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"Celtics Summer Cooler" with John Ryder and Cedric Maxwell - Hour 1

Jul 13, 2013|

In hour #1 of this edition of “Celtics Summer Cooler”, Ryder and Max discuss the legacy of the new Big 3 era and specifically Paul Pierce. Max gives his take on how Pierce, KG and Rondo would fair in the old days of the NBA. The guys discuss the Summer League games and the solid play of rookie Kellie Olynyk – what can you really take from these games? They also get a call from their old pal Sean Grande who gives his take on Pierce and KG officially being gone and more.

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Well this is interesting here because. China grannies on assignment yet again but he'll be checking in at some point. Cedric Maxwell I'm sure at some -- will be joining us. -- the meantime. It's John router sitting in in filling in -- view here well I know I'll be here -- peninsula 3 o'clock and will be getting into the Celtics and the current Celtics in the past as well. Here and where -- -- peers which is and a big conversely to nano and has been here for for a long time and especially. With the -- the Boston Globe coming out the other day where it is -- Paul Pierce. Many on on many minds where does Paul Pierce fit all time. When it comes to the Celtics well is in the top ten in so many offensive categories -- the Celtics of course he's played the third most games. Among stalls Celtics players have John have a chicken Robert Parish that she pierce just four games out from playing the second most games. And in terms of points scored is gonna finish second and and that category. Right now there's still a lot of work to do for this Celtics team. As you look at it right now. And even with -- trade ministry it is his official video is officially walking in right now is Cedric Maxwell. Now -- appear here -- they reach over. Varieties gray area and is. Well you know I mean I think people learn getting -- CMX you get caught up in that seen across the street. There's like DL a children's playground set up across the street. Block in the area. What that is -- trampoline so I was worried you might be bounce out that trampoline over the let's not drop around you know on the problems that and then we bullet here yet is known here -- nobody here. The -- but there's like a lot of people trying to you know trampling on -- -- I know I. I know you're good with kids Macs so I I think I'd be over that's not use that on the yearbook money not no I meant you know you're a nice here's what you are popular guy you've -- people use your helpful okay thank you -- With your help us with stuff. Anyway I don't I'm doing other than that as staff who -- well certainly will be getting into the Celtics the current roster and also looking back -- well -- it a big topic conversation -- score some of your thoughts on this. We're do you think Paul -- it's in legacy wise all time with the Celtics. Top ten. But but. Yeah I think so how did you you'd have to say Paul -- will be in the top. And then I'd say -- -- -- abuses in the top ten. What would you label that aren't done. Well some people all right because 70 lately six -- there if you look at it Kevin Garnett has had a better career in the Paul peers. That would be -- -- and people and a lot of people disagree with Cuba Paul. Remember here are way different types of players aren't -- here essentially changed the against change the mindset of this organization. And -- -- -- become a brother later. And in term Paul Pierce became -- -- -- the Clinton to combine that with chairmanship but if you look at Paul Peters. I always say he could be top team. But I think Kevin Garnett would be from him always said Kevin Garnett to me maybe. Second best all around player Everett plant itself and I think he beats us -- behind Bill Russell. But slightly but I hit a Hitler birth mom and all the reasons is because Tim Barnett played both -- Lot of people like to dispute that but you have to look at the numbers itself and also look at what you -- that is well there -- an -- instantly. Is not isn't chopped liver no he's not -- as one of the best mid range jump shots one of the best passers for big man is not is good make sure I say this insular bird. -- offensively. But the offensively. They would be separated by light years with. It is. Yeah. I I think you probably could compare Pierce's game mortar birds and then Kevin Garnett -- to have yours yes yes yes they -- you would know best and soup label not talked a couple of people about this and in the Joker. Judge Graham who played with the Celtics want to trusted traveler and that probably is -- much better off that supported the Bill Russell. It Eagles all he's not hot it's still awake at arm as a -- -- as a -- -- -- that these these -- mid -- jump -- Although I mean according to stress out -- my daughter out free throws and a range jump shows up instantly I was that he would be much better. You need to go out to eighteen feet. And in some times in a little bit beyond Internet yeah I think 1880 -- -- by a team we're -- to what lies about the other by the -- given division but. Really really consistent then -- and and well a lot of people. It was he here long enough but in the -- time 07086. Years six year years being here for fifteen years ago obviously Pierce's earned he'll be did mix number retired. And -- to be retired at -- If you you don't think Kevin I think Kevin Garnett alzheimer's immediately go we go and they even open a can of worms here why you don't think I think it's saw automatic a pure numbers -- I'm saying is all the men. But if that's automatic. -- -- Now -- we briefly kind of got into that'll bid I'm asking you right now I'm