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Mustard and Johnson Discuss the Hernandez/Dennard Debacles and if Mr Kraft's "Patriot Way" Still Exists

Jul 13, 2013|

With all the news in and around Boston sports it is still difficult to get away from the horrific case involving Aaron Hernandez and with the recent arrest of DB Dennard, the alimighty "Patriot way" is in question again. Craig and Larry debate if sports teams are required to take morals into consideration or if their only concern should be winning.

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A mere 55 minutes away from another addition of celtics' summer cooler as you know the Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett error has officially now and did they are now members of the Brooklyn nets in return. Chris Humphries and Gerald lawless and marsh -- Brooks cast of thousands Doc Rivers. Out in LA Brad Stevens has met we have version on Rondo a mobile. And I'm sure that Max and John Ryder filling in for Sean -- you'll have plenty to talk about as far as the Celtics a concern. Two hours worth of the celtics' summer cooler coming your way once again right here on Sports Radio. At 1 o'clock meanwhile we've been talking about character. Larry opening up the dictionary for the first time in his life. And homing in on you know actually -- duke had finished their -- That that I didn't idea I guess I was going down the wrong path. And I said that there. And he did look up the award and I and I do appreciate them because -- certainly don't think I looked up there where because I don't know what it meant I certainly understood not I I don't want it any -- in the generic definition. It was not tainted by my own opinions I am and that's cry went to character of restart the -- that way you wrote. -- got I got the definition was senator reread if force is just an aggregate. Of features and traits that won the individual nature right and we are you personally as a character pot in the sports context as being positive. That's a very neutral. Definition. We think though what you have here at the idea you know but when they're describing a player they describe all of -- -- I hear all the time do you pass and they meet in the sports context and while we like to be very lost the they have these wonderful traits there. There are about to be nominated for the gene Herschel humanitarian award. When it really comes down to is can they win under pressure. And they delivered championships. Under pressure today are right in the people that you throughout there. Read the list the you have on your little opal peers KG Ortiz for -- will forward Victor Cruz. That these just a couple of proud of it right on that's -- but what they all have a common -- -- they've all won championships. So I think we have weight in the sports world we equate. Character with winning. Larry Bird had character. Cedric Maxwell speaking -- mad -- -- -- maybe -- document of a moral yeah I know you I know what you -- yeah. But are there moralists Erica to get that. Write something done it means the them. Kevin missed talking about it earlier with the Bergeron in the -- like just carriers that or didn't you know when the going gets tough. Right you know see I would say I grew up without the going gets tough the tough -- Golan is something with in a person right. It they performed. At the greatest. Eight Pakistan right when it really matters but -- he used the word character. And he suggested that the two players the Bruins sign for a total of sixteen years and over a hundred million dollars. Bergeron Rask had character and of the guy they jettisoned to Dallas did not have character. It's funny when he said that a vote to cut and I found that -- right because we don't usually think it has and the -- but I think you -- what does it doesn't have because I think he EU listed and it and it and a very effective manner. In terms of saying without saying it. They know enough about him not just his ability. But they know enough about him to give from that like their contract that I gleaned on to the understood. Who we is on the ice and who we is off the ice is like to believe that might and their willingness and -- to take a must opt out -- an interest and would Sagan. Because if he had character issues. Then it affected his performance army raided by Kevin didn't look at it that way Kevin looked at just the opposite that the other theory -- heard it said Albrecht is carousing in the evenings and and disciplined. Mannerisms were such that it affected as my part yeah. You know you let me mention a guy -- had all those issues and maybe the greatest defensive player in the history of the National Football League and Matt you can. You can do stand up then and it into a dance if you want. Lawrence Taylor had every off field issue -- -- world. But he came to play outside on you know what an and I think Kevin's this prize the belief and I think this is. Probably ultimately the prevailing. Bakken -- wisdom in the organization was that he just couldn't get the job done on the ice than -- of false fossil. He wasn't taking the inside route to the goal. In spite of the eighty shots it would put one in the back in the net the guy simply wasn't good enough on the ice they would have. Condoned that's