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Sox continue to roll

Jul 12, 2013|

Dino and Kirk opened the show discussing the Sox third straight win in Seattle. Dino pointed out that the team is now on pace to win 98 games.

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I don't know it's Friday I don't have a clear roadmap as to where we're going here this morning for the next four hours a sort of liked the Moses wandering in the wilderness for a while the ball to stop as we go in and deal with that -- is that comes along are in no particular order I'm sure we at some point will -- land on Alfonso dinner. And now what the patriots should or should not do. With their second year quarterback. Albert to solve all. Will gain some of our attention at some point certainly at 9 o'clock win now Casey Sherman joins us. Steven Wright that would be the pitcher not a comedian although -- wouldn't mind talking either one another word for this story. Something that couldn't do not right now but on the road here okay the most all rated. Useless. Meaningless. Let's pretend it matters -- In all of the world of sport and that's all unless they are now I will make a staunch. And and and vigorous. Defense of that statement that what I am talking about is without question. The most useless meaningless let's pretend it matters and it doesn't interest me -- open. In the world of sports. I guess at some point we need to and maybe it's now deal with these remarkable Red Sox topic it's unbelievable when you consider we thought they were going to be what they world. Last year the change has been -- Ted and Mike Hazen and and and ownership made to this team. And where they are now I've done the math yet again -- -- yes. Nine. 98 wins via. Imus that's the story of the year baseball I think in a lot of -- them in the pirates now it's about people are finally wants to -- its players are getting rested which I think is gonna happen. Or to leave it is gonna happen -- somebody -- well this actually I am pretty sure it's the magazine's take another is -- make sure he's all right. Now we terrorized the patriots and into the Red Sox rather and they win these games all the time you know media -- again to they would have won this game last year down the -- went. No matter what they find ways to win Steven Wright yesterday. Malveaux again yesterday Dempster terribly like I'm you know whatever the debate they've loses games so what you move on and they went. They win they win they win have given up and give up trying to figure out there are the gonna go -- 98 and 64 this team. It's going to go in 98 in 64 John Farrell about yesterday's win that saw them trailing -- and 51 and 74. And they get back to when it at a remarkable thing is it's somebody different every single day. We did and it probably is big in Iraq and there is is the vote to base hit by by hold off for those. It was extremely tough on lefties. But -- someone the characteristic of this team who we've we've create a lot of opportunity for -- and sometimes we come up short. Today it was different. That's what the bunch of things begin what is this is a baseball team that for some reason or some way doesn't manage to beat itself. When you watch sports center highlights when you watch the baseball shall we -- watch anything to do with MLB. UC teams that. Outfielders run into each other in the ball drops you see guys -- to the wrong base she -- idiots you see idiots running in two outs that doesn't generally happen with this Boston Red Sox team -- through it seems to be very fundamentally sound now I don't know that is a 100%. In the corner of John Farrell I don't know if that's a -- because they're smarter than the average bear it just seems a bit that they don't beat themselves you have to beat them. Yes that's true and also -- million run well I mean score a million rounds of the -- east looks like the start of the year you think well OK you know -- maybe he'll be back you know part -- OK where's Ortiz we hope he's gonna play -- all Napoli at. And a score more runs yesterday in Seattle not easy park it. And -- guys like you harp now in the hole yet guys yes she's gonna get two more interesting -- -- two RBI yesterday. And -- -- -- -- after going sixteen innings without a run from the eighth inning Saturday to the first game of the series in Seattle the Red Sox have averaged ten runs per game in their last three wins. Makes it a little bit easier to win and here's the projection -- they're playing six. 06 baseball. Which projects to 98 wins. Nothing about that were looking at the all star breaking coming into what's happened in the season you know we all star game is played. The Red Sox played 97. Games while. Was 65 left so it's like two thirds of the way through the season granola shift in any event. Last year probably total very easy to remember. The Red Sox last year yes win total for the Red Sox last year it's something to do