asking you not caller I'm looking you read the racism it. Is Ray Allen in the autumn and no he's not why. Because he went to the Miami Heat all my god you're like the rest of the no no I'm not into the -- on staying up. That's the Miami Max I'm saying that he's not an automatic I think it should be retired. So I think all three should be up there yes. But he quit I don't actually believe that you with seniors I'm saying what I think the general public thinks it's paralyzing -- republic I just told you how many different -- -- threat that tells you what -- I I think all three will be up Durbin actually might take a little bit longer for -- Coca. And a -- all three automatic golf neighbors how to play without dispute and that's automatic. Well no doubt -- give him -- -- said they have the other day the impact that Ray Allen has had on the lead might be. You in in history might be more dramatic right now if you cut you off right now -- Kevin and well. Because of that shot that he he -- he won the chairmanship here but also he won the chairmanship of Miami Indy changed history. Of the MBA. What that once shot in Miami and. -- it's a damn big shots a lot of -- that was no let up athletic guy when he's when he's at the NBA finals record. For game would -- note that insulate and has more reason by the -- I would say also the shot that he hit against. San Antonio. That changed history you'd love look at this call the border -- That they shot the hit against San Antonio change some of the history of the game because. The legacy of LeBron James will be tarnished every now that it's none no question over debit that is not. I think is a legacy of the NBA's cemented -- time at a Celtics well it is if his legacy in the NBA -- some solidify. It should be with the should be with the -- Because he has a big shot the winning shot released in LA. Beat the lakers. When that when they when the temperature. So there are so many ways a look at ray is being submitted in there should be but I know a lot of people war. Well a lot of people forget because it was you know the 0708 season that's unforgettable but in terms of the games and I understand this because. There's so much excess and ended 2000 tests you know I here's another thought maybe if great if what if this it. -- rate doesn't leave. If he doesn't leave if he was back last he is straight it's straight it's like this is the way like the other until. Is is it more in your mind is clear the well for PR purposes it's easier for the Celtics. Nobody you got to understand eventually it is no adult I'm you don't think that. It here in Boston -- pretty -- they don't look at the big picture they don't look at that the business aspect of -- they just look at -- one side Celtic green side of things what -- the sandwiches same look at the business -- -- you look at it right being a former NBA player as its business -- moving around -- amid a special rail and bounced around from Seattle on the lot you know Milwaukee to Seattle to. The Celtics do my you know Miami -- all right. The people that are around here. That day that they don't look at it that way they just look at one thing the Boston Celtics and they look at reality dad left money on the table and Burnham to go to the -- well I think you have to look at. If you if you rules sportsman and you and we know the -- subpoenas are very. -- will about basketball in -- older basketball IQ is very good is -- Why if if you have to look at that -- it isn't this like a -- Of course I had it there like leather. Like me and my Jersey -- how many years later well I thought it was -- I do like I don't it was nice to that ad they put out for you in the global yeah sure when they -- -- know how nice gesture -- goodbye. We went out to clipper -- young rock and Britain's. 6177797937. You can text us as well. At 37937. It's John -- with a great Cedric Maxwell will be here up until. 3 o'clock taking your phone calls rethink your suits and looking at discouraged and we get into the current roster as well. And -- -- just raving about Kelly -- -- while they had the at the somberly. Mean some of the clips that I've seen of him. He is pretty looks like he could be looked like he can be special and you know you -- get a good look at that little snippets. But some of the things he's able to do. If peace is 74 other can go coast to coast step -- hit the mid range jump shot. I'm not sure about him rebounding but in south saw a couple of -- -- rose is in my -- piece for the self. And set out in the news in particular where they draft values of max's and here is as well my favorite my favorite one so Olympic. Kenny -- be there partying with the big girls in the paint he knows. You know as a ham and cheese -- -- -- and the parameters nibbling on those tuna sandwich. -- -- don't. -- yeah anyway. And I'll of those parties in the painted area that those those those dances and yes wrapped -- say stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well no but Olympic was a point guard guys -- got a -- Britain Kevin Mikhail raving about -- and he takes the NBA game will -- more because as more spacing on the if it it will release seems to be that way you look him. Several weather. So now the one snippet let's go listen -- -- what which we -- Rebound the basketball. Kicks it down the flow. Runs after the ball. Steps across half court pitches that inner pass to be behind the three point line -- it now with these past seven foot. Another move on the inside the paint. Little spin move a couple of -- towards the hole. Knocks down a jump shot. A notable Gold Coast to coast. As a seven -- and finishing. Most of Bush's hand the ball law they don't -- he looks like he could -- -- -- touch era so there are some