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Jul 12, 2013|

Sarah runs down the weird and wild stories from around the globe. Stories ranging from the Lakers giving up on World Peace to evil chicken eateries are all inside this edition of The Buzz.

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-- explosive cousin he was running from poppies it's time for the buzz within our own little. -- -- -- The -- did -- -- -- ready everybody it's time for. -- -- -- -- Badger here tonight because you know writers and their work in an let me didn't commit not letting this culminated you know if you're here -- be talking to myself and just -- radio listeners you know how crazy here yeah. By the way you want to call -- six or 77797937. But we have Sarah down to work called the Internet. Yes very interesting topical stories force yet Sarah this is it your news girl well yes OK I have to use my serious -- -- please do. OK. As you all know by now the former Laker forward formally known as Ron our tests now better known as mr. nano world peace. It has been -- -- is that your. Yeah -- that your. He he he something I would want him here so shortly thereafter mr. -- took to his Twitter page to discuss his future career ambitions. I'm retiring in playing hockey may be they kings would've made it just a further he was there any. But first I have to work its -- -- in Pasadena serving food would you want him serving you food -- I don't know where he's been out. He got a guy is creepy and weird and -- -- you wouldn't last two seconds in hockey not just as a weak ankles but could -- the fight to get is asking all I'd love to see him try to -- -- crap that -- on the floor because hockey players are definitely top ten times tougher than NBA players are absolutely yeah. Absolutely don't -- very thing. Pain nothing stitches to ring. Became teeth out. You know -- what's on the ice. Holes put in faces yet ninety mile an hour frozen -- cutting you won't print it in your face in the USA you know it some more. Tough guys they're very tough. Much tougher than being. Internationally and international -- a new chicken eatery more controversial to Jack Edwards beloved cougars. Cougars. Now. And for a but yet out on that was a great moment. Opened its doors in Thailand yesterday -- Hitler's fried chicken take away you know -- well I -- this stuff up it's on the Internet. It's called Hitler's Hitler's fried chicken take a -- it's the latest moronic move in Thailand's new Nazi -- -- they're gonna just go under that country will go under there are nobody likes a Nazi. Nobody the eatery even features the fascist dictators -- drawn onto a bow tie wearing colonel Sanders. That's what we're he's in charge of the marketing should be should be careful yeah they're my guy you know locked up kill him. -- and I wonder if you'd like seeing. A Syracuse man accused his ex girlfriend of stealing copper piping from his house that'll happen and Lyle Wallace told police he saw the woman leaving a gap in the house carrying lots of copper pipes. And after an intense investigation and the police determine that the woman's quote unquote. Enormous girth. Ruled her out as a suspect. However there was an arrest made in relation to the case. Mr. Wallace was arrested for stealing his neighbor's cable also they busted him you know forty dollars a month. Via you know that copper piping is big money is no question about it and bonuses were about copper. They saying that -- it cost the US government more to make pennies. Then their worth. Okay is that time this country just said notre pennies. Because. Really they don't mean anything -- rounded off. If it's -- if it's three cents or more it's a nickel. Right exactly if it's eight cents it's a dime do we need pennies and it is for you they're costing more to have them it than they're -- that's is the dumbest -- It's typical of the government. No matter what get rid of a point -- Russia. I just want to wish a happy different colored eyes today. Well they're terrible what is that -- it is a national holiday for today painting different colored eyes yeah I ask you again. Well hold on -- have to do to my eyes have to be to get home now now. At today's game where we celebrate the fact that 50% of the people here in the studio of -- colored guys Bambi you can't that would we have -- Eisner about your rise or not the crap call residential real bad way to refer to them all the burdens Siena. Called them. Something else than -- code -- jeopardy of nice size. He felt like a Crayola box and also to celebrate that diversity as a special majority of you people. With the pretty young. Pretty eyes yeah that's it it's all about that I have green -- hazel. Technically yes hazel was kind of a mixed bag caller and it's food it's the rarest I caller you know. I think brown is the most common -- And and blow I think I mean I'm not doing scientific ground as the dominance yes and there's more of them in the world more brown had Peter. In the world then blue then green or whatever and black guys or whatever you have after that. I -- pink pink guide albinos though because there's just I guess they like speaking guy and you know -- guide albinos the guys that have the red -- coming -- the shock of absolutely white haired Johnny winner you know albino people that's cool. Weird but it's -- it's different. Sarah be on the radio program was tonight your friends that's -- not -- no BS summary text you put your neighbors have a certain mutual known. -- that. This is 6177. Tonight seven. 