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Bradford and Speier gauge the market with Jim Salisbury and Patrick Mooney

Jul 12, 2013|

Rob and Alex check in with Jim Salisbury from CSN Philly to see what assets the Phillies may be willing to move at this year’s deadline including starter Cliff Lee and former Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon. After Philadelphia, Rob and Alex look to the Midwest and the Chicago Cubs with CSN Chicago’s Patrick Mooney. Patrick explains what names are likely to be on the move on the North side of town.

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Our ride back. Trade deadline. Show. First of three Alex -- WI dot com. Rob Bradford WE DI a dot com Rio 454. Hours of the non waiver trade deadline but he -- -- take some. Markets who are perceived. As sellers they might not be sellers but their perceived as sellers also if you -- text in 37937. Will be taking calls later 617. 7797937. But first stop. From CSN Philly. We have the great great reporter covering the Phillies Jim Salisbury. Jim are you doing. Era good dinner tonight Alex. Our agent thanks very much for joining Jimmy I know the shocked that we wanna know about some Phillies players I know -- Ruben Amaro I think police said the other day that. He considers there's still going to be. Uh oh they're going to be buyers at the deadline. Number one do you believe that. I actually -- it's that you straddling that sent a little bit. There's twelve years ago. Ford junior like Fauria I think -- or depend on how I was doing those twelve games. I think -- you know I think you -- to say that keep. People's. Hopes alive -- -- people going to the ballpark and you know what they are pulled it out there within striking distance but. I think it's gonna play out the next twelve page. They have lastly what it's like we're just postponed here. Sort of the last place White Sox about three years over the weekend. And then the Mets and I'm not really answers the Cardinals and Detroit. After the break and that's good that's gonna tell what they do. I would think it -- fire dubious Maltese all time tweak it and bench. And try to go with what they have encrusted finger that power and Alec and back in September. And it's a seller could be there or. I I was going to ask about precisely that part of that question because there's there's some belief that you know by virtue of the fact that the Phillies are going to be up for TV contract if they would probably be that they might be wary. I'm about kind of stripping down. Stripping down some of their key taking away some of the key pieces the Jonathan Papelbon street in the cliff -- of the world. Internally how how it danced our conversations with the organization about saying OK if we're out of it these we would we would think about moving these guys. Yeah well as an expiring contracts so I think -- -- moving those guys. I go to Carlos Ruiz catcher -- -- could be in play. Papelbon could certainly -- -- play. Expect to have interest isn't in him. Are closely I think they're -- on the front -- one other publicly accept it like to hang out and watching. I think we expect also has to keep your ears open it's going to be blown away. But in the end I think probably -- hang on him because you know pitching at such a commodity. You know top level that you liked -- they're like yeah they're very -- -- hit -- on the playoffs this year. Like yadier quick turnaround next year and they're they're like having ever -- -- a popular nations so I think guys itself would be much more. Our -- moving Papelbon then they would closely. Think there was much -- And another guy who a lot of people think they're gonna sell on his Michael Young who both the Yankees and Red Sox believe would be a pretty good fit. What's your take on how Michael Young has performed this year and also. Do you think that this is a no -- they're gonna deal him. I -- -- no prayer because. A lot of the attributes that a third contender would find attractive and Michael Young he brings to this team you're still it. His tremendous winner tremendous professional. He's been adequate at third base he's got a lot of person so a lot of versatility in the infield. I'm not great range but he can you know go to a couple of positions and they're not our shoot and since June 1. He's really come on what that he's hitting -- 3.5 and Arty you know this offense it all such dreadful first to look pretty good the last two months they've been a big part of it it doesn't slowed the way you'd still. Probably still you know over a very nice piece. You know that's that is if they if they excel I could McCleon being moved either way -- -- -- there are doing it. I think they could've moved -- either way because. They have some reinforcements at third base -- that might be able patch up a whole to maybe use him to get a reliever because. If they're gonna stay and that the right -- and -- out here they are. Don't need. Experience starts I mean most of the -- or younger on there other than -- on historical. -- question the -- for you Jim. If they do decide to move a Lee would they pick up any money and what kind of prospects holiday be looking to get back. I don't know that they were picked up anymore than you know we've done years ago Jim told me. I'll let you block we're blocking Ryan Howard but I don't get the impression that there are that much harder -- we -- that where they need money. You know they say they try to