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Mustard and Johnson on the Brad Stevens/Rajon Rondo Relationship and the Possibility of Celtics "Tanking" It

Jul 13, 2013|

Craig and Larry banter about the future of the C's and the best path for improving the team. The dilemma is clearly "to tank, or not to tank" and LJ is really conflicted about what he wants to see for the upcoming year for the Celts. They talk about the Stevens/Rondo meeting at Rondo's annual basketball camp, if Rondo is a player to build around and if Rondo will continue to maintain his good behavior.

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That was great. What -- what it insightful intelligent. Meet person to sit down with them got a chance to meet a lot of his teammates because we were down at the summer. Some guys are come by. So it's been great to be both he and the other female I think it's been it's been really good situation thus far -- A little bit of a whirlwind for me it. That is the head coach of the Boston Celtics -- I heard. John M -- yesterday talking to Brad Stevens and he had been on earlier but talking yesterday introduced him as the head coach. And it was really -- for -- to digest almost to absorb this this 36 year old coach -- spent obviously. Many many years of Butler both as an assistant and as a head coach and hearing is. Very fresh face that age 36 the head coach of the Boston south. Did but -- regard to the phones but my last question to you Craig is it bought the use it Stevens went to. Rival's camp while it bothered by that word. Well be why would anybody be bothered by that well like it because it seems like he's doing everything he -- to make sure Rondo like him. That they have a relationship placating Rondo well to a degree I'm mark. Fall for sports now if these guys are getting big money. They usually have far more security than a coach does. And I think the the brilliance of coaching no longer the days of cropper when Lombardi and Dick -- even read item even our -- would do back what did you say Coughlin. Got to make it sound like it's in the past or something wallets I think DeWitt I think junior retired now so I don't know I don't know I think he should read -- I think he's changed his style you adjust this value have. After what church you have heavy price go bureau also not embarrass and all that stuff. I am more charged you have. Guys are showing himself -- -- lately he's only shooting himself -- Her benefit but what we're charged do you have and it's like. It it is a players league now I think you better get used to it they're getting paid big money longer contracts. And I think that brilliant coaches now. Get it to India trying to -- -- way how to work with a player win their trust to a point where. They can assimilate into the system that you have in on the field you don't have to babysit them and that's a lot it's like teaching Greg I could use the analogy. Teaching used to be just go and Erin your teacher broke -- rounds and pro mounds and -- more of them -- right. Now don't forget adjectives yeah every now you have to be yet to be a model or five era -- nurse or counselor. Everything now right let me go -- agree with that I agree I'm. I'm luckily Yemen environment and have to do any of that have gone wealthy yeah I -- going to be at a fairly affluent community so why I have somewhat immune from some of those some of those requirements but. Going back to what you were saying about being an excellent coach. One of the things in spite of his many many talents. Apparently one of the things that Doc Rivers. Would not do. -- ultimately was communicate with Rajon Rondo. -- -- -- -- -- Ice that ultimately ultimately yet he I'll settle down but not -- they need a new voice all right so. I've not bothered at all I think if you are looking for. The Celtics now this is this here's the problem of all of us. Last week all you did on this radio station and we had two shows last week and he said basically a Celtics got a message for you please lose. So. I would be bothered. If I were looking to drop into a very law very lowly position then and get a high draft pick next year -- be bothered that. Brad Stevens is going to Louisville and and try to make up board trying to settle set their relationship off on a good fought. I'd be worried about that because you know if if your interest in the celtics' losing maybe that's not a good thing. Well as -- that's hard -- it's it's an in -- losing -- you are recognizing. That total. Package of Powell illegal. Functions now even more I think give him more so when basketball. Because you know the stock is not in the shelves and not start this is well with top talent so. You know if you can't get to a three the first top picks then you know he gets watered down there although looks like the Celtics might have found somebody would over the -- So I don't criticize that I understand it and I think that's the way it that's not ones get it in the days of you know you try to control these players and stuff and babysit them I don't agree where there's an article is where -- -- where there's some people quote unquote were bothered by Stephens. Try to help out I'm now I'm just saying overall cracked a philosophy is changed. In sports now where I think you do have to Kabul more of these players and anybody would take with a gang mentality. The first thing you have to do is try and former relationship with the leader of the gained. In if you can win him