a good word for they would condoned. The off ice activity in the late nights and everything else on Eagles score if he would scored forty goals -- don't want to hear what was the character. Who managed to still show up on Sundays and was like you said in my opinion the greatest defensive football players -- listening and detectives suggests that with -- Jack in having to figure out who Aaron Hernandez was. When the lights went went out. And everybody went home at Gillette Stadium on May be difficult for him to do because is after all. He worked -- Lawrence Taylor and all great coaches and Belichick was a great defensive coordinator. In New Jersey he is a great head coach here in New England. You have to overlook some of these foibles which one of the greatest NFL coaches to have a live. There are a lot of them involved but that the wind really comes to mind Lombardi -- -- Super Bowl trophy named after him right. In yet all morning. Was known for his Playboy yeah yeah I think. Well it is never any also was involved and that gambling yes I'm such. As going up so. They're posted there I guess -- -- I'm asking yeah but most days and they still you know the football coach will have more attention now you know it's so much it's it's hit it in a way though. It's ludicrous we give so much credit again this goes back to credit. We get so much credit to the football coach over the we had this discussion recently about who has more control has more power more clout. And we always say the football head football coach. Why is to more directly responsible. For the success or failure of a team because it's a more hands on. They they it's a system. Everybody buys in and contractually contractually our -- right but here we're talking about a coach. Who didn't wallet. Might have been oblivious to it may be condoned it but certainly. Turned. A blind guy because of this players talent. They conveniently overlooked a lot of things or. Don't know let me put this right. OK you know amount ticket purchasing the fact that somebody was killed so mom right in light of it. But can you imagine the flak it would have been out there if this has been Buddy Ryan in a player on his watch and India's. Right I mean I yeah I boarding violates at ease a rifle. Yeah -- thought everything anyway. But no hope it's one of the more serious most disciplined. Structured organized coaches and the National Football -- -- I guess what I'm saying is it can happen anybody right and we like to think that Bill Belichick deck has character. Brought up. Not an Annapolis protest father and assistant football coach at the Naval Academy. Okay feminists say that I must say very clearly in number is serious about the Stephen basement. I'm I'm I'm acting like Stephen -- retirement is -- but under no. I heard TD Jakes great -- -- from upon us I'll say this -- times that the biggest problem with people in society nowadays is. Everybody wants to blame somebody else sure in the bottom line is I refuse. To take craft. Ballot Jack. The the patriot teammates I I am not gonna take them down the same drained. The Hernandez is going to pound -- some point. The player has to be responsible for his actions should they have been more cautious. Yes should they have done more homework yes but in the end I refuse to pass the blame of an adult behavior. On to -- -- what well what what worded huge issues I don't see that's your problem well how old is an end as. You know justice adulthood defined legally buy right I can somebody responsible enough Greg could take care of themselves. These kids any of these kids in their kids as far as I'm concerned we have very different viewpoint I know -- I want adulthood begins for me -- Robin -- -- there -- rough the way I kept it from them -- began around 42 for -- -- -- -- eighteen I think Hernandez being the youngest player in the NFL. Coming from a bad situation out 1232312. Months aria 2.3 ought to not a tie his shoes well maybe just outside issues -- what you real office I don't actually I think where he is they don't they don't probably a lot of places. 61777979. 37. This is crazy let's go to Tom an average speaking and not exactly a great work sandy to the table on odd jobs. Clerical Larry are you doing my friends happened that. You're going -- a very dangerous wrote there was not Beijing blocked throughout Belichick beat people looked out. I'm sorry let's stop being hypocritical about as if that's Cincinnati Bengals player you know someone like that. We all know here and annoying when we could be popping -- -- results area oh. It has bought I don't run an organization out there -- That Mike Brown he just doesn't get it. Oh I I think. I set this I preface my comments I said certainly you have to be responsible enough to know what's going on but in the end. I'm not gonna diminish the responsibility. These adult players have. -- let's flashback. Blank. -- didn't they ending their local media. Owner of the Atlanta doctors incredibly successful businessman. Well they might go light from MySpace right -- all -- Hamlet -- and -- and he's running our -- block party. -- not okay. I think mark. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- were out all his great. An individual very it is that they're -- -- tallest dog. Is still let out of Columbia. We have -- -- watched I mean I. Tebucky Jones jetliner that never happened. Well that right now -- I'd eaten up with these guys eat them at some sort of relationship they have it. A lot of these guys it just locked -- and -- when he picked it on the -- I get burned in the -- -- old man -- raptors. Anyway -- -- Hernandez did he donated 50000 dollars to the higher. -- line is that yeah that's right they are out on the ironic thing about that right. What grabbed me and that's speech. The investigation. Go back into the -- to -- the current 1 July 2000. Well you're right it was a bumpy later resigned the re extension. I'm an. That may have hurt for -- he may have been involved. And it isn't. The chain that lie and up close and up buttons and I'll let others stop. And rapid job I applaud that chair you all lack Q opener and all these guys that's really what's going on here I'm sorry. As expressed as they prosecute to. Have you ever been duped. And non serious. Yeah. As a parent it's that you mentioned of course yeah we -- -- It is. In terms of what happened yet. Everybody. On that all right at the open and that. These people a position like that. -- -- You look at like they're actually the well that I am. But that's a treatment helped open -- well -- at the beginning -- it is now. Now but. Object to what should not at that game Belichick not as sound -- People go to block. About the and in reality it bought it in front of them or why is final. I because they can't get anything out about that -- I think it's not gonna make top. Top you're making a brilliant point and I never bought it this way. I think one of the strategies that ballot -- is used very effectively for his staying power that organization obviously winning in Tom Brady's I'll do. He allows the craft that voice Parcells never did that I never thought OK well let me ask you to take. Aren't living up to -- -- has now to breaking point geniuses the question. Do you think Belichick was happy to craft came out at a press conference. I am glad we don't -- to get back. -- -- Right that's what works that's -- -- -- as I ask you a different question -- union but neither one of you entering week. You think he was happy with the press conference that. Which is saying. I asked you do you think he was happy about it. Let's ask the next that is the only I don't think you I don't think you Juarez. Say Tom here's the thing that we all have to get in in this. It's it's really a different golf all of us as me and there's a thin line between a craft and in Johnson coming out and harking. In the football life and performance of the individual players in Belichick has to be more concerned about that. Well well it out. Rapt started the check but the employees. A lot Larry why does he do that later that -- because each -- Bill Belichick although I. Expect football let -- about this whole -- -- let's check. Yet but you know we wrap mostly guys better than Belichick it's. Important now when I'm Nicole and -- know. And -- -- -- but it's got knocked out what they want on one stuff goes on between -- oh -- I've already met -- minute wait a minute Randy Moss went and asked them about having a Halloween products right. Problem with the jets is -- solid party every -- that organization. Yeah. Perfect yet and -- -- can -- is. It turned the big picture out. I'm trying to figure out why we're making it optics yet again that that definitely has stopped and -- nick would -- an -- -- You know with this anymore with the bank in a while it might not want to. That's a good but that's it that's a good point why do you want a great player. Our great character. I'll punch but ultimately used -- happen when we wouldn't. Include your name probably call every bit but you know. The only plot and no one -- By the way -- imminent don't way to I don't would you draft a quarterback Coke a kid who could run a 43. -- -- -- -- me maybe have a name yet but I stand -- the. -- -- Ramirez right now like our -- and -- that Bennett in the league and the epic and that's what that big Dexter. Maybe I'm in the minority counsel Robert. But as I said yeah everything's relative and -- and Larry unlike -- does not believe in moral relativism -- I think moral relativism is very much in play. Down in Foxborough with -- Alfonso Danner in I -- -- I. There's a moral standard now that I I think we can disagree about how far you -- but I think for the most spot. We all agree with certain tenants that or that one wouldn't support -- certainly one being. Our -- lot. Take a friend dollar ride to an industrial park and normal way. And I think what that meant was that the assistance that's right update number eight I believe. 61777979. 