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Dale Leaves "On Assigment", Bradford Takes Over the Airwaves...The Red Sox Needs Heading Into the Trade Deadline

Jul 14, 2013|

Dale has some Bruins responsibilities to tend to so Rob Bradford goes solo for the final hour giving us our Red Sox fix and getting into their needs as we approach the trade deadline.

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Mary Joseph mr. Loper. Sports Sunday I would love to call the rob Bradford experience the last hour or the Brad for a show or the -- Brad show my Twitter and -- No because listen when you're not here we still say it's still Bradford. And -- sports Sunday yes details from -- I would love to do that I'm not going to are right -- Utica thanks for the thought. Great job today and splash discussed the cup great job I'm rob Bradford a B I dot com Dale Arnold is on is literally on assignment. So this time you literally on assignment heading up to the Bruins practice facility in Wilmington. So no good to be with you for the last hour of the show here leading up to Muster in John's will be one. And then the leading up to Red Sox baseball which comes on about three -- money three money. Three around 32 points -- one to three to what do you begin Muster Johnson but up until then up until 1 o'clock you'll have made rob Bradford W I dot com. -- -- if you wanna calling 6177797. 937. Or you can text 37937. Dale I've talked about a promise to -- we've talked Alfonzo bettered. -- by the red sex trade deadline we've talked about this recently Alex Rodriguez and what all that means. But we -- a load them up for this last hour this -- talked to talk about people wanna talk about that I or talked about the the trade deadline I also wanna ask you the caller. The listener. 6177797937. You think the Red Sox have enough do you think the -- I have enough heading into the second half of the year which it seemed weird saying the second half of the year because it's not. After the all star break. It's a state do you think the Red Sox have enough for the last. Two and a half months of the season. This map portrayed. I think it's important to the reason why it's important. Is because you are waiting to the end of the month if you wait to the end of the month you would miss series with the Yankees with Tampa. You Baltimore you missed some key series with a ball and it is not at full strength. Met -- has had some success against these teams against some key guys and these -- and that's why it was important to pull the trigger when you did. -- 6177797937. We're gonna kick it off here in this hour with Greg West Springfield are you doing great. No good. All collapse. Ellis talked about would A-Rod. I was gonna talk about the trade to Atlanta to ride it out about Iran. Hope they income and totally like ants in the great. But it are trading deadline goes what mentioned earlier was the whole thing about. Straight ticket an audience and it's like -- like you're on that. It's easier to make trades -- figured it bigger names aren't now because. He let. All will take on contract it'll make that many we reclaim some easier for a big name player clear waivers on. Your op America. Well you you go back to Greg has go back to last year -- it's the biggest argue steel may be of all time. The Dodgers trade with a Red Sox and and what the Red Sox had to do there won't date they had to get these guys through waivers. So the first guy they had to get packets through waivers in field too worried about that people in wanna pick up his contract. And had to get Crawford through the what the word about that word about if consult with the gonna get to the Dodgers. If you was going to be able to get to the -- so they could claim him though they could make that deal. So you're right if that factors in that there are deals that can be made in August. Because some teams are very wary of picking up these guys claiming these guys these are saddled with their contracts. But we should we should also remember it we cited the other day on the trade -- show of some of the key moves the Red Sox have made in August. We Greg remember. Paul Byrd 2008 seemed like a small thing to help them right. Billy Wagner. 2009. Alex Gonzales 2009. Key thing price. I prologue I don't go to dot dot -- action awhile. That's been out quite as well -- I gotta be solved but you with a big name and -- they are able to play at that as our thought you know these teams will not need a lot of -- -- a lot of lightning and it would. He -- and that's what made that a great thanks for the call that's what made that trade with the Dodgers extraordinary last year. Which was you you had a team -- the guy at the right time Alice Gonzales means I'm sorry Al. Adrian Gonzales to NC Alison -- before. I apologize if I did teetering Gonzales. Call -- these enormous contracts that typically you going to be able to get those sort of guys through. But all it takes is one team blocking in of that team blocks and all the the the whole deal is off. You'll have to deal with that leading into July 31. So when they're talking about last year at