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ESPN's Herm Edwards with Salk and Holley: I'd cut Dennard

Jul 11, 2013|

We check in with ESPN NFL analyst and former NFL coach Herm Edwards for his take on the arrest of Alphonso Dennard and the continuing Aaron Hernandez saga. We also ask Herm what impact this could have on the field for the Patriots come September when the regular season rolls around.

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And there's 12 -- movement. Nothing good happens after 12 o'clock. It must. Figure but there -- cameras watching you wherever you go you know. And whatever you do. Guess what. Because there's not football. -- I want for. Yeah not that's not brutal brutal net. We don't debate. At least not yet talked about how glad I got a definite. Okay. Kick off on the data was that your I think he was -- was -- two years ago. That would have been scattered here. Our are approximate father's. Me. Well turns gonna join us in just a second violations colony not upset because they're very quickly focused on the apologist. A guy that we all the for the patriots what the patriots do well in local teams through the apologist for for this behavior. Come on now. Pick up the I pick up the glasses. Don't pay attention to the laundry look at the act. And the acts. Plural. Come on it's it's unbelievable so. But some people -- -- While you have people very quick to defend. And you can understand you know I had a kid who's 22 made some bad decisions are but I don't think he did some of the things that your your kid. He probably into some of the punch a -- that happened here right. -- -- I understand it to -- twenty years all -- can't get required to love your kid -- regarded if educated you can't just cut your kid when you're done with them. Yet I mean we know what a two year -- make mistakes. That's that is that is not that restraint in not allowed to make mistakes that you have to be you know could cut his -- -- feel like would have -- Darwin or would you cut hero no I would could you do that. Yeah. Upon to make it out flat. At. Fred how long does the -- or a couple of nice to do it what if you repeat offenders a couple of night. What primarily because your wife still working on the house strategy -- -- I think finish and okay per barrel -- on her about the. Our house is all done good to hear hey harm for small good to have you on the show for the first time since Michael and I started this thing a few months ago what we wanted to talk -- About unfortunately bad news and that's the Alfonzo -- situation coming on the heels. Of everything that's happened with the patriots last couple weeks what do you do now your Bill Belichick of your -- this program what do you do now. Well you know I don't have as much information they have on when this kid was drafted why it was strapped in the seventh round and obviously if there was probably a red flag in my opinion I don't know that. On yet incident earlier we know. And that was right there I think it will be concerning in this sense com evidence that in Nebraska. With with the you know with the with the authorities. And you go back to Nebraska have and other incidents. That covers more. That's is that members are all mean the battle that started last place you ought to be really Nebraska. Again so. You know you're looking at a guy that -- pretty good player did a great job last year I was injured in training camp came back into starting role at three interceptions. But you don't have to make a decision now -- these two things that have popped up -- training camp. And yet this is the gravity worthy enough to give him a third a third a chance or do you cut it personally. I'd cut it. I'm letting go to letting go and say you know what -- -- casualty of we we we drafted him in the seventh round there was reason would sit there and assemble around. If I would -- head -- -- Pollard spoke to him about -- that -- -- -- -- do one minorities and no longer be welcome here because. You gotta you gotta grow up you will melt by -- we're meant by Cho. And you -- to be a man there's responsibility. And he's responsible for for his actions in. You don't want this to become a place for all of a sudden. It's called -- and weigh in in Elvis and it's you -- -- you get three to four chances because that permeates in the locker room. I think if you allow that happens. Didn't let -- continue to come up. Are you said Cottam would you cut -- does based on what he's done or is it in combination with what's happened with Aaron Hernandez. Well -- accommodation -- -- to an area or has been known to do that's a whole different issue I mean this guy's gonna repeat offender. And obviously. You worry about what is it happened again during the season. There were Largo. Did you know the thing about. Athletics and even as a parent you wanna be able to trust. The -- that -- won't be able trust children his hair -- but part of you go in in in in. You'd say well you know we got made a mistake -- -- well what problem is. He makes the same but -- Well you know you don't get in my book you never got three strikes and -- league and everybody -- three. What has to look like you're telling me you know lift. You heard what I said it would use. And maybe vessel turned it got career around maybe it'll -- it'll turn him around if you have a lot that have player finally you know the reality of but we'll let him go and it shakes them up and go man I got stopped doing that I can be involved in this. Our students -- we get a lot of we've gotten a lot of feedback as you can imagine here in New England with that Aaron Hernandez thing in now with Alfonzo -- so the counterargument from from many