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Pawsox Manager Gary Disarcina : Will Middlebrooks needs to get himself back on track and not worry about anyone else

Jul 12, 2013|

We check in with Pawtucket Red Sox Manager Gary Disarcina live from McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket on a day he had some biting comments for demoted Red Sox slugger Will Middlebrooks to the Boston Globe. Gary discusses Middlebrooks, Jose Iglesias, and his role helping the big club with the PawSox.

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But there -- a lot of questions. That we have about the -- Sox and you know who's better. To answer some of these questions. Then the manager. Of the Pawtucket Red Sox securities personality Garrity said -- today he sits down with us here who's a local -- a local guy you local guy -- Straight from a well whatever the name of the street is involved it was street -- It was group orator who -- although America Patrick Patrick I have got to wrap. And shows atomic level. How well yes he's he's won a couple years older than you. One year old he's one year old Aussie guys play together in high school and you guys have known each other forever we play together for three years and 1983 really brought it back that was Easton mass tournament. So those. Like to play them. I can only imagining you always hear of these teams horse like three or four guys who who all played together high school -- like 33 base and -- is BJ Upton. David Wright and Ryan Zimmerman all play together and high school team growing up like. Imagine what it's cooked it looks -- in the played against -- you also meet -- new. Exactly well one of the games that term was Pete Smith was to Burlington on his pitching for us we beat them -- nothing to move on to believe that it's. -- impeachment that was number one for the Phillies -- witness. -- It was a low games. He superstitious there. Of course our side I -- change -- day nine game losing streak here -- know when we -- we don't change it up to that host of the lineup in the clubhouse upside down. Is there did you really. Yeah. -- love that -- does that work. Will work doesn't look -- -- trial -- find out a couple of few hours. It's that are mind is the big league teams -- -- -- about twelve. And that that's -- the first place to start here is in terms of your jobs Tripoli manager and you manage your way through through the minor -- you were in -- few years ago from the mistakes you've been around the Red Sox organization. How do you balance and that's going to be the first thing you have to decide as your two minor league manager and. No doubt at this level Luke Luke in the main concern as soon to provide Jon and insurance to those guys have to the big league level players and to support them and we look at us as a little bit of an extension of them almost like a taxi squad so to have guys -- our our organization amino. Our team -- is pretty much been decimated deal with. Webster go up right go work and go. -- -- Hardly -- Iglesias. So our job down hitters to get guys ready to play at the big league level and support John so when those guys have injuries up there. Or they make a trade we have guys that are ready and prepared to go there and play him. They're the engine that drives this organization's -- the team when they when everybody feels -- Tell us what the conversation. That that you had that initial conversation that you had to have with. Will little -- coming from Fenway Park the bright lights. That the first class travel to McCoy stadium in Tripoli and a lot of guys don't wanna hear quite frankly but he is that. Well it's been -- off however I had a relationship but will back lol thank you 61718 years old back in 2000 seminary so that the relationship was directed B. 100% honest with them into and knows that I'm here for and the staff Peters is to give him accidentally so. The first time we came to Arizona rehab assignments it was a total different dynamic of the goal was to get him some at bats get him. His time in America has ground balls and it was working and so can get out of here quickly he did at the five games and performed here. And I struggled up there and have the same -- that time. Iglesias caught fire so. For will come back down a second time it was much more emotional. You know -- -- and humbled as frustrated. It's tough to lose your position and you know we have set differ a little bit of the play admiral John played Wednesday and and -- -- will completely understands that the dirt to trying to win games. Jose was given the best chance so from from my initial conversation -- like I left them alone for there to cause it's frustrating. The -- of those guys to compel him. What you're talking reluctant -- it's a big difference McQuistan Philly park you know the people the accolades that the cameras all that stuff so. For -- just let's get back to basics. Let's work our focus on what you need to focus on don't worry about what Jose's doing up there. The -- the Red Sox are doing what we're about well and get him back on track that's that's where -- In the article that appeared in the globe today you're pretty -- a about who he is where he's been etc. What goes into the decision to speak so bluntly about. Well I think all players -- -- Austin, -- in the -- -- them I think so I mean if they don't if they can handle them there in the wrong profession -- Majority of us as players were some of the winners in politics and somebody that. It was a -- -- -- what you teammates -- being honest and will only -- it worked -- only to get back where it was a consistent Major -- that are. And he's here he's one of the guys on rehab assignment I just don't tickets. It's Smart to sugar coated with these guys as Grumman and its apparent truck pulled lower as it was credibility. Percent of our relationship will look respected executives in eighteen years old way. For -- he has been converted from shortstop to second third baseman. Sort of that background with a woman. That would -- I was working and he knows that. I'm here for him of him to be honest with them and you know when he does all the while in prison is not tools of the -- redirect to get back to word it's been -- Manager Gary -- are seen with a -- WEEI we are down out McCoy today. You had a similar situation with Iglesias when he came down and earlier in the year in and there was -- police certainly amongst those of us in the Boston media. That he didn't wanna be down here he wanted to be in the big leagues he believed he belonged there and there was at least a few games Torre wasn't planned for you. They won't happen and indeed how was that similar