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Sports Saturday with Mustard and Johnson opens with a Discussion of the Word of the Week: CHARACTER

Jul 13, 2013|

Craig and Larry kick off Sports Saturday looking at a variety of topics on the Boston sports scene and how it relates to the key word of the day, "CHARACTER". They discuss how character is a huge factor in all sports and relate it to the departure of Pierce and KG, the contract extensions for Bergeron and Tuukka and of course Hernandez and Dennard and how the Pats conduct their business.

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If it's Saturday must be mustard and Johnson -- 0:1 o'clock don't forget another addition. Celtic. Summer cooler grandy and Max son's Randy John Ryder will be here the Knight Rider will do well a little day trip in this afternoon. As we roll on the weekends here on Sports Radio WEEI the number in case you forgot it since the last talk show last night 617. 77979. -- 37 you can Texas -- 37. 937. And speaking of celtics' summer corollary it was official. It is all over officially not that we haven't known about for about two weeks now Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in particular along with -- -- Jason Terry D. J. White heading to Brooklyn for a bevy. Nets coming this way has its -- again after the last couple weeks that Kevin Garnett. And Paul Pierce are going to be wearing Brooklyn. Nets uniforms and playing for Jason Kidd in their twilight years it's the nature of this. But the goes a classy move of the Celtics to run an -- full page -- The Herald on the globe yesterday. Saluting these two guys I hope I would hope I don't they have the Celtics ever at a press conference Monday in their introducing. -- Bret Stephens again I think -- a couple of new players I would prefer. To every press conference Monday. With Kevin. And Paul. In just a means for them to say goodbye. Any means Torre you know people to hear from -- and -- in in some disconnected to wait just to say thanks. I would rob Moore -- like to see that there's been silence from them. Since the trade was made not officially made as you said until today. Up but I also think that the they lobby of a love the other they coached there where awaiting together let's stay together and then all of a sudden people just believe in is not even a go by. And as bad as pitino was even he never -- it not that we would want in his case but he never even came back for press conference so that I feel a little. Void of I would love to have had -- Kevin he aired just a Monday as something -- justice just to -- -- let's -- thank -- war in a year from having their feelings. I think -- will come a day when they will have a ceremony in both of their numbers should be retired. But I I I do feel a little. Void in not being able to hear from them. Well remember -- a couple days since the deal has officially BR can do is act because nobody knew about it right that you couldn't say anything right or even then last week retirement we're grows back -- being I'm in no uncertain terms. Very explicit and express at least saying that. Doc Rivers left thus there was no mutual agreement. Yet at the same time he couldn't talk about the trade that everybody understood was being a minority -- complete itself. Yeah I I think eventually they'll say something I think you wanna hear from both of those people are reflecting particularly Paul Pierce the fifteen years in the Celtic uniform Garnett all that he brought to this team when he was traded. In 2007 but it's only been. A couple of days meanwhile. Since the last time we met speaking of people who needed to. Present themselves to the public about Bob -- on Monday. Coming back from his vacation. And sitting down with a couple media outlets two -- three. And finally giving his take on the whole. Aaron Hernandez that then -- is amazed about that is that it's like it you know. He has referred to when time if if if if a musician is playing in the court you have -- have we -- The people start complaining plain sad song nominees does willingness ads on. And then they start complaining because he's playing a sad song in its -- Bob Kraft. People were complaining and I thought -- it legitimately so that we hadn't heard from them. But Eminem finally hear from them and you have people complaining wow -- Hawaii needed to come out -- He didn't have to apologize for anything source like no matter what you do is going to be a certain faction out there. They're gonna complain about everything that you do I thought he handled it. In a very classy manner I thought he came out and is honest as you can be I was -- And I just I think as an owner of a business even if you are not the one involved -- responsible and anyway. I think of you represent your product properly Pena you do have to come home state in arms are you the airline pilot -- stopper I'm sorry that the that is our delivery driver was driving drunk is -- As an owner of a business you have to come out front represent your business and I think he did that quite well. I think he set himself up however in a Dicey situation with -- check. Because when you come out in use that saying you know yet he got behind the curtains look we he can read the riot act develop -- whatever we need to re evaluate and reassess -- we are. Are -- shopping for groceries. When you come out publicly and say that. They -- means every draft pick you