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Casey Sherman on justice for the Boston Strangler

Jul 12, 2013|

Casey Sherman joined the show to give his perspective on the closure of the Boston Strangler case. Casey praised the local law enforcement for continuing to seek justice.

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It is the fourth and final hour on the fifth and final day of this work week Dennis and Callahan. The Boston strangler killed eleven women between 1962. And early 1964. -- obviously here in Boston Albert Desalvo. -- being held on the series of unrelated rape charges. Confessed to killing the women but his confession was ruled inadmissible in court. The -- -- sentenced to life in prison for unrelated rape charges but an inmate stabbed to sellable to death in November of 1973. When he was forty three years of age 32 years of age I believe -- today. We're going to resume the cell bulls' body. And the remains to be taken to a medical Examiner's office on Albany street were DNA sample. Should be retrieved by the end of the day what they are hoping and what they expect to find out is that at the very least. The the eleventh and final victim they'll be nineteen year old Mary Sullivan. -- was indeed killed by Albert Desalvo. Our friend Casey Sherman -- -- -- heroes from area the hunt for the real Boston strangler and -- Mary Sullivan Casey is Mary Sullivan's nephew. He joins us on the AT&T outline AT&T forgy LTE good morning Casey good morning gentlemen I assume that you've been running a gamut of emotions and thoughts and set this thing started to unravel -- take us through those if you don't mind. The yen not a problem -- you know I was alerted. Few days ago both the prospect. That this was going to happen and the state agencies all. Brought me into law explained. How we got to this point and walked me through your entire. DNA investigation. And yeah they're kind of have to say the questions that you raised over the past forty years has brought us here today. Because we all the questions that we all wanted to banality in an answer injustice done for Mary Sullivan. And the DNA evidence that they were able to provide. Was it was incredibly strong and pointed back to Albert Desalvo. But where you even aware that this is not a closed or cold cases they were still actively pursuing this. -- and it was never it was never closed it was always you know -- all sexually inactive -- But Don is that people aren't enough police crime lab has been carrying the water that is where this case. For his entire career much like I happen but it was amazing for me. The world over the past several days. And how many people world we're working on this overtime and others at the dedication and hard work done by these detectives of these frantic and investigators. Is amazing you know throughout the course of the past fifteen years. There have been struggles between him -- law enforcement in terms of creating a positive dialogue to get to the final answer here and you know with the -- -- Administration at the attorney general's office except for well you know there are new administration in place and calmly. Commissioner -- Martha Coakley who wanted to do things the right way. And they've -- -- the right -- and the great thing is. You know right now to 99.9. Percent chance and Albert Desalvo killed my well they they want to eliminate that 1%. Shred of doubt which is why they were zooming -- Body today. -- you after you got interested in this case what were your various theories of how did they Alter over the years of all Casey. Well that's quick question John you know who has an investigative journalist who -- all over the evidently it's. And because this case wasn't handled properly in the 1960s there were so many questions about this case the fact that Albert Desalvo was never officially charged. With -- -- the only thing that connected him to crimes it was his confession which and covered about a decade ago when -- than a thousand holes in because. But he was saying to investigators. Did not match what was happening on the autopsy report are also several different. Suspect strongly suspect that the police -- and number of these cases now we're we're not -- is double kill all the women. And the Boston strangler case still needs that I think needs to be determined because there were so many different. Methods and motives of murdering these women and I -- sixty. And the police at the time believe that there were copycats that place. I think now with modern science that's the great thing about this investigation gotten is that you know being in -- he. Forensic as scientists at the Boston Police Department literally shut down any DNA testing on this case ten years ago because -- -- had not advanced where it is today. You know we did -- we conduct a private. DNA tests were. With doctor Henry Williams progressed differently tonight at ten years ago put the science was what -- want to tie it. Today they have. Science can really narrowed down you know they did exactly who was. The killer smile on them and they've done that it's it's an amazing thing. Out they went about doing this they found little blanket. Of of Mary Sullivan's and a water bottle of -- nephew of Desalvo was -- right. -- Kirk -- what they did was if they don't have the blanket ban has been done in storage right you know decades 49 years. What they wanted they needed area -- male relative of Albert Desalvo. -- male relatives DNA. Match against these substances that were found on the blanket. And the police investigators. Like they did 1964. But you put boots on the ground and they followed -- -- family members around. Finally were able to surreptitiously. He acts of the -- water bottle that. One -- -- resolve those who relatives and added a totally innocent person by the way just to happen to be related to produce novel but they've made that. That is -- that determination that it was a match and it's interesting that sitting down with these investigators. Early yesterday morning. You know they would that they sell -- first because they had the serious doubts about his guilt. And they were thinking OK well we're gonna pass this guy. Probably going to exonerate him and that becomes OK and who really did go to -- and