what Erik Coleman as they're blown away you know looking that would watch closely should be able -- him. I would think he's getting closely because you think you can win the World Series this year and a you know that -- there -- -- interest in him. Shouldn't let money stand in the way but in the end I'm just dump the -- -- yet is that they wanna hang out to him and let somebody throws a little stupid. Jim actually great stuff all appreciate as always in. We'll talk to -- line. And just that single Alberto has appeared in the pro quo in -- Allard -- of course the the Red Sox now -- and yet so maybe -- -- -- -- -- maybe he -- -- Michael Young pretty -- tonight so we're. -- -- -- That's great -- thanks Jim appreciate CSN Philly thanks okay. Our next up on the line we're gonna keep -- roll and Patrick Mooney of CSN Chicago covers the Chicago Cubs who also had some players. Of contrast the Red Sox so. If we could get Patrick -- -- real quick a year ago Patrick are you doing. Good awesome. So big question everyone wants to know along the lines of the Red Sox interest is Matt Garza and I'll put the Red Sox are alone. What is always on Matt Garza how has he been performing. And what's your vibe on what they're gonna do them. Yeah I mean Mac -- -- lights out the last spot start here opposing sound like -- zero point 97. ERA. Merging has. We are assuming cliff Lee's not on the market I think he's the number one guy and certainly they exposed our. Actually having discussions. With multiple contending teams. My sense is that they plan to move them I think Garza expects to be traded. Even so publicly. Is that you know it's 5050 chance that maybe they. I'll work out an extension there is. Kind of wood in the cup there's that feeling you know maybe we should not -- this guy certainly. We got in the clubhouse I think the coaching staff. You -- know you and -- pretty well I think they're looking at it. You know trying to get you know more prospects into the system and then. It's a longshot but maybe they could revisit this in the winter pocket those you know potential impact players and he regarded that November. Other than they've obviously he wouldn't have any trade values and out BA -- danger as dangerous road for them to us to tread. With cars there is Dempster basically the model for what they would be looking to get back or do they do they think they can shoot higher. I think there's there's certainly. You know shooting I think. The one they've done already is. Scott Feldman you've got a call home from the year before -- where they sign him. You know what it -- contracts given the chance to make fifteen starts or whatever. And then put them. I think you'll be -- and see what they get back. Good with Shelton and they got actual Major League eats pieces in terms of stroke that earlier. An area that they think the guy that changed in that it takes them. I think if you're the Cubs you probably want more of a guy closer I don't know if they can take. More out of A ball prospects but I think. They know what they want and they're gonna try and as many teams that are possible and see where. Maybe sooner rather than later. When reliever who's obviously been performing very well for the Cubs and is kind of up in in a pillow contract situations you put it. -- Kevin Gregg performs particularly well as a 35 year old one point 72 ERA. Do you sense that there is a an emerging market is this a guy -- is kind of like a B level prospect trade candidate and how's he been. What kind of fire the guy who has. Released by the Dodgers split the first week of the season. When he signed by the Cubs in the middle of April. Out of minor league deal and come straight here and after Carlos Marmol loses job. He -- the team and the closer in the first on the first questions he -- are you. OK with being looked at the trade deadline when -- -- the the effort signing that is until -- -- certainly. He's been here for awhile now I think I'm told that teams are looking at in. As they -- Set up guy late inning I don't necessarily. You look at the closer. But either really steady year. You know throughout these past couple months then. You know they'll Flames general reaction and -- thank god -- you know where they'd be without on the purple and long stuff like. Eighteen saves and I think Greg -- maybe sixteen or seventeen or something like that so far this year. Patrick Mooney CSN Chicago joining us on the trade deadline so. Patrick is there anybody else refocus on arcing Greg but is there anybody else that you think. The the Cubs will be dealing off the could be useful pieces for pennant race. Yeah I think that one guy who probably would have been. -- it is but he sprained shoulder. In -- crashed into law now -- -- rehab time -- it's looking like he's not. You're going to be shook it. But by the way Patrick he has a knack for that ability to trade deadline yes he -- that he did a couple years as well with the Royals right at the rest. And but he guy he's under club control next year so they kuril. Interrupt owed another kind of -- left handed reliever Heath and another in the Red Sox are looking for that and I think. It Dioner Navarro either available he's been a -- Brady aren't as personal catcher he's also. Shown some popular pinch hitter and so I think -- You and -- look at this team. Yup on -- market Travis -- at the results are Castro. I think there are certainly normal isn't just about anything and then you get in that