the trade deadline when they're talking about a deal with a Texas Rangers they would send Josh back in Jacoby Ellsbury Kelly shop at the Texas Rangers. They don't have to worry about someone blocking game Josh Beckett all war Jacoby Ellsbury they don't have to worry about that. They can just do the deal. Once you get past that becomes a little more tricky area in regards to what the Red Sox are gonna do will they do something else. I think they will do something else. I think that the bullpen is still going to be fortified somewhere along the line. If the price is right. I was when I saw Brandon Jacobs as the guy they give a format thorn in I understand. That Matt Thornton isn't the be all and doll. He's not a guy he be used to be a couple of years ago but what I celebrating Jacobs I would do that deal all day long. Britney Jacobs has a lot of potential. Yet that's exactly it he has potential. And there's a reason why the White Sox want a guy like this just like a lot of teams want guys like this the hardest thing to find is power potential. I -- I said this earlier in the show. I was talking to an executive yesterday. And they were talking about what the Red Sox haven't heard saying -- listen you have you know the five pitchers in the minor leagues. The Barnes the -- the or not those though Webster's the dollar doses. You know though all of it obviously you value. But really -- you know a lot of teams have those type of guys what they don't have. Is power facts. And those of -- -- the guys that are hard to find and that's why you're seeing a guy like Brandon Jacobs being prioritized by the White Sox. Karen in a car. Are you doing today. Or era I'm great thank you. On diet I'm going to relish in it in a few hours as I drive to New York for the all star game. Are actually field yes. So. -- I thought he would you'll probably obviously better and all that I'd just that he's pitching. All the I think it's great that just the -- as -- as saying before. You know other teams during the correction but he's not -- it's coming up. -- -- is real concern. That's the biggest concern -- right. There are you know I don't know tortured hearing this you know albeit with the -- -- in on is neck and what have you which is backed history. Boy it just makes you wonder whether or not he's got problems with discs in places -- out there. -- -- This as far as we know can we don't know of that has anything to do with a back this is what we know and and take the baby thing aside there's. Bye -- now we know it's not just a simple as he's laying there and the baby butted up against his shoulder slept wrong in. And this led to -- losing two months of the season what that I don't care. The fact is that what you have now in what is it gonna mean for the last two months of the season. And -- what we're gonna find out today I think today's a big day to be perfectly honest review he throws a bullpen there if there's no setbacks venue do the rehab outing. But you're right -- that this is the guy they need more than anybody. Absolutely and then I mean there are so short in the fall and I just don't know I mean. I think it's ridiculous but it was settled issue or try to get apple bought back for me not what their contract in what you put. Well I mean let's be honest also can Philadelphia doesn't have a huge motivation trade Papelbon. I mean I'm sure that they're not really worried about who apple aren't even though clearly they're out of it. No and I I talk to someone yesterday executive and they basically said what a lot of people have been saying. They don't think that the Phillies are gonna do anything really spring into action until around July 31. So that makes it tough to build a trade deadline strategy around. And -- so if you are saying we need Cliff Lee we gotta get Cliff Lee well you know. Is easier said than done you need Mack Garza. Easier said than done so. I -- Think you know is gonna. Try to you'll all he'll dump out there. Load up on prospects wouldn't hesitate get Riddick aren't so obviously the salary is an issue but what how much -- -- -- ask for a return. I think he's gonna ask for a lot especially for Garza Garza has about a 12 ERA in his last six starts. We're you know love the fact the floated out there that hey you know what maybe -- -- extension. That's what you gotta stay. Right. And you think the fox all. Try to package I mean I would think that -- -- play the treatment of acute. Now for Garza. For forgot I I have a hard times think Dan and thanks for the call I'm a hard time seeing the Red Sox. A loading a tonne for Matt Garza I'm a guy who. Knew he was pretty give the American League EC's knows what he's like to pitch here. But certainly those numbers are going to be different when you have into the -- couple lineups that you would see in the American League. And and also you're not getting to draft pick compensation. He's going to be -- freeagent. So all of it it to me it just doesn't add up in terms of loading the farm for a guy if that was the big FF. Clay Buchholz has -- ago asked Jon Lester doing what doing along lines of what he did last night