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Troy Brown on the damaged reputation of the "Patriot Way"

Jul 12, 2013|

Troy joins Mut and Merloni to talk about Hernandez and Dennard and the way the "Patriots Way" reputation he helped build is being tarnished.

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-- event. Erica Hillary actually about. I can tell you this I'm -- spirits and I am enjoying life a lot more. Well as an organization right now that has to stand pat and really when you look at this young man he he has been he's been -- oldest since he arrived there I mean they knew these guys. Issues before and he's going out now and in put yourself -- in a position where. And wouldn't be surprised me if they cut it. The coach Herm Edwards on ESPN's -- -- 937. WEEI it's been an unbelievable couple weeks. The patriots all season looked like the big story is going to be -- back. And Tim Tebow being a patriot. And now it's one of their players former players convicted. I'm not convicted -- accused of murder and Alfonzo dinner. Accused in -- on suspicion of DY yesterday guy's been a great friend to our program part of the patriots Monday coverage for a hatred toward brown. Joining us on the eighteenth the outline how brochure offseason Troy brown and. Man in my healthy and has been pretty good pretty busy you know moving around from here today -- -- -- -- around them. What in the -- -- the sport than. Can understand a little bit silly silicon. Looking people with the included in America not complain. You draw a lot of the players ever heard from many in a -- like -- months it's of things about Aaron Hernandez and just. Go back to when you first heard the noise you know the rumors the reports and then it came true well your first thoughts and they -- back in the players you know. Man. I did when I when I got the new that was presented. To -- doc and them being -- You know you can and about that in the got -- very well over the I've been in the locker room and -- -- -- -- But you know this between them around and in and that what indicators went over good or regret not opening Vista. That person. Then you know -- potluck that I used to be in there could be accused of open and so group -- -- -- -- you know pretty. Pretty unbelievable and shocking. You know committing. And I just couldn't you know that yesterday that the government that must also under the memorandum you know. And I wouldn't go to report that come and out and instilled just kind of remain you know. So what neutral in this situation then and this and I am built into the situation because. You know it is going to -- have that being court you know wanted to Tuesday. And you see what happens from there in a -- everything has come out so for a bit. Been produced in the enforces this and mind blowing from. And it and Hulu would mention what Matt Light to come out on Saturday he said basically in -- one word statement you know 11 sentence statement. I didn't agree with anything that Aaron Hernandez stood for as you said you're in that locker -- -- a little -- -- over there -- interacting with the team you still talk to guys. Is that they sense the EU or the guys that you talked to sell the team ever got that day. Felt the way Matt Light did there were things that Aaron Hernandez stood for that they didn't agree with. You know I don't know them like men like militant met with a lot of them every single bit and -- over the -- on all the barricades. And when I was there yet it which they can handle whatever probably in the summit. You know the Q did you know I have that the key of the -- -- is that we're and they don't want autograph and he would give routinely used. You know who interacting with -- with them and everything that it wasn't like ability and opportunity like that but it. But the sport you know I don't know what in the Wimbledon in the locker room -- him. And commitment -- in the opinion. And -- he's active maybe not I don't know connected McQuistan but that's one thing about men like you know you gonna do it. You know it can feel the way you feel about Andrea at the expect that when you put the -- It would impact don't. I don't know in the ointment is like you know was to do. You pick out the most talent. The much ability and -- that situation. And no probable that. You know momentum to -- life. You know in this situation is that it can order the you know that you've had a. Troy your -- and patriots hall of fame yeah he missed a patriot every everybody looks the picture weigh in. And how -- global their business and look -- your career at things the best you'd do. And and excelled that. So how does it make you feel people start questioning the patriot way or trying to put this on the patriots in what they represent. Got to me a lot you know it's not upset you. Well -- but apparently still intact. You know duet -- -- Well we'll have a little bit here and there that it does take clinical if you put it yeah of course that every ultimately single little limited if you put him. I don't know what the bullet and world on. You know government and -- this report. You know what they were able to read but well I definitely think thank them both -- -- -- government measures have been you know there was some news team at Florida field that would fit that type thing. You know but if you did that with that most of the players the company would -- You wouldn't have not -- the people -- -- little -- in those sports but the -- -- but that they can whip them into I think what what we need to look at. And -- you know what it is that responsibility to book -- the -- a pixel. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At the -- thing connecting. Where there have been a lot of these guys develop the mentality. And as much in my in my problem has always -- -- That you've been at the that you wait -- back to when these came up to the -- school and and fourth or fifth grade wherever it is whether they are not held accountable. -- anything DelHomme and then Lebanon and other kind of keep the 2.0 GP did duplicate the good because somebody found that we around the system to give him dictate that. Can things didn't go. And it and agree that mentality that you know I'm invincible. -- the robot about a hundred add it to the professional level. If not Bill Belichick -- To make sure they -- when maybe when you have been. Is -- their own opinion but what can possibly can't. You know both -- have been -- -- -- like Italy and abroad it is legal and political development -- well. -- ability and it and aren't responsible and -- playing. As a part of maturity going when you get a dog get up I put other Microsoft. You know that -- -- it compared with the amount sort of maybe -- but I'm sure -- -- Woodward but the key to winning at all. You know. Bill but to have been playing Munich where about a football team on the football field. And other performance although we've put on -- -- that the militants around them that. The -- to be taken -- of the old demons in them both important to Spain and has not been done and and that deep debt at the professional -- Competitive romantic but it made the bitter dispute in development but in the art. As as fans have their own opinion of what page you're way means what what as a players remember this organization. What did the patriot way mean to you. Admit to me that it is number one to be an unselfish and will help your team and other than do whatever it took the Wimbledon. And after me I attributed to an end to take it a -- -- I think. What can I possibly could and to me that their own and all the football field. And the -- Particular that would be available. For my team. You know that a minute video must've had a statement that. In our own opinion that it you know look into -- everybody everything you've and I don't think we -- -- but he didn't and they have to be done Indianapolis out of wouldn't overdo it but you know we're part of wanna keep it. I think when. For me. It was just that I would I would responsible for more people than just. Know that the people that have been in the and bill that would depend on utility like black and they both just got that depend -- -- to -- -- put it. For the people as I continue to support -- by duplicate of the duke and applicable. You know and know that the Republican vote that -- Tom Brady owed it to all the people and I couldn't do it if I wasn't going to be available to. I couldn't do what Republican -- possible. I couldn't do it but it wasn't mentally ready to play. The game I couldn't do what Obama and company reported that that night and picked the wrong thing to cut the lead everyday normal. To me that the patriot -- -- got to do a lot of things. And here's the patriot way and that's the way I feel about it and if you add the go out and play defense of that you have to go about putting. -- in fullback wherever it is. You do what does being the best -- -- were gonna put them into debt situation. And that the patriot waited. So anyway that everybody is that it not I don't know but I. When that we -- -- ability you have David I have no control over what's going on them cancel my personal life. We're talking to Troy Brown former patriot and then -- obviously Hernandez dominated the scene we talked last couple days. By the self final Alfonso -- story out Nebraska Troy we don't know a lot about it but the initial report was suspicion of DUY and and this is a guy that -- was given a sentence is on probation Bill Belichick. Bill Belichick wrote a letter to the judge and and asked for probation and he got it and not. When I see something like data just wonder if the patriots now given what happen with Hernandez will they they keep this guy around we'd be given a third chance if indeed. He is you know found guilty of a deal why after being put on probation. Then upon decorative -- In a question of the you know -- -- took place that he beat twice not a thing and it didn't register and -- the game. Whatever it is you know whatever continent united that a -- that there was a story between kind of the American you know what's in between is somewhat. But. You're a -- like him you know and I'm not certain that you would have thought BW whatever it is but. If that indicating. You've gotten. -- content and you can read your typical weather and -- And ask her probation. And you -- it. Right now you need to be -- on every single thing you can it. Not the proposed of an and it cannot even quote put situations. That the -- and -- -- you get up tomorrow. Because now you have looked -- in the Mediterranean. One of the greatest difficulties in the interview football fan awful. And you wouldn't -- and a bit of these you know you admitted that you can really -- epic about you know. This -- may not be hidden. You know if that the case and you -- -- went nowhere regardless of -- How to -- that position on network which was almost sort of public and it would have been a pretty good on this football player and -- and and earned himself a particular evidently you know and and now that looked at the end and in trouble right now but. And up the patriots haven't looked at it like you know man I don't know if we with the lowest level. Eventually going to be with the -- -- Then. Into LaGuardia and drifted put himself in questionable situations. And we've been kept it is that. Troy it's great insight from a guy who's been around it and are hopeful plea next time we talk the leading up and to have the first preceding game was an August night we'll talk more about. On the field and off the field and taken -- taken a couple of minutes and get back to get in shape this offseason. Our guy Troy Brown joining us here on the eighteenth the hotline AT&T forgy LTE it's beads. Up to ten times faster than three G it is AT&T. Rethink possible -- -- update here John Chandler. We'll try to get through 1 o'clock will come back and the other side. We got Kevlar who'll join us just after 1 o'clock with all your phone calls up until two he's already waited -- -- his favorite -- LD it's always -- is that we got one just so we'll start that is well on the Lar and LB next.

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