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Brad Stevens: Rondo huge part of Celtics future

Jul 12, 2013|

New Celtics head coach Brad Stevens joined the show a day after meeting with Rondo in Kentucky. Brad told the guys that he had great conversations with his point guard and that he is looking forward to working with him going forward.

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I've got my -- calendar is correct it was a week ago today the Boston Celtics they Brad Stevens their new head coach -- joins us on the AT&T outlined AT&T four GL TE from the yeah Orlando summer camp. Good morning credits John and Kirk and Boston how are you. I don't -- I don't we're doing very very well I'm wondering -- as a jumping off point here you've you've been gone out of the week jurors like -- four hours a day in I might and and work and twenty what was on what has been on your to do list. Besides the obvious going to an Orlando and watch in the summer league or what your priorities in the first week as you get as you hit the road running Brad. I'm number one was to get a chance system meet and spend time with the staff from the players that I attacked that. Get to and end. Quite a few -- -- Worked out in Orlando. And so that was that was great. That I was in Orlando for or date and actually back in the midwest. For a couple of days before heading out there. On Sunday. Did it was a really good experience. I wanted to. Really sit -- -- less -- And I spent more time taking notes and more time listening and asking questions. And anything else and and and what effect in my hotel room. Spent a lot of time. On film and all. Are intelligent get a generic philosophy. And then getting myself up to speed this -- things that. The Celtics -- done in the past on both sides of the -- also that. If there are some similarities actually in the you know I can be don't want an adjustment to make it all the players did you. I read -- you -- made it appears that run those -- to talk to Rajon but what was the message what was the symbolism what was the results Brad. -- I just went down America what it says to get a chance to sit Ellis said that I was two hours from from Louisville. Here Indianapolis so I I I drove down -- that it happened and we spent spent quite a bit of time just alone together and and that talk in and just. Just learned more about -- just enjoyed spending time with them and asking him questions about you know not only is what the Celtics but I'm Florence in. Not found and that he really really intelligent really really insightful but he has great ideas. Really looking forward to working with the and I you know it's always on the go and and spend a little bit time -- -- pretty young kids camp as well we just got done credit for weeks of camp ourselves that at Butler and so. You know I accept that. A few quick words to the campers and then. And then -- the -- but it was great to -- it and enjoy it -- problem. You know -- 82 games vs say thirty. Professional athletes grown men having -- general manager have to answer to an owner to answer to sort of go blank for the season all the travel involved all that stuff. We started figuring out how are you going to be an MBA coach vs a college coach you figure out you know he started think the process of you know how different this is going to be. Yeah I think I think we've got great resources that help me figure that stuff out. You know I think part of the part of the challenge at the 82 game season is making sure that you. But you're unprepared dressed appropriately and have a -- ratio there are you probably you know obviously taper towards the end of the season. Not too dissimilar from what we've done in college the only difference -- you get double in nine games yet to be even more congress and other. I'm training camps and in actual practice time before you start exhibition games. In a little bit shorter she's got to make sure that you know when you're putting your stuff that it has its concise and com. Simple and applicable possible and that's what are you working on a whole lot less concerned about January February march -- April right now much more concerned about. I'm getting to know players in the first half and in putting on you know putting. -- ensure that our first practice. Has purpose and in there and you know we're worried about second practice after that. What's something you were looking to do I'd seen Larry Bird a few weeks ago said that. He had heard you -- gulping MBA coach Doc Rivers today said he spoke to executive -- you. Possibly for another job as a something that you were seeking reported Danny -- you mean we start to think about boy might be time in my career now. To make a jump to the MBA. I was fortunate in that -- never have have have sought. Or never you know initiated that. From my standpoint and and but it's certainly something that I had been thinking about. Spur -- for awhile but maybe more. So recently as a reality. Hand and so I think. You know again though it it was more important to Ian -- situation and necessarily to coach in the NBA. And for me it was all about. You know obviously the tradition and history of the Celtics but also. You know the people around Toronto and it and I really. Felt comfortable with Danny and in the leadership team and common ownership and and so that was that that's what made it even more of -- You know more appealing and and obviously. You had a tradition and history of pop that -- it's in it's a wonderful opportunity. We're talking with Celtics head Coach Brad Stevens Brad what's the one. Unbreakable rule if I played basketball for Brad Stevens. That's a great question. That's a great question. You know I think at the end of the day it would what I want when I want all of parking and its view it as it is it is really be all and together. And I think that. You know certainly anytime that you're coaching a team of fifteen individuals no matter what -- -- no matter what industry here and everybody got an ambition in golden personal drive. I'm at the same time being able to agree on a common goal and really struck per common goal it is it is obviously. The critical part of success but also makes her better experience and so most important thing would be to be committed to the collective good. A body and philosophy aside what you want the whole marked the personality of your basketball team to be in a perfect world. Our content team. You know I think being