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"Celtics Summer Cooler" with John Ryder and Cedric Maxwell - Hour 2

Jul 13, 2013|

In hour number two of “Celtics Summer Cooler”, Ryder and Max delve further into the legacy of past Celtics players versus the new era. Max gives his opinion on some of these players, including his infamous take on Larry Bird and why he would take KG over Bird if given the choice. Max also tells an interesting story on the night he was drafted and how he was actually hoping he did not end up in Boston – but the fact that he did ended up being the best possible scenario for his career in the long run.

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Well final hour celtics' summer cooler John Ryder interest John -- Cedric Max told president announced he never cease to amaze me -- this is incredible. On Macs during the commercial break is talking to callers. In the other room is arguing with callers. Not saving it for the show picking up the phone when people are calling in. And arguing this guy was so crazy though he was just. May is stroke but that's important part in a result nurses on both sides of the table relief an NL I mean that either. People to meet New England either way you know eight question EU hate him. You think he's he's overrated or you think Paul Pierce is the best thing since sliced -- -- while it -- just gauging ninety's taxed it's pretty easy. To do that but in fact I was all over your case. Where he was he he wanted evil what's the point that he's Vietnamese that you said you know win when the so that's what the chairmanship. Rob that was the VP during that time. Was is that Justine are no sir I don't hate us -- probably the play -- the game -- the game he played -- significant. Hit it that much like Paul Pierce was MVP. -- I mean I'm -- you you hate it. But you got to give credit even to double -- I was saying what Don Cheney well anyway it would Don Cheney said Don Cheney was much -- in the pro appears. Like Don King is on the my best friend he couldn't care caucus is John. He was there's no there at the Disney a -- a debate here at all. Pearson dot change in this guys on my case Macs were just discussing this so I'll get some -- will get to the calls cigarette pack because mrs. rider course -- has more -- Boards and Mikhail Burton chief took boards away from Kevin -- of course but still. I was sandy who -- -- it's it's still hot he's third he's third all right third he he ended up getting those rebounds. And he gets got to give credit that he doesn't have 67 was able to get those rebels -- Don't know what he means about birds and chief. Got rebounds away from Kevin -- that I don't know how you do that. Abby likes of Mike didn't read that that doesn't make any system is -- so. Maybe you could call it explained it to me because I don't understand -- if you get when you don't get done. The court takes away from. Through simple the other -- would -- do we retirement this during the break we were doing the show during the break which is always nice. The he. Here's how big guy yeah it's yeah service. You're talking to me about what Doc Rivers. Christmas is said that before is that because Paul is such a big guy wide body strong bet a lot of times guys just kind of bounce off of so called Prius. You think about it all of the guys who we've seen like LeBron James. Populace does he get those calls like LeBron. You know we got such -- LeBron the slabs -- them. LeBron Kobe gets that call populace doesn't get that particular call asthma and Bronson -- was toughest opponent opponent well appalled as a guy I was maybe give a lot of -- any quote work shooting -- jump shot. You know eventually you know LeBron James is the best player in the world but if you get that kind of compliment from -- on the -- release him a lot. -- -- -- the best description appears haired Michael our friend Michael policy country strong -- its peers and with here's Ronnie in Cambridge Ronnie thanks for your patience. Absolutely and hit the bottom line deal. Ray Allen didn't win win BA championships he went to William B chief. You know the Miami. This past season. -- that topics in the way. And they are not as late at twenty and because of the ballots he's very quick statement. That the integrate it's -- -- -- in game six in its absence in game seven. Caucus felt that it became one component that championship. And that's certainly not true okay and Ray Allen was Ray Allen in game seven -- -- night game at 1015. Point. It -- out some forty there have been other 28 and final. -- -- Well well what what things that that you dismissing though. Is there was that there was something very important in not having her. In the -- and it -- well let me let me play the stuff -- -- -- -- that the lakers got 21 offensive rebounds and making. Although the Kelly so you and I and I I give them that it's just they were about -- And the other thing is first impressions OK I wouldn't put myself Michael's Schmidt. The first pick in 89. And I don't forget that. It the other day and a good layer that. Popular. OK -- Yeah that is -- back you know one when it was