things that he said. Cube does know that because the game has become not the pick and roll game. Is welcomed the pick and pop. No idea it did so much the break -- out of three point shot you have enough of those outside shooters him then. But to. Not an how much can you gauge on this summer league though because we've seen guys brag war for me realize -- -- take Christmas has put up sixteen point or somewhere around there. And then there's guys like Jefferson sellinger played well and it did transfered the NBA game so. Who knows -- well well. The big look at is skills. Skill sets don't change. Now you can score thirty points in in the summer league in your skill set might not be a good when that translates to the MBA. When I mean this by you might be just the fact you just jacking up shots and all right knock him down but shots. But if you -- rebound. And you can do certain things pick and pop pick and roll rebound the basketball score in the paint. Get the ball in transition these -- steel -- it will document and they translate into the BA. Rather than points points don't translate in the -- Skill sets. -- excellent point I think so too and especially in those snippets that you mentioned. You know a few times just underneath dishing the ball off things of that. The LIQ wise guys tell as opposed to just some guy knocking down jump shot. If she said Christmas was able to knock down points in the we've scored him and scoring in the summer league is like this always -- people just because you scorn civilly. Most of the guys than someone. Who competed -- me -- you -- sure that can be in the Melo fab Melo hit two triple doubles in that really. Well light years away I think fab Melo get a gro -- soccer Brazil was that he compared to eliminate foods you know desperately basketball solid but no that's what you're -- project well he was Olympic is that is actually -- Remember he was a quarterback in football. In that the with high school was when these things are written about -- my notes -- -- I know I noticed that come talk to you what that's why don't you just a couple of minutes late because you were doing a deeper answers the people but that. Market months. Spurred -- it -- it it is a scene opener mad house. Even though there have -- a -- got jungle GO. PPP if you if you stop listening to us at 3 o'clock. Bring your kids down here because they got some -- on the Chrysler in -- Does for a landing it and entries view and you try to weave yourself be in what six foot nine. None of which it that extra you know I love that stroller is right now -- will blocking the interest darned good -- Are you kidding me. -- -- I'm just a couple of around the corner nobody all right now I know what it's like a very good their visits a ghost town there are only five or six maybe two cars in the -- -- at best then. Right now -- park on the third floor second level now. All right let's get to call here before the break here's Tony you know Boston -- Tony. A little guys who don't pay maxed up our football I am a huge. Mac and -- you. I grew up watching you allow Mac saw Bob portfolio also and I got up to let -- -- away and I haven't all of our EI -- of it all and years -- the -- -- I -- malware or rip that they're working outlet liquid crystal ball on what you're doing as well we like bill. And not politics and -- think they're impressive. And very odd and getting Ray Allen and here. Because we're built for the future now that they're gonna get groups are what they cheered you don't want -- NBA I don't normally the point. But nothing like OK when we fortieth on the line but we're going to be obsolete -- offered -- -- -- being -- -- up at any point. I'm now on why it all I got the opportunity of -- well I reputable last week when I thought -- On the -- in Annan NB AQ why not only export I think what it is only one. Hit it hit you re -- aren't there in the it all and I'm not that it'll pull. OK governor -- anything like. And that's why they are now that it -- -- -- -- able -- Not on there and whatnot and I'm like stuck you know auditor about what they're. Let me -- would you would you be about what you mean by break down like bring out mentally. Is that what you're saying. I don't think mentally. And physically I mean. Only eight. And break out. I think I think she will be okay he looks like he's pretty. You know -- I have I -- real a lot about him which would be bad. And I'm marchers sometimes is overrated I came in this league I was 68205. So you don't have to be the biggest guy. If you know how to play -- know how to position your body. You can transition your game and he's seven for the looks like he has some -- look -- you know he's played well it's better than not play well in the summer league but let's not get out of control here in the sky -- in the hall of fame right now a mental thing. You -- that's a broadcaster that he. There you go. And arguing here that. They had not been really -- going to let you know editing is trying to use the W group -- let him play is spurs game against real it BA competition. She's in well welcome you know -- the other part is still aren't let's face facts and it is -- he's on all as the head man belong here. Kind of goofy looking white to run an open on the floor of course he's gonna get more pub in some of the other -- but that today he's a the thing about him. Is he reminds me of certain guys that I've seen this league play AMOCO. What steals -- who disease who is through my mile. And Alice think about is the key had been laid down in Houston for -- while. Luis Scola. Luis -- laid down in Houston for awhile -- into the -- Phoenix by about today's invited yeah about six about 69 and can step out shoot the jump shot my slow moves on