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Dale and Rob Wonder if We Have Possibly Seen the Last of ARod in a Yankee Uniform

Jul 14, 2013|

With the MLB/Bosch investigation about to unfold, many details are unfolding in regards to the most famous player that was leaked with a connection to Bosch...one Alex Rodriguez. There are reports that claim that A-Rod's "people" have told MLB that they would be willing to accept responsibility for his involvement and willingly take a 150 game suspension! This does not bode well for headline grabbing, declining superstar and Rob Bradford says it's time for "A-Roid" to just walk away.

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The walls may be closing in on New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez you already know that part of the story. Bill Madden and Terry Thompson have written a piece in this morning's excuse me yesterday's New York Daily News. And I'm gonna quote a couple of things from a it says lawyers for Alex Rodriguez. Now aware of the extent of Major League baseball's case against the Yankees third baseman. And in a possible attempt to cut their clients potentially massive losses. Are engaging in internal discussions about brokering a plea deal with MLB. To reduce A-Rod looming drug suspension. Three sources familiar with baseball's investigation. In Anthony bosh in the -- Genesis performance enhancing drugs -- scandal have told the daily news. According to the sources. A 150. Game suspension. Might be the best that could be expected for Rodriguez. Who's rehabbing from hip surgery with high single a Tampa. He was he was actually chastised by the Yankees Saturday because he didn't report to the team's complex. For Friday night's game following a four and a half meet at our meeting with MLB officials who outlined their case against him. According to another source Rodriguez's meeting with MLB ended about 4 PM. Eight clearly shaken Rodriguez. Then met with the MLB players' association reps for an hour and a half to discuss what had been outlined by MLB officials. When Rodriguez didn't show up at the yankees' complex. GM Brian Cashman and tried to reach the three time AL MVP who told him quote he just couldn't make it on quote. And meanwhile on -- spokesman told the news Saturday night and reference to a possible plea deal. That nobody from Alex's team has made any such comments idea how to. As -- as the news has reported MLB is believed to have extensive evidence including washes own testimony. That Rodriguez committed multiple violations of the joint drug agreement including acquiring performance enhancing drugs from -- for several years. Beam bosh has been cooperating with -- MLB for several weeks in exchange for being dropped from MLC's lawsuit against him. According to the the piece again written by. The New York Daily News. This -- Realized at this point that he's got huge huge issues if he's willing to settle on a 150 game suspension. He's afraid they're gonna booed him out of baseball forever. Just go way. Go away. It's it you know -- you yourself -- 150 games to save yourself for 150 games if he came back tomorrow. What type of player has has he been and will he be. Just go away. -- that it's enough. According to a baseball source and I'm quoting now from the peace quote the bottom line is MLB wants these guys out of the game. In eight riots case 150 games with sufficiently accomplish that if he if he dale list. If he took a 150 games that say that they egregious. He takes a 150 games and then he comes back in place what does that do for Alex Rodriguez. I don't know what Alex Rodriguez is motivation this year. Want to exactly and again quoting from the peace regardless of his level of cooperation Rodriguez has now heard some of MLB's case against him. And we'll have to decide how best to protect what's left of his reputation and he doesn't have a reputation and the 100 million dollars remaining on his collar identity fines are right there -- ego. All right then if you you try to protect your money. You have a ton of money which is a lot of money to protect here that I understand and we can say you have a lot of money you made a lot of money you shouldn't worry about that. But they always do by inter the reputation it's over. It it's over and if you take this 150 game to say that report through. Then you you come back and you play any games it doesn't make a difference. You're not making the hall of fame. Unless unless things change dramatically and in regards to how things are viewed. But it it's over -- it's -- according to a source Yankee officials sent a Rodham notification Saturday. Telling him he is obligated to inform them in advance of any absence that he didn't show up Friday like he was supposed to. Rodriguez also declined to accept an assignment to buffalo. Where the Yankees wanted him to join their AAA teams Scranton wilkes-barre saying he was having a problem with his quad muscle. He played in Saturday night's game in Tampa -- It was all the plays Saturday in Tampa but he couldn't go to buffalo to play. Scranton Wilkes-Barre because this quad was bothering I love this text from the eighteenth he takes -- 97 name. And -- -- by the grace of god in the union Iraq could have been a Red Sox. Think about act this could be happening under your watch Red Sox fans via. We thought we thought he -- they get out just in time remaining staff went well I mean we think gay rod is kind of you know approaching the eighteenth green here okay. And this may actually push into the clubhouse. -- brawn however. We think has a lot of baseball left into that we were thinking we would think that he would and according to the sources quoted by bill Madden. Major League Baseball once these guys gone. Think about that. From pariah in broad and it's a rush should be on. It's of this move on -- Ryan brought an interesting conversation. We talked about legacy. If Brian -- get suspended for a hundred games. And he comes back how will he be -- that's a more to me gets more interesting conversation. In football we know how it works you do you suspension and everyone forgets and no one cares. But in baseball. It's interesting thing -- -- if many who -- made her merits mirror -- makes the Major League roster of Texas this year. And he comes back and hits some home runs and goes all -- Iran in drips off. That's going to be I don't think there's going to be this huge call now Leo how dare you put me mare's back on the baseball field. Though he did as time went to Taiwan and everyone's gonna provide you perceive him as up performance