late Michael Jordan. Welcome back. I and you met -- was hosting these -- police. Different than mine decided not because he might show up. The witness to the number one pick -- he would be it could come out in the -- -- I thought Kwame Brown on a basketball or. You talk about being on the ground. I don't the Sunnis. What I saw out. I will tell us about ready you just bring this back around full circle. I'm just saying that Greyhound will play out negate -- -- now appears that you don't era which he he had multiple championship. Which means we don't have that depicted. Well you either evil well that even if you wanna go go further than that how. Kevin Kevin Garnett got hurt your -- just -- that -- you know I think that that automatic they would went back to back when it would Orlando. I think that second year team was better -- actually they were I I really do I've said that a number of times and I'm still bitter about that. I can't do anyone helping I don't -- I don't wanna -- I want to make a quick important. Now I'm not ready to retire all of this number and I'm sure that I'm ready to put them on the all okay. But you know you gotta like -- impressive right and it doesn't medical went in telling me. The people not out of that vehicle at an up there right now illegal dumping up for a man Linux -- I'll take it. A -- ironic that sort of Colin thanks for your parents as well -- -- will find out he'll get some playing time Max though he will today and Danny's got a busy summer here because they've got -- I I love this of these reports as if this is stunning. That the Celtics are trying to move Chris Humphries and Gerald lawless allow done this. Bill Humphries Gibbs would probably. It would be easier to deal because he's an expiring contract Wallace's was going to be a lot of stuff because he's got thirty million left on an up. Yup that would be -- that the Obama. You look at teams out there I mean when you think about making moves and there are always people talk -- a contract. You can move almost in the contract Gilbert Arenas and that huge monster contract that was moved. Column that was how he would that was from two watt power. When he was then I think he was in Washington at that time -- jet at a rate last year Ed and David I know M movement a suit death so I mean in any contract can be moved. In my cautioned a bit more but he can be moved well a lot of. It bothers some people of Texas and they should be aware of this and I know it can get confusing. And the NBA but. Any of these incoming players they cannot use the amnesty clause rat rat because teams can only am missed the the players today signed before the new collective bargaining agreement in 2011. Sometimes a -- If feel like sometimes cover the NBA after the business are a lot of great. I mean almost all these leagues right now considering -- you what -- called these guys -- that just -- in the specialists as a -- colleges well we've we've got -- that was going to be a career move for a lot of people but you can be -- colleges make money well about all the analytics it is the Celtics are bringing in advanced stats guys. And it which they have had -- -- it even -- treating you bad I'm a little. That that. That is sometimes like a miserable. Well I don't I don't know how that translated. Because I didn't I didn't believe in that hole stat thing about a guy I mean sometimes you he is about the point. You week we didn't have the advance dance I just knew how to play this down. I've improved one time. When I was talking to you I was tribal -- shares this new they get the NB Emily came next year I can remember what number you work -- -- is that good or bad all time on the list that that really got us. We shares whereas. Let's analytical statistic nauert now -- below. The rank the all time is -- -- -- away July agent. I didn't did you. -- yes we. Great. But. You know we are -- They're. -- it occurred. In it. At -- back. All. Her you know. It looked like he. Is. -- only. Hit it. Well what I Bolivia women's hockey imagine that if given Barnett didn't even go to college. -- I -- that. There are better -- that into. All I know welcome you know way and I I'd like car you have people like Q did Bill Russell -- make people better. I never thought -- I am really only like forty but it did I ever watched. Well I'm just say out well aware of this you know continue arguing every year players of team you don't think that. You played with -- value do you think Larry another another guy do you think -- people about other about LeBron does it make people better. -- -- -- aren't that yes I agree I read about it aren't doing it and expecting to click on the late in the heyday in -- -- he worked with top official was added that a the lakers. To play for the year it's at the beach -- eighty. -- -- -- Well at that. Until he bought it all earnest alert we're at a player -- I think all -- -- out of -- -- -- -- What had better. You could say that you can you can't say that you would definitely say that that. Larry -- -- other players surrounding him then Kevin McKee Ole hit two run that then -- Kevin Garnett has surrounding or