WEEI>On Demand>>Kevin Paul Dupont (@GlobeKPD), Boston Globe, Joins Mustard and Johnson to Give His Take on the Bruins Offseason Moves -- "Bergeron will not last through the length of his new deal..."

Kevin Paul Dupont (@GlobeKPD), Boston Globe, Joins Mustard and Johnson to Give His Take on the Bruins Offseason Moves -- "Bergeron will not last through the length of his new deal..."

Jul 13, 2013|

Kevin Paul Dupont gives the boys a call to give his great insight on the departure of Tyler Seguin, what it means for the B's and Seguin's off-ice antics. He also discusses Bergeron and Tuukka signing new deals and his feelings on the length of those contracts - he doesn't see Bergeron finishing the 8 year deal due to the toll his body has taken. KPD also gets into his admiration of Tuukka - he is of the opinion that Tuukka played just as well as Tim Thomas in the B's most recent playoff run.

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It is mustard and Johnson on this Saturday don't forget tomorrow another mustard and Johnson twin bill Red Sox finishing the long West Coast road trip and the unofficial first half of the year. -- an Oakland a 4 o'clock will be with hear from one to 3218. So make their programming note tomorrow right here on Sports Radio WEEI meanwhile a guy we haven't heard from from awhile least I haven't. It's been awhile but Kevin Paul the plot welcomed the mustard and Johnson. And note of the date -- and that's a a a a at a rate goes Michael Michael. -- some of it is surprising that there there are as we know there are reasons for the caps one of the reasons. Are all teams are not all but many teams that are. Give -- -- financial shoots about some of what's happening here and also. Obviously as he does it make clear on her side at character. I would say again and they decided to cut side after three years so I know they're they're shocking in them so ultimately garlic or leave. Structure remake a roster you'd say that -- had much success this year but last two or three years. Public shocking but I understand the root for the. The only ask you this I know it's last week's news but you know when I have a hockey discussion when anybody. It's always about Sagan and if the average fan at least the people -- talked a very anecdotally Kevin. Are still scratching their heads they still can't understand despite all the public pronouncements about why he's gone. I'm not asking you give me inside information but. What is your theory on these I mean is it more than just the fact he likes to party at 3 o'clock in the morning. Jordan I think there was enough reason to move them just based on a game an all oval like that. I saw a lot of false -- game well also like me -- -- not -- he -- -- -- stick expected respect. Yeah he has a good shot you'll hear that much and and and match speaks to what I'd say the whole game Richard. To offer. To a as the most of the time swing wise. Right you know you're gonna score and you and I watched Buffy I'm on trial. You gorge or you got shot you got -- -- you gotta you gotta make yourself -- present. You don't have to be in their shoes or you have to follow your shot and am much of the he did not Wear out to be. I -- any time he was actually scared. Not -- hard -- -- be especially if you're -- you want to be it's better that it got to hold the and it got to have always subtle look to make played. If you you can watch tape after tape and I'm telling you you -- see him -- -- you want to get rid of you know well okay -- got a big shot you ought to get rid of that you can deliver on that great but become the time. When you're when you're gonna be a good player despite -- you're gonna be a good 100 great player. Got all you make something happen and we saw the exaggerated and as -- yard. -- with all the right. Forever bright will play the old style game. Speaking of malls or how to write write speaking a little about cabinet it's irresistible you mentioned bossy. Unfair a little bit to wanna connect a natural senator who had to play right wing -- what I think is you know one of the great white red wings in history. Why was boss the able to do what he did in that particular -- it to me it seems if he played today. He would have sold many of the shots blocked is greatest sniper as he was. -- -- a different game in their own zone it -- I can't see get all all those wide open shot to the point worry is that. -- -- -- many shots and not. Patrice -- done right in the right trees right moderate the -- the surgery Internet. I shall I don't think he'd -- -- its proper place right through the -- that the defenses to collapse. But I'd say it does come down the courage in many ways it should should be easier to get in there because you can't cross -- the ladies -- them but. It is it is a it's a tiger room to work now be a bit bigger bodies in there -- -- bigger equipment to police to. All of that is a function but -- today if anybody had that he'll. He would still be delivering shots because. Got in there and any other center getting that would true at all to. Right can you be having this -- But I but I it because there was that innate ability to get to the open spot. And at a course you get to that opened bottles they -- Is that I would like in the pot doesn't buy into that. It's it's all wasted effort but I think. I think in the long term I I think courtesy is going to struggle to say again. And struggled to play calling his natural position when everybody keeps saying is natural position. He doesn't help the school -- the nature to be in -- but -- a long way from having. Never has always been said in agreed by most sports pundits that hockey to Canadian players seem to bring the best. Erica. To the table of any of the force sports. Is that still true or do you slowly see that changing. It in hockey you specifically Canadian air while the sport itself now -- It's changing like that you arts in and I would quit again in this group slowly inexorably. You're seeing the -- on the game. And should we be surprised. They they didn't contract the prime players now arching a couple of billion dollars up shoot the this really began to change. With Orton and so I would today. Over the last fifteen years seeing more money. And you're seeing frankly. Delivered at the doorstep now who have never done anything out there and made their mission and light. In the national. So you don't get it wherever babysitters you don't get it to work the garage. And that's not to say that that or are there. But I do believe. You're not entitled -- and then twelve year old. You come to this job with a