wrong. Did you know we've we've got a lot of back up. Here's here's where right disagree review if he has every year. To try and make a run at it. I think gives this year I think the division has been I think that division has been a major disappointment in fact we were picking the Yankees and -- start to finish fighting the last play how is that disappointment of the Red Sox are now well because it because I'm saying it's it's in terms of the way some of these team you think Toronto fans are disappointed again as the one team I would say that the other four teams all have a shot. A going in the playoffs and be winning the division. But they're okay but keep that up right now but right now regrets I start to the point I'm making is so the F four. If some of these teams are not playing up to snuff. Whitney and now okay Lester it was OK last night he's still lost and he broke through winning streak he was okay. But he's not been the -- that he was early in the season. Buckles has the neck problem right now Lackey is the ace of your team. Well it's not. You know what though if you told me at the beginning of the year the John Lackey would emerge as lax on -- that I I would think that your team. Might not be comfortably positioned for playoff -- so I am shocked where they are. You are right now and you know a lot -- it they have a nice comfortable what four game -- four and a half game lead. Okay it's comparable. Scheduled June. Was about a brutal as you can. But you know what they're coming out after the all star break they've survived this nine game West Coast road trip very nicely. But they have a lot of key games in the division ten straight games in the -- coming out after the all star break. Knock it back -- necessarily make or break we certainly know that. The middle of July doesn't make or break any thing but it will be an interesting beginning of the unofficial second half of the year for the Red Sox. I don't know how they've done it. I said and I said this many times are predicted just because Bobby Valentine was not there. They'd win fifteen more games. And Bradford came up with a stat of of the day talk about perspective. Right now if they win today if they finish off this long road trip with a win in Oakland. And take the series. They will ever recorded there. Fifty ninth win Larry which is ten fewer than the 69. They recorded last year -- all year that amazing job really is I mean that that pretty much says of all the Red Sox have astounded everybody I thought they would be. At least in the in in the running for a wildcard into the second wild card as they wore at this time last year. Within a few games. But give John Ferrell all the credit in the world. -- it was addition by subtraction be Ferrell is really done the job and maybe Larry Lucchino and nobody was doing all along in his own diabolical. Way. Maybe Larry knew that they'll put in Bobby Valentine for one year. Have the team quote unquote tank. Bring in John Ferrell the guy we wanted all along and that will pay big dividends and it really has so far by the way. And about 240 years -- will be checking in with us Scott Barbara something we haven't done and while we spent -- -- with Scott during spring training talking about the Red Sox would be. Perhaps if everything fell correctly. Competing for a wildcard here they are. Going into the second half of the year with a nice lead in the -- Lee 6177797937. -- line is available to you courtesy of AT&T it's 37. 9371. Down and we still got a couple more to go about an hour and a half persona Red Sox baseball right here Sports Radio WEEI.

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