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Celtics fans (officially) wave goodbye to Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett

Jul 12, 2013|

We discuss the official departure of Kevin Garnett and Captain Paul Pierce from the Celtics to the New Jersey Nets and look back at what both of them truly meant to the franchise during their tenures hear.

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-- brought it -- very very quickly but today it was an interesting day. Because this is the day becomes official for Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett and for the Celtics and and nice note today from the Celtics organization. In the in the Boston Globe saying thank you picture pierce and Garnett. Thank you for your heart for your passion for your sacrifice. For playing through the pain for bleeding green for honoring tradition for an amazing ride for restoring Celtic pride. For banner seventeen. -- I think it's. I think it's appropriate you can probably even go. A little further what appears to -- pierce and Garnett you look at both of those guys and you say Celtics appears. We'll something special for -- because he spent his entire career here all the things that he went through. Not only as a Celtic but as a resident of Boston you think about the stabbing in 2000. How a lot of guys. Most guys I would say most cars and only they go for a big go to that they're not from here -- he's a west Coast Guard. They're asking to be traded they're demanding. As they dates or if if they're not asking for that. They are they are so. Just mentally. Just in messed up from the whole thing they can't perform at a high level beyond and Paul Pierce saw. Psychiatrists and psychologists. After that happened. They were there are a lot of there was -- -- we didn't talk to very close to his. His mom. And his Brothers there or -- there was like a six month period where he only talked to his mom. He sat down everybody else. After the stabbing so we are a lot personally you spent six months only talking to your mom. It. -- nobody else you can only talk to your mom well let's look at the time wasn't -- and he wasn't married at the time. I didn't have to give the ball right and how you want to or -- they started that talked about half a right to know. I've got to we have a text relations are -- -- Italian rail on for the day diet or else I'm sorry I can't describe I don't really wanted to just after the -- -- right there are some things that he whipped through that he overcame them and eventually went to the things again that -- thank -- pierce and -- for for your -- your -- your sacrifice playing through the pain bleeding green. Honoring tradition an amazing ride restoring Celtic pride in for banner number seventeen. If you could add one line. To the -- used to pierce and Garnett. What one line would you -- and you can even do separate one for -- one for Goran had one for whoever you want if you could. Add one line. To the thinking that the Celtics wrote to pierce and Garnett what would you add a title minus next Michael -- alcohol WE. It's called road again. Solved and all -- off the road again. Taking phone calls and checking out girls rear ends. Saw in Ali you're on the road again. -- sleeper might be the worst place ever all managed -- entirely made up of men. We're not checking on anybody's rear ends but we are on the road again. I don't with the crowd looks like in the toilet and maybe that's part of let me that's part of the festivities for later this evening. Much like to earn their respect and I clearance yet. To do that rates at. Rates that appear in court in -- the -- week. And you can see and everything Nancy we can keep batting practice. Here right now we see. -- -- not in the field. Doing some things take soft costs for him utterly full extra batting practice was taken tomorrow and soft toss in a nice city well. And realizes. That's -- everybody. You know we've got this law breakers -- in the middle of -- pretty nasty losing that lost nine straight not seen nine straight games. So today. We -- David Ortiz. David Ortiz homer night. We talked to people things happen. So we're here. -- mode -- mode Joes helped. The Sox stop -- -- game industry. -- -- -- are sitting and join us at 5 o'clock this evening to stick -- that he's really good guy in good manager been around the game forever and ever local guy so -- looking forward to getting his stake. On and on clay cius middle Brooks on some of the kids -- come up through -- already this year. And what they've been able to do in the majors. It's making them things that you see I have a vision for tonight's game. I can't see which players going to be. But I have information that there will be multi. Home run game for one of these players tonight to you have this information I hope it's a pocket play. That could be the opposition considering they've. Lost nine straight but yet -- -- -- a multi home run game kind of -- I hope Zander Bogart's. Just because. Earth summit is he's the colors right yeah but is going to be at maybe two or three homer. So the Celtics thank yours and Garnett for their part passion sacrifice playing through the pain bleeding green. Honoring tradition for an amazing ride for restoring Celtic pride. Impossible for banner number seventeen if you could add one line. To the Celtics thank you at which it took out the globe today well one line would you -- for one player for both players either one. For Garnett got to be passion. America that was an. Is especially in the area have passed it with the second one -- rated Gephardt thank you for your heart for your passion of characters who -- sacrificed. For playing through the pain for bleeding green for honoring tradition for an amazing ride. For a story Celtic pride and for banner seventeen -- Well let's say it's the same thing levels and different way great balls. I would say is given to. For Garnett against guys play 47000. Minutes in his career. 