different perspective. But if you have -- -- to the industry and true national football true and pretty. Sure the NBA you get mainstream. And that all you've ever done. I think he will ride or. Already if you will somewhat in the product. Do you support to see this new. The strategy that's taking place with these long term contracts to got eight years. Bergeron. I I like him in this that I think they're guaranteed our reporters a true true or you are too. So I don't think there's any risk you know -- I'd I'd I'd. They grew larger wager here that you and I could occupation of fill these deals that'll be Bergeron will lose that they control these deals that you and I -- talking -- and for secure slightly. There are going to be issues here of EU allies and beating people up and that's the which would be used solid character. So it but if I were going to write as a general manager like 67 and eight year deal I would write those guys. Why are they being written now and why are we seeing a more a function of the new CB today. -- they ruled out and twelve and fifteen -- up fifteen year deal were happening. They've they've truncated to either seven or eight and now what's happening is that the margin -- the titans seem more. -- going to see more general managers willing to write these the old and they're going to be what they are separate appropriate to limit that minimize the a lot of money. The next -- you could write today would be an eight year. 20% of the cap. So about twelve noted the Max deal really these days eight years ninety million no answer not peace. What about Bergeron you you mentioned character all the injuries he played through. Is it is that the reason why you don't think he's gonna make it through his eight year deal just because -- all the just the amassing of all these injuries. He's gonna take its call on a very old 47 year old body. Yeah nice country could be 28 here in very short order. And -- when you're left on the existing deal that thing to 29. Like that you can play at 37 -- Dalton. If you look at the structure of the deal. 38 million of the 52 comes over the first five. -- the last three he's quote only getting fourteen million got into it in another itself and he is a tip. That this is -- or five year deal. There's also. Talk a lot about this also and many of these deals are being written and that is especially for the older guys. Many of these deals I don't know the particulars of Bergeron deal. In in many teachers the money is split between almost like via -- Real money and signing bonus or could it could very well be structured that after 45 years he's guaranteed most of that deal anyway. Kevin an argument I get into with callers all the time I had the audacity to say that Rask. Even though they did not deliver a championship I thought -- steady here in more consistent between the pipes. And Tim Thomas I was basically scolding myself for almost believing that Thomas single handedly. The liberated the Stanley Cup championship two years ago people were offended by the fact that that I fought their Rask. Was better or. At least equal to thomas' performance how would you. Compare and contrast the two -- playoff runs for those two guys. Like approach here in Iraq because I I I pretty much -- -- -- -- that's not take anything away -- to -- performance. I think I think what it did it as sensational. As water. And -- sensational in some -- histrionics. And then because this style a lot of it's. Were a function of as being out of position to -- -- Upset neighbors say there you gotta do. Are you an Obama thing and Kevin how hot. -- -- that gets that reference -- -- answer -- I don't know. Some are another my believing that Rask. Was better than Thomas is because for some reason I've been a pinpointed as a liberal. And therefore I was still angry that Tim Thomas refused it got to the White House that is not what I was using from -- evaluation system. Yeah I know I would probably go pretty quickly. There's -- and I'd like to sit out for a but. I think that they were -- that insatiable that I was a good point like to make back on the on the spring two years ago is I think it really. Undervalued. Significant. Sure are. And thank you in that discussion bingo just a tremendous talent and stated it was just -- -- it was a lot but it wasn't. But I I think I think it was easy to simplify it in saying boy that I was just standing on -- -- the greatest goaltending performance in the history of the Stanley Cup and he realized two years later. Pretty much this people in front of now are actually -- atlas and you pay you people are right I agree people out of people on the dark operate anywhere cabinet -- But -- -- -- in it if -- Malcolm's coupons real estate agent you tell a written don't buy. Yeah good looking good for -- right now but again you never know. You get -- if -- he is that good. And it ends up that they they split 48 year what better than that from both of them. -- scouting report on him. Lately. Baseline very quick. Sure you know again the -- and they should be illegal under has the potential to be a a franchise -- and I've forgotten anytime now. And the art project these things but what -- the -- here twenty year. 21 yet. You know it it's it's a long career especially for goaltenders if they're good usually can play late in the next 3040. So I. I'm sure right now I am thinking like -- used to think that was when he. Hundred years ago. -- frustrated by it but I -- -- Well believe -- and guests. Camp begins what about what sixty days he says she while. At. Around amber. While unbelievable long season and the next -- just around the corner Kevin -- upon the Boston -- thanks for joining us today. -- take it easy all right I have Gavin nice to chat with that kept that a long time I have not had made contact and had him one of the guy's gonna sit here agree with you. Well you know what you're -- the -- -- can -- go away back -- globe -- and you know rate talented play guy in many ways not to park right and interest thing on the boston.com website he has a debate about the and I probably should have gotten into this a little bit but. I don't know what side he's on about. The possible. 100 game suspension. About a certain third baseman for the New York Yankees so that's another interesting topic and I'm sure is going to -- yet nothing like bringing up after the guys die in an IQ I just bought that six once every -- -- haven't met. Ninety -- the rest of my divorce was largely right -- grace all you do -- -- -- credibility but that's okay.

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