37 is the -- telefono comes down memory doesn't it. Will be that would more rest of us. Definitely concerned I think it. Anyone that has been around Robert Kraft in the twenty years of ownership knows that this. This team means a lot to him the brand that is the patriots means a lot to him then and you know there's no getting around the fact that this obviously doesn't reflect well on the organization -- think. I'm not actually some concern there and I think one of the main things that would take away from the since the idea that the craft and insisting that. This won't that he didn't know anything about Hernandez you know from the -- things outside of the fertility and -- I'll win that Hernandez who is inside that facility that he was always. I'm very polite and you as always respectful they can't -- that he basically said we only know what's going on inside the building. This should direct quote that we don't put private eyes on people. It was a quiet man that was Mike reason joining my picks all Ken Michael Holley was a Mike -- earlier in the week that was actually on Monday. When Bob -- very wisely. -- -- -- -- spoke to a few media outlets Mike Reese from ESPN boston.com. Among them. Can you honestly say don't just listening to that with regard to Kraft. Either answer was a -- -- If you said you didn't know. That's a bad if you said wow we kind of suspected. And that too bad right it's like a no win situation but you got to say something. Right is it evil or ignorance and that's the problem you're right you know that's remember that I can't data security with the you remember in the second term of the Reagan administration that was the the Iran Contra. Where they were running guns from Nicaragua to. To arm Iran. And the question what did Reagan know about it or is he completely oblivious which one did you walk on did you want to know about it. Are you did -- know that's right give Obama a lot of credit because by barking people's phones and every. Think -- you know exactly. I don't know exactly what government is not actually has an Israeli parents -- -- gets old dog argues that the IR Assad -- revenue Joseph would link him is next on Sports Radio WB I joke played -- All right I'm not speaking characters I I have to admit that something around let me Lewinsky from salt river in Jordan and art and start making sense I'm wondering about the most talked. -- the world is coming to -- and the world has come to an apocalypse is upon us. I I didn't wanna talk literature -- that the courts saying about the pandemic. You know laundry issue every night. O'Brien at Chicago we didn't have many championship teams that you're going to be sports and yet to be fortunate and sometimes good sometimes it's not good that. I think -- sports fans find something to worry about what thirteen -- the guys are total -- like the Red Sox last year in which case. Why but -- I'm sure even though they won 69 games and in that team was one of the worst of all time is -- -- our generation's concern. You came back in rooted for this team. Yeah I happen that would usually I think human interest or they'll open now the stories and think -- me that when they meet at and about. Following sports what did you what did you think did you make me end. Jim McMahon I don't I would -- Chicago -- the ultimately -- -- -- but. And the oil and talk about the characters in the summing everything anybody bring up an article is you know a assaulting a cop. Not to me it epic great reference being anti -- back. And that of football do you know it was a cop again I that they'll look for making a joke about the fact that. Which you're looking for in football player especially defensive football players. If not sanity your look at where over Grachev met people on their body arms away. In a way you wouldn't ask anybody. Who accept -- soldier or war. -- they're the biggest biggest knock on Deion Sanders visited him on tackle so you want a court tobacco -- physical. Yeah that legacy is a physical cornerback. -- the difference between sports character. And regular you know with what you want more in our morality. That's always write in -- and unfortunately. Most sports fans blur that line and I and I always bring up the tiger's situation because. He won fourteen major championships we think he's a great guy we learned otherwise a joke joke don't you agree though is that in -- summarize it very well with your right you like sports and novels stories is opera. I'm trying to -- sports for the toy department for AV lead from everyday life in our all of a sudden I got to worry about whether or not a guy's a decent guy and I went all the sudden like this up for us is becoming more and more well because it is -- it's at home in more ways than one. Let the other one I wanted to make and I think things have changed the business about not knowing what a player. It's like now how can be investigative reporters. In a couple of weeks we managed to find all kinda stuff about Hernandez particularly the patriots before they decide to get somebody big contract. Couldn't have had investigative guys going around. You know finding things out I mean I don't all went well at the date that the I don't think. You advocate -- -- reporters followed him around. Your record your every -- -- but -- that craps at -- supposed to do want to -- detective yeah they are that's what I distant -- there. The most asked why is he available in the fourth their teams. If you don't stop watch a. I think about the ultimate -- private detective to see if there you know at least -- not -- I mean there you're allowed to combat illegal. -- to -- At least they -- Of all the teams that should be using surveillance that's. On Aaron Hernandez at the -- in the back up for spy gate I would think that. And I asked -- at any rate may be Belichick or they had -- -- timed exactly unfortunately LB behind the times. In just one last point about the whole Belichick I mean my impression is that it's it's a little bit like -- pilot is to give your money your references there Larry that he would -- -- one -- all. I mean they get Belichick and it does look dirty work a little -- get care. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But because he would have some conflicts with the Jews in the past. They have them in a situation where. Either he went along with what they wanted to do it wasn't just the Jews by the way it was thought that it was god the father or dangerous Apatow was one particular group. But because he wanted to placate them so they wouldn't go to -- that he went along with it in this is the dilemma that you even have today in 2013. Drafting a great player. In trying to cross did some of the things you're looking at -- -- to be via once he gets here. Is psychic conflicting situation it's brilliant did the you know end of -- Listen I who have been on the right approach by that right I give credit to you Bob Kraft for talking to those people for sending out the the transcript. You know you wish it might have little bit more public but that was fine. And I think he did that. What do you think you watch the coaches that three reporters since than -- felt comfortable there may be felt comfortable and he was a refreshingly candid. Admitted he was duped admitted he has quote unquote buttons pushed with a 50000 dollar donation to the my aircraft on. But I do disagree. And may -- we're giving the organization too much credit that they should have been more vigilant with this. It's not as if by the way I don't expect this whole program even Kanye perform I was almost and I am not I I just don't hear enough Fernandez bashing. Do we have -- did these did these people who Korea I commit these titles entitle any blame -- goes back we're -- still doing it goes back to visit -- he says the hockey players today do not have. That Canadian personality over -- -- by which I wasn't aware of and because of the entitlement and it starts so parolee we're still doing a golf course we are flat or just some blamed Hernandez because he's been in title he's been -- that he's the greatest since the since he could could catch a pigskin for crying out loud. He's been -- these great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hernandez accountable and I'm trying it -- -- saying I think you're being what we're talking about that should be okay what -- re talking about -- as we call it you're talking about responsibilities. And everybody's hammering craft and stopped. But I don't hear anybody really going after Hernandez to an unbelievable opportunity. Employer Tom and us on your next -- portrait I Tom yet. I'm feeling you know it's not. You guys. Or where exactly usual collection and we'll look at the things that you want total -- if you want absolute -- please -- you got an hour. And I've eaten raw. Threaten I'll let you want to -- it was terrific and and and he could be by himself. -- cabins great and also takes a skilled interviewer it to bring out I had is. Well I'll say this -- cabinet trained seal or prevent if you Kevin and Kevin would still sound very articulate -- make. I don't said that the -- -- quality level thing is great going to be great on political in the immediate detail. And then secondly. Does that should be gone are crafty and he hectic correct. Who should be gone the stats are on dependent it in Canada there. -- -- -- Even named Mike Jones and Williams and stop Johnson. 1000 days. And auction. And that and that bringing on character. The dictionary definition it is. In neutral. Right -- I can about a professional athlete -- -- it -- to get a patent. And and intellectually. You guys alluded to. And -- hockey. -- eating user that they would like every night I. I have that the discretion of the board but should be drinking -- regulate. And here's your -- what's your hurry don't let the screen door hit you on the way out -- telling us it's almost time to say goodbye. But every back tomorrow all that's -- it's a special addition another special edition of the mustard and Johnson so guess what everybody else was -- the amount of -- talk about Sunday Sunday sunny last we will work Sunday this week working sunny guess what yankees and Red Sox 8 o'clock and -- the Red Sox and yankees play. They always play on ESPN on Sunday night so that means we're going to be on again. Next Sunday to begin sick you pretty soon on -- to go on vacation or something. While two times in a row debris around viral on him tomorrow for Q we had in a Bible flock thank you very -- got double economic morass like it -- -- there which in the wizard of laws. Complex and religious or not Iraq like somebody to throw water right now -- okay. All world one World Cup but let's go to vector and Boston's excellent Sports Radio Victor what a surprise. Hey Craig Larry you don't mind. Here's -- you call and everything's going away last patriot you wanna raise the patriots. Absolutely it's been an ambassador download -- there are. -- moment you deserve and I'm not having a moment yet. Larry -- chunk of the children and. -- about morality and character. It's a bit -- guys that they had in those days when he didn't patriots in