even Paul Peters from a man. You'd think you'd think that. Kevin Garnett -- -- -- in the that don't you think we re all were buying it. You know we aren't over it and. I don't know about rock and -- of Rondo as a hall of Famer and -- I'm not sure about that I think that did. The -- judgment on that this -- outlawed no but but I think if you look at it won't mayor played with him Mikhail. Robert Parish in this Johnson these are three guys -- hall of famers sure shirt shop all the it. And I am NYU I am not kicking it in my kicking it Larry Bird. I love labor at this point it and I wanna make sure I say this is the end this is it. We'd ordinarily show bacterial and leaves you back in the day I love labor is equally exceptional one of the greatest players ever play the game. But I'm just looking at these -- said the Guillen on what Kevin Garnett brings to the table. That he may be slightly -- emperor. If I think about it all around game now while demand players well it is still that it's all around game that -- I think if you wanted to if I won it once shot to be taken. I want. Larry Bird Pollyanna I tell you know I know here I am not I am very very -- About this thing I wonder what shot -- amber but if I want it. Complete gain. -- -- -- -- Was the better passer. -- -- Who's better shooter who is. The better sure yeah yeah that I noticed Kevin Garnett not physically -- -- immigrant parties a seven foot -- covenants this himself not so instantly I give you dad. -- Kevin Garnett wasn't chopped liver or not it's a beautiful little sake let's OK I can't number system it grew up against -- break real quick Republicans aren't. Do you -- system. When you come back the number -- you give the number on where Larry Bird is defensively once the team. It will go in an -- as we wanted to -- it would do the same thing apart and woke -- magnets qualities I know that. But all right and easily tell when will go in and -- We'll continue your calls we have full lines we'll get to and Kelly and Amber's is up next after this break. Back here at -- summer cooler John Ryder and for -- grandy along with Cedric Maxwell. Always a great time with -- Max we have some interest in conversations during the break you might do a show for hours with the now we're gonna have. -- -- but how Long Will give back to world stock model and get this great hero quit randomly let you do but yeah. Kevin Garnett Kevin McHale an excuse me Kevin Kevin Garnett offensively when the tea. On eight OK Kevin Garnett won the -- defensively then a cup Larry Bird up instantly. When the ten. 910. Almost nine and ran out there aren't. Larry -- if it's seven. -- and you thought it was too generous I think absolutely -- Chandler's not -- it's a -- good -- but is still that mail that aren't yet Kevin Garnett comes out and top. What about its mother but I would say do you two. I they're two of the top twenty players were also questionable and thank you anybody who thinks that I have -- V. Or jealousy. Over you know playing with labor. To speak at the troop you can this is called talk radio this is. What we do here we we talk about issues and issues that I know about my speaking on Larry in terms I don't know we have. I know probably -- that I know better than most people what -- I would say -- -- into the flow. While he played with them you have that advantage over all America don't say that de. Always boats are in unanimous agreement laughing at this a constant coverage of Dwight Howard just as. And Hutomo when you which will get -- calls but this was interesting -- tell me that. No one -- -- you wanted to and a plane was Boston always did when I mean remembered the memoir my attorney was totally in how the draft is going. And he said okay Atlanta who's who was it was always know what -- -- Milwaukee. Was picking number eleven I think they lakers head five ahead. Two and that no three and five at the time some like bad. And I thought that might go even when those places but then after the Celtics picked at number twelve there was Atlanta. And in Portland later -- think like any of those cities except Boston but. Does turn out to be the best opportunity yet and that made the best. -- life would have been different if you're out through the great Pacific north well up next I'll. He would. And but if if the brother Walt that you get rated for -- the best passing big man on how well look if the president of the United States did it. It would them is like we gave president polio. Although I never -- but you know. The well known in the NBA does that now. Now if that never happens in the end. All right it's get back to the calls here it is about a million textbook try to do our best here in the Kelly and -- Thursday killing. They -- -- -- Originally wanted to call in and talk about Charlie and I thought I would just kind of be funny. But. You got to get into that probable but all these old lies rank and I'm just wanted to -- you know running at this point about Ray Allen and in Israel crappy. I got a crappy your talent and when he came here I was at the Kaymer he broke that record as well placed her light it was very exciting. Why