937. And -- watch the TV shows where they have from. The hidden camera stuff I love that stuff -- one government which that Ramsey the hidden camera show where they've -- catch stupid criminals and people dash cam stuff comes again. I always love how how unbelievably idiotic things like shoplifters or manipulated and they have a water and that's formative take -- I saw the coolest video the other day and if this man he's you. Seat to security hearing he's walking backwards in carriage steering -- the security camera we can't figure out what he's doing. And it finally when he gets outside of the best buy that he was and yes he turns and he's carrying a big TV that says LG the world fitness. Tell wholeheartedly pretty good job but he brought a -- Agassi I get a refrigerators -- it's something. That's gonna keep in Bedford luckiest how are you. 80. Are you doing. All you can work great together -- thanks. Were thinking of doing a radio show that the other guys didn't show up. A Lenny I don't we -- lately -- go as he pleases. Yeah I know but I really think I don't know want to put in my the first vote. For you to do as a as a kind of team. Anyway. What I want to talk about that's how we got into interesting stuff a little while ago about generational differences. In and now all you know we would we would see Michael Jordan now and so forth right. Could I I'm a baseball guy OK good -- -- our group. In an end let's consider off off field shenanigans in in the in in the analysis. You mean Beirut might have been better had he not say the well dealt with thirty prostitutes a month and -- seventeen quarts of beer every week. Yeah -- -- -- what I'm saying here is how -- would he beat ability. With the -- he had. You know Johnny crook may be the it's -- request. I'm like so my second best baseball player probably makes I think some some players are -- And Willie Mays I think was timeless I think you're right he's how how would -- fair today. Well it's a good question and of course you'd have to be speculating and you know how would we be better because he had more sleep because they fly instead of take trains would the have been. A better with the training equipment and the and the trainers and the doctors and each team has compared to what he might have been deal with. A back in the -- twenties in the thirties. I think so. I don't figure gonna take away the skill that he had for hitting the baseball it's an average edged out. Only letting the king. He also. Of course of course -- was probably the greatest all around player Willie Mays in my view. Was the guy who had the most skills -- of people I ever saw play. Because he was so you know he had a fight here all five tools he could throw we can catch it nobody plates and feel better and he did. He could steal bases -- for -- -- forever. Rescued alive. Who oversee human person no I did you did yeah. Bode well I wish I had run IL ALA I interrupted you. No I was gonna say Mickey Mantle you know you look at him you say well here's one guy who had all the skills in the world had a lot of injuries but he the biggest probably -- -- he drank too much. And Mickey Mantle that might have been is the greatest player even better than -- -- A year in any also love busted. One we -- on the drain there -- -- -- his name it and dealt with dust you might like to see that constant new unit in leg injuries -- mental -- later in his career. They still have a 534 home runs and was one of the greats of all time he take away the health problems you given you know he can't get him off alcohol he's better than anybody. So wait -- -- but that was my question that was my question was. Who would these guys I mean I heard the saying earlier about Jordan. Humble when these guys beat today which one could sustain. You know. I'm getting the feeling that people think today's players is so much better meal. -- LeBron James for example. Well I don't know weeklong basketball baseball here book well -- flip around all you want to on this this -- questions the same comparing a comparing different eras is you know it's -- it's a judgment call subjective you can't just say oh he would have been better because you don't normally would not against. I agree -- one thing that's what set it in Obama's senate support he told -- second Sarah texture on this very subject. Yeah what are the techsters said that if you took those players like Michael and even favorite these guys but the minute time machine and brought them here. They would stink however if they work around with the training and the new technology. And they would be great big. Well I I don't know I think they're hitting I think they do in baseball wait too much weightlifting. There's not enough fertility smaller guys yeah Victoria's. We had more Pedroia is then you know well. Oh yeah almost everybody was a Pedroia back then you know but it's interesting concept and it's one it will never really know the answer to although they try to they try to boxing software. You know putting you at Joseph Louis and Rocky Marciano gets Mohammed Ali instantly Libby can't really get the legitimacy. Legitimacy of of actual head to head and I -- thanks for the thanks for call from from Bradford 617779. 7937. If you're on hold we'll get to after the break. And at about 929 -- five we will start a pregame coverage of tonight's opening game of the Oakland Athletics series. In Oakland with your Boston -- -- your first place Boston Red Sox.

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