if John Lackey Felix to brought Ryan Dempster. Are along the lines of what they delivered so far if that's the case. Then I'm okay -- that. I am this isn't 2011 and people have to remember this 2011. Trade deadline the Red Sox specifically needed. A guy who could -- in a play -- game or perceived to pitch in a playoff game that's what they needed. As we sit here right now they are not debt that desperate. John in Medford are you doing today. I -- ally in good thanks. A look at how global about the fate and put the map one deal with a great deal. Palpable and now he -- -- done of one of -- -- about. This coping with Clay Buchholz. I think -- really need to look at this I think -- suggesting -- now clay is gonna make at least one maybe two. We have shots before going have a -- coming back and pitching for the -- are correct yes. OK let's just say he missed his winds down and make excellence that is that one's that going to be -- apprehended and say. Come up yet to play for the Red Sox I thought I think not I think they need to look at it a -- You're right John John can I ask -- you're saying that because. It's gonna take him a little longer to come back to another start in the minor leagues. That that's it'll lead you to having to trade for starting pitcher. While. Because I mean we'll get into August and Allen and if we can't we can't be questioning whether. Clay Buchholz is going to be -- a picture or not. I think now one of the play play that I'm looking act act now order the week they had heard on the Major League Baseball network. That the that the blue jays may be looking to -- make moves because you're not doing -- did did so last place and they could be ready to basically. Don't go too old so do you -- Josh Johnson. Coca. Mark -- evil. In Johns thanks for the call. The blue jays have basically gone on record Alex and topless has gone on record saying if you gonna do a deal -- New York or in within the division. Then it's going to be something that it might cost the other team a little bit more. -- Exactly. Exactly before we had the break Joseph in New Hampshire also 6177797937. The slow remarked we get some good trade deadline talked going -- Joseph wants to talk about something a little bit different before we go to break. Joseph what yacht. Say I don't did you know how you doing. That that was just publish on. -- endlessly -- you guys for four days. About the patriots that. -- Pattern that was just wondering. Tell -- if everybody should protest police officer -- He insult to remember that on Nebraska police officer -- IndyCar -- the -- on average thirty day suspended with two year -- -- -- -- go to jail. It's go to jail next -- on March 1 two dozen fourteen. You know what. Well done. Don't believe there's been apple that -- -- -- you might the council in my. Their it ever hit a police saw that I go to jail for two or three year. Yeah I admit this the guy would know prior offenses that we know of I don't know how the judge factored in. I don't think she was swayed by the fact that he showed up in Joseph thanks for the -- all the news swayed by the fact that that Alfonzo bettered showed up to his trial lawyers hearing. Wearing a Nebraska. Football Letterman jacket. I think it was well otherwise. I haven't heard this huge outcry a boat. Alfonzo debtor and getting off easy. And not easily jail is go to jail without being convicted of anything else I don't know what to what extreme. That the assaulting the police officer was. Merely that according to Alfonzo doubted it was next to nothing. But that's besides the fact. The fact is is that he was going to jail. He was on two years' probation. And then we get to this conversation which we've had today about. What should the patriots still I had said you get to the July 31 hearing you find out what facts surfaced what the judge's ruling is. And then as a patriots as an organization you make your determination from there. 617. 77979837. The question I have for you guys. As we had steam roll toward 1 o'clock with mustard and Johnson do the Red Sox have enough. Over these last two and a half months do they have enough to get the job done a simple question do they have enough they don't make a trade. Here NN. Do they have enough 6177797937. You can text on the AT&T -- -- 37. 937. So do they have enough I'll give you my answer. Justin a little bit. From the Red Sox perspective. That a lot of the solution did you look at in the early market really imperfect you have Kevin Gregg for example -- -- -- translate American League east. Would be just a guy had a couple hot months it's better. You know Matt -- when you actually look at what he's done he's essentially now is this specialist. Continue with the -- like scary to left handed specialist I don't think he can. That's what Andrew Miller's a lot since that devastating because he was indicted in a right handers he's got a lefthander he could he could give him in any would be fine. And even you know -- dropped for the cubs who the cubs are willing to talk about. Right handed hitters against him have a 950. Or so PS2. Right handers hit him hard they