that test came back from match. Then they and they related to president double -- and -- -- will. You have a real relationship with I think at least once he's right -- however it you have the to have relationship with the scale Wafer you know going back over a decade and anticipate these people are innocent victims here as well I don't. Want anybody to not think that the have no you know they have no control importantly -- the suspect DA said they have not been cooperative -- -- -- -- well -- the world that that that I mean that's not really true I think does apparently have tried to cooperate but there was such a contentious relationship between law enforcement in the family including my country. Over the past fifteen years but that relationship as -- the ball with. Based on new people. You know in the positions of power you people that really were dedicated to. -- -- -- -- That's commissioner it was about the economy and that's Martha Coakley. Casey I assume you think you know what this match is going to show once is bodies consumed in the DNA has taken from Albert to self correct. Yeah I'd I think it I think personalities are revered John but I think it's just going to race. Anyone's Dell com you know that's what they wanna do is indeed they have that 1% change. That Belgrade there and they want to operate and goblins I think is that they are looking for a finite answer. As well as you know myself my family and anybody involved in the. So your family gets some finality here what do you make of the other ten victims' families. Well you know that's interesting. I think that now that they will be -- gaining access to oil -- of nuclear DNA is is presumably they have cut physical evidence from the Democrats as well. You know I think it behooves them to start matching them more discounting Desalvo and those in those crimes which should be relatively. Easy to do but but that'll be a decision made by them. I'm gonna ask you to speculate here but what is your theory in terms of his involvement in those other tenth. Well I will say this you know I still believe that there -- Other murderers of these women just because of the crime scenes -- you know. So remarkably different -- you know Albert Desalvo was company was fascinated by the Boston strangler case you know -- talked about it all the time. Now knowing that he killed my now I don't know if that the only murdering commitment to repeat -- committed the first quarter panel which was in 1962. But that should be determined but the bottom line -- it's always been about. I'm nineteen -- died and should be grandmother now bluster like 1964. That's what my entire. You know professional career -- workers been dedicated to finding closure for my mother who was seventeen years old -- you like your best friend and sister. If indeed Albert Desalvo was fascinated by the Boston strangler is it possible that Mary Sullivan aged nineteen might have been a copycat type of thing. Nobody and I mean it's it's it's possible and then those -- the questions that I think. Also -- probably law enforcement agencies as well which is why. I think they're dedicated to in solving many of these crimes. And they can't because we're all you know there'll still officially unsolved but the dedication and hard work of these people want it. Totally trust there. You know there due diligence and their good work on this case -- I think they're committed to providing it distributed to families as well. Why I was in in in 67 why it was his confession ruled inadmissible in court. Will be bit that's a great question because I think it was it is a number decreased current through one of the first reasons -- Most of most of the confessional was handled by. This man named John a -- of -- have -- department -- task force. -- that that depict them right well -- bottom it was a real estate lawyer up prior to -- being appointed to that position he'd never taken -- interrogation compression. A from anybody could ever been in the criminal court -- and crimes. Areas with -- -- novel providing leading questions to operative cell policy answers -- -- -- something like. Albert when you went into victim actor's apartment she was wearing a -- house -- as a -- And dissolve -- yeah that's correct -- primitive right you know Desalvo admit that publicly and you know. Correctly identified. Victim's clothing and I think there are so many discrepancies and India infection itself that inquiries serious note that the -- even get. They had a conviction that this guy and I'll go to recanted -- confession. You know many times over the years as well also you know he was providing a cast of -- to -- -- the in this in this case and it's it's been a very complex it is put. It as an investigative journalism. -- I follow the other. And this particular ball greatly over the past 49 years where you know one suspect looks very promising one day -- and and ships. So you know both sides of the independent arbiter of truth justice and and that can't be -- so. It's amazing what they've done. Casey final question for me and -- much why I care or why wanna know this but who stabbed and killed Albert sellable imprisoned 97 injury. Another mystery job that particular event that lives there have been there is that he was. Selling drug behind bars and still that way directories that he was you know we're tending his compassion publicly and he was going to do that the day after he was. Too old so you know it's it's amazing note that there are still many questions that still I think need to be answered. In this case but at least -- looking back at my nineteen. Yes it can I can successfully saying that you know. Now we've got closure right now we believe that it won't help produce double committed this heinous crime against humanity girl. So what's that taken 49 years for police to say they got their man. It out and and men and that's a testament to our men and gritty point or borrow well good for you and your family appreciate the time -- thank you -- 677797937. Casey Sherman joining us on the AT&T a -- AT&T forgy LZ. Are we take a break -- Paulus talked to you for a bit and then at nine -- time 35 -- New coach. Of the Boston Celtics Brad Stevens will join us at 935.

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