was he was saying that he thought the Celtics who were at war it. The. I don't know about that but I do know that. I would want that Ray Allen -- -- Ray Allen and it really wasn't for most of his time here he went -- -- raptors play it's many coalitions. Yeah yeah you know who knows exactly what was let me eat it was never really went out hoping it would be. Well what -- I read what you mean by that because I mean he lives led the league -- three pointers he knocked out more than any of put your team. And that was Ellis his role so I'm not sure what what you want to do that was different. -- I was expecting him to be able to do that consistently. Act as a member of the worst element I'm covered -- glad you're here he did you know they need to pick that. I just remember there's so many swap especially when needed in the playoffs and just like writing this thing is I mean he's he's really. So far so maybe -- Not just saying you since so many -- our member a couple of slopes but for the most part Rihanna was -- Read a couple of clubs and how long were there you know and I'm -- that you -- a couple of years he had a couple of -- that that's. A couple of years and being here for five years I think you might be allowed but took all of our Q what was the point to go well I just want to preface this. Game six of the NBA finals who's pretty good against the lakers are member of that the one who won the championship. Member then it was yeah I remember that restore our that they can anyone look -- came back he was not acting now as exciting but I'm just saying. They were the one that anyways as I believe you said moments ago I was grandes and long ago they won that first game I really never looked back at me about your reality. Not -- and in and game to leave analysts he had to he had it's. Almost double digits in three's game four he would he get the game whether against the lakers but. You -- now what you Victoria I guess and held by the me now anyway. I'm not saying Ray Allen never had any bright spot that's what it says there were bright but they were in between slumped another volatile disappointing for me and it really delegate lead even that much of a big. Really felt like reality look and operate this year I wasn't I'm not and it's because he went to Miami you can ask -- this two years ago is that and saying listen. Any I mean what it always supposed to do he's not brought in for his defense he's a three point specialist and and and it I mean he's a sniper what he has. Right yep that's the way to the -- look at Mr. President for our golf and in Rochester area. Don't look at that picture taking my call your register New York armed with great discussion with KG and Larry. I gotta disagree awful Hartley. I'd love KG don't get me wrong. -- -- on my plot point has stepped on a key change a culture in Boston. Larry Bird and magic change a culture of MBA. Larry -- arguably the greatest player -- nineteen court 96. Ticket that I'm in the MBA was the best player -- in the MBA. He let our magazine in which we forget how great Larry I don't know may actually play them and everything and then what to what Larry Burke on the court. For the ambient for the Celtics it's -- to meet in the tape doesn't lie and I can work well at the corner listen you guys and set. So that history who's who that player would we weren't talking skill -- I can record what skills. History that we're just talking street and the ranking -- in the thick it stills are now. There's nerves in my opinion there's no way to do Larry it can't order a -- Well I think the Bruins Celtics -- -- I don't NBA -- -- -- at the government that they need to put into it also have to put that perspective. Who player per team in the league with. Also he came -- with magic and I think both of them at that particular time the NBA was when he down stroke. So you've had two guys who -- terrific who came in and pop life in the NBA and and how old. Never a question that I think he came Meehan in a great situation. And it it did not hurt that he was that the heat from French Lick. -- coming -- public itself and I can't just talk about overall skill set that's all the talk about how it was I don't I'm not so much talk about Celtics on this talk about. Skill set between two players. If you said Larry Bird. Or Kevin Garnett who would probably be the better all around play. Well there's no question and thanks for the call that. The bird magic. Does a great documentary great quote by Jack -- monitor great documentary on HBO which who were featured in as well that's so. But the now on tape delayed NBA finals. On his perfect it was perfect for central casting bird vs -- white guy from the -- compiled its use that that one of alleges that the that it. That's all right it's true is now he's he's nurture or retirement during the. -- happened to be very very true if you think a dollar per company and in -- and I was don't want anywhere from him as a player or a little putt I mean you covenant to Abed predominantly black league at that time. And being one of the greatest players to play out in the B white I think that spam base he traded