47000. Minutes and you can you can say that. He barked a little too mine action. That he tried to you know bully smaller guys or are -- bully for whatever Willis. But the fact is. In his late thirties Kevin Garnett still plays like he's in his early twenties. Night after night. Never mailed it and thank you for not being Andrew -- just always hearing always caring and really taking it. Thank you are being an energy guy thing when you're one of the best guys on the -- to another level how all the entire leadership for Kevin Garnett and that's another big part of it in the way he. He turned this team into one cared every day just like he did him a lot of that is encompassed in leadership. The one I would add for Paul Pierce's oil -- your loyalty yeah thank you for being here as long as you were thanks for. Always remembering that it was boss in the draft did you and as -- as he was about every team in the past on them. It was this team that actually picked him he was incredibly loyal to them. Stayed here went through the really lean years and they didn't really put anything around him took a lot of grief and in our reports are from fans and media can always want to -- nobody get. You know he did it I'm saying you know that they that you know -- it's in the stabbing earlier in September 2000 where he's in the hospital for four days. And is out for it in three weeks later is playing in the -- in in in the regular season. So three weeks after being -- Is that wasn't the thing that made him made and say I'm maybe I'm American stand Boston it was losing games. It was it was being a part of a 24 when team and wondering. What his future was he told Jackie McMullen after that season of a classic great player on a bad team and it stinks. Got a lot of criticism for that on the bodies what -- you don't say anatomy -- Oh well who do you think you are you the lack of leadership that he showed in game six. In Indiana and the playoff series or that game he walks off the court takes off his Jersey is wave it around. And they got smoked in game seven here at the garden. He he rebound he rebounded from a lot of those. Those off the court issues where that the whispers that he wasn't all and let them. -- selfless player. And at Yankee if I had Adeline OT representing the city he was a good representative for the city of boss of a thank you for growing up for all. And that's one of the things he did here is he mature you'd never put that in and in an ad thanking him what you're. I think what you mean thank you for growing up they're trying to say but I think he'd get as I ever thought I grow up all thinking body I think they're people that certainly wondered whether or not he would whether he would -- to the point that he did it. And whether or not it was Kevin Garnett who really helped pierce. Grow up along with ray Allen's influence of those guys being around them really help him grow up become the player that ultimately he became in the type leader that he was by the time he left. You know what he grew up on the job you don't he would say who who helped him his life. He was he would say that and he got. That is his wife Juliet think round 20052006. He's got three kids now. It's a different way of looking at the world. And -- having kids makes some people grow up. In other people want and then does that help. It's funny like we were just talking about somebody earlier this week who did not grow up at all. Once he had his case that's obviously Aaron Hernandez -- we talked about. The baby sitter being around with the guns around in the little baby and he and his wife walked in these wave and and and around now that did nothing for him whatsoever and sounds like for Paul Pierce. -- had the opposite actually. You know what here's here's the thing with with pierce and Garnett and I don't know how you how you guys are gonna. Treat them going forward and I think what opposite. I'm sure most people out there will continue to be huge Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett it but how far we've taken because. I don't think the Celtics were going to be very good next year I think to be lucky went forty. Are gonna take it so far -- to root for the Brooklyn nets that your team because KG and Paul Pierce are going to be there. Forty to see them come into the garden given nice ovation notably in a couple of times next year in the same conference. Interstate thank you all for an old. I would be shocked if many people we're gonna start rooting for the work for the Brooklyn nets that really surprised because the -- you Paul I mean if you can hear it does it become your second team. I mean -- your happy for them if you win. Actively rooting for him like actively hoping that they win watching -- turning on a Tuesday night TNT game with -- Brooklyn taken on Washington or whoever it's and I really hope Brooklyn wins this