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Patriots can't escape negative spotlight: Cornerback Dennard arrested for DUI

Jul 11, 2013|

We speak on the arrest of Patriots CB Alphonso Dennard and how this is the latest in a line of bad PR for the New England Patriots this off-season.

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Bad news. We were just talking about this yesterday literally -- don't like today I felt like job. One of one of Alfonzo dinners. Guardian that don't like. I felt like one of his advisors. Talking about the patriots now they can not afford to have in the doing everything. Right now because the scrutiny -- spotlight is on the Norton because they used up their yet. And if -- their shift OK they used it up at age ninety stopped. Jump every time says it -- -- of it. But this is the second time. In about a week that we've been right about something like I remember a week ago we did the what's the next -- thing to happen again in sports a new house are going to be some sort of a no hitter something tonight about -- -- refs are finally that night -- of -- there -- -- -- Of this once they -- the one thing the patriots can't possibly have now is to have somebody else get arrested in front -- comes out early this morning arrested in Nebraska do you watch. It's just from the Lincoln journal star former Nebraska football player and current NFL defensive back -- dinner was arrested early Thursday morning. For driving under the influence while on probation. For hitting a -- He's pulled over. And Honda Accord just before 2 AM. Because he was straddling lanes. Lincoln police officer Katie -- said he's on probation for an earlier conviction. Was arrested on suspicion of DUI were refusing chemical test. In straddling lanes he failed a field sobriety the sobriety test given by the sergeant pulled him over. Other sergeant and to better defensive back for the patriots to detox but did not. GO obvious question obvious question comes up because if we've we've read Bob Kraft statements this week. As he said that they were going to be auditing and things needed to change in in the wake of Aaron Hernandez there's going to be essentially in new day for the patriots. How do you handle this. Issue in in light of what you were already dealing with now that's not to put this at the same level of -- power in -- is accused of its not. And and I look I was just listening to mark Lou right before we came in here and that lawyer -- who was saying that maybe it's not as big -- deal as anybody thinks but. But how how do you. How do you handle it now if you're Robert Kraft. Knowing that you've sort of drawn a line in the sand and that. -- try to find a different way of saying this your margin for error. Is a lot lower right you've used up. -- one and if you've used up your Mulligan a much or even really get one for Hernandez threat to separate debate but if you have a Mulligan you've already used it up. So how do you now. The -- You have to cut him. I think yeah I think you do you have to kind of like I don't even -- this -- got a fairly line you have to -- or not you don't have to Cottam. But I would look at the threats comic is clear. Believe in second chances than -- in. That this. I'm in the NFL is about second chances. Of the country's about second chances if you if you look at it that way I absolutely believe. The people and people make mistakes and they deserve the opportunity. Two to redeem themselves they're really appear sincere about it I'm all for so Alfonso dinner. Got his second -- They got its second year Annika a second and third chance actually the right before he was drafted. Z at the top -- So we got a second chance by being drafted right. The address he -- seventh round draft about the New England Patriots are worked out well for you. They don't draft defensive backs who can play generally broken broken play very well so -- you got drafted by the right team. And if you take care of business. You're probably gonna make that team and contribute to like well his rookie year. It's your chance game win. He didn't get the sentence. That he could've gotten a 24 month appropriation. And a thirty day jail sentence could have been a lot worse for him you're hitting top it was an incidence. It was it was an epidemic in Nebraska that he was like the third -- fourth guy. Hit a cop over a twelve to fifteen month span of the commitment and example with thirteen. Get it right Bill Belichick writing about him for you writing a letter to the judge he's the good guys Easter character witness. And this is what -- I don't know so I just don't get plot and any guy even just what he did it's the timing of one but -- but it's how -- how you do this right now -- how do you do this right now. I mean let's let's see how do you do this right now. I've always one like I wonder what bill Belichick's reaction was well what Robert crafts. Reaction was when he heard this for the first time probably the same about reactions at Texas since it is more serious way. How can there have to be curse words yes what are you kidding me right now he can't do this today you moron. You couldn't awaited you couldn't have done this even a few weeks ago you had to do this today. While our organization already looks bad all the patriots name has been smeared in some way and I'm trying to fix the branding you have to do this now. And telecheck look at a more from