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July 11th John Farrell Postgame Press Conference

Jul 11, 2013|

July 11th John Farrell Postgame Press Conference

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Well it was a story today from the business side of things clearly. You know command wasn't traffic on base and get out of that without too much additional damage and then. You know compared to where he was the first time with us. Many more strikes. Much greater action and consistent action to a knuckle -- You know given how well they swing the -- against fastballs. It was it was the right combination today in. He came to us today would have been his fifth day where it was completely rested and we needed every pitch that that he can give us and I just an outstanding governor's part and -- hole. You know after after that you -- he certainly redeemed himself with a couple of two out base it's a sac bunt was key in the tenth inning. And once again. A number of big swings with two outs for us. With a two run scored. And we continue to grind away and and play it right to the last out. You know when we've talked about. What that what Spurs and so -- a given player following an intentional walk him and you know can't say that there's anything additional but -- you got to curve ball it was little it. Hit the ground ball back up through the middle and you know Jackie gracious home for the what was the winning run at that point in time but. Much like we talked about you know guys don't give up and give -- bats away and regardless of what took place prior to that it puts a bigger back. There. Well it wasn't a matter of concern with pitch count and how much was left in the tank for him know where we won a lot of they have a couple of guys in that lineup that. I would think fit a knuckleballer -- some swings that have a little going for them smoking -- him. Who took some good swings against him today morale is another. But there was no guarantee that who we brought back in would be any different in the fact he kept couldn't put -- Zeros. We -- as long as we could. -- Well we did and it probably is big in Iraq and there is is the those two base hit by by hole. Awful for bush was extremely tough on lefties. But it's. Someone -- the characteristic of this team and who we've we've create a lot of opportunity for ourselves and sometimes we come up short. Today it was different. You know quite a highlight player for God's sakes enough. Just just a reaction play a heck of a player and as -- once against -- was it was at the -- at that time. You know it keeps us from just allowing one run and -- -- And we found a way to battle back. You know VP he's been in the mix of everything you. We get into a situation over the weekend trip for car and we bring him into. Go to first base instead of giving him -- -- in the multiple times this year. He's gotten big hits for us. He's one of the many guys that you can point to look for a reason -- And one good numbers game. I'm not yet. It. Well he's he's exceeded our expectations. That was set coming in this country. And in large part because of what he's done working -- damage to his credit. I think once we. Got off to a good start and he's been able to get regular bats he's grown in confidence. And you never see him giving back a ways he's got a very discipline approach and it just puts himself in good position and he's an all star for us and do. Regardless of what the outwardly now arguments are he's extremely important to us and you know like Davis that we we've got a three guys that are going to -- to that game. What's what's more important to those guys in the clubhouse -- the wind that we continue to compile one. It's nice for guys being -- recognized for the work for that's not the most important thing for us. -- That those converted saves for. You know he's he's got such deception is -- boys. Regardless of what might be going on around him. He's clearly been better when news started a clean inning. And I think where we'd be without him what was it whether it's in this role or whether it was an and that's several prior.

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