game. I don't know -- I feel like I'd be surprised if that was a common reaction that people. But but the point is with KG and Paul there's no animosity. That their out of town as opposed you'd doc. It's more of a controversial departure. I think with KG and Paul people -- patented they they really had nose in it. Kate came out many times did when I bleed green and the guy green this is where I want it because it was aware. Well over there but whereas whereas dark. Licked -- it decided any I don't wanna be a part of a rebuilding team anymore. The difference seems to be Ray Allen left to chase something else. Doc left to chase something else those guys for trail on the more but more but more doc. Decided to put an end to this thing where is -- Garnett got older and eventually to support the players that they once were I don't think either one of them meeting decision to end their association with the Celtics and end the type of thing that they had going 61777979237. All kinds of subjects on on the table today between the Celtics saying to -- their two great players. Bruins keeping Bergeron Rask in the -- long term. Red Sox continuing to win even come from behind wins that they really needed it to just not have a bad West Coast trip announced turning into what could be a very good west coaster and heading into the brakes a lot going on 6177797937. Marks in Northampton. I'm mark greater that more. It down so I couldn't play there to say it Michael Hartley about how dare you may be afforded when she got fast with Barbara right now. I I know this KG and pierce. Much as anybody left certain numbers are the raptors are our concerns. But her computer industry that it is still a lot of throat. Actually possibilities. Sure. Ron noble spent one has not at all village next season. Knowing you're probably gonna get a -- 3840 weapons the other possibility is or is this if you look at. The pistons like a lot of things could have been -- and throwing Josh Smith and that sort of thing and some things that Joseph Dumars. Very worst all the points hurts our coach. There's so they're going to be more interest -- global and one approach of street there was one don't trade Rondo. To trade horrible for. Stuckey eight million -- expiring contract saw him throw it away for a one year current contract. And Greg Monroe. Four Orlando and joke also contracts -- -- -- -- that contract to get back row. And you have money to work well. In Monroe obviously is to keep current is that senator to try to build around with Charlie American. Trent Green at the line to sort out what would be to keep absorbed from Monroe side. The other thing would be to keep Rondo order Sparky and -- and whose mortgages and so banker. And I would what you can do that I think. Distraught mind right now was green and all that what you're mentioning is that anchor and you know -- shot -- rebounds. -- -- trauma respect our federal heroic Erica. But it really do think that march into change are gonna have a congress changed around -- possible deal. Yeah -- call they've made they've made deals before as a matter of fact if you remember it was. The trade that that the Celtics made with the pistons in 2004 that eventually allowed. The distance to get Rasheed Wallace and and that led to their championship 2004 I just don't think. Detroit would do either of those deals. That the Celtics might be interested because of the expiring contracts. But I don't think Detroit would do it because you don't know what Rondo is gonna do right now -- you're making history. For Rondo and he's going to be there you're guaranteed that -- Rondo is going to be your starting point guard in November. It may take them to the all star break come back and. 60777979837. K and. -- They got a we're doing. -- a lot of talk while Paul Pierce why try and saw the pinnacle. We're back around him like -- grew up to the dispute happened. That's something I haven't heard anybody mention that I thought about watching a retrospective collapse I at the salt the general. The end he is so I want to read you the last player that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- impression on him that's it that's really what bill assault -- pride in him. That's a great point that Europe's writes the last. The last star player. Who was. So -- or put it this way when red. Peoples that when -- really liked you as a player. Of one of the big compliment you can give Hughes combined with the cigar. And the applicable actually really yes that's complement and compliment that you get legal lash. From firmer at our back that you're okay but. You think about all the players. Who are here recently and even into the that's the biggest backhanded compliment. Well. -- -- our back is allegedly did the fact that he even knows your name and that that should make you feel good put. Read law he liked pierce hit locked -- -- to annals competitive guys. And they understood it and all players understood would Redmond the Celtics. And it read it could understand all the talent that it appears that so yes I think that's great appointment call. Six or 777979837. Campion stone. They got no idea about it. That's what they don't cut Iraq in my brain -- that you mentioned -- net and you mentioned previous. Two of the greatest Celtics of all time I'm just trying to decide. Which player it was the best player in history is gonna rank the top fifty players of all time they