with the Seattle picture yesterday for bush trying to -- it depends on the I know what I know it's juvenile -- but every time or solicit for bush I just but I just have. 696069. With a win total last year right right now they have 57. And so do the math they are twelve wins away. From hiding last year's win total of thirteen from exceeding it right probably get there in early August to think well I think. -- He told me something interest and they won their 57. Game. Last year on August 12 when the day of July 12 and they won their 57. Game one months sooner this year. Yeah I mean -- -- said this every day dumbest I don't know how they're doing an epic part this is is no Britain -- the great teams as well which helps them. Alison McKee said a lot of mistakes generally they pitched well they score a lot of runs and their bullpen is solidified for the most part. It solidified ninth the closures fine right now looks like babies can be better and Highlander leverage situations. This is for real. Games that we didn't even consider or had even bottles in spring training in all the parts. And the Holtz. And the novice. Well certain legal issues is why you throw manner. Here's John -- talking about novel who has been a revelation any joy. He's been in the mix of everything and you know we get into a situation over the weekend trip for car and we bring him into. Go to first -- -- -- of the giving -- which are done multiple times this year. He's gotten big hits for us. You know he's one of the many guys that you can point to her reasoning where. We've won good numbers game. And I don't fight you know I don't subscribe to this stuff this -- stuff yeah I know you don't but when wedge. Walked Ellsbury which I was OK with your elders and unbelievable rightly. You pitched an opera. You didn't have a feeling that now was going to just last year you got the feeling it would pop out or. You know he would strike out Valentine would yell -- would be an instant after the game something here you have a feeling -- I was going to do something in the were going to win the game. I'm going to try to explain to you why this clubhouse Carriker thing. And the the mental make up of a of a dressing room locker room -- club house. Matters in terms of wins -- losses schedule with civil how does that work just because the guys are good clubhouse guy good teammate how does that translate into winning baseball -- and Mike Hazen. Assistant general manager was on yesterday -- made this point we were talking about chemistry with the so exactly how does it translate into wins and losses. He said well it in a number of ways got the least of which he has. When you are on a three game losing skid. You have a clubhouse that is like -- wore locker rooms and wounding. An -- and and that is if she is something that should not be. Underestimated. It would strike that a year ago or two years ago with some of the character issues of the people in the clubhouse when things would go badly. There would be this immediate kind of well here we go here and can change this can't change the direction you get the feeling about this club that this particular club losses in a row. They had never lost four in a row all year long. And that big win but I submit psychologically advantageous to the -- scoffed at I think is very important this team down 31074. 551 so why -- fought 51 if they if the club let's move was good. I -- the other teams on scholarship -- items -- automatically originally professional baseball players but if the answer why because Dempster sucked yesterday that's why exactly he's a good club -- right. Yes we didn't pitch well it fell behind in the other team didn't pitch well they scored a bunch I think it's. But the other guys on the diapers now they sit like jackets and Sarah via please let's go get a beer that's cash this all got our with a 2011. -- a year to win -- has an advantage the best record I think is an energy here -- -- committee as -- Rick -- negativity on this baseball team that helps them deal with situations exactly like yesterday exactly like yesterday the you know I don't I don't know that -- -- -- -- it doesn't matter I mean whatever they're doing work whatever they're doing is -- when -- -- my period as a matter your -- that matters a great deal. It's worked yes I mean this team just don't forget them tyrant -- on the -- Ought to -- to collapse into believing us and wheels come off -- but anything John from the two guys we all thought mattered most that X that's right. At least all the much spring training what you tell me help Buchholz and Lester are going to pitch and I'll tell you while the Red Sox right. Nothing to do anything. Mean they got off to a good start both of them Lester is certainly you know sort of hit the -- got a little bit sideways here and Buchholz hasn't been seen since make up stories the beginning of the year goes to him with a we'd spend three weeks debating three