make in the future everybody is going to be scrutinizing. That pick. And let's face it were everybody's pitching from the same lake and some of the pitched. -- about as nicely as the other ones -- That is thicker so I think more so I think you set yourself up that away bit. You know. Dennett it was another one that it happened the other day -- Incorrect I really want -- -- is the same day that Bob Kraft spoke to they -- in the globe and espn.com. That got picked up for DW -- yet you know the one worried that won't touch all the bases and we will talk about all of them because I think to this point the Red Sox have been shafted by chaos and other programs. Over the last two or three week because we haven't talked about them they're coming from playing having a very successful road trip coming from Seattle and Oakland throwing win last night Lackey performing getting his seventh win. But. You know of these things are going on right now in right now -- I think after the all star game that I think more attention QB. Two big you know allowed four of them and what they're doing but I was taking a 1 word this morning that summarizes this whole package in it in it brings all force sports together. Character. And I looked it up. And dictionary and it has an aggregate of features in traits that formed the individual. Nature. And when you think about that which character you look at a guy like birds -- -- you look at a guy like peers are KG Ortiz -- Will for -- a guy I'm thrilled he got his money Victor Cruz when a character guy he is. How do you do -- I mean you can instills so much in geoscience isolated event throw that last name in there no I did I want absolutely adore him I -- lone Star -- now Chrysler Victor -- he went up to Newtown Connecticut -- -- we have what I call lassie. Classy guy let me interrupt you for -- And I and I do I do that off I appreciate I'm always interrupting -- never get a word in edge talk -- a parked car medical white that is the that is the constant complaint. And I do appreciate use and addiction there -- some of my kids at school would resort to that once in awhile I. Sometimes mocking we show them addiction is -- -- this newfangled. Phenomenon it's called the dictionary look get up and I'm glad you looked up the word is an English teacher your you're making me proud. But did you notice beside all that all those traits. That make up a particular personality in attribute the talk about wealth so they all have which which makes character a lot easier to discuss. Everyone look at look at the names you to go back and doubtless they'll have money will go back and we re off the -- -- pierce KG OT's Pretoria will four. Victor Cruz. In the -- many numbers aren't what they all have that why why it's easy. Sometimes to assign successful great character to all of those athletes what do they all have success. What how you define success what -- well -- the ability of data dictionary out the ability to win. Okay what do they all -- Larry. What championships all. Have one champion -- which comes first though it well happy and chip on -- -- Well I I that's the question I'm asking you and on and get my biology book here which comes first the chicken or the gag. And I think some time -- the chicken or are today some times. We. A sign character to those who won championships. That's the problem I have were too easy to give athletes a particular. Personality definition Horry character definition based on the fact -- successful on the field I think the best example of that. He is a fellow by the name elder woods who had all kinds of character up until of Thanksgiving 2009. Now we lacking in total character has won a championship either so sometimes they go hand in hand -- guess is once -- the -- But like I -- and that's -- that's a great pick up on your iPod I just jotted down a couple of names offered top of my head but you are right like a Brady they all. Seemed to have that quality about them of equality is they've won championships in if they have the personality to go -- it. Then they have what do you do you think though that if you take that character issue and on the other hand instead of horning -- skills to become a great I remember we did the big show one time we went out to the market. And we interviewed. -- Roy -- before he you know he was it playing a broad market in the feisty. -- looked or you can -- way I'd it was from feisty kid and he really was he were a little -- words US med tall and Pedroia. So are you this summer they -- bouncing our way of being short now why written evidence he's got tremendous character he does now stands out as the quality of about seven through. But I'm making is. Which comes first -- at a chicken and -- which comes first the character of the championships you look at ray Bork or Bobby or some of these guys. There has to be you have to have the god given talent I agree with that I really don't you have to have the talent to begin with. But then you have to have enough character -- take care. And after about the ability that you -- given to work -- it in to hone your skills -- make that necessary decisions. There's nothing else is as important as you succeeding it means you might have to leave some friends that mean to might not be playing around gang members. -- is just certain things that you might have to give up. Everybody Craig at some point or another has been faced with making decisions that