assumed they would be is still well. Which -- put ahead of the other. Well -- -- -- your way Garnett when these -- then yeah. Yeah I'm gonna go now that's a that's a very difficult one that's typical when I I would go by I'm biased because -- saw. Here's his entire career on the flip side. I remember watching a game with KG. Had the ten years ago he no longer. They're playing the lakers. Americans smoked early. By 25 down my thirties late second quarter early third quarter. He still playing hard he's playing like it was a playoff game and it wasn't -- -- your your average of mid week. NBA game regular season. And his team wasn't very -- -- and no really no -- of -- and game but he does play hard all the time was one of my favorite guys to watch outside of Boston. Here's you know KG was MVP of the league wants pierce was MVP of the finals. That's a tough one as the really tough one yeah juice yeah I think I might give the edge to. The gimmick of the it appears Danica would do I think I would say about the rank him as as we weren't as Celtics uniform. I think I would go with -- it's a little tougher because Garnett. The big ticket Garnett the guy that played in Minnesota in the early years. Let's I think he was better I mean he was he was a MES something right here in the -- is an incredible player he he had atlantis' some. That was almost unsurpassed sports height and who else even. A young Shawn Camp is the only guy that really comes to mind they can do all of the things that Garnett could do. Facing the -- excess -- all basket a panel hi all the things you rebound the way he could it but the -- I think that showed up here was not that player -- -- -- was a badly he was a great player in his -- -- was not a freakish athlete on the war and exactly what. Italian. KG would make that. 0708 season. He was defensive player of the year -- a year. I could have made the case for him as as being MVP of belief in 070 wait. And the numbers. Don't necessarily say it but it's just 66 -- that team setting the tone defensively. The culture of the team. That the way that he was able to do. Just kind of infuse is dynamic personality and -- Regularly got. It's interesting though in all of his years in Boston he never once hit his career average and point. His career average for points is nineteen point one. Over the stretch of his career in Boston he never averaged more than eighteen point eight the first year and then after that never higher than fifteen point eight yeah it is more than just points it has to absorb and as a leader -- it's everything. But it is interesting how he's he just kind of he was not he wasn't seen. Superstars not to write were he was beyond the superstar when he was in Minnesota you're crazy it was crack easier to watch him play I think -- Celtics uniform. I'll take a pointer to put you know they're different. They're different players to me that's why it's such a tough question to me if you look at KG if you just look at and say well. KG was a better rebounder. By far over the years so you look at that okay here's. Has a higher scoring average. -- -- -- He was more of your score but it wasn't yankees game that was Pierce's game right. I just it's hard to figure by both guys -- -- lot and are probably. Always going to be thought of together best lines Celtics history have you -- the -- career list that's -- both of them are way up there. In in terms of NBA histories from the production of our guys -- -- Angeles Foxboro it's different. Fred unhappy about this Bergeron do you -- this is good news for you. I'm very very happy the first for a get to burn trauma doctor Michael Holley for a second he's so consult with a double for the fifth game. So that he would lose Michael the other reason what brought blocked. Yeah yeah. Yeah -- open. It up. Policy it is not an archaic -- that mean high. I can't believe I can't believe they allow you on a radio -- look like -- remind -- I can't if you said you would answering question right you would trading ruin it. You be OK with the brewers loss in game four in order to have the I lose a game five with a game five I was in our guess they were a total one. They were up 20 in sport and Michael's that he would trade you win that night for the world congress the enormity of that heat from winning the typical things happened. Not terrible. Anyway. The street. And it may strike -- that Wayne -- brat pack carry around Kim -- Re able chart and we -- or not on the list because he's not human. Both that's widely used the term bleed black and gold and -- is just Baghdad. And even if you can't act that six. Video games in the background playing. I hit an angle I can't man -- wouldn't want -- what are you getting what he didn't from the ice cream man I can't I think Alex. Now I'm still in depression. You know let -- I'm let those. Names that. Go down in Bruins history that bleed black and gold and and -- is right -- it I mean just even go to the hospital that sixteenth in the hospital was flat -- Eyes screen and you -- And Fred you can't make call the on demand on on the back I'm like no Lou I know you've got all kinds of Bruins don't worked out I know there's things you want to say argue that ice cream -- gimmick that all the guys screaming going on you are the -- and your digital. I'm pretty big -- can -- your depression we'll talk to you than full line quickly is aligned if you wanna jump Peter six point seven. 