the inside who put the ball on the floor different ways but this -- is -- -- picker. Look like -- has a little bit more aptly the schism. I'm I'm kind of surprised. There just well what I've seen again not a raving about Cuba is out of seeing some is due process of surprise that he you know dropped. -- Well what the other guys did that -- picks all right is it that they didn't accuse athletic enough front -- for your short arms for a seven footer. I don't know about Scola and terms of get down and dirty with all those rebounds to Scola -- really banks quite a bit better I think that he could think that you know you talk about. Not long arms they -- him real well on it for his side so I I don't think that sometimes. People like to. All of the size and there's a guy name on it discussing JD. -- that's the wings Spain at duke if you're lucky if you or content or you'll be great would he could be dredging up that long wings may have. Sometimes it's not about this sometimes it's about playing the game standing. How to play the game well you know what I do like Teddy can bring it outside and shoot that amid -- can even extended the other three once on not the -- -- -- a ton of those is seven importer but now he can space the floor like dad and and is and is good passer. Well what you look at it this way and in the -- it's about to. Are you coupon listeners or UConn brilliance but. Who was the seventh of whether that Travis Knight note that left -- that left there. About two years ago he played from Memphis. Josh Boone and come out with a 74 that he was a big guy with the played at Memphis for awhile all Hasheem -- yet again are right. -- what's that yeah well here's a soccer player wings' -- then loan. Could run. Can't now I'll bust -- could simply still finds -- diseases haven't thought about what he could simply did in the cowboy non if they asked them not debris Nestle. This text to sizzle attic is of poor man's Nowitzki and and yes that's a good thing that would -- ago -- be a great thing what are your favorites there are we see -- -- up there on the fall as we get right to lament this break in a flash. I don't agree week you know solicit her for our team. You know they -- bass organ. You know worked hard and this ought to fund student you know get some games under your belt in those the other become the next level operates. And you know got a couple wins which is good who lost a couple which is too bad that in all an off it was a good experience and good -- just on the right direction. -- well spoken. You zig and zag education Kelly -- Winnick. I like what exactly is that Washington. Not DC. Other coast then. John Stockton is outside of CN polar via. We're glad it's it's not that. It's it was one. Should notice. The exact. I have town. And send some more text and I've never been out there. Spokane Leo -- thank you thank you -- term. -- -- lets -- pick -- -- what that that would be what western Washington. This book and mr. right. When -- the people were whispered memory years and of this story that you were supposed to go to a stones concert out there in Seattle a one time. And we need to get that. The go and you know people I went to. And I thought the -- you have buddies the subway to different people and I was down that. Twin rivers right -- casino. I had some function them and in what way was down there although all these -- of people them. We just talk it but every person -- -- out on the say at least 25 people came up and tell me about my circumcision story or. About some of the story at whole. On the area. While you have some legendary stories next was always -- and every day's -- new -- for your putting today I'll -- -- was that was to go when the other day I mean what happened. You loved playing connect for the Rondo can't contact us. This guy that I'm sitting down on the park bench in front of my apartment downtown Boston a wonderful. Guy walked up. It's a look at me. You -- suit pocket. Don't know he probably -- to pockets to visit or go to pocket and starts he has a quarter enhances him and he looks at -- while on the I'm like no I don't have any money it goes back his pocket. It gets about. Now look back it's your home sick dude I'm trying to help you well is it don't be so proud beat just take the money okay. -- I. Don't know how -- you dressed. Am not just jeans jeans and -- or lose Gary one of those Smart suits walking around the outlets that. It's you know what -- -- who's about -- at the -- will be don't know I'm not W didn't know how the parliament head on like -- -- khakis and some like. Leahy was Hispanic man -- walked up to try to give me money. It -- which I didn't take it. -- -- Apparently had set hey -- multiple text uses an eastern Washington that's where it is -- neo eastern. All right why you gotta make some plans to out there now don't know why am I actually am going to do. Going -- Washington probably some time to for the next month because they have that my key factor. Let's ignore it -- while they have well -- Portland you're in the whole area yet on out there and then my key factors in Portland. One that did take mobile because they are huge you know huge gas rent fumble that the birthdays that commits them take them that's a nice gift Portland and little to do the whole office you know hang out and that's been money thing that's a good thing don't work for them it's a better thing for them thank god who have QG. An off night yet club that I know of right now you would get. I would I here's rich and in Providence -- rich. It -- It. That's a funny story Max maybe should go to a park bench and I'm just -- this. -- and that's -- -- a lot of Cutler market saying that the optics that history dvds and -- think my favorite