need -- guy you can go three full inning. Now it's time goes on and I wrote about this today at the prices are going to be -- high. Then maybe the twins eventually do you put Glen Perkins out there maybe that -- become more reasonable. About Bobby Cornell they're closer. And they should. That is -- year old me. Yes BM on the more melodious ago. This -- got a few things he says that was obviously before that Matt Thornton -- and by the way I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com sports Sunday Dale Arnold literally on assignment he had to leave the last -- because literally he's on assignment up to the bruins' training camp are the practice facility. And before we get into it 61777979837. HTT tech site 37937. We're really diving into the Major League Baseball trade deadline in my question to you. It is. The Red Sox have enough the last two and a half months but back to the only interview. He talked about Matt Thornton about going to -- he's absolutely right we you don't wanna pay for relievers. But in regard to Thor himself. Number one the Red Sox really don't have a lefty specialist before they acquired sort of Breslow is in Baghdad Brazill is not. A lefty specialist he's can be counted on to be. Earliest seventh eighth inning guy against lefties right -- the trusting thing about -- in and buster was right he's a guy who. Has been. Used less and ending. Stands with the White Sox primarily used to get left handers out but -- last thirteen outings. He Wright is against him as I have actually hit under 200 which I find somewhat interesting. This is a guy who. Has gone on record saying his game is all about adjustments his game is all about knowing hitters in the league and how he didn't want to be traded to the National League because that's not. What would make him successful he is all about just knowing what's. What he's done in the past. And in going forward in adjusting to a I'm wondering has he done anything in the last month or so. To be better against right -- As if he can if you get both sides the play out that'll go a long long way in regards an apple pan and as I said before. I have no problem of the -- -- and Jacobs power potential. But that's exactly what it is potential I don't -- I don't begrudge the White Sox for taking a stab -- Because that's the hardest thing to get baseball -- power potential. But I think with the Red Sox await their farm systems lined up right now. For meth Orton for a guy can help you win right now especially. These three weeks leading into the trade not waiver trade deadline you make them -- absolutely John and Brockton. Good afternoon. -- -- -- -- -- I just wanted to throw an IR AI agree with the point deal I don't think we gave up a great -- like NC and I think it was really expects him lose carnival. Armed Matt Garza I wouldn't touch for most of the reasons you mentioned the guy I really would like to see. Arm and as you guys say it's the jays are gonna do when he would be picky. For reasons. Rugby pitch in the with a baseball the World Baseball Classic and I don't think anybody look fiction that has had a real good year afterwards. Dollars there's is actually striking. If you look at the World Baseball Classic big guy you -- the most innings. That have had -- performances right after and I'll all the use our secure reference but Carlos Silva last WBZ. It basically ended his run of good seasons but go ahead on our. I think it or Dice-K as well absolutely -- -- Lopez left -- I think you know John -- he had nine ERA a year after action. I just thank in the tunnel or maybe not letting their their pictures that. But I think it keeps coming around as he could to -- if you look. You have here's the thing here's a thing -- it I admire you for thinking outside the bar a little bit in trying target a guy like that. But Dickey is under club. Control through 2016. Yeah as I said before Toronto Alex who thought was gone on record saying he's very hesitant to trade within their division. They've put a lot of stock in this guy being a top of the rotation got this finally starting to see some payoff from a so why you would want him to kind of support this Red Sox staff I understand that I don't think it's realistic though. OK -- I personally would love to see him I think he helps Steven Wright annual lecture you speak and write in long relief like he did the other day. You may -- may end up. The rotation there's -- -- necessity. But yeah no I agree I think it's very unlikely that trailer that that they probably -- quite a bit but. I'd love to see -- -- it was possible life is thought I'd throw that out there. -- John I appreciate you -- -- you know and the thing is with -- at -- That they were floating out there the Mets are floating out there during the winter meetings that all these teams were interested including the Red Sox and you go back in the archives. There is some stories out there. During the winter meetings saying the Red Sox have significant interest in RA Dickey. Now as their names were never exchanged. And you give -- a lot of credit they are going for. And that was a big piece of