77979837. -- Bruins Celtics. Red Sox costs Sox patriots dinner plus we got -- -- -- -- to the Red Sox and rays have given to you next alcohol at W media room. Thank you for being. Diane. It's -- against Carmelo Anthony's really nobody knew the warning them down that street here's what -- -- -- -- against him here it was right. They stand back jackpot it once when he put the go away. And ballplayers. Who had risen to the occasion and it square garden that that day he first walked on this floor just did it again. If you burdens of our warts and all of that that's the. I -- Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett trade becomes official Celtics taking out a very nice ad in the Boston Globe book. To say goodbye to them and thanked them for all the things they did here in Boston asking you a series of questions and one of them is. What would you add to that loyalty is a word that I think I would especially -- Paul Pierce. Michael I'd love to eat your take on Garnett it's thank you for not being Andrew Bynum -- thank you for. Airing thank you for showing up every day and treating basketball and every single game is if it's a playoff game all the that deserves legit and practices well that -- deserves your attention. He got he got your money's worth with Kevin Garnett too great if you you know go to see him play and you never set yourself. Garnett got into tonight at times didn't play well I'm not making it eighteen footer. And you could tell. Pretty much -- -- it was going to be on or off form and he makes that. That is 1718 feet from the basket area -- and -- -- -- that you start out and just like Coca eureka. He's feeling it tonight when he was off and shot was off the acute view full effort defensively. If that wasn't working form and that was very rare and wanted to best defensive players currently. Over over the last decade and a half. It wasn't working form. At least we've got -- of -- -- teammates but that the reason that question as the caller. -- fifteen minutes ago and that demons ago where it was about a player. OK now I think about it just mentioned Casey's defense. The government needs bring him back of the KG society because defense. It was an elite defensive player for more than a decade. Want them if you look at the amount of time -- the first and second team all defense system reputations and guys on there because of reputation. It was a legit. For a long time. And and -- Here's at his position. -- that did not defend his position like -- defended it. So I if that I had them. And that that may be a -- ivory is that it's a great question they both needed each other when it into the -- not a guy was capable of just saying. Okay I'm gonna will this team which shipped -- they both. Needed help from the other guy or from other yeah. Around three in the new victory came all of them needed to America's all of them where -- had been on lottery team to voice tickets here free -- Friday and WEEI can be the ninth caller right now contest at line 617. Yeah 9310937. See Boston take on Tampa Bay. Second place Tampa Bay at Fenway July 24. WEEI -- three chances -- -- when he baseball experience every Friday all season long to call 6179310937. Right now to win. Brought to my town fair -- Ninety Nine restaurants near FM home for Boston baseball that is Sports Radio 937 WEEI we -- down McCoy stadium docket today talk in the Red Sox taking your calls on Sox Celtics. Now what happened with the patriots just in the last couple of days and that's -- frank and Somerset where that tree once to go like frank. -- -- But I'm doing guys -- Mike and Mike. I don't I don't have popular although the patriot install and it just like. I tore my luck I look at my -- a lot of jobs or these cartoons. That like in bill we. -- -- I mean we've got such great run for what twelve years now. What is now. I want you look at the professional athlete -- -- do they have the potential. To be like it. Do most of the potential to most of the athletes know most of them don't. Some do -- potential to parents of I I don't worry I don't know what the potential means they did you hear some of the most amount potentially Aaron Hernandez. Now some good but most of the now most of them do not micro. Do you both think more. This way let's say it this way Eric Hernandez. I don't think like most. I don't let that is asking is frankly I think most athletes. Have the potential to. Commit murder. I'll probably -- Why not -- our society because if you look at the video games if you look at -- you. If he can watch when it or not bad but decided I was brought up in an option I -- yeah. You -- come the you only know we Urals and yeah and that they has only just like you see what's going on and it just like. But sick the society has a lot to do with it. I don't -- I don't think I don't think society has anything to do with -- -- A guy. Who would kill somebody. I mean I wouldn't let bull put it this way it wouldn't blame the video game. And wouldn't blame music. For someone who is. A murderer potential. -- Now there's a there's going to be something in the -- of your players to do there there are a lot of nothing to do in the other powerful factors are more powerful than. Music more powerful than a video game. Charleston is in Boston I Charleston. Our guys picks pick back -- course. I don't I -- -- debate about Democrat -- -- all yours and while I love all fears. I hope it's gonna