at being a tough a tough group Atlantis take I don't mean necessarily like physically stronger than -- -- XT at that but more so. Focused on doing the right thing and doing your job on both ends of the court. On the -- again striving to do that for the collective -- rather than for her you know necessarily. Com or your individual glory now obviously individual glory comes as a result of that in a lot of circumstances. And I think that. It'd great to have personal ambition and personal drive. But at the same time I think the best teams. Played just like that they might as making. I would wondered about this is is coaching basketball the same as teaching basketball or are they two different things settle -- they may be. Coaching -- and. So that's a that's a great question I think that I I look at coaching as teaching a lot away and I think you can really break down coaching and Q. A number of different things obviously. You know there's a lot of management coaching. There's a lot of obviously motivation coaching. I'm and then when you get -- -- the specifics of basketball. I think you can look at it two days you know you want to be in the situation where everybody. She eagerly embraces our role from day one. And you're just coaching basketball preparing for opponents happens nowhere. I mean you've got to find your -- -- literal embrace her roles defined roles. You know they'll fall through that and then at some point during the seat and hopefully get there sooner -- later. Those things are all done -- now coaching basketball but basically what that means is you never stopped coaching basketball players. And so there's a difference that are in the -- about system intact it and and tactical things. Offensively and defensively. But then you're also talking about. Teaching techniques. Finding finding motivational things that make each -- -- you know all of those things that are important country and and I think there is a difference between just coaching basketball in coaching basketball players and yet she is what are the other coaches coaching basketball player. You expect eighty expect Rhonda beyond this team and beat you expected to be leader of this basketball team. Yet. And yet -- and I think he's eager for that challenge. You know I'm looking forward to that place. Not talked to a lot of the guys. There on this team already. And you know I think we've got a good young group that is. And I'll tell you what has been great to me they seem eager and excited and -- speak very highly of playing with their. You know -- of the night after the draft the morning after the draft -- should say Brad I came on here. Instead Kelly a clinic is going to be the rookie of the year John Q is that regular -- this planet and Brad this is your chance to tell everybody. In America list and not right. Right I mean what you're seeing so far this guys can't miss right. I really like him I really like him I'm not I'm not gonna put that on him yeah on the interstate cutie and the the figure that out right but I guess I said that I sat down with -- the other day and and in just told him you know a lot of people use their rookie. A year or second here assert your character as an excuse. Com for not being. The -- that they can be because they have this kind of transitions such grace period and. And and then there's other guys in the ideology. And you know I think that that's. Certainly should be a goal and and he's certainly capable he is he's a very good player he -- very skilled player. Got a great feel for the game and am I dislike him I liked him as a person he's an actor and it's driven young man and public supported culture. They bred for a while now baseball's did DNA part of baseball's DNA has been out metrics and Saber metrics about more recently that's who's built over the basketball as well. How specific measure of sports. Guide you in any way -- performing your coaching. All lot I think -- -- you a lot in the how you come up with a planned. Before the seat and I think -- I'd kill -- you what you -- during the season it and they can add great value of an apology games that are decided by -- possession or two. And so I think that that's. You know there's there's all kinds of things or things and I'm really excited about. This just the access to resources. That we have that. You know some of the things that says. We've been doing on the -- With a little bit limited manpower. On in college still have a lot more. People dedicated to it a lot more information used to hear it. You know unnecessary have a good outlook information that's what can apply and in figuring out what can apply. Did you get a specific example of some sort of up twos or subtle metric that you think is important that maybe we hadn't even thought of. Well I think I paid you know hurt the most. One of the things I think are important as how Howell. -- and in triples and it and for people play together how they impact a lot of them. And obviously you have to have yet to get a large samples sides. And and whatever that may be -- -- I'm not exactly sure yet there's there's people lot slower than they can figure that out but I can help you laugh when. You know we're here which would line up some things down the road and -- -- really. For example I realized that there and there are hundreds of others every every. You know twice a -- -- I'm prepared. I'm emailing -- texting. -- group and ask them for more information right now. If he talked to doc at all during this process from last week. He sent me a nice text. It and -- expect real briefly but I have not I have not spoken to him in the last week. About a dumb we look at the staff now being assembled and a Larranaga young and trees buried a red today. Is it gonna be eight given the black -- X experience for you I guess it would be natural to assume there's going to be some veteran guy. On the bench they're somewhere is that fair to assume. Well there's there we have we have. We have two spots that will. And and both both spots. The plan of attack is the solos with people list. I'm a great deal -- NBA experience. Whether it's its final approach. Bret Stephens thanks for much of the time of the pleasure getting -- -- a little bit asking you some questions and picking your brain to look forward to working with the as the season progresses. But for her Brad thanks for what doesn't tell him on the AT&T outline AT&T four GL TE.

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