could Alter their life be hanging with the wrong people the wrong. Women the wrong guy is the wrong whatever the you have to make a decision even at a young age our kids at school. I'm -- and it went down I don't wanna hang with that element of what you're doing we all have to do that. To a much lesser degree in my not publicized as much as these guys. But I'm going back for a minute let's start for the patriots whatever in the end as when he says I was duped or something like. Why is it in Hernandez's character that the -- as signs this huge contract in yet he never changed. From his spots. Because he was psychologically damaged at a very early age -- -- has bother you think that and I think that was part of it I think you if you probe more deeply and I and the psychological or psychiatric where I'm sure you'd fine. A lot of issues that might -- predated that. You know we can't sit here in impart our Psycho -- one on one on Aaron Hernandez not your -- jokes now. No but you as a sports thing and at some point you're gonna have to what I know people hate these subjects sometimes about. At some point you're going to have to assess. You know that that the the players that you like the plate is that you that you that you -- -- vote for their abilities to do things. And the ones that you just realize in craft probably is insinuating that would ballot check. Because of Bart mama Belichick that I found out in discussing this and -- moved the other teams is. Maybe he's not is feared. As we thought he was. The guy patrolling the sidelines in the practices twirling the whistle around but his fingers and stuff and me and he's one bad dude man you don't want across -- -- By the way I was the first use of bad dude today count we gonna caliber guy -- remembered and quite -- a I never you know what I mean like when you think a ballot check don't you think of somebody not a bad day total control. Of his team in in -- Pierre him why we think that why do we in particular thing that really bad. Because thank you because like Richard Pryor. I think the way he projects himself that he's the guy in total -- where we controlled I'm -- -- and what contacts are the only thing I'll -- really have any sort of personal touch with him is with the media in but the press conferences satellites he above everybody else that you run into. He if he doesn't want to do something in other words he's not doing it and that comes off very strong. Post game press conferences and the like. I don't like that quality but yet at the same time you say he's the guy in charge while what Europe. Members of the media with the way he deals and players and it may not even be at all apparel. So that's where you're doing your. I know I'm I'm trying to now I'm trying to figure out -- bomb detonated. Okay the her narratives I know I'm using logic which we've -- our recently cannot do in any of these out of the way people survive and understand the feelings and at one point I should stop it. Stop but the logic because is no logic here at all. But it bomb detonated in you just get through hearing about this -- Hernandez's and like why would you be out at 2 o'clock in the morning. Is that's what he does I know that I know that you -- 2425. Years old if that even let these 2223. System a rookie coming off his rookie year. That's what he does that's what. Kids do at that age they party that's the reality. And you know you can be told you can be punished you can go to. You can go to court as he has done. It doesn't make any difference does it goes back to the word I use constantly over the last two or three weeks of Hernandez. They are invincible they cannot be touched they -- -- they can get out. Of everything that's the man talent -- so should the night here in a lot of the latest criticism as the some people media people and the like are very upset because the patriots have been cut. -- -- Would you have cut him. Got to get more information I think I frequently to Ahmanson's lately is the scary -- amount a great reader you can connect one to the other even though this is a double. This is a second hit this guy is taking in terms of you know it's funny I cried when -- two and a teacher businessmen about main competitors it was us. T shirt company and they came up with this. Raised a -- John -- no knock her know I was a lot of America's got some nice teacher and right to a primary in Africa are now largely just say 78 ultimately result -- but the name of the other line was no fear. And it was paid in me and they made millions off of that no. Fear what does that mean in what does that mean as you said Mo -- climbing out of a truck car. And and as having a flop house which to me I think if they look more into that I surely got -- trying to it was anybody yells visiting the house and as is that some a lot. To the White House they had in Dallas that sounds like -- and yet how does. But no fear it's like I don't I'm not worried about it and if I get caught I'm not worried about it is the one thing that keeps you in me insane people driving a certain. Speed limit. I'm not stealing something out of a store -- like it's because you'd do you have a fear. Of the consequences. Yeah and they don't and that's what makes them it's the flip side of that camp so -- -- -- separated Vince Wilfork are are Pedroia it was one of my favorite all time put. The eight and in NC you know we get -- hockey and the like -- -- about