a football perspective I would imagine and says. I would normally if the Hernandez stuff hadn't happened this would be pretty easy east solution for me. I keep him I'd wait to see what happens to go to the process go to the legal process often these things end up. Being played down or not being a series is they initially look to take our chances but this now may end up affecting him on the football field because he may not have the -- sure. Upholding these kids into the process -- the what's happening -- Aaron Hernandez. And he was mentioned by name last week we had this this ongoing debate hasn't been resolved yet about what the patriots knew what they should've known and taking chances on guys risky guys on and on he's one up. And they are there other guys on the roster. Who haven't done anything who has since I've done what Aaron Hernandez allegedly has guard. But they've there's enough stuff there we will look at and -- I'm not feeling so good about that I'm not crazy about. This checkered. What what appears to be a checkered. A background like guys like I believed yet so now that you are so he was mentioned like garrison once before this happened right. Now it happens again what are you gonna do. Because you -- It look like an organization. Has no structure. And is willing to willing to accept just about anything. Do you think they are that kind of an organism I don't know or it appears as if they are I don't get I agree that it appears that way right now right I mean your -- it. It appears what was the word we use yesterday at the college football or a lack of organizational control. -- a purist that way when you have issue after issue they screwed up the formula but is it actually give back to the original one. -- like Alfonzo I don't know if that is before okay Alfonzo dinner in college. Nightmare hitting compliment be going too far factor I can't think of many patriots who have done that and in -- have been drafted. But I'll take Aaron Hernandez. College record. As as shaky as that is. Part of part of the patriot dynamic in the good old days. Draft guys like that. But they have the formula. For the Fort -- group of I think it was but it to simplify the formula used to be. For every two good solid core guys. Maybe you bring it to do expect OK I mean just to be -- threat. -- I ask a questionable guy. But you've got. A couple of guys who want questionable and you gotta balance it out and ultimately your locker room have more solid votes you know serious football guys and you will. The -- dinner it's -- to leaves. Brandon Spikes. Aaron Hernandez. Those type a guy -- gonna have more solid types. An annual balance amount. Seems like to keep on bringing more of these questionable guys. And they don't have enough court. I do question organization I think they have lost -- -- I think they have lost their way from where they once were -- all agree either but are they now. I think now the Cincinnati Bengals they know the raiders -- and -- -- the team that's gone -- to -- way too far. -- they have some bad lock in some bad timing that is making it all look a little bit worse than it is 9 o'clock. Well in terms of the timing right I mean I don't think a little this is that -- and I said that I put some. I put responsibility on them in terms of how it affects -- football wise. But some of it is look everybody takes chances your guy you got the bad luck could get in the wrong one maybe should've done more to make sure that outlook didn't go your way but hey. It's on you now. Unfortunately -- draft at the wrong guy. Somebody else might draft -- probably not because he was a seventh round starting around -- somebody else would assign them -- I mean somebody would have given him a shot somebody would have given him a rookie free agent contract and if he played well enough. He probably would have made no other team in the NF sounds the same deal as Hernandez is -- but it's a good player. But unfortunately it was you unfortunately you were the one who took the chance and unfortunately. He happened to pull this stunt. The -- -- -- this thing I don't like the end I'll make this quick I don't like the somebody else would have done -- defense because for many years. That was the beauty of the patriots is that. And that's your yeah I not a fan right it's it's Europe that okay. For many years the patriots what the beauty of the patriots was. Necessarily do it like everyone else in more beholden to the way. Another NFL team units of that in terms of what their scouting system as. Whether it's. There their view of the combined. They're one of fourteen for a while they're one of the fourteenth -- use the the out scouting services that are writing to the doorway they get it. A different -- So when it comes back to bite you you can't. Turn around and say I need to -- hey it happens the other no I think you're right about that but we also know that there are a lot of bad guys out there every team's gonna take their risks. And the patriots now been burned a couple of times how many more can they get away with and what should they do now that's the question -- you -- this kid. Do you have to immediately cut bait and say based on everything -- the organization is going through we just can't deal with -- dinner and it's not worth it to us. What Herm Edwards -- we will -- big term coming up next alcoholic WB.

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