patriots fans is. Well I don't want a team full of choir boys. Look at other teams the company arrest there have been since that Super Bowl. -- when teams talk about character when a guy with character. Are they talking what are they talking about European. That that they're talking about a guy that understands. -- there's there're there're moral moral obligation -- guy asked me. He understands there's bound. You know one thing about athletics. Especially football. You learn discipline early age. I mean football is about just I mean it really hit me from from started when you Forestar is about discipline is about trust. And when you bring them back to -- -- -- he might have some issues in the past -- you know what you say robbery of at a place with the environment. Is pretty good I got guys in this room -- this guy can look around you -- say you know what. I want to be like that -- you have to be that tactic act but I wanna kind of maybe change around the world to be more like this guy you you you know. We can't they can't -- the -- Why did that pork and when he grew up early. They indicated that should be in my arm. But a pro football you're trying to put him in a pretty good environment that's why your locker room -- so important to you -- it go. Because basically the -- they run a lot from. They did that their -- -- you don't bought out or hold out as a coach but you haven't got good guys a lot from your hope that you set it up that way when there's issues with players. Most of all they get to the player first if they can't help we -- and we did get spectacle. The nickel yet that that's kind of how it worked that's how he would like it to work. We are matters you know the voices on the cirrus alcoholic WEEI via the AT&T hotline at. -- bring him more specific to the patriots -- they have a problem and have they taken too many risks that have gotten into the situation or could this have happened any team. I can that can be because the -- -- and -- often rehearsed yet and we we you can wrap him around that. Now this what is it just taking place we've seen this happen before. The dinner the you know that this pat Kate and this happened well it's already happened and also become -- is this make now forty -- Super Bowl. OK so this has happened to other places and it's an all teams. Obviously take Bristol players and that's why you you -- -- the players sometimes the ball to board you'll wire that guy and everyone kind of old. We don't talk about hold up -- guy got some issues here he's been in. You're saying okay we we can -- that lack got a good enough locker room. And when it got make an -- yeah might make an air one. But I also adjusted to. India at the start -- you. It is like you know what this guy's a professional football player and what what bothers me is that. These players their whole life. Had an ambition and dream to become a professional. Now they've reached a pinnacle. And to meet it got to make a decision. There's sacrifice you have to give up. Especially -- that they world. It is different than twenty years ago social media is out there these players have been a part of social media -- they've been -- got close -- -- isn't that. We know that if you don't know when you become a professional aptly. -- don't mind that part of it you can't say it was not fair player because that's the world we live it and you gotta be able to handle it. How far did you did you feel comfortable going with the player that you felt was at risk let's call that -- media. You do you have the do you feel comfortable having conversations about his personal life do you feel comfortable. Going to his house saying what you really screwing this up and how far can you and you reasonably be asking about -- frenzy there. It you know don't -- when. I don't I like it. -- my whole career and -- I -- you think I would. And I understood this. Note that timeout and I don't don't lose his death plot. In Britain Abigail became of that vote. They came up and often. And we got off ball. Pertinent my upper right eleven. And I want to know -- -- got met. -- -- every coach does that idea. Because you know what. I've bought it. I'm I don't look help me help you that's -- do I want you to have a great career. Because you can have a great career you know what that would help -- win game. And that's part but also which you'd understand that the -- that there are certain things you've got to do. I'm gonna talk about my my doors all we don't never have to worry about coach Phil I don't want to have to eyeball would get there. It's always been my Austin is -- term problem that they play even if I had other stuff to do I go when they're that the -- as the didn't. In my home -- a big way it would have been difficult are all there. And it's -- my extra days of -- on the field. It -- it as you see the way these couple moves and wait and see what happens with dinner but to -- -- with the Hernandez thing. On the field for the for the patriots you know Hernandez is now gone let's assume -- is gonna miss at least six games and it could be longer -- that -- and find out for sure but let's assume that. For the sake of this conversation. They let Welker ago they bring in -- and -- they bring in a couple of walk rookie wide receivers how do you see them being affected by this offseason. Well Tom Brady would go to have to adjust the obviously you're open rockets back. They got and the gullible to pick up the three guys just mentioned. This was a high volume offense in other words he would it was dictated by a first down they led the league of first now 444. 