packaging some of these guys that. But Greg. Or guard you know he could get a pretty much returned it. My last question is just kind of the covering the team and we've we've talked before about the -- in Jan and Jason -- all the Red Sox guys going over there. What's the sense you're getting from them in regards how they feel about the team right now. Having to go into another non waiver trade debt deadline having to be sellers. Yeah I mean it's it's funny because they're. You know people in the cup club out last September talking about how we need to get off. To a good start next year you know until -- 100 -- and last year in spring training. It was a big topic of conversation. A little lucky enough to get April and everyone kind of knew it was coming and the weird part is. If you look at the cup run differential. Is it tightened up their bullpen earlier. If Rizzo and Castro were a little more consistent. Reasonable thing that would be 500. Team right now. -- when they look at and actually central. PC three teams ahead of them by the that three best teams in the National League. With the Pirates the reds and the Cardinals are really you know contenders till the last so. Yet to get like on a new this was coming but they feel good about. Chris Bryant number two overall pick -- -- Wrigley today and introduce. They got the wave of prospects is going to be pretty good and yeah this is there. They like -- -- grand experiment at first Chicago fans here ever -- Matic things -- great stuff for nine and hopefully we have two more of these shows hopefully can join us maybe after the trade one of these guys and who knows but. Again did stuff for him and will be -- -- line. Yeah any -- guys appreciate it. Thanks Patrick Mooney CSN Chicago. Scott Merkin of mlb.com who covers the White Sox will be joining us later. Did the run down the clubhouse. Gives us an opportunity very -- at the Jim Salisbury was talking about no way and it's no surprise -- I thought it was great that -- drop that into the in the conversation Allard Baird is there scouting and we shouldn't take that lightly. Allard Baird is. A very very important guy in the Red Sox organization. He is a specific assignment scout who's going to go places where there are -- where where there's some heat I mean a couple of years ago for instance we'll several years ago. I he was basically staked out every mark early start and got Mark -- a lot of money be as hard early got a five year extension from the White Sox well Allard Baird was scouting him. And as we pointed out it's the rain outs and right on four for Allard Baird but both the Phillies and White Sox are playing so. When they're looking at is scheduled saying what you're gonna scout him makes a lot of sense from the scout that. What a big word load a full lines right now 6177797937. That 6177797937. This is the trade deadline show you can also. Taxes. Some good tax coming in already 37937. And he got a question Alex or myself and answer. But Alex before we go to calls before we go the next break. I wanna go through some of the relievers I -- and we we touched on we exceeding it since this -- wasn't with us about the White Sox reliever down. So we have Addison Reed of Matt Thornton and we have Jesse Crain Jesse -- the guys Jesse -- hurt right now. What's your thinking on those three guys. Well I think that the Red Sox don't -- over paper clothes -- my feeling is that they're looking more for stabilizing the middle innings as opposed to going for the guy who's going to have their. Quote on quote clothes or -- so to me that makes it that makes it over and Addison Reed type 44 for 24 under control through 2018. Expensive. Good stuff velocity down a little bit. But I think to your point. If you're gonna have to give up something -- get -- yeah and I you know we've seen them go down that road trading for mark my Lanston and Andrew Bailey and that's when the connection kind of come back to -- you I think debate. In order to shorten the bullpen they're willing to pay a price but I think it has to be kind of modest price and I think a guy like -- at bats by not going to be too modest. Also another guy Matt for things get a lot of -- I know that -- the people who are -- the outskirts of the trade deadline you have specific names you like to bring up. Garza's one obviously Michael young's another Matt Thornton's kind of like the reliever because he's left the he throws hard. And his career path is very similar to Andrew Miller so there's some you know so it makes sense except to tell you way far down the about a decade the -- have 36. -- sold and the one thing that I think that people should know when we're talking about the Red Sox bullpen and what they might need. Is everyone looks at the guys -- all you need a lefty just lost the Andrew Miller union lefty will if you look at the Red Sox bullpen. What they really need is a guy who can get right handed hitters out. That they need that more than the guys we get left handed hitters out if you look at the statistics. Because this at the bottom almost at the bottom there worse the American League their bullpen is getting right handed hitters out so you should take that into account. It's such a puzzling bullpen because every one of their guys basically has reverse splits that make sense when you looking at guys like. Is -- and to a Honda who -- a really good split finger -- so is right handers they're gonna have success against lefties but it still. Kind