one is the 1984 games adware. He said that -- in the locker room. This. You know if you know my back. You can -- basically essentially and -- carried into victory that they. Said the same thing to me today about the show. -- -- Else -- I don't know I could hit and run through. If I may treat that as -- do if you were picking detained. Who if you prefer to have. Like for instance number one. Tiny Archibald. Or Rondo. -- Hum. As good I think it would take Rondo right now. Because I would right now be cut well via right now but I would take Rondo even if I had to do to -- -- -- yes because I think rumbles vision. Was gathered in time is that and I played with timing. And on top of that Rondo is a bit there. Rebounder than they are two ball ones although they are two balls hall of -- -- -- it in about Tommy got to mean. He is slow down because remember he was the only guy in the NBA at one time. The per the only guy who several led the league it's board aunt assists so there's the so but I still proud to run them. And it's but it second who would you who would you pick Larry our cabin. -- And never stops and view and Larry. It's. You know it's near besmirching my favorite all time he'll kick it Larry it that reason I say that number explain this sir because. Kevin Garnett. Play that you like those big girls in the train wreck kept their plays both mutes the. Lower -- an economic hell hole always OK Kevin and Larry okay I would take I would take Larry. -- now declare -- the -- was really good a ball into the floor I still think that Larry's getting translated a lot better think Kevin's the. Look at -- and the last one we do pick go to would you choose your preferred. Well apparent to Bill Russell. I'd have to go with Russell. Think -- easy one because Russell. As one more rings than you know anybody I've ever known on top of that to Olympic gold medals and two college championships so he is there a definitely approve one not. I don't think one of the most per winners not only an NBA in sports historic district -- Heavy touch Toronto recently and knowing you were strong line the beach there. The last time around fourth of July you did but I'm Bret Stephens went out to his camp a little oval and only here is glowing stories from both sides on that -- -- that is -- it is this and LA and acutely analytical minds -- or what else. As I keep thinking I think that they're going to get low right now obviously because as you know is is would be a little love this -- -- once problem -- -- an extension on his contract. And Steve was wants to win and have his best player on his side. Now what happens win Rondo gets one it is it one of those moods were he might not. See out I would coach that's when that -- -- the or Brady it's what -- tested did. Well you know what ever won on its exporters wondering what you're eating over there. I'm sorry I was TV some. You -- -- these are these are called -- of our -- Hello scratchy record things up with. -- slow hungry have to walk a lot of he isn't camera and while you're gonna get as doughnuts to know how well we're actually actually nice to be I actually did later huge unions squared -- -- some of the best moments over some of the my barber told me this place and went over -- -- unbelievable now look what we get amending it sold out of and then and I helped you out as well -- -- at all -- your god. This is beautiful -- with it bodes well it's called. Barney Barney it means and means yes savings. Standings -- the Irish pub there you go Mecca to ride in a right well -- It's got -- -- John grandy of them always CO full full lines will will get to the phone calls will will it yet we will know where -- three next and then John -- is coming up after the break. Back here on celtics' summer cooler John Ryder filling in for -- grandy and and -- actuality. Max is all excited that your you're on John. And I am too of course. I and I know you war and I know that we have seamlessly -- -- that you know people realize the complexity of that bottom in the fourth inning deal. This. Course and this. Play by play that required chemistry extraordinary can -- chemistry is required intricate see it requires certain trust. And and timing in between pitches to get all the scores and we were able to do that. So with seamlessly but you know from actual that we in the future that's I think the best part of the show. So what would you do -- tilt which is doing he's on assignment again and don't deeper Simon deep cover. I am I can really get vacation by leaving my friends and family to come be a part of this of this this Saturday afternoon. -- well would you let him with my winter fan. Well worth so you're in Canada. Desire of some pentagon -- until I'm gonna call live next weeks of the whereabouts. You know what it is exciting and a manager I think we do this right we -- -- -- entire. -- show over the summer without actually being in place. I'm trying. I'm here already missed a big story. Simply I actually can't believe that we had not been able. There has to be one night we do one Red Sox game and appreciate the experience I wanna -- I dealt the heart for our for the game show on the -- warning up our game. All before minutes before the game is being a great job because what they had the bus they when they get the Buckley out there. I I'm not really at prop eight year old -- but he called it a little love. The club out -- I think that will be your favorite part of the -- you know they're sitting in the NBA he's put ago spread out after the game and you know -- -- -- they wanna -- want the next thing to remember when you're at a club out. You're there for 8910 hours a day for three or four days in a row -- I think his stock -- the best like the best