the puzzle I actually thought. That RA Dickey was going to be won the key pieces in this entire American League east pennant drive. And the reason was he was so good with a -- -- the National League. If you added a run to -- ERA. The news still have a really good pitcher a guy who -- gonna pitch innings I just think you're starting to see that right now. But you know he's going to be with Toronto the next couple years ago arrived at out. All right Mike Connecticut how you do and curator good good. And just for a start and if you told me that the -- such remembered best record and administered at this time I wouldn't I would revert. Well Mike how all of this might help of this big win today. You're ten wins away from your season total of a year ago. It's typically -- about. -- that that's a crazy thing about a right. I know it's still quick -- all partnered secondary where they addressed. So that Portland -- I -- I really took premiere for the Red Sox took to release do without the -- so opposed to remember Portugal were another World Series. I think what they really mean it is America's second -- the or good quality guy in the -- are appropriate to do it. And dependable -- and just you know all of our benefit could -- real productive start to -- going in the right direction -- don't knock on wood -- We don't have political spectrum but. I have started -- -- -- is the longer we restore real art. And -- picked up until the ship -- an apartment really just need one warm in the bullpen and were good for the worker program. Mike might appreciate the call you stole my thunder. The guy IE I promise before the break that I was good value if I thought the Red Sox had enough but I do think they have enough. To sustain this pad in driver. Put -- race driving it's going to be good one. I think you still need another armed on -- you look at what they start with that begin the year in how valuable haven't entering and elites is out war are. Dynamic how important ones. The united if you add one more arm and I don't know that's going to be. Jesse cranes out there he still coming off shoulder problem but they think he's going to be ready for the break I'm -- before the trade deadline. He's a guy who is gonna cost you something by he would be very very valuable guy -- at the end of the year. We listen on the trade deadline show the other day. Some of the Milwaukee guys you -- my consult I'm uneasy about him not a not a huge fan. You -- Francisco Rodriguez having a really good year. -- -- -- Going to be a free agent also John -- -- he's been so good I can't imagine a Milwaukee's gonna give a mop he's also under control for a few years. So there are some guys out there. 61777979837. The AT&T -- line is cranking. At 37937. Some texts are from 86 I was asking all Bobby -- now from the Mets. And noted this rumor out there about Jackie Bradley would Jackie Bradley would they send him her body part now reliever. Now there's this Jackie Bradley is an important part of the future of the Boston red sides. I don't know with him in in a Bogart's those are positions would they know they're gonna need help. They noted almost ready they know that they're under control for years to come they have a pretty good idea what they're going to be. They're probably gonna hang onto them. Another text to talks about Biden ours to Houston. Well the problem that. Is that Houston obviously out of it. But -- and ours is under control for used in for our next few years gators first year of arbitration eligibility this year. Those that type -- guys Houston and hang on to begin to hang on to someone they're terrible. They're awfully awful and not only the awful but they really don't have a lot of useful players to trade which makes even worse. All right Ted and Hartford. We would do this in right before the break are you doing -- -- Add up. -- out of jail. He's still on the DL and he has the vice the biceps knobs are the -- -- issue. So I would not count on in this is why you keep guys like Alfredo -- seven is ruby Della Rosa. In somewhat of restarting positioning in the mile leagues because if Franklin Morales is an available you starting depth you don't wanna be caught short there. NN -- I think out the old old problem right. Pick Jack you know I mean you know at -- -- -- -- okay -- goes. And -- -- right -- -- CR AI you know they're they're great and about yet start yet. -- he pitched two ERA. Are. There pat. Two pitch. And that happened so I -- -- the year bullpen is. Well I hear you say that can and thanks for the call you say the bullpen is gassed. But here's a little factoid for you. Red Sox starting pitchers have thrown more pitches in any other starting rotation in baseball. So. I I'm not disagreeing -- gas some some these guys liked is our. Is pitching a lot who -- -- a lot. But a big reason is because they need other reliable late inning guys anything good that's what you have to identify and trade deadline that's what you have to look for. Because if you don't get those guys that we saw what happened over the last month or so which is. You have to rely and who are a lot more to