different from what you experience who will move over. Well in order to -- the specifics with it was a ethic that's between house ethics. The bottom line is gonna be professional and you have to put him -- -- -- it doesn't matter if you're able probably triple the equities. You wrote yourself to -- agreement -- professional contract there. May not perform to your abilities but go play. And he just needed some time -- don't think about reassess what he wanted what he wanted to do it wasn't have a farm wasn't so what Jose Iglesias had 2010 and a quarter 2002 and so. You know what's in effect goes back -- relationship as socialists. You know and hold grudges against American you know. The Q. You have an -- My agenda was to help -- Back to the Big Easy to perform well there. His case is little bit different than wills because he was performing well Stephen came back from his injury and that's -- and so. You know I think -- just sat down for three days and you know reassess what you want to do -- the ball he wanted to do. When he came back for us have a stretch. Pleased about thirteen fourteen and he'd he'd perform well he wasn't get the results. But his approach at the play was skewed his performance in the field was outstanding. -- respect to be a good teammate thanks so. Her in a difficult call from John and inventive you know literature to -- those it's easy to give them a thumbs up and Israelis. The players gonna tell you when it's time to move -- emperor from you Jose. -- to reporters are from. Reassess what he needed to do when he came back he did it are you surprised he's hitting like this and I think we all knew he was -- an elite defender and the question was with the bat. Tom I mean we play a lot of games are against -- times there's obviously a lot of highlights and that's been the walks on the plate discipline estimate command of the strike zone. As aggressive swings -- -- we saw him to get to two streams it to two stretch -- weekly portable play. Or did try to -- ago first pitch fastball him you know -- Bob's you know. If that's about -- out of their quality in north Florida from all about -- -- the quality of epic. The consists of the consistency of his approach has been what's been impressive to tossed it to Dave joppy who. It worked really hard down there with them to see him taking it completely leveled against you know the best of the best in the business is done -- warning for all of us. We've got a young player who's heading up to the big leagues for the first time usually I would think get the opportunity to tell them that which is going to be pretty cool. What do you tell them that when you're given them a little advice about going out there for the first time I imagine -- crash Davis cliche is what do you tell. On each case is individually you know it would be we would just in Lehigh valley of the ball clubs in Seattle and and so you get -- calls at 2:33 in the morning as a manager get woken up by -- Crockett and you're trying to figure -- where you are first of all intranet processed information you have to call a couple of players and what was also offer dose of -- so that wasn't a fun one but. You know trying to wake him up there all different you know joining ideas -- that was one of the best ones mr. Padilla is because of his career path in the that in. The fact that he has -- time is when some two metres and is a great teammate first question Obama was do you have a car. And -- that little nose at Columbia because it's 4 o'clock in the Boston it was 12 o'clock apparently. The late move so. Just ask the other cars it listen and you need to get elected -- -- plant and -- and out that's been the best ones. A tough spot Sander broke our -- it's a name we hear all the time in Boston. It's just break down his game in and just tell us what you're seeing from. He's a definition of true prospect of twenty years old and performance. In the batter's -- at this level with the power that show. He survived it was a it was a two week stretch where he was here struggling is it six in order is being pitched backwards it's getting 2031%. Breaking balls to get themselves vote. But he is the definition of -- expected and we're very -- Not only as a prospect on the field but it's great -- for -- -- staff members is great to work with. You know Nixon and over at third base to give we give will. Very similar to what it would Wednesday Jose brought -- to be -- a lot of time with them at third base but. You know it's really important these guys to. And the ability to slide over there -- slide over the second you know hopefully someday you know he can experience over there a little bit too. Because you don't wanna get called up -- the reason and charm for only its third baseman because. An injury so many today are often you know the ability for John -- just took Foley's name and their third. Knowing that he's he has experience over the some versatility uses -- terrific it's it's apparently -- the typically so. But for bogey. Plus raw power plus arm good defender does things a little conventional of shortstop and he's got some polish -- you know he needs to learning to disease -- -- -- the -- some of the fundamentals of the position. But he is joining -- -- these -- questions. Right reminds me a little bit more -- I was looking after Prodi's two years last two years with the angels and the agent in the ability to control. -- levels it was and Preston for us like -- press seems under that you keep the expectations low just -- immediately companion my -- I should definitely keep Bostonians. Low expectations. That the agent that you go to right away some like when he was nineteen years old men departed via whispers as Anders. -- what kind of questions. Sorry Mike but with what kind of questions to ask tough questions for example. Malia you know and you know -- make the right decision you know it was in the right position -- -- -- -- we went out there almost like similar to. A football walk through of plays to hammer -- -- today for. Fifteen minutes -- -- -- blow on me just walk through. You know cuts and relays where his positioning exposed to via our infield that some people just ask questions one going to be here. That's a terrific question that's great for coach to employers says why. You have to explain yourself Sylvia asked the question why you know why don't have to go your short double or what is the -- -- -- -- you know right on little things like that that. You know young kids you know they're just not there yet and that's a good sign for both -- question to ask that question with a wise to start. I know there there are some teams that today that. Like their prospects