again. Elevated and he attracted meaning more people not only because it was a great about because of the bipolar. You can't I don't validate you can't realize that. And obviously another real sports person. Well Isiah thomas' online -- right now willow we'll take a Brigham GOL wild Jose is not. -- what you thought you know what that by -- I will will continue to cause of this. Final segment celtics' summer cooler John brighter in the great. Cedric Maxwell would be a perfect question that is an issue -- and I know we once again get into it I mean how different would have been -- -- for -- don't -- now. That would be the perfect question now which we can save it is to be unbelievable top now on -- -- if we head if if Larry -- had been available the same year. That Magic Johnson was available to be draster -- Larry Bird was. Draft than you do you're eligible for a year before he actually came out though the same year Bert I mean that magic came -- lakers had the first pick in the draft. Who would you take if you didn't like. Would you take -- or would you take. Mad I didn't -- magic -- I think they would but imagine Larry I was saying united to imagine him at LA that's our fortunes which. But I was just totally terrified of -- ball -- Miller -- lives out here and LA. Or about this problem magic in LA in Boston now. Meet you you talk about. Fish out of water. These toward the perfect -- Lee's war. The idiots with no I'd like to -- to Tim -- at this -- aptly percent to he is a -- -- they're -- certain athletes who may or you know their their places. Joseph name up he would in New York bright light city and its so there's certain got Peyton Manning. India ball all day India would would -- sometimes just works out that as early as this district that works that works out. That is but that would be adjusting and use you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd. Back because. He here's David curry gave. Think that's at stake in the all right I'm -- They. Someone that you probably electric and Austin and down and in say. I'm very disciplined in -- Atlanta bikers -- -- out and trying to -- but I think she started when it went like you know Tony. And Tony Gilbert. -- but Lotta substance that was that was -- moves that Larry -- But let you know if you look at the blueprint the -- which are setting up here I mean I think again -- so this or that -- -- -- coach -- together with a top draft that it can and if you hit it right -- be dominant long time but the -- -- best sizes. And I think about the lakers will that -- anybody on the lakers could be. Of assistance for the Celtics and I happen to the public August oh got -- anybody. Everybody -- award at the top. Helpful for the lakers. Are what I think Paul Gasol can be helpful if you'd think about treatment. How does it always gonna like -- more without Dwight as an well but they also changing what they do because they have to get younger. I think one of the things if you Laker fan right now maybe it's a state the obvious. Maybe one the move -- Amnesty called third marquis yes or picture well I mean if you are you -- the lakers and you want in -- essentially almost all over eventually to get you know some some assets stroke -- to help you in the years to come. If the lakers -- about championship -- Yeah I island go out if he's about chairmanships so if you about championships. Keep Kobe you're not aware while it didn't get him get some they've only go one player under contract -- -- -- it's Steve -- right to the next season and so -- -- makes you so you do you look at that. And you move the start making room right now. What -- LeBron James in the out while we brought that up last week you know and they're gonna have the money to spend. Well obviously it hollow argument that heavily dispute but now diesel probably go one place and take Jason Kidd says Brooklyn now as the horses to knock off Miami. -- -- -- You know you know the narrative they're big they're telling me if there help be their starting -- you -- their starting five W -- -- just. Silencing Mary you've got Lopez. KG -- Deron Williams. Joseph Johnson and you like this drug manages static Kirilenko but they actually have some you know. It Reggie Evans for those offensive rebounds and try to think of them might have to rest their -- I think I'd try to watch Greta veteran right so so you actually think of Miami. -- quietly what they're able to do who they that LeBron. -- we're gets here by a total number right now -- -- that out. We would you take a flyer on him. It -- lookup table how's Miami. -- flyer for Greg Oden would be bad. Because -- Yeah why not there but if you're a younger team. And you were developing in grade gold which is similar. Could that you know what Andrew Bynum recently sent Cleveland and I think I like the move likely I like the contract because it's all incentive later and he asked to play -- love them a lot of moves especially for guys used to but the second year -- -- year is a really guarantee -- well it's because of the hijacked. Is that -- I think he can be a dog I wonder how much even cares about the game but he better this year