over then you can get some of the other members before. Well there's no question about it and what Doc Rivers was able to do is he one. Peers over. -- KG over. -- didn't as I said in the end bottom line. He had some sort of communication. Breakdown what it's time by acting like -- it's great team is getting older and we can win over when people of breaking down all but of that one player wasn't getting older so to speak was Rajon Rondo is in the prime of his career. And doc. Unfortunately. -- would not. -- effectively motivate him anymore. Perhaps Brad Stevens well I think one of the things I I take away from the celtics' summer -- couple weeks ago Randy. Made an excellent point Rajon Rondo likes that defy expectations. -- it is the ultimate contrary in he's gonna try to prove everybody wrong. By getting a longer Brad Stevens and just based on the interviews I've heard in the way he comports himself. It looks at Brad Stevens might be the perfect personality. Well today where he's not in them over right up to the apartment there worst month he's Smart. Because you and you've got to find out now whether Rondo is going to. Blend into your system and -- relationship where you can work together. In if he can't. -- and you you use that an entertaining. Offers from other teams you don't wanna get halfway into the season and then find out the guy is not is going to be a pain in the neck. So I think he's not to go an army of visitors here. Tar -- Wear them Cheryl maybe we can do this together you see around a response that. But I go back to what what it what is your goal here. Is your goal to win basketball games next year. Is your goal -- to Milwaukee -- of the 21 century. I think as a -- you'd be in -- to come around saying let's lose one for the lottery right you're not going to do -- But underneath at all if it to me my goal is I have to finish may have a problem that's just the way it is. Right unfortunately. There -- a lot of mixed signals out there you think about what Jeff Greene could do. You think about Rondo without the the burden of veteran players he's a more he's more liberated player when he comes back all that looks like the pretty good player. The problem with them is with the other. Excess. Pieces that they will be that they now gotten back when nobody talks about that at all about the palm trees Myanmar Sean Brooks yes -- -- is it they have the makings to be. Okay that's the problem. I don't know but I can see next year this team providing. All okay glimmer of hope yeah you're gonna get some performances once again from Jeff Green like key -- you saw against Miami forty points. Outburst against Miami you're gonna see Olympic is a rookie he's very athletic if you watch any of those games see the highlights. The kid he's -- the right number number 41 -- he looks like Dirk he's got the outside shot. He's got some moves -- -- comparison Norman well summer league right -- like that yacht and had to wait and he's what well. They're obviously that was the first comparison but he has the same kind of game is Derek. He's more athletic than a lot of people expected. So there's hope there on the horizon C got some mixed signals and gets a contradiction some paradox going on with the south relishing what people say it enough how important your feet to the fire where is he is it more important to win and more important for character. What Carr Boston what do you think what our idea putting the question down you wanna win next year do you wanna. Losing get into a -- -- not just the Celtics just in general because all of these teams have to select entry for players Le -- wants the talks Selz he's ever gotten. Yeah well tell you took credit when you really think about it is that well first of law. The book and it's gonna open. Active of epic god it's so hard -- KG can't say -- to the -- I'm pretty sure it -- how they gonna do to schedule good morning most likely -- it didn't look right. Well I thought. On the new coach you've only talking to Rondell how about the other place. He's already talked everybody else -- -- to go to. Well that's the problem do you wanna go to -- for us. I don't -- look like they've got to keep the Republican no until they play it again -- I'm not buying into -- down to dinner on right now up until they play the game and say exactly what was going on out death. I would tip led them to go undated a lot of big because -- big going to have to kidnap David -- -- expected tomorrow and Tuesday. Well that's why I'm saying do you wanna worry about a go to guy Jeff green is the guy but is that something you should be concerned about maybe you should be concerned about playing well enough. Toulouse and find a way into that lottery getting property get 31 round picks -- they want they like not that applause pot that has come out of all of this now all of a sudden -- viewing habits have been expanded. We we like to eat you like to -- Miami like torture cargo. But I'll also be interest in watching the clippers and I'll be interested in watching Brooklyn -- in that little bit too Tom on the Kate you're next on Sports Radio. -- -- Yeah I. And I can't let. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I. And I can't -- now -- Our number two with mustard and Johnson are telephone number 61777979837. Tax lineup for running courtesy of AC CF 37. 