the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati angles or. Any other NFL team on our sports franchise at the end it's about outcomes it's about winning. It it this whole thing morality and character at the -- and so on diet. The eighteen or the interest in one thing you want -- -- these pledged diablo the five game. In order for us to walk in and then the bottom line is that -- Every team plays out differently they edit a -- it differently. They are so -- front about it others in regards to -- -- But in the debate the other one away at any. But at and as you well know -- little perspective here as much as you might enjoy some of the of the patriot trials and travails no one enjoys a go for -- a murder charge obviously. But the Roethlisberger. Situation a couple of years ago that obviously did not play well and steeler nation. -- it but the thing -- criteria something about it and and that -- society that we get that particular moment to just being right because the reality is is that. You know what we eat and industry council when it should be to justify and rationalize. The years. Because it impacts the alcohol talking to look at Appleby Aaron -- -- the thing that happened. When that babies. That are on the station loud and clear mini -- coming out. And it tickets will be your team get a look at that saying everything because that behind all that. I want I want a little tight end run into decay you're doing it. What it was obstruction. Victor when it was obstruction people were thinking football I think when you get to the degree rarely murdered changes. Yeah that he -- the other two -- -- I want sort of interview that was done by someone I forget what it was but it was a Cuban. -- the preparation for the Cuban national team and asked them they'd get a I think you have to go to America and elite eight million dollars to play baseball and he'd say it. To play it cool when you have thousands amid the people that it back -- That interview hey you know that's a little of it right there. We live we live -- -- tour department and I agree we do I too explicit like the next indict. Well what do you think about them get it out and often sport where there's morality -- and when you have me. -- -- -- Nine. I'd Victor what is -- I know you got a master's degree what president. Okay do you find a our comparison between or what you learn and experience and I know you're out in the field now. Are absolutely -- -- About these are people and internalized into people rationalize they did a lot of rationalizations about the need it in this situation. And that there's a lot of psychology that's and that's the beauty about sports that you can sort of -- -- -- and goals aren't Smart society. So it's been it's been really beautiful. And they are on topic. Actually what you do decent sports. Opportunities they -- -- great story right or. Our great Satan and are things of that nature but this is huge relationship between what -- scientists citing a local lions want to date EU entering nations. Well you know what it is though I mean you're absolutely right we do want to blame the individual I think we have the whole Hernandez accountable. But as you well know Joseph Paterno went through this situation very regular western knob Pennsylvania. And he turn the other way while Jerry sandusky was abusing kids for years and years and here's why because it benefited him in the university. We're going on I look what's going on the college level -- college for all of our. I mean and and I heard that would our segment that was done on TV I watched it eighty youth basketball on what's going on where young people in. And how that they're really just -- these kids around the country. And and and making it about these cute and again that this this is -- societal issue. And so I was trying to try to understood very complex is not easy to understand. But it's bigger and yet in the end -- I mean candidate is an unfortunate. -- like it. Situation there really can't shake the horrible many of us are all of us but the reality is that I applied the. -- alone right it is and it's entitled man read. You know there is no morality. In sports in in this whole PED controversy by a -- A-Rod they're all competitors. Either they're competing on the field of the competing for your dollar off the field. But it morality is is just completely just sigh yeah you just hope you don't get caught and picked up -- the part that's like this that's all the really. And we look at what they -- -- at -- the -- at the NBA whether -- -- I regret it I mean you know like we want to have some rest. We like Vince Wilfork and other guys who have done really well this you really estate arm and that's great that's fantastic. The people had taken their -- and do good by others and think they obviously we seek that we look for refuge in that. Well when you look at them just they'll all or all of our product -- sport -- it's so heartbreaking and you know social media portion of quotes and close. To know more about what's going on of people replied I mean look at somebody is brought the issue about the Yankees and you know I mean make it was -- victory here on this country that Mickey Mantle. Regular date and an alcoholic. Abrams is probably an alcohol you know it's interesting you know -- in close and Victor