to either very little time in Tripoli were to -- triple A altogether. -- you -- -- get that weird mix of kids on their way up veterans who are bitter because their on their way down prospects have never really quite native who languished there for a long time. How complicated is that as a manager to deal all those types of people in one and one clause. Well you have to manage people and you have to create a positive atmosphere every day that's been my goal from day one of that comes from being with John you know I played with Joseph -- in 1993 with an -- although their although I believe what they're doing. We come from kind of the same bill so to speak as far as you know what I started off the coast -- some of being an honest I think that's all these guys want this clubhouse you know the older guys -- honesty and keep your door open communique delivered a touch them in some way after about a practice -- you don't it doesn't have to be about baseball but that's my job and I think. You know I have to keep my energy level up. Especially during a time like this when you lose nine games -- you know I do get concerned that. You know that Sanders here and -- here and you know we're losing and so to speak you don't wanna treat that was a -- wanna win some games in order to back to keep that that culture go on and I think. My main goals I have that cultures the similar to what's up there in the big leagues so they walked in these players walk through that -- they know the staff which is aborted due to open myself -- for the and we have no gender you know I've played ten years in the big leagues don't need to really be here. I'm here because I wanna be here so these guys commit and they know that my job is to get them to at least experience what what I have to expanse of I hope they're able to do it. -- legend winning games about the conversation with -- guys like will for example I just picking on him but there. Lot of guys when the majors becomes -- miners. Into like okay I really don't wanna be here right now. But their teammates wanna win games not about just working out your issues you have to be ready to be focused on winning yet perhaps that. Conversation with guys say hey remember a lot of these guys have been here all year and they -- content. You know about the that. That's our job is as a managers -- a good start early don't. Not really didn't have big team meetings you know individually with guys and you know what's right -- you don't want guys or create issues. That filter become cancerous and that night -- -- issues all in the clubhouse and you know that -- -- the performance to. They don't try to get these guys to really concentrate on the process their process with their routines are. So when John Carroll called an arm these guys individually or you know John calls -- -- he knows their staffs. He's gonna ask easy working hard to stick to -- retained can get a bunt down. Is -- good teammate and you just if you remind those older guys who seem to be bitter times. The street right up and they wanna get after they wanna do it takes to get American. You know a couple of things that I do they know these guys first come down as -- -- opportunities you know what the justices you know what -- -- and obviously more opportunities -- adjust to it. Given that time to lose have a little disappointment have little frustration but. After those two days they need to be refocused to get back on track and get back to their process whatever it is whether it's pitcher with a position whether -- You know I'm a -- to -- to three times and often you know he's up there in Ireland looks at the via -- for a while because of Russia's entry that. You gotta get these guys to focus on especially with the message was from Jonathan turned to -- though what they need to work. Those little things that. Stop them in the focusing get them back to work that quality paw Sox manager Gary DC -- -- -- -- here on WEEI heavily if you -- minutes in the bigs. I think eventually arrest of a lot to learn you know 23 years. Off Rosen and was a field Korda as a special assistant to Jim over and and and as a roving infield corners -- -- -- for three years and you know it's James goes fast -- -- which you learn really quick when you've been you know sit down in the -- in the stands for three years and you come back -- -- -- -- -- equipment. I think that's that's eventually Michael blew themselves. So far -- right now. Who we see next the man you can't predict who's getting -- injured where they're gonna Red Sox are gonna need somebody but I didn't know a lot about a few of the kids who have come up so far this year who who -- we -- see you later this year the you're gonna be happy to tell. That he had a you know you're going out to the -- -- you know hopefully hopefully you know it's a you know an -- -- -- so that we do have some guys you know Zander obviously is one of them -- you know we still listening to work on we have. For Smart in the bullpen has been -- great you know it was a Joseph Torre has been opened. So we have guys who you know we'll we'll have a tough emotional Wednesday -- tournament office. In -- on that there's there was a lot of good guys down here and stuff you know it well. Did you hear a prediction earlier. The stream of New York okay that you're pretty don't like negative part don't want to take him and I hope you're right how -- the leaderboard now because what happens. Okay you get a part of the stricken tonight. Somebody and I'm -- shortest somebody your team hits multiple moments. -- Good to depict some I don't know have you you tell me he. Would do obvious little birds had a center. That was his his victory it will last night news when wells who they want -- hazel is it OK art so. But -- many of operatives have double or triple that always -- singles and aren't too pleased you're not happy about FedEx Cup elements -- -- are you what are you talking tonight are all due to be honest I'm just looking for a couple of runs out there are a couple of runs so he went tonight and tomorrow. Turn in the -- -- cart -- I cited a replica or relative -- you and -- indicate that. That way it goes again good memory of those losses. You know you -- -- an upside down. And good stuff this is a lot of fun thanks so much for stopping by Gary -- are seen as the manager your Pataki Red Sox. Our first text that comes in OMG a one -- federal wall for Gary. Now but the ONG but certainly the idea run in the wall -- about -- -- record and -- that it is of vital -- from Patrick right there well we have over educated and run the law form thanks well -- tax Alitalia.

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