is our whole lot more. -- start a comeback he's gonna help out a lot. The question I have for you guys once again before we get the mustard and Johnson the top of the hour. Great -- Johnson leading into another great Red Sox broadcast. -- Joseph and -- in Oakland the last game for the all star break the question I have for you do the Red Sox have enough. Just for the last two and a half months 6177797937. After the break I gonna tell you. The player. That I think the Red Sox have to go again. There Reyes. Slope where I thought you would give me the drums and you gave me the guitar riffs nice. Six point 77797937. I'm rob Bradford WEI dot com. With the for a few more minutes before -- Johnson takes over so this -- right into their show let's get some momentum talking about baseball. Talk about the trade deadline talked about you think the Red Sox. Have enough for the last two and a half months. I know that I'm going to be I'm I'm -- I'm headed to the all star game right after the show. I'm going right down route nine. The all star game -- -- -- and ESPN ESP I had some. Famous moments from the all star game. It's funny how none of those famous moment from the all star game app. The last ten years. Boy. Memories just -- the same. I mean I remember it was Heath Bell sliding into the mount a couple years ago that was -- yes there was an Arizona if they believe. Com and you guys have heard my rant about the all star game is stupid and it count for something because these guys -- on private jets -- about a sixth inning. Apple's own -- and fruits of the counts so much why are they in private jets. I love -- I love them all I still of the Bo Jackson moment the way by Bo Jackson moment Ronald Reagan with the announcing I also love biggest noted Rick Russell. Rick Russell was a little mustache. -- 280 pounds. Now that's an all star pitcher. Ralph and Cranston how you do Saturday. They were out there you don't do some. Arctic the previous caller started out saying that would group that -- -- -- the most optimistic person or whatever -- what we in the great. You know -- I definitely in need they need to collect call and they're going to into the players is still hurt a lot of all were cheapest. People -- years and contributions. That -- You know he didn't agree pretty. You know I I love the lap you rupture at a lot of prospects. I -- -- -- -- it will likely prospects especially at a church in I don't know erect some of these guys will be loans. And that will fight Pratt. So many of them so many guys here which we thought was how popular prosper a couple of years -- -- be injured. In this restrictions that a quarter to eight year old to really wanna trade likable guy. In who put. To bring our guys here that really would make efforts and of course it will hear it all out possibly looks terrible at it it sure -- -- darker but all that's their. Do you think. -- -- somebody who people think leak available because preachers perhaps prospects and corporate world. Was a good question you know this start with a top level of their organization and their their farm system. I am I guess the best way to phrase it is the guys who I don't think they will trade unless it's a Cliff -- type deal. And -- we mentioned the pitchers Della Rosa Webster. Renato. Oh wins or Barnes and you know Al Xperia on -- down on the farm this morning had interview Matt Barnes Matt Barnes had a rough year. And I am sure that they feel like he's gonna bounce back he's the -- is a good fastball he showed some good stuff. Is that a guy who they're willing to give I -- we know there will -- give up him because because Ralph. Yeah I I think that they'd they'd have enough but to your point do they have enough. And here's the thing that worries me about this team. Is this some unknown going it still in the last two and a half months a year. Iglesias we don't know what Jose Iglesias is going to be like the last two months we don't know what might -- going to be like for the last two months. Right. We are it's going to be this Dominique you know sort of so a few weeks or write a -- cola I'm thirty so. Eager to keep in mind. Maybe some slopes here. -- catcher rob I think the really are so compatible which means and what are you are racers we can -- -- quietly. That's but that's the tricky thing Ralph right it has nothing really they can do because even you can't just say well -- big places hit his sitting over 350. But we really think he's gonna take a downturn so we're gonna trade him beat. We -- -- we're sure you'll feel like I do what I wanna see your. Article one to back complete short stop what he called a strike director you're the English is our shortstop for the next ten years. -- In my convinced -- Jose goes no I'm not. No I know and I know what you said about Bogart playing short. It to me in his -- I worry a little bit about the last two and a half months. Is to me it just seems so dramatic. That a guy never hit. In the -- leaks and I understand he's gotten stronger better plate recognition and everything else. I -- I have a hard time believing he can sustain it now if he gets through this year and he does it for the almost the entirety of the year. Did the conversation changes. But I I'm. No no I I I understand I understand that. I -- in the put it this way Ralph and thanks for the call appreciate it. Put it this way. He's convinced me a whole lot more than even a couple months ago that this is a guy that you could say hey you know what you're our shortstop next year. Because I think the thinking was as into Bogart's can be the shortstop. 