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Dale and Bradford Have Some Simple Advice for Athletes...Think Before You Tweet!

Jul 14, 2013|

With the extremely polarizing verdict in the George Zimmerman case coming to light last night, Twitter almost exploded with everyone's opinions flying around. Of course, many of the opinions in the form of tweets were coming from athletes who probably should have taken a step back and thought about what they were about to say before hitting "send" ... please athletes of the future, THINK BEFORE YOU TWEET!

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Boston lost it doesn't matter way -- you lose ticked -- -- or its alternative and is that sometimes. On the other side this afternoon. And we've been on this a lot this year so. You know and that's. We can really do try to keep in close. Jon Lester after last night's loss shut out loss to the Oakland Athletics final game of the pretty all star. Break schedule takes place today in Oakland against the -- but in the Red Sox have got a few guys who were headed for Citi Field in the all star nativity is. And -- second half the season starts end of the week. As rob pointed out very correctly. Tough stretch of schedule coming up for the Red Sox and and I know John Ferrell and and sharing to want this team to be ready a couple of other quick items here as we get to the call to view it's 617. 7797937. -- the baseball note it it appears. At least from a far and I hope I'm wrong in this regard. That things are probably not gonna end very nicely for Derek Jeter. Missed the first 91 games -- last 91 games tried made his attempt to give back in played a game goes back on the DL with a quad strain I think it -- -- 39 years old. And I remember back when when Alex Rodriguez first joined the Yankees and Jeter was named the all star shortstop which kind of cracked a lot of us up. We made the point that he wasn't the best shortstop on his team yes. And it's probably at this point of his of his career impossible for him to play shortstop on a regular basis -- If he comes back and he feels like he can play. They'll put him out there will be a bad shortstop. Maybe he'll win the gold glove he says hell works right pretty funny is that you know -- -- When he did that the other day and they said no we're gonna have an MRI I don't think it's a big deal -- you don't have MRI for things aren't big deals. How many times do we see around here that it takes for ever -- MRI Clay Buchholz and have an MRI on his shoulder forever. So there was a big deal continues to be big deal. And I think that that's one of them one of the main reasons why -- begin the Yankees will go over the top. Although I do think bill be passed to know be Anatolia and. He's one of those guys who despite the laundry I admire very mature. In the same way with Mariano Rivera a guy who I admire very much there. Other guys who plan a team I don't admire so much. Or one who's trying to get back that team went on admire at all. And I and I and I hope it ends better for him and I fear it's going to. But it two or Jeter -- for Jeter on me no I I hope just in -- just end our. I would judge sadly I don't care judging by some reports that might be -- after the all star race two for eighteen right now in his in his rehab assignment plus. The bio Genesis stuff is gonna come out he's likely going to be suspended now. We had this discussion. With TJ Quinn the other day it was filling in for Gerry Callahan and -- and with -- with John we talked TJ Quinn. The players associated association is gonna fight this hundred game suspension they're going to say. You know that's a second offense -- suspension this isn't a second offense for Ryan -- for. For Alex Rodriguez you don't have a right to suspend these guys for a hundred games now I think the commissioners don't do it. Do yes sore and big fight it. And they're gonna try but here's the question the -- me I thought it was pretty interesting you think about it. For the pennant race if this goes down the pennant race. Which is going to be more -- factor the bio Genesis stuff. Or the Houston Astros. Will replace the Houston Astros the mouse with the fact that it's interesting that covers and -- the -- -- of the terrible you and and guess what they have very many guys are gonna bring up and be batter biggest selloff guys Biden -- whoever arouse. And then you have guys like maybe who are going to be their Nelson Cruz some key guy -- So which is gonna have more reflect. I didn't see the first few innings of last night's game. The exact moment that the nest and open was running and they were getting ready to start the telecast cut him and -- they -- but -- got my Twitter feed did. And -- my Twitter at said the verdict is in in the Zimmermann case and I switched over and watched his typing most of America did last night. Out what I came away from last night. This is not a political statement at all believe me I'm not going there but I came away from last night thinking was there are times. When athletes shouldn't be on Twitter. And there -- guys last night who shouldn't be on Twitter yes Roddy White the wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons said that the members of these