Jackie -- privilege to own thoughts I know -- -- things that matter haven't had -- have a method. He spent -- -- not lazy yeah. -- Not not not. And you could hurt -- of voice just at assistant general manager of the Red Sox. They are smiling they are a -- they are thrilled with what has happened but. In that it is baseball and in that we've seen what's happened in September and second -- in the past. There -- certainly sort of tiptoeing. Through the use them. Good times right while they appreciate them in the admire them and they are happy for them. The first thing out of there miles he has -- -- baseball play what is 65 games left to play and is 97 a reasonable. Sample in your estimation to tell you what this team they were getting serious -- -- Yeah I mean this is a hot eight this was like -- -- April and may -- you know witnesses to almost two thirds of the way through the season 97 games I think this is what this baseball team as having that conversation changes now into well but he for -- there are for real when they do from here now we're. Didn't close the middle July's creeping up on us. What do they do. How to go sideways. How does it goes sideways obviously key injury to you know -- -- David blows out his Achilles at second base again that your Bob Pedroia takes a fastball on the year and has a concussion is out for two or three weeks. Obviously injuries but that's -- Do you see this teams were just. Collapsing on top of -- mean I don't. I don't know that was waiting for for the first couple months that didn't happen there was little robot there about a month ago you thought well argue we go didn't happen they got over. But you know look at the American League each on who's gonna get. You find the Tampa they can't get scored on our hot there are they going to be around him and listening might want to what -- -- in a row. I don't they may want to for the post season -- terrible Baltimore and the Yankees and Toronto no. I mean -- let's look at this -- wild card right now the second wildcard is. Tampa and after that it is Baltimore got wrecked yet so the Red Sox have a it's a 55 have -- in the second wild -- right now they are six games basically and the playoff race. I think this American League east with perhaps exceptional the National League central. Is is is going to be interesting down the stretch. The government Apple's going away and and Baltimore seems to be hanging in there -- the Yankees who knows Jeter and Jeter up at Toronto on their I think they're dead in the water for much talent they have I agree but I think this is going to be I. Here's the interesting part as well as the Red Sox have played as many wins as they have racked up. They can. Avoid or they can't allow. Stopping of the total here because these teams are are not going away -- going to be an excellent second what's the start of the Dominican -- titles Sosa's 79. Yeah probably not mean they did that though I mean it's still be in the mix it at least you're right I mean you don't want to do that ideally but -- you look at the dailies. It's true -- fourteen you can make an argument to be in the post season I guess that the NL west is an embarrassment. The central yet but I mean before the year started we said 88 wins probably get to the post season. Media center for that's for many people predicted that right that's fourteen over I mean the Red Sox would go. You know play if they were six under from -- and get -- when he worked optimists in spring training saying a 500 ball. 81 I think the I think the argument was we sat around we -- not -- pretty well hang around 500 and keep their noses clean via the garbage -- pretty good year yeah. Did you noses clean like the patriots noses clean or -- wins and losses nobody like Bobby Valentine knows all right right right back kind of know there's no club post disarming. Given the hole or stuff in the Valentine's stuff they stayed out of the way. Now the chance to gonna do all that stuff there's been nothing this year and -- controversy so far this year what exactly what exactly what is John. Ferrell done that Bobby Valentine didn't do. And that does not create problems that were unnecessary and distractions they have a Valentine's him and he was like you know putting out fires with kerosene forgot -- extra. This guy is is just the opposite and all the -- Asks these guys to do. It's come to the ballpark and be prepared to play and not deal with you know Kevin Youkilis was lost his heart and drive it is all those kinds of things it was it's it's I guess it's a they be work friendly user friendly environment in which operate and that's all baseball. And we said this the other -- said -- of the day when -- -- -- was you know it was in the Ferrell talk in in ten minutes later you're quizzed about it can't remember a thing. That's exactly that's a good one it's it's a big part of why they are familiar with -- -- everyone's -- ask -- baseball questions he