collection of breakfast cereal. I've ever seen I'm like mom calls it the most well it is lunchtime and shall we -- mentioned. You know big girls eating sandwiches in the pain that's already been brought up so -- highlights it ties in together. Well anyway the elected anyway we have yeah we've we've already discussed that I wanted to that was actually my first question because -- -- -- -- number already what do you think Kelly Nolan. Well I haven't watched a lot of tape but this film highlights from the from look forward to vacations over watching this summer league game. I think that you know summer league obviously is what it is but there're there are different hurdles. And see a rookie gently speaking to players it's dead now. If soberly on the second year player which you wanna be -- the guys to come back. After playing a year in the NBA elect Jeremy lamb did he got like that you want to see them come back and only dominate. This summer league look like they don't like look like these guys performed with the best players should need to be. Playing I remember. We were in this case. Six or seven years ago in -- -- goal. Would go back you know Leon -- would go back a second year after they've played a year -- VA and they would just you know cops walked -- can dominate. And your Kelly politically powerful team in Orlando was one of the best player of that collection you know it's. Whatever you -- engage the sample which can't take away from a that he was one of the best players and this -- -- -- put a little check mark next to -- that's about. Best you could possibly hope for an impossibly -- Well -- this is is my take on it then no you weren't here a minute ago the school but. But now but let's take it my take is actually did this and you looked as you heard that you Wear your kid who loved it over there but. Might take was that -- video Kelly Olympic is that fact that. What you do have is a skill set. And it -- translate sometimes we were talking my guys who scored you know to score you can scored some leak. But his skills that translate into the into something good for the UBS. He's a good jump shooter he's a step and pop -- so far. He does he has pretty good won't work in the fact that he grew. From six feet is seven -- -- -- seem like opening night. Means his footwork is probably the prime real little bit better because he was small guy early on so there's some things that I see in his -- Bet with. I think at the next level a topic that is not gonna be a bad look we think by having that that -- home you know that long kennel while there. You know it is something that even though sometimes go pretty go we've thing about a guy like the burden me. He's going to be a popular player in question about our guys are got you on the limit well let me Jersey what about a -- -- Now he's the least shot -- -- did that like to go back. Talking about -- is. God it's absolutely -- in there what they did in college let's say they were. Mid major conference and make it play. The post is 676 -- they can play down low they can score things that they're not going to be able to do -- like a guy like Gary Trent. I'd like that to -- -- able dominate the score down low in college. And then backing did not translate when they get the next level above those guys can go to summer league. And still do what they do against -- a lot more level competition and still scored to be successful about not Tripoli on December 18. You know it's Sacramento whereas Pakistan killing nordic has the skill set that obviously you would be the thing you want to -- that law. You know how the -- is a great way of looking at this. And to be kept legal issues Kevin Garnett the first we saw him but there are things -- -- right away this snapshot the lateral -- -- playing absolutely it was in warm -- whatever. That you could say this guy as a game. That is the other things that he can due to projected in it would be informer for the first -- Robert Swift. -- the evidence we have that -- It was going to be. It got one of the great debate until the end time loudly -- that area show. About. Leo and talk about Robert. Or -- -- have that whoever he's free to go guns though he is a bit like. It would be found like a mom of goods when the he was removed from his house. Instincts took top. Interest and innocently looks like more Ritchie Cunningham -- but never believe that but I should shut your priority this -- been award winning just as you mentioned the the -- -- of the Mack Gary Trent. And and unbelievable while he was only but basically -- true it was a probably about 67. Russell his elevations and some -- this if it's -- is that legitimate seven foot there. It's going to be very interest and deceitful -- Tressel well I would -- like you guys to oval of course you're -- but. I know his first round pick number sixteen but finding these guys we did you know that played an important games in the -- did that'd -- game plan in the NCAA tournament. We've seen did he do this that I know I was in the sec around a big baby plans to meaningful games at LSU. The -- some of these. Guys. You know that that have played an important games for for bigger schools and college we start with San Antonio and always fond of flavor two DeJuan Blair Sandra and Ohio State just. Oca which. I'd love to -- -- to go to Washington anyway shot but did you know what I mean there would. Witnesses you know when you have those certain picks and this was a perceived weak draft. Take it'd taken a chance and again displayed as meaningful games. It's really funny you mention the one Blair and the -- -- and young from Pittsburgh yeah the delicate. Ignored and -- -- he's been targeted support not to other people to meet with the work