Zimmerman jury should go home and killed themselves. I'm a Guatemalan and say that's probably you know a little far down that that wrote Victor Cruz wide receiver for the New York Giants. Said that done that Zimmerman was gonna get it was gonna get taken out by. By retribution from the -- I'm paraphrasing here and 88 tweet that got taken down very quickly but of course gets green grabbed and lives forever. There are times when emotions get the best of people. And Andy you know that that old rule about you know you -- type out a tweet. And no way you're gonna say that -- -- and you wait you look at -- you know the 62 rule. And it was obvious last night and most of my Twitter. Following is is athletes and sports for obvious reasons that I certainly follow other things but athletes are a big part of it. And and as I was watching my Twitter feed explode last night I was think and somebody's got to get a hold Roddy White. And take the damn Smart phone away from somebody's got to -- somebody did get to Victor Cruz it was obvious. His tweet disappeared almost immediately what -- Willis goes back to what the teams can do and they can -- It's. I think what you he said it was exactly right and I don't think I think this is why every team. When the first things they do when he said these guys down and were rookie development camp signed a guy or even just training camp say exactly what you just said dale. This isn't this isn't a mean party your job is an important thing when you tweet something. How to time. Think about all the ramifications. Think about how important it is think about if you can live without the fallout from it. And then make your decision. Ironically. Twitter for athletes has been a subject here over the last week or ten days started with Tyler Sagan. Tweeting some things that his new employers the Dallas Stars were distancing themselves from before even got introduced as a new member of the stars. I -- I've been a Bruins development camp all week up in Wilmington Don Sweeney said that. I forget what it was I think it was Wednesday night he said that. Immediately after they got off the ice. All of the young players were a development camp were heading for a seminar and that was being put on by the team's public relations staff. Up about Twitter. And the responsibilities of social media. And I talked to Ryan FitzGerald about a the next day and he said it was very interesting thing he said they pulled up one of my tweets and said this is a good thing and it was. FitzGerald Africa drafted by the Bruins and a picture of him you know and then so happy to be a member. -- that you got no issues. He didn't tell me what they pulled up some uptight about it after I shouldn't abuse at the end and we talked in my case and about it. Later on in the week and he said this is absolutely. Something they are talking to their players about. It's a different world for athletes today social media is it's not to go away. You can't tell players CK one Twitter anymore you can't tweet anymore step away from the vehicle. But you you've got to at least advise them about what's. Fair game and what is. Well you know it's new so we talked about salient thing with the Bruins the patriots in football you decided a couple. With the Red Sox. That's the one I can't really think of and he. Transgressions there at least recently you know the biggest transgression I don't think of when it comes in regards to Twitter when the cubs and Red Sox John Henry. John -- the Mark Teixeira tweet from a few years out now and but in terms the play the players are Manila. He donated well evidently they've got the message yeah -- yeah. Then it's it but it's one thing we get the message is another thing to actually execute it. Indy we heading into the year and you say are you gotta follow Shane Victorino. You get a follow Mike Napoli. Well great. -- I'm all yet it is to give a high five to a coach you are for the all star game that's great guys really stepped up today great. What's ironic though is -- can't criticize them for being -- If we are in turn gonna clobber a guy I'm right I criticize I don't know I'm not saying you -- -- saying in general. If we're gonna clobber a guy like Roddy White -- a guy like Victor Cruz after what they tweeted last night we then. Society then camp to solve what the Red Sox as there's so Vanilla. Like we want them and I mean you think that we want them to get close to that line that gets them in trouble -- I don't. -- I don't wanna I mean Tyler Sega which he left the game Twitter alone and now he claims it wasn't even him but leave that. I mean his his new team. Had to put out a release saying we don't believe that we that is not the way we we feel in this organization. Now that does not reclaim the view of of this team. I think that is the Bruins to the same thing -- blame lacquered and -- the base in a press release of what he tweeted I'm not so much now all of this today. Before -- locker a -- like I was a little before twitters time I guess. 