enhancer. We understand that. -- says what MLB aggressively go after re rod. If he was in the prime of his career rather than this broken down piece of work that -- deal of interest -- going after Ryan -- -- and and that would argue against the techsters point of view. And another text to point out that -- pitching against the Red Sox today and there are those who think he's going to be one of those. Is this really is -- I was talking to someone yesterday about oh. The the benefited doubt. Should these guys I ever was lost the benefit of the doubt and certainly Bartolo Cologne has lost the benefit of the doubt I don't know what he's doing but he lost the benefit of the doubt because. He was already out pop for this. And now he comes back and he's doing yes. Eighties hasn't been tested for anything as far as I know he's lost the benefit of the doubt a lot of peace part of this by a Genesis report a while then you definitely that's what I'm talking about if the. Apiece on that I I said that and I'm quoting from the that piece that -- baseball source said MLB wants these guys gone meaning the guys in the by Genesis report. A-Rod Ryan brawn via -- and others texture says if they want these guys out of the game why is Ortiz still playing. He's not part of this now -- he's not an -- and as far as we know I don't know that he has been. Named an all. We are we have not hers as he's been named news when anything arsonist. Are in I remember what I was talking about yesterday with someone which was the Chris Davis Kristin Davis is having 36 home runs right now and they -- should we the the cast a wary eye toward Chris Davis and become fact -- well yes. I'm not saying Chris Davis did anything -- -- automatically question perhaps it and you know what in what you're hearing. In Major League Baseball club houses and I heard pastoral leases -- -- -- and it's true that other players want it why it. These guys knew they want this guy if -- have anything to do this they want you out. Because they understand I heard. The same thing from -- yet he said he hears it every clubhouse he goes in to the guys talking specifically about brawn maybe they're talking about others as well he was talking about -- They hated how we how we use the technicality to get out of it. They then I found it interesting he said they hated how he trash the reputation of this sample taker and you know that he that he just. Through that guy in the trash can in an attempt to save his phony baloney jobs gentlemen. And and the guys in Major League Baseball want him -- yes they don't want him just suspended they want him gone. Right and I think they want in this just more than him antibody in relationship to this and you know why the exact reason why just said. Because these guys have lost the benefit of the doubt because of the guys who have had done these things. And they wanna start getting some of that benefit back I don't know if they ever will but they won at least try. I mean I. If -- got it be accepted a 150 game suspension it it probably in all likelihood would end his career meaning would missed two full years. Between injury and suspension. At this stage of his life at this age it would probably in effect in his career. Assuming that he believes that's that's the case. Is that he'd rather be known as being suspended for a 150 games but being known for being kicked out of baseball. Well I think -- It comes back to what we said before it's probably primarily about the money he can he try to protect the 800 no he can not. -- -- he can -- the so insane to think that you did a 150 game suspension after what you've already done. And you're gonna come back and baseball and you're going to be able to to fix your reputation. You can't be that insane. Well again assuming that this is all true assuming that that when the -- Genesis report comes out he -- name is front and center along with Brian bronze. Those guys will never get the hall of fame either rough. Now ever and I always said when it comes the hall fame and accuse PD guys. That -- was gonna take one and before all this Alex -- -- very may well have been that guy. You might even after admitting to what he did if nothing else came up he finished his career was as gaudy number of home runs is unbelievable stats. He might have been the guy. You might have been the guy who got -- and then once he gets then that the card -- station changes a little bit because you haven't admitted performance enhancing drug user. Getting into the hall fame this this is over the board there's no way. Well if if Madden is frightened he's pretty good report the way yeah. If Matt is right that bit A-Rod lawyers are talking about a plea deal which would accept a 150 game suspension. It's because -- fears he's going to be thrown out for life via. At which point -- hundred million dollars. In all likelihood disappears right. If he is thrown out of baseball you would think so and the contract at that point become Nolan boy that he doesn't get paid by the way peace suspended either via. What the remainder of the contract after the suspension is over. He would be able to recover and let's be honest too in terms -- reputation you might never get -- reputation back but there's different levels of it. And it being thrown out for a life. That's about that's has got -- casts. There's not a lot of guys -- who have that -- -- the end of yes Elisa -- -- -- if if you're Alex Rodriguez and you have the choice between. -- detect a 150 game suspension. May be drift off in the sunset. Still not a great situation. Or be suspended for life. He's gonna take -- 150 games if he can't. Well according to the New York Daily News that's what his lawyers are are are are attempting to get out of Major League Baseball will co opted this. Just suspend us for a 150 games via. Yeah it won't throw us out for life. Episode just suspend us for a 150 games. I'm gonna run up to to Wilmington to the Bruins practice facility and do a couple of interviews from my night job what are they going to be airing it's a good -- and Iceland will be tonight and by the way. And and rob is very graciously agreed to kind of man the ship here for another our 'cause the lines -- all -- up anyway. And lord knows we've given -- the least I could -- for sitting and DJ being for -- Mac -- Somebody text tweet me this morning said what no DJ in today is that it's not my attorney and I have -- if it's somebody else's turn rob I'll see you next week I get it right there and out rob will be right back after this Sports Radio WEP.

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