do you agree maybe top sixty player all Kevin Garnett probably not -- I don't. That close. He can't like -- we would bowl players. Did not have great towns around. This sort of was originally a first round playoff. With all purist and happening around them they were they still -- So. -- what -- about both that's not true. I think both. Both teams had. Ups and downs with those guys as the as the primaries or as the leader of the team live report before Kevin Garnett came to the Celtics. Lottery team. There are lottery team with Kevin Garnett he played what now for the year played you know 76 games or whatever was -- Minnesota. And -- in a lot of -- there -- -- lottery just like the Celtics -- just like the Sonics where when -- was there's so. Like ray Allen's you know pretty that's what you got Saturday night. Does it -- both guys even if you look at. He can't just say even when KG wasn't surrounded with great talent -- teams always one that's not the case they want to get their conference finals one year. What he had some help in the Celtics got to Eastern Conference finals and Paul. -- the year before you mentioned the year that he was traded the year before that they were 33 and 49 in Minnesota mean both guys went through their share of of having some bad teams that didn't can win a lot of games. Think it's a -- I think it is close and I think most people have outside of Boston columnist this most of us out of Boston were we give the edge to KG. I think if you're looking at at their entirety of their career you almost have to I think what KG accomplish before he came to Boston. Was more impressive than what here's accomplished before KG -- -- That makes cents. Okay all right here look at our world war made -- there KG had a better career than all -- did there's nobody. In their right mind I don't think who before that trade if you'd sit and who do you want your team Kevin -- are all -- and I think they're too many people up point two would have said Paul -- over Kevin Garnett is underrated in the property -- -- but Kevin Garnett was really good but so is -- -- you know is is starting -- it was created and it's a keeps it it is a difficult conversation to have. Not just because pierce was a Cabrera Celtic is because they play different positions. So. The things that put it this way it would be difficult for those guys. To do what the other guy does the best and only very difficult to -- to Kevin Garnett AK AG -- -- -- -- here. And in game seven. -- the cavaliers the conference semi finals. I need you to match LeBron point for point. This is the kind of game is going to be. And you're gonna have to score 41 like yours did and the bronze or forty you could do -- condone it are put aside and say -- I need to hold out a game we -- eighteen rebounds. Eighteen rebounds and five or six assists is going to be that kind of game at all lock somebody down. I don't think it to consider it but we know icky icky stuff he's got the rebound in the KG isn't KG set the score appears let's go to nick himself Natalie -- -- I don't but I. I was the last couple weeks to pitch got through -- but I work also. To the propaganda machine and they'll act out our -- copy here. But -- the I have -- -- don't get jacked up. If I mean do you may have to take your body what does that what are those conversations on nick can you take it out of there are thirty dollars initiative giants fans probably just quiet how that's -- Pretty much like you know -- back. Well I guess so -- so where did Obama do but it or. I mean. I didn't know what this should -- got to tune it out. That's why he continues doing your arm or you have to come back. You don't have any comebacks and -- -- at least picturesque as the program -- models -- I don't know what about the long before now they've not been happening there. You can try to -- -- Laredo burst -- great and oh yeah now you know and he took them away from us -- I would recommend getting a new job that's used to be the only thing you -- do at this point is just find a new job with you were giants fan or just frame the giants fans and friends numbering them and then him. Make sure they get fired does have them do something stupid let's try -- Red Sox caught him in -- hike him. They it's cynical or -- that -- -- -- -- obligation Barrett to expand for years. Just watching him play the game at catcher you know humans are sort fifty inch -- it was so great Washington. Call the game they like what you guys is how much of an impact you think Jarrod Saltalamacchia and the recent success -- oxygen. I don't think he's been given a lot of that credit whether he deserves it or not I don't know I mean I haven't heard a ton of people. Refer to him as being a great defensive catcher I mean we've sort of beat this around a little bit that it's not really his specialties that he's not a great receiver. I don't know what kinda game because I think -- question we could we could find a little bit more on the but I think the the the reason he's not getting. Any of that credit is because of who the go to the manager has. The managers the former pitching coach that everybody in this town has always had so much respect for because of the way he helped develop some of these young pitchers -- at least until recently were having all kinds of success Buchholz and Lester specifically so. -- well I I. I don't know that salty is is is deserving of the same kind of raise the Jason Varitek got on the other hand by the I think all they're texting was a little overrated. Overblown it must have been maybe if we're if we're saying Saltalamacchia is not a great receiver -- called a great game yet they're pitching has been pretty good. Throughout the season. -- where to go to. He's getting he's getting similar results. Jason Varitek got. When we were given them all the credit for being one of the top defensive catchers in the game. I'll tell you what he's having a career year offensively and you look at his numbers and what he's done it he's essentially ahead of his average and everything I mean he's a career. 