signing these guys for eight year contracts and stuff like. There and you -- really evaluate. I mean they they they shipped -- idea for reasons that -- -- character problems and stuff like how do you evaluate as a GM as a as a fan how do you commute. Two new securely sit comfortably and watch -- team and not worry about somebody being a fool. You know win their -- on the winning games not point being played. Well you know its interest -- you should mention the Bruins because they are speaking loudly and clearly about what they think is character because if you look at a guy like. Tyler -- game of all the talent and all the potential in the world just 21 years old. You think about the number of goals he could've scored and a full season might have been the same is. What he did the previous -- 29 to 67 points but they felt. That whatever. -- character quarter -- quarter put those words in finger quotes for now. Wasn't going to cut it as far as this organization is concerned. And then they turn around to several days later. In handout to wait -- deals to two guys I -- the duet character. Patrice Bergeron and -- grass they have more carefully that this will be separate. Who was more character Patrice Bergeron to rest -- you're the one brought up the -- character death won't come. Harry Knowles took out was more character she's out you know yet but yet -- know somebody personally I. Personally I'd I don't like those kind of long term deals I think you need incentives and stuff in Miramar and I look at the preacher -- Fifteen year 67 million dollar was brought out into the Longo. Got a twelve year deal with 64 million I don't like particularly like those real long term deals a very few people what I wanna sign for that but. All I can tell you about Bergeron is I'd rather see a good sermon and his guys out there bust the -- has no business out there playing after the yet how long injury and everything out and the guys off their plate. Well he got -- or tells me something about his character -- broken ribs torn cartilage separated shoulder and a punctured logged to me. Put all those together and he's still playing games six and maybe -- all those injuries obviously. What is significant role in other games as well that guy has character he got rewarded for these only you know believes only 27 years old. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It which you backed its Harrington and all of these guys. Hot -- -- fans like how do we pick out which -- to I don't wanna -- worship but which guys to fall which guys VA murals which guys. And I guess you just have to -- I can't change the way that I am as a sports Vietnam's -- and admire. Tom Brady and will focus of how interesting and the fans did exchange the jerseys that. But the malls but the shirts that they came out where it was that Brady -- -- and I was kind of surprised that Chandler Jones. But maybe if it's village jolt elaborate -- terrorism brother or -- that maybe -- have a busy USC -- -- -- some are 6177797937. Text line up and running 37937. Red Sox win again last night we'll get into that little bit. Your telephone calls as well as mustard and Johnson on Sports Radio WEEI. Days that we're gonna like audit and -- Oregon teacher you know I'm like general term. You know I guess it's been changed a lot. It's still about funny talent. You know I guess that they might be less risk averse or -- -- -- -- to -- But I don't think it's called always football games is about. I was -- -- Belichick is -- is upon us and -- one would -- people or -- retired so. You know maybe maybe if you equal fires certainly sort. You know it ain't golf it's still their guy got an issue. But I hope most of it achieved what I think Hernandez really kind of like a road situations and I'm not sure that they're just going to be taking on board got. Yes boy scouts of America probably have no input whatsoever. On Bill Belichick future draft decisions have been bowl one of the Boston Globe earlier this week on Sports Radio after Bob -- on Monday I was driving around. And I was listening to WEEI is that usually do. And it was like breaking news Bob Kraft is Monday and that's a port 45 days ago. But I think it was important we discussed this for. Quite a lot of time. And I know it was a way they do have the technology he -- easily have spoken from his vacation in Europe. But I am glad that he finally sat down with some media members including the globe and The Herald and espn.com. And explain himself then you know Bob Kraft is the the face of the franchise he's one of the the great owners. In all of sports he set the bar very high in this town all the other owners have followed his precedent. And I think Bob -- We -- himself Gloria Monday that and I think you're also won a way to get back home you have better contact you have better control of the facts before you come out -- -- -- but the thing of going back to the character issue again -- and that and that -- sound -- that that matches played. It's very important in this is when you have to come out and be honest as a fan it's always easy to criticize the pick car could they do such a thing. After it's done but when the draft comes up again and if you have two players on the board who let's say played tight and in what is is just you know a couple of points ahead of the other one in terms of his abilities his speed his hands and alike. He's had a couple of issues. Nothing too