that we saw him. His rookie year what they've been maybe next year you can Memphis is really strong against the Celtics -- wanting to get overlooked in the kind of in the end John is that. Phillies sit down won loss record in Cutler will be looking at you know skill -- the basic skills and look at the patriot thing where it got like Teddy Bruce got to make plays. Got to play on winning team it's not a coincidence that these teams won a lot of games you want guys who played not to two meaningful games but they won a lot of games. To get there I think sometimes that -- but that's what gets completely overlooked. In a draft situation in the Columbine situation is there are guys who you know who find places to -- where -- -- Less true I think you can look at you think about the risks you know my head not the best hitter but they ever you know -- you in the middle. Close -- the the roadster was when the exception you not -- -- the Brewster were girls and I love Doug about the rooster. I don't know temperament -- -- all time great Red Sox today closed to -- couldn't couldn't get his way. Was shot to do is doing a number of Red -- games this -- look at what David Ortiz at length along with all the Celtics. Have a -- show how well we talk about the all the guys who didn't who might begin to spin -- right now. Mentally it's that. We like the regular clock -- in Detroit Jhonny Peralta hit a home run you -- why couldn't they rule you know. Earlier you wonder what's gonna happen all the guys if they do ruled against -- have played all these games the. They're being raised by Genesis well. Back to the NBA and the Paul Pierce you know not a lot of conversation is dominated the airwaves as in the past but in particular this week shot where his peers is placement. In Celtics Laura amid top ten Celtics -- How do you look dead and the exit question yes but at -- and I I'm surprised. This is something we'll probably do like later this summer really kind of laid out in in debt because this show. You know filling in a couple of months ago. On on the guy that came out. I was really surprised. And last week -- pocketbook if they want a million times will be a million times more about how difficult it is to shuffle the deck of the present time. You know into the deck of history and make the guys -- due to a little of that perspective -- the guys still play but I really do you think. Even now as the you know until they come to land that the appreciation for. Legacy of Paul Pierce in this modern era in -- -- problem with the Celtics that you compare everything to winning you know playing with Bill Russell winning championships every year. But I. Really don't think he even in the skill -- that we're talking about a Paul Pierce people truly appreciate that may be Max. It's that I don't think Paul Pierce this superstar he is. Forget Celtics history in the last fifteen years in the NBA. I don't think Paul Pierce's name comes as quickly the people's mind at this as a superstar. Last fifteen years in the NBA at his. Accomplishments. Have -- him. Well I'm -- I'm going over here right and just quickly in them and give Maine some -- I'm putting these names right here. Above pierce some won't were Russell -- -- bird and put Mikhail. Output helmet -- The and after that it's like -- where -- who say -- it would be hit appalled here's. That that would be my question who would be hit a pulp is wood and a -- -- material will be Sam geologists that -- known -- written. Kevin McHale on the deuce again this is the things you chipped it to be enough right -- OK all right Russell Byrd Mikhail. -- which. Is Collins they have of him. This is in no particular order I don't listen assisting in the you don't just names that you pick up. Now I say who would heights and with say -- yeah local women who seek. OK but other Matt who do you start thinking about Sam -- was -- better than Paul Pierce took it or you know you throw them -- like it in that area. Q what -- -- would have to be -- someplace in that area from a standpoint of just rebound the basketball. I mean you know rebounding you've said many times he's the best score. You know until which has Streeter got -- could you do more things offensively but his ability to get the free throw line has been pretty much unparalleled. You know clutch. Obviously finals MVP that the league. -- if you well know. I just don't think we yet have perspective this before long down period for the club held period. In the last forty years where there was only one championship and only two trips to the final and only four trips. For the conference finals this is the first one the Celtics have had the where the player from this era. Shuffling the deck. All of the players in the previous era where you went and played you played for the championship every year. I don't think we have we have to gauge on that -- obviously Paul -- the great Celtic from this era and I don't think the fact that will be completely changed around the Celtics. And that he didn't have -- teammate. That the players in the sixties I think that is held against him for more than I think history will be kinder to Paul Pierce maybe then. The way we talk about him in present time. Yeah and you know it's amazing to me when you look at some of his numbers and -- and in the celtics' all time numbers is he's horrid. All time a defensive rebounds and he's in the top ten in offensive rebounds that. I don't think people look at he's head of the Kevin McHale that -- an agreement that is why I was say that and you know obviously you have to -- the years that the army guys in the play fifteen years what a steal the fact that Paul -- bid has the ability. The fact that he is as -- we've seen him grow into the from