243 hitter he's written 272. He used he gets on base the real weight -- -- 344. His slugging percentage is up forty point 42446. Before making is open ES up from 732808. BC good off and you're gonna have no PS of over 800. You're a good offensive player. To do that as a catcher and at the very least provide. Not bad defense and not -- calling the -- isn't he hasn't added any of those things. He definitely deserves a larger amount of the credit for what the Red Sox have done this year that I think most people have given to him so. For myself when Clinton Jason knowing that the caller mentioned Jason Varitek -- Jason Varitek. Last week it was Illinois. -- -- Varitek on the I was important to line. It was important that they're -- Thursday so they play some character they played the Padres that -- author of the Padres. And he was at a restaurant and you're more square. They seafood place but he's still studying the scouting reports -- -- -- like did you not playing -- more of a -- at the scouting reports at this island does. Pilot and -- Oh by actor and a great seafood place right I can see it in my head care but I care from the name of it. Let there on the corner where greatly -- our Jason Varitek. And it was funny the place was -- And an eagle in there -- -- and and you ask okay how long has it for a -- bird you know two people. Maybe an hour and a half two hours. I saw a well meaning well intentioned young woman there. Who just couldn't believe. She'd been waiting here for two hours. But Jason Varitek walked in and got. Does she immediately she says that while she did actually believe you -- I -- -- -- to attack. Less than if it player no it's not but what you -- out street Luke -- markets Jason Varitek immortal that remember that's what passes these guys will never have to pay for it during likely and probably could -- believe. -- -- givers of news he probably didn't do well probably not how it. Hey -- that's what happens when he wins the World Series in 2004. And -- some ladies wait in line for a drink. At Fenway Park on -- for a day but who's who's in the Fareed here okay. You gotta go with the guy who doesn't pay. Or you gonna go at that nice basic customer who's actually been there for the B. When you help somebody went in 2004 breaking 86 year bats and most you know I don't I think you probably get to cut the line forget 161 right upright -- the army he would willingly that you might help the if you're fifty and work if you wanna surpassed its apparent to thank you may wanna give my favorite are very important thing -- -- -- by the lightning speed have you ever given a meter deal money to get us a better I've never done I've never done. And the fact that we're didn't like I would feel incredibly uncomfortable dilemma they reject it just how does the rejection -- I don't know how much money I have to again of so when they look at and laugh laugh that you and I literally do that. Here I don't do it we're just you're just not playing and that that you did not know right pay grade as you. You are far off right forty dollars is not gonna get a guy that's a positive. And the announcement of the restaurant is is -- the price of a deal is that the price of an entree is that the price of what is the right. What is the right price to give the meter deep you wanna get a table moved to the front line. Gotta make it worth his while he gets. If he gets the rebuke. Because the slap on the -- but it has to be something comparative to the type of restaurant that is right -- they give it a hundred dollar meal restaurant I would think fifty bucks I would think it's how. The price of your -- Is what you have to -- And that's argues the editor that he and I also never -- Manila you know is that there where -- -- Texas 379837. AT&T -- are AT&T -- line on air calls for before we get some really good stuff for foreign fifteen minutes stick around rockaholic W -- The lakers came back to beat the Celtics by five -- -- before pierce -- middle lasting impression of the league's most dominant sport. They stopped by the league locker room -- on he broke away from some reporters. He walked up and shook his head -- started to. -- just now. Holders and the market. Truth -- total that now is. It true you can. Known. We do like Shaq to give in and look at someone's gonna give you nickname would you like it to be Shaq. Well he's got to like that pretty good nickname and it's one of the best games. -- -- -- -- Like -- lost he. Lost his two front he. During a game kept playing. And I know. A lot of people who have. You know maybe. Came to the Celtics when they start to become good and I don't blame for that UK if you hear. In the casual basketball fans and wanna. Say watch a team that would lose eighteen straight games after -- -- just