answers them. To go back and forth. -- twenty minutes later -- So you -- -- value there John Ferrell and threatened to punch shots all. No this Valentine's -- one right after council but I got it barrels -- do it's just that that's not the way does business. John Ferrell has been exactly what this team has needed 6177797937. Are you had LT seventy minutes and fifteen seconds the -- to determine. What it is listed earlier are talking about the most overrated. Useless meaningless. Let's pretend it matters item in all of professional sports not just football not just baseball not just what ever. In all professional sports at every single year. It amazes me as I hear this. Weeping and gnashing of teeth about this particular debt there's a clue for you. I don't get it I don't get why people care. I don't get why people are upset about it I don't care I I don't even care to watch the event given I don't talk about -- The X games. That's reasonable that's true that's true that's true it doesn't interest me at all but there's -- a lot of debate. And and and back and forth dinners or should should should -- -- India moto cross or that whatever -- let the events of the -- McCall got a pretty irrelevant to -- Just this garner such attention and -- in the midst of all of -- people talk about an -- X -- Popular Major League Baseball let what did you just happened happened. I don't feel rats that I don't that is what is Chris Berman doing under -- Niagara one that's true too but I am mad as something to do with. The all star is it is the all star game -- -- -- I don't find it in the least bit entertaining I don't find it in the least bit interesting coarsely but the Major League Baseball -- -- say that interest me. Major League Baseball unlike the National Football League or maybe any other well run organization sports franchise organization. Would allow somebody who everybody is interested in seeing him. Not be on the all star team not -- to get some great debate about sealed Wiig and so on and so forth but would not be in baseball's best marketing interest. To have the one person that everybody never major League City is talking about in the first half of the season for 95 games of the season bright actually show up for this game yeah. You know I saw that the post game for the Red Sox yesterday was TC in a -- contest winner with a decent look at it. I -- -- I -- I thought it was reruns of the Biggest Loser. -- episode one of the event -- right -- -- you know the bigger points to -- it's not fixed because it was fixed Indian air yet we get yet. Yet but -- you know I like I'd like. For me would be the only reason I would care to watch this game I guess but then you watch him. Play simply all the time anyways it still the all star game two things if you will be -- cable television. In interleague play. General I was younger -- You know I I I could you know I've wondered -- channels we could see nationally can sometimes PBS and can he -- -- exposed yeah so when Dwight Gooden pitched against Roger Clemens in the astrodome in sexson for many. It was a big deal generation before much bigger deal because you never saw those. -- up a home run derby not it's not in the off the game also authority. All at an -- and I know it matters or counts or whatever the expression does because it to -- home field advantage and all that sort of stuff the back side. I don't find it at all interest but glorious. English to me goes on forever it's -- the players don't care I -- -- do you think they care about this. They're trying to out editor of games now that you did like the Ortiz in the plane about a fifth inning is somebody going to get hurt between now on the all star game on the National League side we get an airplane. Yeah yeah he's in -- class size Roosevelt -- -- I think yesterday and sources party says he's the first guy in once one of these guys and these guys wanna back joke to somebody backed out and play out in the pat -- at the shortstop notably that wonderful. 61777. Point 793718. Text AT&T text line has always 37937. We'll talk some football. With former Packers vice president and general manager Andrew Brandt maybe he can shed some light on the vetting process and and the offseason from hell the patriots seem to be going through are off or Casey Sherman and and just as importantly or were even more relevant. He is the nephew right of Mary Sullivan. The eleventh and final victim of the Boston strangler wherever that may be as big -- -- doubles body today. We're giving away a pair of Red Sox tickets as well and good friend of mine -- Flint I don't know the name you do. I will join us in the 8 o'clock hour there's an event coming up for charity injected details about that for a couple minutes 6177797937. -- Faster extra days ago I don't Obama already wants the game and Cuba. Pictures on our marriage and Travis as well we'll talk -- next.

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