937. Taxpayer DM me 704. Wherever that may be. Larry it is nothing wrong or Brad Stevens trying to bomb of the new capital -- clicks yes I said -- Rondo will be the man come October. You'll see this brings up the paradox that we were discussing before the break. Bomb it's all -- good. Not to want Rondo to return from his ACL. Much quicker than Derrick Rose did. We would love for him to be a different kind of player may be more of hard to say this but a -- less unselfish player may be looked for his own shot become more of a score yes oddly you know more of a team leader now the you don't have the two Thirtysomething guys. In the green uniform anymore. We all want that we'd like to see Jeff Green take another step we wanna see Kelly -- Winnick do what he has done. In that Orlando summer camp. On the other hand. You don't wanna win too much right now so we go with a Celtic tonight. I hate deposition REM -- hey I really do it out of sorts of some of the summer league game yesterday -- -- Celtics playing. Orlando and interest in you root for guys in chasers who have particular Chafee he's not a bad name in the rookie right I think you have to -- a -- summer league. But I hate being in the position where you almost have to root for them to lose it right I hate -- of them. Right it goes back we were alluding to briefly before the break and -- I want a kind of expand on that. This is the ultimate test for laundry in you you started the show talk about character and we admire the character quote unquote. Off Kevin Garnett although he certainly likes to resort to profanity at times on the court and insulting I well yeah so I don't that's character or not. -- and you accuse somebody of looking like a cancer victim I don't know if that's exactly exude being. Jimmy Carter out when our favorite science fiction shows of all time in the Twilight Zone Tucker I forget -- uses you know our outer limits is nothing wrong with your television set. Don't you almost get to a point before army approach sports now you have to say it -- does nothing armored your mind or anything you'd just have to check it at the door yet suspend your sense of just generally just accept certain things. If you got -- injure -- big the sport in hall right and that's why go back to character does Kevin Garnett character or that he finally won a championship. -- week he had character playing for Minnesota but all of that would be the word that people would use. For him you gotta have the championship. To get the other C word which is character. And that's right go away that but I -- you can't win a character. You can't win a championship or if you're in jail so we know about right but this would -- goes down to this year is going to be an interesting test. For the long injury verses. -- player. Debate. Most people -- laundry let's face it you root for your team. You you find -- team early on and you stick with that team no matter who is on it no matter -- on the roster of the personnel comes and goes. What your allegiance. To that uniform to that -- found like that injury I'm like most people are you know 90% not probably 9899%. Just follow all the laundry they don't really care who's wearing the laundry as long as those players. Are successful and produced championships but this year. Is going to be the acid test. Because you have two players that you admired immensely who won championships won that seventeenth banner. That you wanna call character driven players. Now they're wearing somebody else's laundry. The coach that we have -- admired. From both from afar and from up close is. Out and LA coach in the clippers'. Are you who going to root for those those. People. Not what has not -- at the celtics' draft pick is involved and I don't want them to do well. It's easier to do that yeah I actually easier and also when -- -- one out. You know a priority that I port is what's best for my team. Again so it's always about the launch it is right so it's actually easy to root for Garnett and pierce and doc because the Celtics. Allegedly -- in contention for championship anyway -- this one of the problems I think that people had. With the -- I think they were far too tainted by the fact that LeBron. Was an obstacle. The decision certainly didn't help his cause but going into a team that was going to provide problems and has for the Celtics in the post season. Many people. Dislike LeBron even more this year. Come to think about it it's refer pierce and Garnett. But didn't LeBron we got to go back to the -- didn't LeBron also validate. The fact that it's not our players' league. When I mean now it's always been -- -- even more so now how did it when you have players who where are saying hang on to complete for us and I think that's what Miami stood for and I market took a minute for people to -- get over that way you know lot at it happened years ago on the channeling goes to LA west and Baylor birdie there. Didn't seem so offensive why because Russell still -- championship the first year that will -- over there. So. This has been going on for a long time we know of the NBA more so than the other three team sports is really a players league. Europe you know Phil Jackson might have won eleven championships -- 19 is a coach. If they didn't have the greatest player on the floor at any given time none of those championships and I think the reason it's more prevalent in basketball and the other three sports is because you don't. You only need a couple of replaces Leo -- that many plays on your roster I would guess with the Celtics. Hypothetically not being competitive next year. That -- for at least a