of puzzling and they I mean it's fair to say that they don't have a single left on left devastating matchup guy. I do also think that I had to meet a guy like is our presents you know -- -- he he seems like he's tired to me. I I could agree -- I thought it began when he was integrated in ninth inning and know that. I've had this debate would -- -- a lot of other people thinking you know while you didn't have the could sample size for the closer. I don't know if it was discomfort in the ninth inning or what it wise but that's around the time that you noticed ways I could this guy isn't getting everybody out he was getting in my right. Don't crazy swing and miss return there -- so to me there's a similarity between for instance a dialect is now now and and the guy like for instance Okajima in 2007 which was. Why they became motivated to trade for god -- Because they thought that Okajima was going to need arrest he did and ended up being very good knocked over because of it. But they need more bullpen depth in order to in order to help him. That -- -- -- this or monitor this is a trade deadline show we're going to be doing discrete times is the first time. Going to be doing it let's see that Monday right before the non waiver trade deadline which is the twenty ninth and we're also be doing the eighteenth which is Thursday right after the all star game. Alex also all I should also mention 617 and this is opportunity. Two if you have a -- I know it's a good calls we don't want ridiculous trade proposals. We want good hardcourt trade deadline call 6177797937. -- in. 379837. Already AT&T text line. One person on the eighteenth -- Tex sign it already come up with some of the I was gonna bring up. Which is Francisco Rodriguez they ask about why the Red Sox in Dedham -- best here and coming guy and he's actually having a very good year at very little money for the Milwaukee Brewers he. Is having a very good year although it's kind of in a superficial sense you know he has the one point 25 ERA which looks insanely good. I I really don't think that it's necessarily sustainable because. His performance against lefties has been overpowering. But it's been completely out of line with what -- what he's done in his career. And to meet he -- is always the guy who looked like you would never really be able to succeed in the AL east. Someone with high walk rates that works in the NL central but let's not forget. The Red Sox have done really poorly trading for relievers from the NL central and I'm gonna bring a two more relievers before the break. You -- were both from the Brewers who are clearly a seller. Which guard John act for who used to be that close to start the year with disastrous but -- has been excellent awesome. In the last couple months and also Mike Gonzales former Red Sox Mike Gonzalez lefty. But real quick John expert Mike Gonzales who takes expert I think we'll still command perhaps the clothes -- cachet in the trade market if you can get a permit -- prices. Then that's an interesting one because he's a couple of years. And control of they don't there's no not a huge motivation for the Brewers to get rent them. Yeah that's that's an excellent point and he's kind of one of the -- he's he's a popular figure there are so -- -- -- -- -- Mike -- dollars and he strikes me as a guy who has great strikeout numbers this year while bulb with Milwaukee but he'd. Play he pitched for Baltimore he wasn't good pitching in the AL east he was pretty mediocre as a left hander. You like this stuff kind of -- the absence of the ability to throw strikes. Means that he wouldn't be trusted for very long and and Red Sox and for your fantasy owners who own John -- -- to be in the years in dumped him you should understand that since may fifteenth he's given up one run and 27 outings. He's very very good in under control -- so if those so those of some the names that we mentioned John acrid Francisco Rodriguez Mike and balls off for the Brewers. White Sox -- -- and read Matt Thornton Jesse Crain who we really couldn't really talk a little bit about him because I think of all the a's relievers he's kind of like. Beat the guy of that a lot of teams are gonna identify in May be overpaid for because what he's done this year except that the overpaying might be limited because he becomes a free agent after this year so even though has been unbelievable zero point 74 ERA. He also just. They camp chart they can you know command and arm and a leg because he's a reliever is only gonna see about twenty innings and then he's a free agent and no one's going to make him. That the White Sox certainly aren't make him a qualifying offer it fourteen million. And whoever trades form him make him a qualifying offer so. He's attractive. Yet perhaps at the right level prospect deal after we're gonna we'll be talking one of the things that we haven't talked about it -- folks on the relievers. One of the things we haven't talked about which is still consideration for the rest of us in the left side the infield third base shortstop you have to figure out what we got there. In and what you have a will middle -- what you have with Jose Iglesias what you have with Stephen Drew was also in the market Jim Salisbury just talked about Mike Young. We're gonna talk about what might be available in that respect after the break against 617. 7797937. Will talk left side of the infield after this.

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