6177797937. As the telephone number. Text line is always available to be the AT&T text line at 37937. Never even mentioned Tim Lincecum is no hitter last night or the 256. Pitches -- thorough I I was gonna say my prediction here. Is that Tim Lincecum is about to go through about a three week stretch where he's not very effective. I understand how difficult this is and I remember. Pocketed Terry Francona about this about a no hitter in high pitch count me was joking about. He was gonna send John Farrell ought to make the pitching change you know -- -- continued. I understand how hard this is for Bud Black. He really got going through 448 pitches to complete the no hitter. Well. -- if US John Farrell. What the toughest decision he's had to make in regards to a pitch count will cite the Jon Lester no header from a few years ago. And he had a tough one earlier in year -- Ryan Dempster you get caught in the middle. He actually went to the mound in Dempster talked him out of he went back which you this is a reason why Terry Francona didn't give them around. Except when he went to the mound you were well I would do we didn't go the mound -- he was just gonna talk to pitchers he's gonna go to amounted taking guy asked is this an easy at the top step of the dugout he was making the motion doable yes and in we understand it's tough from now that are. But OK Tim Lincecum when he goes to free agency which is going to be more important. I'm just curious and I know this is -- factoring in last night which could be more important put the no -- on his -- We're to have the almost five ERA because of what happens after throwing almost 150 pitches. And I know where were sounding fatalistic hear the numbers just tell you that in the aftermath of asking a pictured it to throw that many pitches. The numbers are good after that bright and they're not going to be good first as I said 234 weeks -- not going to be. Remember when this is going back Curt Schilling I think it is. 20062006. You know with 2006. He threw in April. He threw a 133 pitches against Cleveland and many went on a terrible terrible run after that. It's. People people say while you know -- -- data -- this stated that. Well too bad this and how guys working and what this is how guys are brought up anymore. And to throw that many pitchers that's just not done. And in the other part about it in it we're not talking about a big burly you know now Jon Lester type body type B now and and when you talk to John Farrell about what his philosophy is regarding. Having guys throw a lot of pitches in games he's hit a big part of this is how important pitches are. And when you're in -- you're a no hitter I get news for you. I don't care what the score of the game is. Last 434. Innings -- tops the VR. Yet though -- I'll be curious to see how it performs for awhile now in the aftermath are skeptical Patrick in Manchester Europe first and sports on. You -- Patrick. Again like your body -- -- without giving up the -- Like your commitment to. -- -- -- -- -- -- We've got to -- area. -- I believe in this year he's got eighteen million next here why would have money why would I wanna do Andrea Andrea. You get -- -- agreed to -- it happens this year Portland. So all right. You certainly not off the bench while we're in the outfield platoon and YouTube to let PH and direct about the bad. Report -- this year gate guards are now back here only eighteen. Freedom in the Republican happy about fourteen and eighteen. But -- of the day it's more it's across the redwood conference at one I got my -- Well that said if you can get part of -- -- rotation in the thinking World Series. When he -- that we do got plenty -- (%expletive) majored ships. Patrick. I like your thinking I like the way that your try to be creative. But even just a little bit you're coming out from Powell a lot of people around you do. Which is you coming out of from the Red Sox point of view more in the cup's point of view and you try to make it fit. You middle Brooks would have some valuable value to the cubs but you're talking about a guy in Garza. Who his last six starts. Last six starts he has a 124 you are -- This guy this guy with whatever the cubs get back for Matt Garza. There's going to be more than will brought me he's more than will middle Brooks and the relief of Alfonso Soriano. Well I I agree he didn't put that. Group we are they are taken 22 million dollars so that's a lot of money regret -- are greedy. At least twenty Cuba and maybe more maybe negativity. 45 of the 26 without the I don't know I think the room that's what cigarette tax could you go without having to do a lot. Any area they couldn't they could do it by I I do is Patrick -- sale I'll say it again. I think that the cubs this is the cubs' big score here. They need to get some pieces back to build around and I don't know -- middle Brooks is enough a big enough for peace. To to get back just for Mack -- guy who's not even playing at the Major League level right now right in -- well little Brooks might be traded but what people have to start realizing when you start entering. Hey will Mel Brooks and a cliff -- Matt Garza trade is that you're you're selling low one will Miller Brooks. So why Israel why would that be a good idea. I don't know but it. 6177797937. -- telephone number eighteen -- text line -- 37937. Dale Arnold rob Bradford -- Sunday Sports Radio WEEI.

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