me score in two pretty much complete player. The growth to the mayor Paul Pierce has been. Me it means that the breed indeed our whole school here than -- and him and I guess I'm going to be that one guy. Cheers again for Ray Allen I'm I'm well well what do you pump shot I don't know I've been retired that -- way I would be the only world have been away. Bit of the Ray Allen number discussion which is fascinating one comes away with and there are people. And it's going to be interesting now -- could Wear a different uniform there are people actually think Kevin Garnett number. Shouldn't be retired which is ludicrous I agree that the -- with you will absolutely -- no conversation -- -- mean we're gonna have a conversation about it that's what you do talk -- But there -- no. To me it -- the notion that people like Kevin Garnett that we will not be retired absolutely will actually should be. But you know what's interesting about the Paul -- thing. Is there sometimes -- put an asterisk if we do we just did it. Almost subconsciously comparing his number two Mikhail there's -- you always say that well you'll he played more games. He had more longevity all -- -- that is indicative. Asterisk as opposed to the fact that Paul Pierce was more durable and Larry Bird he was more adorable things get Mikhail he put up these. Number come on people all reverend already we're able. And there are if you do -- -- wherever -- played -- games. We wow available for -- somebody asked that has deployed the that this government. Asked to play please -- you a year -- on top of that and you know do you want to give -- a darker it was a bit -- as always gives about you know ability. -- edit but -- would you agree with this I think a big problem is is that people looked -- years and I mentioned this to Max. It last week you know he's not dead smooth player. United kind of plodding he's not dead sleeper he just gets the job done he is the arsenal of moves but. You know he's not dead smooth I find type of player. What. They let me -- who was John have a -- a -- but I'm saying in the current NBA when people look at things like the Saint John and John -- a -- was a great. The very thing that you just say it was pretty much cut jobs have -- he was just always in motion but he wasn't a sleeper. He wasn't the best shooter in the world but he was clutch so there all these things and look at put his longevity and his hierarchy of the Celtic. Matt said is was probably well it -- look and I I think it in 070 wait we went -- D'Amato would LeBron James you'd certainly know remember that well -- -- a lot of it you know some a methodical wasn't. Even make it look easy I guess agitated that -- a correction -- I I think that's there I just don't think. You know when you closure -- -- say the name abject and forget -- for a second because all the -- can conjure but even have a check and see these. Film color film the full motion of the great moments I only think about. In five years. I talk about all your night a lot because even when things would happen over the last couple years from the confines of live play by play I would say things like. Well we're gonna on Paul Pierce night here at the garden we're gonna see that play that's going to be on the highlight tape because. You -- -- -- of the body of work and the moment in the big scoring night and they keep he had at the meadowlands when he scored two points in the first half. Is that the captain didn't end up with 48 by the time of the game was over. The different record the great scoring game -- -- be in the moment when he came out of the tunnel in game. I was -- both say that I was gonna stay in because. There would like that forget that the great. The idea is theatrical moment that look and don't say that anywhere near Southern California because to them that remains the biggest he'll always be remembered for the guy who like -- -- -- -- Whatever which -- it was his choice for the record. What his choice it would wheelchair they made it put him in the wheelchair and we open backed Hillary anybody saw it because it -- finals they have the cameras. In the back. But I would see him coming back to make three -- for the highlights of that game he came back in net -- It's too big belief that the Celtics went on the big run that got them you know got the game one which and obviously never -- -- back inaccurate. But -- the -- of the legendary moment. On top of the accomplishments and the whole -- polygamy there's no this is one of the greatest Celtics. Of all time and he got the championship legacy in the MVP of the finals. His name is it just will let the awkwardly take this guy and put them with the other names until the history people it's just the natural progression. Of these names and I think fifteen years from now people -- what it meant there was a discussion like Paul Pierce's name didn't belong. With -- haven't -- at least get that scenes that seem strange. All right our engineers to listen we we have to break so you just don't you go back to do what you need now -- him. Take it easy and you know tell the people in Canada and how's the weather up there anyway. China always mixes. Deep research would vacation about the. That which means there were translation. I really bucket -- Let's not only -- we appreciate your time taken the tiger it will we will well -- next week but will -- We'll continue to Saturday tradition somehow some way. And silently but I arrived thanks much John. -- grandy RI were really relate to the break we see overall lined up on the fault lines people blatant forty minutes to talk to you Max Ronnie is Jim we'll get to these calls here after this break anyway.

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