temporary basis. Fans will move their allegiances to Brooklyn they'd love what's your fan. Year year number my earlier -- I still want. I mean I deficit down and over which they get from which teams but armor are brought rooting for the draft pick -- So if they departments pick next year -- them are rooting rooting for -- not to do well which is painful because again I like and it appears double play and there's no chance that they're gonna get -- valuable tech next year. I got net in peers got her banged up near the and that's part of the reason whether or not here anymore all right so what you're so what you're you're really diabolical here you -- Golan. From every I think mine no one -- the -- from very simple Figaro we nasseria is. Whatever is best for my team that's what I want. All right so I don't -- wealthy I think we still the best case scenario for you. Is the Celtics taking a big dive -- and someone may be Garnett pierce both getting her. Brooklyn falling into down all right into I'm not rooting for people who get -- but -- -- -- -- tie it that's just not so really I thought you would be on board or to use Brad Stevens is favorite phrase all in. We. Piercing Garnett being successful because the Celtics are competitively you want them to you what the I got whatever is best supporters think that prevails when law yeah. How do you -- wicked nasty -- your -- rooting for Obama and asked them -- -- I don't think you'll you'll want what's best for your team -- so that you can turn it around as fast as possible cares -- well wishes and all the -- -- people like I help you get your -- why am -- remember -- for the team -- -- made -- deal -- to get a -- it to get a lousy draft -- so when Pagliuca. -- grows back war means say -- wished. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers. All -- -- in the world what they're really saying we help you crash and burn so we get a lot of report you don't injuries were you rooting for you pick what's more -- morning are cold and calculating what does all that Christian brotherhood and fellowship by the punitive outside the sport maybe it's in the north -- Joey -- next hour drive -- -- Speaker. And. -- in mind. How I I. How -- you're such an iron as smooth. And shoot and then leaving town -- at least -- one side today. And then you. Momentarily and he is sort of you call them brownies. And I'll get some brownies and one. Might do when you -- -- Hey how you feel about two okay get in eight years. You feel about to go you're careful you -- that majority. You might be I take it the wrong way I helium comedy is yeah yeah -- It's candlelight is. Think -- men with good. You talked about while Purdue coach from Salt Lake City you happen to be done seven well and a particular. But all it you don't know if Clinton hadn't I would like open. And so it is like a good. It is an ever perspective has changed just the -- hasn't had obviously pitches AME looks like somebody who drops off a paper on Friday a house every day. -- well. I don't this is Saturday and we let them beat the district as a rule that's -- like da -- I -- that times are. But the thing is -- This week. I you have you know complete aren't particularly good quick -- and operating -- he's so argument aren't. Important. And an agency -- is compared to you know is. -- basically what a TV with the Google results PGA who want to 162 reading the games. And you guys that would be tempted to -- -- enough to an all the focus. What are you predicting. Predicting eight. A completely different second half -- the first place 58 win the 21 games over 500 Boston Red Sox. Hello yeah wanna pick who's. I don't think you have what we usually see from the Red Sox nine out of -- Outcome you know what note does it does it probably UN Mike from Kenya and just once in your life wanted to come out and say you know what. I'm really surprised how well they have done without -- star in more polls of late being injured punching him a little credit for change. Now you're seeing this movie in book form know what you know -- -- -- -- you -- but it just really too long for a lot of talk at all. That is actual war -- 2004. -- -- and livelier but his back and say I am. You know what it is Jerry when you're on the AM my -- passengers -- been some thought I had them. And in the -- in the world I media excuse me at all. Idea that well I know -- you're you're -- accent is not absolute broadcast perfectly right. Our blog about -- -- patriot movement in the remembered OK and it wouldn't just think that Yemeni contact -- Yeah it was certainly. A. -- -- yeah -- -- say I've looked in general worship these athletes as an adult. As a male we shouldn't be wearing the jerseys with another man's name on it. We shouldn't be looking at them at funerals parents are different and the use of instant. -- what they want these console and couldn't accomplish them. Problems in that city but also the patriots. This guy that was locally -- I think that's why. Why people don't like them. It's because they won a championship and it's doable. But -- -- and winning anything anymore. Against. Them in trouble provincial all right. Can I give okay Joey Joey can give to compliment. There's things out there and yeah I go about your Oakland Raiders say what you want to bottom -- but they never try to hide never committed first degree murder now. Yeah weight babies. But you know in the Oakland -- it is. And mental element of the national -- what you know is right about