we're two very interesting his week. Expect more from athletes than we do our politicians are people in ministry. And the like we we we have a higher standard of behavior. For these got people can learn more emotionally invested and yeah. Hey great hearing from you keep in touch. All right don't forget Steelers common it's found November 3 -- 45 game I'm really CBS really proud of him he he went on he got his master's degree -- drug great for him many calls from his mother's birthday party and I met up. Great great guy scared to death as an event for my dad has portrayed him. Erica Larry Dennis what's up. They listen the first time I call you got to listen quite a bit by bit this is some then that I've been. -- -- out since this whole thing started and -- I've counted. Alone in this spot. Corbett troublesome by saying I'm 51 is audited patriots and whole life so I'm not piling up on -- -- -- like the Pittsburgh steel band of are they are more concerned Larry Obama sort Craig used the term earlier I think was moral relativity gets. And relativity of moral relativism which is okay morality is based on the situation in the context there's no absolutes. It hit my take on -- and like this that I've got stopped at the plot and you even go Robert Kraft now. He's 72 year old guy is -- 33 year old girl where he's hanging out with Jay-Z and beyoncé. In their club stuff like that to meet. I'm not saying that directly affects what happens with the team but it's just that the whole. Wait -- you would be -- -- is not the same morals -- not different ones are when my craft was alive in legal battle all went back to the Christian Peter -- If she had a -- at all this. Here's what is it isn't a bad thing out wedeman there is an outlet. It beyond its indicated that the play -- Russia would not put to announce. I don't know maybe it just me who thinks that way. Here's the it's an interesting point the paralleled the Christian Peter remember that was when Bill Parcells was still -- head coach in the de facto general manager. And Peter certainly not in the same league player wise talent wise. As Aaron Hernandez it might have been easier. To take a pass on that player that it would be a great player like Aaron Hernandez. That's why it was so tempting for them to take him in the fourth round of the team's pass was too good player and -- really haven't -- -- out -- now. But not just an overall it just seems to me that. The way the whole team in right now is just. You know in Robert Kraft is one that talked about the patriot way you want to come from bella chuck I have never -- -- -- a part of it mocks its and I heard a monologue crack -- smile and made. It's not there anymore that just go to the morality of that -- talked about. Well you know it's a yeah I think they all get intoxicated I don't mean literally but metaphorically by success and perhaps all of them. Are just a little too intoxicated by their own success and maybe were asleep at the switch a little bit here John Ryder. The Knight Rider usually nightmares. Both in and around the Mike -- show Red Sox baseball does a lot of Red Sox pre imposed in between innings and all kinds of stuff. Filling in for mr. -- this afternoon again on the celtics' summer cooler or job book Craig Larry good to see you guessed what's going on well max's going to be in here another addition celtics' summer -- horrible 3 o'clock and I'm sure -- -- will be. Giving us a call at some points albeit big and the Celtics obviously for the next two hours Sobieski yeah. Max where he thinks -- fits in held console the -- were fascinated to hear his answer on that what do you think about that -- do you think he fits into the top ten top ten nearly a member there was top five talk at one point. When he became the is -- politics still number one on the scoring strike your right number two years. We certainly know and Tommy -- this is the greatest scorer in the history of the franchise and everything else which is saying something but I I'd say somewhere between six and ten -- yeah. Oblivion and I don't quick guy net in like what number whenever but I gotta I gotta admit though he is one athlete not just -- with the Celtics but transcends sports. Who -- just. Leaves everything out on the court. It just the passion how we stop softly on the calendar -- I think both those players like that -- -- that was more demonstrative of that -- -- just I mean Paul well he's like it was more of motion but I doubt both of them played that way -- I think there or a perfect fit and obviously they're gonna continue to be a perfect fit the show regret I have to lose. Well I'd I'd think you were firm against Miami would you never don't want to draft pick. -- gonna get better yet well look if sure but. You know -- still -- You know you look at the future 2017. And it get to attic and have the opportunity this -- inspected 2017 -- down the road a bit but were going to be the same in 2017 now thinks that all of this will be explored by John Ryder I -- -- -- right Maxwell. May be stronger anywhere in the world is on -- modest he's on assignment on aside once again we leave you little Stevie from inner -- thanks the -- good selection of -- are -- open. We'll see you tomorrow one by.

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