bad but a couple of issues. Do you do you pick via the lesser talent. Because you don't wanna be bitten and all the have to take a little bit of a chance in as fans. You know you want away CO morning and we want it both ways you wanna win the and you want the best guy he's the fastest the most ferocious type guys out there. So your team can win. In the but then if you if you draft -- level lower -- a guy who's a little it's quote unquote safer pick. And then maybe the guys not escalated so how do you balance that. Well I think that you know fans are pretty savvy they're desensitized. To all these off the field issues and that we -- desensitized to Hernandez and first degree murder certainly. I think by the time that the season begins. I don't think anybody's gonna be worried. They Jermaine Cunningham had some off the field issues in Florida. Or Brandon Spikes has a certain pension for videos if you know what I mean. They are bottom line fans you want performance. And I I am sure and we've been around here long enough to know. That Hernandez will very much be in the rearview mirror once the season begins people be interest in him winning football minds tells more allies chelios start with a crime -- -- who's not gonna -- -- Oodles of third into the -- you grab -- -- -- a new week what. -- -- Not new week easy for you to send me and they column the tide and downy junior -- him. And fouls for tight ends about Tim Tebow then all of a -- but we don't know yet but all of a sudden now people are complaining because they wanna win so it's. It's a real. It's our right to jump all of a ballot check I'm saying in terms of taking a risk on certain play is -- and it was a seventh round pick it's our right to do that. But when they guy performs extremely well out here the bottom line for all of busts out of your Wii -- is winning. Exactly where you could hope you could rocked the tight rope. Ended that this this election that you made will not really hurts him that bad. In you'll be okay but we all have seen. A -- we all saw what -- quarterback situation was before they went out and got to leave deny you got dented. So everybody wants good players a character wise but at the same time you wanna got a complaint. Right and it you know it's nice to have a player that can do -- both on and off the field and we immediately put those people on a pedestal we lionized those guys because there. Truly few and far between you know I love. I want my favorite quotes of all time a great Roger angels still going straight out what they do they are what they do from the New York in nine years old he said that many years ago. We don't really care. About how Tom Brady conducts his personal life we don't all -- care and tell it affects the team right all we care the only character and this goes back to your original thesis and that's why jump then. The only character we really care about bottom line is can they can they show. Character on the field -- I run of war for their well I want an accurate it you -- be otherwise we're hypocrites -- all of us can -- our yard run out of our 40 yeah I acquire. Right you hold that you could draft somebody like a Michael -- of somebody who would cut that in. Credible ability. But there are also good people and that's right I find myself it's ridiculous to have to do this. Just a -- people like piercing KG and Ortiz a bridge warrior and -- Because you're saying like Reggie -- -- we have to give a medal for people for acting OK you know for beating good people. That's like giving out these bonuses if the if I make the -- but team and he's already make it report TV here but yes that Scotland and that they -- Let me revise that statement that that we have to we want to. We are we still want role models we still want heroes -- don't care what anybody says we extrapolate performance on a field. To make it into a character issue. They are what they do weaken weaken. Glorify. Weekend praise a guy like Bergeron for playing all kinds of injuries. That it was a valiant effort and no one will ever forget it. You walk away from all of a losing Stanley Cup playoff series and you know there's that there's a reward -- -- -- and look this guy he laid it all on the ice. Wore the team and by -- how come all of a sudden lackeys not a bomb anymore exactly. You know his his his character change and I'm single event -- I'm change you know that what we did have the hang -- -- before he became an effective pitcher for the Red Sox post Tommy John was while he -- -- waiters very well. A he's a great teammate. Now all of a sudden what character John Kerry well -- -- okay. He does have a character that he could just -- around and stay fat in just collect his money to those contracts up and it right into the sunset. Whatever you you wanna say about the guy he cared enough to get himself in shape dropped its well known as well I hope not but why is the answer your question no I'm not I'm we're going around -- circle. Because why is he winning. He's winning because he also dropped about thirty pounds yeah Craig and he's working out now have you seen you recommend that for everybody I -- while four miles. Six sevenths opens up and side trips -- an active street seven. Our tax -- 3719837. You're telephone calls just. Around the bend right here on Sports Radio WE. I mean again I think you know football players play football.

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