that team criminal element in the National League this work then subsequently. Come here. -- you're wrong today. And even today. At the ability crimes and put it in question. When the court. -- -- Centrum incomes and there we go again. And maintenance crop -- bringing. You the truth and we. You -- -- -- didn't it. List. -- This equipment. From. People. What is it. -- in particular who think that haven't been that was the only child. Stupid that that I couldn't. What. Now says he's no good luck. Let's say that -- observation Joseph isn't any lately and -- if somebody wants the get a counseling appointment you send -- your hours. I do think though I do -- is an element when he says it's from its poignant stop apologizing that people make out what they do make out what they what he had to -- -- And at some point -- guys sounds like he's had a lot of opportunities and he has had people in his like I do wonder about Urban Meyer and people like that item at. What I'd like to be a fly on the wall for that conversation was having -- Belichick -- -- -- Out. MD. The very complex. And perceptive mind of Joey from north pennies a new good. -- obviously that's your first reaction. What is your reaction my reaction is he was a troubled man long before report on a Florida Gators uniform -- the -- or should say kid troubled kid long before report not a patriot uniform. In the uniform in the coaching in the accolades. And the wealth doesn't change or even opportunities. To get better. He was just not capable of receiving. That's where I would say 6177797937. Derrick out in Springfield you're next on Sports Radio morning Derrick. More or gotten so good value do all. You argue there at all not racial or all week you know I've -- there -- out there would be to stop the pretty horrible and what do -- and players and the culture and our topic but it really work while our Motley -- -- and well. -- I don't killing is saying though did you do you think this team is presently constituted. Will be playoff -- Well Larry what -- What big topic to play golf -- But do you think he had goodness of their bad enough to finish slow enough to get a. One of the I presided mix. Yeah and all our drew big -- very very very -- -- coach who. Local budget will play -- I think that they put it so great partners in -- take charge -- -- and Chris Humphries. Satellite package promote what a couple of all the players and -- -- Did a couple halfway decent at old players what they'd do as well the rebuild wrinkle. I agree with -- -- on that I don't know how Wallace and -- and help them out but let me it asked the question Craig's been pounding me about as -- Celtics fan. Do you want them to win or lose. You know. Business credit. You're pretty good at it obvious that -- -- -- -- so I'm really trying to come to that except that. -- what -- door so it right now I noted not been aware that they do what they're not gonna win any hearing. Well I mean like let -- rebuild their chain may go and and what he's got to also here is his problem this Derrick while they shoot why I get the auto. Shorter players -- -- -- merged it with bill. Should utter political article. We're gonna be a law but yeah -- except that would. All right you've except that it but what is Rondo whose role in all of this script that that's the problem. There -- all well. Well that it will -- -- what they wanna get a basic junior hard you know to be called. A point guard and a bit predictable. There should be Kabila leader in. -- -- they would get out of -- Artists all over who they say. I think that topic and a great position actually. -- between what these fees and. Do you wait a minute do you do you want or do you want Rondo on the floor for opening night. Not -- -- -- -- on her shirt you know what what little body and what's right. All. Peta point guard bought from -- -- a lot about it. I don't want to personally but I would like one don't could be. Apart a wedding or now want to be had a couple of repeated the spoiled little baby. I where I would if I don't get this summer sale would probably say. A lot of parties who would this quote board. Big fresh start is -- airport. Okay -- -- flat -- listen I think you're very good in explaining because it's not easy each of the patriots cut and it. OK so what if the second every stinks this year they're yet -- outline about it. Simply because second lashing an eight legged out a way to get on. While miles and so I'm really not -- while the patriots. Award you know what you're gonna. -- it actually go to. A lot of -- -- it is going to be OK also had a gut talk about the let out early in the period up a Red Sox who wouldn't be old story at. Yale. Topic and ordered the all of that are correct but why it's so hard to people that they -- -- always open the patriots are. -- -- -- -- The great -- or the economic -- optics. -- -- -- -- -- -- And I tonight -- garlic and great call 617779798. -- of that is the paradox yeah. Is the future out of a little something not just this -- I know to you when we get the same moral dilemma. In terms of damage everybody wants to cut them. But lord always gonna -- secondary -- -- going to be the quarterback you don't -- according -- -- again hey if you're gonna how -- they Dowling you'll want to stay a step on Morris. Logan Ryan 41 practice yet I can I tell you what if you gonna have a second run in with the law it's good to do it on Aaron Hernandez -- a.

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