6177797937. Colin do you think the Red Sox have a enough for the last two and a half months. Do I think it's a great question. About oh I don't know if there's a a logical answer to it. I don't know if we can answer that right now and the fact is is that. You don't know what you have I just cited this Jose Iglesias might car what you gonna get from Mike Napoli is adjusted downturn. Over the last month or so. Or -- the last threats of the season. Is Jarrod Saltalamacchia can reverse that trend and not Wear down what he has in years past. What are some of the answers here. 617779. 79837. I also promised you that I would tell you what player I thought the -- like releasing go out and yet now realistically. As I've been -- off again. -- fleet but I don't if -- costume action so we actually go down that. I mean realistically on July 31 of this is when I think you'll become available Michael Young. Because -- exactly what I just talked about which is the uncertainty of these other positions. The other positions you -- not quite convince you don't know what drew is gonna do. You can't just assume that place is gonna keep doing what he's gonna do you don't know how will middle books is gonna develop you don't know -- Mike Napoli is going to be able to turn things around. You don't know what you have in my car. Bill say -- Michael Young as long as it doesn't cost too much that's the guy. That's a guy you go out and yet. Now it might not seem like much it might seem like a luxury now and I don't know the Phillies are going to be asking too much forward either. Because as we said the other day -- tomorrow the Phillies GM has come out and said. That right now he sees himself as buyers. Last I checked they were five and a half file. I believe in the wild -- seven and a half out in the division. That's 51 would be buyers -- I wouldn't begrudge them at all for hanging on for Cliff Lee in Jonathan Papelbon. But Michael Young is doing nothing for their future -- Michael Young. -- -- -- That's the type guy. All but other than that guy that specific guy the other position that you're gonna need for the -- like trade deadline I believe. It's going to be able -- another bullpen arm. If Jesse Crain is healthy. I him if he's not gonna cost too much because what the White Sox wanted to do there with Matt -- they knew there are gonna trade these guys they -- they're gonna multiple guys to trade so what they wanted to do they want to get one out of the way and then move on and focus on the other guys. That's what they wanted do. They know they're gonna be a lot of deal is not a -- -- when my man important. 617779. 7937. Very simple question as we steam roll and to -- in Johnston. Coming up in just a few minutes. We might have time for one more call question I have for them and they could pick up -- go where they want but I think they wanna talk about baseball so I think it's a great question -- the Red Sox have enough. -- In my last caller today before we had the mustard and Johnson are you doing. I'm doing good -- I expect -- all my pleasure. Quickly and that is -- addressed how. -- and hear a lot about -- they haven't announced it and bench Eric has been talking about it obviously. No more priority is -- they have stopped in the house they'd rather take that yes you look at last year. The Orioles and they brought up -- child he was really the difference maker that team. You -- -- all possibility that they could stay and -- and we Tutsis in -- -- come up until that Roland and possibly live via many Machado and and -- in the playoffs and really make it exciting to him. -- it's a great line of conversation. And it's a very real possibility I don't know I was in a Bogart's. I don't know this will meadowbrook. I don't know who's going to be Della Rosa I don't both -- gonna work out I mean when you artwork and pitch you looks like apple bought but we can cite other examples. Barred Masterson Papelbon the best trying to trade acquisitions you can get in the all came internally. This is another thing they have going for them. So if you have those type things and shore. Prioritize those don't give up too much there in and not in a bad position guys to just not a bad position at all. -- right out can be interesting last two and a half weeks before the -- way to try to like you know what else is going to be adjusting the must have been Johnson's show. Which is coming up leading in the Red Sox baseball. Dale and I will be with you next week thanks to the great -- -- behind the glass. Once again an awesome job we'll see you next week. -- 617. 779793. Sevenths the slow --

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