because it's incentive -- get -- license plate but -- if you look at him what his what he brings to the table. There is not I don't I don't think there's the big other. So there in the NBA right now Steele said. If he had would be the Porsche you'll look back you down left and -- Polk and jump hook. When he is wrong when one is quite when he is right there that there might not be about the civil right now in the NBA and that Dwight Howard's better not. How how would take a argued quite if I -- got an equal all right LC Libya -- if all things we Cole how would take Andrew ballot booklet that -- -- because essentially. Well Roy what everyone's like how was one to beat you he was one to beat you. Now I've sat at a still life item by item -- bella did at the united to a little bit when it went right but I just -- I mean how much you can pay you know what -- here. -- it's Hollywood on early twenties -- him 23 army is only twenty could be no more than 28 idea. I you know what I I was -- here's one for at least -- wanted in Cleveland they don't have to worry about him are hurting himself or while he's injured Karen around playmates and in a mansion. The Mets story and -- amendment that also the bag that you would believe me and I have one that was a recent LA is LA is a different beast in the I have -- -- -- -- abuses that the approved different beast and a not gonna find as many big girls in the -- no no no I mean that's that they. Girls down the date they run through on the beach there in shape that's one that is shaped that is one the most in shape places other. -- that I ever bid to that you see women all the time on the beach running short or doing something help -- You know some -- -- other cities right now would -- -- and satellite that would provide our goal though that as this pork is -- down. And it's a good skill to John and land a job. Although. I one you know -- yeah I know that time might it might hurt college. -- I look at your commentary. Are absolutely respected inside especially in the -- resident. But I have to disagree with you on your statement out all your mood and be you know art show you that quote unquote period I think. But it probably wanted. Yeah one outfit so I guess technically what am I don't necessarily should have been -- Ray Allen. Played more consistent ball. Allen at couple -- into our. Home and I also wanted you to comment on. The column -- right Alan -- -- Ray Allen. Yeah I think that was -- I mean what do you. What you want to BI are more than your John I mean what are you wanna -- -- down low in the paint try to rebound the basketball. I mean you can't expect -- got a cute. 50% from the -- it shouldn't you know if I get sick like you're critical review of all I think Al was great -- -- -- out Kabila. But I think Ray Allen was great -- And he said that -- you know the reason we didn't want to I don't I mean if you look at I think it was being with that -- reality set a record for the reason final. And did thought there was in Syria what that reaction is and I don't what you get up for a good answer you question before you go. It's old lived here is in the questions you you'll retire Pope visitors you right. Absolutely go retire -- or ministers. Absolutely and -- how about ray Allen's Jersey be retired -- Why you might -- toward your largest copper. Caller right now the dollar. I think you who were there to be thank you I think you do just I mean I'm -- I'm an emotional guy and edit it and I. -- out and I have to respect what he did it in Britain needs a title that -- street thank you but at the same time he left it. Always liked a couple of our current girlfriend I'm never out of. They've got a -- -- put down a Miami -- pretty good right now. And we ran -- -- all Mac man John on the cape wanted to birds KG debate I just wanna get a better grip well -- John John Roy had a lot match. Real quick I -- corporate America Larry Bird called. Mexico -- -- on the station on -- Also all also to -- -- can I -- Larry Bird returned them the NBA MVP. One of the election while the best solution -- one that. That's -- -- he played actually grabbed a lot of bullet actual I'd be seeing you occupant don't want it feared. I'm glad you do it again that it took a truck out of your credibility go. And I love that I -- because they took -- -- little -- Thank you know a thank you I absolutely that. I will be here next week and back in the OK I love this honestly call amber at a guy who usually. How you beat you in the -- her -- gave us a good job on the. K while you pay your going to a spot this pretty nice has some good -- but the guys come out well I'm not telling anyone either but you'll be via via on assignment yourself. That I don't see this is fun facts I it was a joint work going -- We should well anyway call the god that does it. Next ever won you can go to bay would more callers wanted to take up we'll try to get across the street without any incident. I'd thanks two that Loper -- -- true love for producing generals up next. I'm John Ryder four Cedric -- have a good rest of the Saturday.

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