showing up when he was good but -- a lot of things. And anonymity is too strong because Celtics fans have seen it all put. A lot of a lot of the casual fans didn't see him when it would it was a great things -- bad team. It's more of a conversation and people are are. Are given credit -- -- that this year's verses. KG who's had a better career they're both going to the hall of fame they both deserve to go to hall of fame both incredible. And Paul Pierce's. It wasn't really a dynamic player he's not anymore. And -- think either guy is anymore. Not bad you're gonna fail that to court cores -- well I don't have to tell that to court because he's now a Brooklyn nets I -- -- -- Now no no no no no that's that's the call screener. Definitely not not a match. Stats are you sure I heard you got three jurors last week I'm a 100% positive that's I'm forty -- grown man. Love my Boston Celtics. But I have to say in in a rebuilding year with this scenario the situation being what it is weird piercing -- being shipped out of town to help us. Rebuild. I will definitely. Be rooting for Brooklyn to win the championship dirtier there's no doubt about it I don't think they can do it I don't think they have -- -- to get our Miami. But I'll definitely be watching. You know I've never had a our second favorite team in the league. All the years of soldiers and the Celtics aren't watched playoffs group or somebody maybe I'll definitely be -- Certain acts -- your last 2 o'clock this seat skiers. Get another -- about the situation at the same target in ball real well I democracy and get those crops because. It over to the other side of the -- these guys are talking about. You're absolutely right -- Ali it's very close between KG and pierce but you nailed it on it's good defense. It's defense it's an all around game it's like Carmelo Anthony. Is doing what he could be -- but it doesn't play defense and that's what separates that your peers and -- AG. Really -- shoulders -- Paul -- because Paul never. Played defense and so -- game the Boston and all the sudden these you know abroad and where to dot com. -- that there are no way. Everybody knows the the other thing we were talking earlier about the tribute. At the Celtics -- -- four KG in tears in thanking them for all these things. Well the Brooklyn nets should think KG and pierce right now you know what those guys gave them. A soul. That gave us all is. That was the blows this whole list. Basketball team the team second considered at double contender it was a look at the top fourteen in the east. They had -- soul had no identity. In play with passion. And they got they got it -- in Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett now both those guys. In my opinion I think. If you've played I am 25. To thirty minute I think they have to be under thirty minute guys during the regular season and you pick it up in the post season. But they both average about 28 point five -- even when he eight point seven. During the regular season at a pretty good for -- So looking through some of attacks that came in on exactly what you can do to get seated right away what what it's worth people seem to think it tells a hundred dollars -- -- yeah I -- a hundred dollar a barrel to do just about anything anywhere although this one guy says gave the guy at my -- on those. Twenty dollars and was able to be seated right away sixty dollars a few weeks earlier for party of ten team worked there to -- -- -- of I often went into an outback of all places this guy says 45 minute wait -- -- in this story I went to an outback of all places 45 minute wait. Mean in my friend offered 200 dollars to be seated immediately girl says put your money away away. Like everyone else. Really. You -- 200 dollars. I like it to the girl that -- package she told you to -- us now wait like everyone -- I like I like it I just don't believe that that occur you don't think so I don't believe the story of people out. -- don't like it was the show was to show your bosses. Not an undercover boss. Don't know if you've been shot up. Can't do that -- -- the shuttle is a legal problem at maybe they had a whole. And a whole seminar on -- only did -- take -- is coming up from from Sydney Australia to go to the outback in Burlington and make sure that that this woman isn't giving -- -- seats for 200 bucks or you don't think they have regional -- -- -- -- -- -- there's nobody getting -- -- -- -- basically -- -- -- They're all in Australia the wild wild west for outback steak I don't know here in the United States today like. I have outback in Australia -- lakers' I'll sit down. Sit down I don't care who you don't want your money -- do you think there even have outback steak houses and Australia they loudly here in the middle laugh at them until they're not even there either to their only here in the United States they don't even have a single one point. I don't remember seeing one. -- remember seeing one wild day. They need an actor alien -- steakhouse and Australia -- while they need that all the steak houses in Australia fell right in our URL is right there's no need for that 44 coming up next. Including a a good chance for you to really be creative we're gonna give you your -- give your shot you wanna be a movie writer. You wanna you wanna be rich and famous when they will give your shot to do so next alcoholic WB.

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