34 point two games are as one team in the National Football League. But -- three players. The production that's what it's all about. -- you can always say like another player at a position is not so -- other putter for the position to production point three touchdowns by those three guys in rock -- Okay. And you're talking about 240. Something reception. Remember that offense is built before the ball inside the numbers -- percent of the offerings they politicize. -- somebody not you got -- and don't. He's sport to replace walker that's right well fourth season. 64 games he's missed way too. But he missed about five -- not called open he played all sixteen to continue the planet well. When he's been known to miss -- -- that's what you're dealing with and you overcome that and as a -- You can't panic yet they anticipate that they if something happened -- awhile ago Bill Belichick Smart enough. They've got an elite quarterback in Tom Brady when they know they might have to make from the just. Gonna ask you this before we let you go yeah you're famous clip nothing good happened to be. Out of Garcia how about how about. How awesome food to 3230 AM. Go figure out how about about how about -- but doubtful about food after midnight how about -- those places -- -- facility. 1245. Terms and Danny and don't think about a late in those places that that's not bad. And unless you and how would no refrigerator. Or what do you make him late at night when you when you get hungry there's a lot of runs what do you make him a second lie about it. Late at night. What time do you go to that. Want to be at about. Eleven point oh. The problem I got a good for you start to get all the sleep and later now I give -- war because we wake up call. You've got a week the wake up call that we felt that before you get the typical didn't call the hotel and I woke up you have to call. Hey -- -- -- at the gym call somebody else today arm always -- -- document hopefully next time for better reasons are meant. That the term Edwards always one of my favorite people. In all of sports to talk to he says he would get rid of -- a dinner but not necessarily. Because of the Hernandez deal just because. It's that time because he screwed up a couple of times and harmed her exact given you three strikes you only get to. Texas as the term reminded about an -- of Craig's father from Friday. Actor's -- job and I he's been many things on the -- produced a devastating wasn't boomerang you know they -- yet to -- a great call yes. He does. Firm is the man a bunch a text messages saying that -- a -- talk and arm but just about any thing he is one of those guys who who puts in his own unique perspective would you like to spend your off they were armed. I predict or -- -- just jump over the -- as it would have thrown. -- dollars so at some players probably just debt problems. -- Don't know. What. Went. To get up -- way you're going to call they had her problems with that going -- and talked to. Unbelievable -- could give me a little advice of well I don't know just give me advice with some open. Come help me out anything the clock management firm is happy to help you -- any other subject. Except for now one I don't know what the patriots are gonna do we keep coming here tomorrow 2 o'clock. They may have cut off funds a dinner at that point and they may decide that they don't want to I wonder if this will be taken at a bill Belichick's -- And I'm Bob Kraft I'm looking at -- different goals. Bill Belichick's job is 100% to win games right -- -- Belichick's job to do it -- job is to protect the -- he is the owner of the New England -- to his job to protect I brought it -- you don't think you can go down -- -- takes some of the -- don't know expands on all denied telling you know what you I know this may hurt us in terms of winning games people were critical juncture right here and the -- that name brand. New England Patriots is at stake. I -- -- is definitely don't want me to or not. Yes -- -- OK in and in a sense. You have to do this yeah it was best for the patriots were and what may be best for the patriots the cut. But you can't do it that way if you're Bob Kraft just can't go to once taken without your hands because unless unless you've reached a point. As an owner were you saying I don't care. Where egos I don't care PR head coach or not and I don't care what he thinks about it it's still a partnership so maybe you go away with the idea. Of I want that my my whole agenda here right conversation with Bill Belichick is to get him to agree with -- but yeah it did have to agree or not the droids you're look that far this is -- He wants to do I wanna do this I want him to say. You could and I guess I didn't mean to make it sound so heavy handed of craft but I would think there's a conversation going on. And Kraft is saying to -- check Heyman. He's got to be a partnership between me and you. Obviously I let you make the football decisions that's what you're good at but he's got to be a partnership -- listen to me on this one. This is where I'm coming from in terms of the overall the business aspect of who the New England Patriots are. He'll listen to me. You gonna get the final call that radio listen to me either understand or on. Common -- a joint decision exactly it's it's a conversation in and then we in this case is not necessarily typical conversation. Because you are talking about a seventh round pick that didn't happen to your starting wide receiver -- starting tight end. What are your quarterback. And say it's a seventh round defensive back we'll pick this back up tomorrow at 2 o'clock Red Sox baseball coming up next trying to finish out a series win in Seattle. That's coming up next herself and all WE.

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