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Huge night for Big Papi symbolic of night and day difference for Red Sox between last year and this year

Jul 11, 2013|

We talk Sox on a day after David Ortiz officially put himself in the record books as the greatest DH of all time. We listen back in on some of Ortiz's comments with us from yesterday's show that really highlight the strong positive influence John Farrell has had on this ball club.

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Did not go well I I would -- -- You can't forget about this one. You won't hear one. -- -- -- David Ortiz real good as pretty -- you really good. Don't don't down play it on other -- kitten and I'll I'll tell you. One day soon can we have to have a conversation. About what we're talking about for your money here. That depth conversation okay. Just an interesting way of looking at the Mike -- has an interesting way of looking at the -- I usually do I try I -- but there aren't honest I promise I don't sound as always since I don't -- -- have I promise we will get to that 101 day not today -- today not today is not appropriate today we have very. Limited time. And a lot to get too early on until about 3 o'clock because -- pave the way for Red Sox baseball which we need to do especially because we keep winning first place team looking forward to a series finale in Seattle. -- is another win irrational Ramirez called up for the start I've watched him pitch and not particularly impressive. And so nice a nice way to try to win three out of four in Seattle. He even everything up you get to go to Oakland try to -- actually have a really good road trip here so Red Sox baseball coming your way just after 3 o'clock -- 340 start. In twenty minutes -- 25 minutes to thirty today. Herman Edwards got a -- to -- love I love her. Herm Edwards coming -- certain area. Is -- more animated more passionate football guest. Herm Edwards the only person who is as passionate. Passionate as harm. Job's the job of Norway yet -- I -- -- when you get jaws talking about film he is as passionate as term but permits that way about everything. There's nothing in the world that doesn't make term passion -- And you know what's happened here in New England for the last couple weeks and obviously we'll get into -- a dinner here just a second. This is right up arms out. So excited to talk to her here at 230 about 25 minutes from right now before we do dig into dinner just a moment or two in the Red Sox is another big win last night. They they do just seemed to. Find a way to just when you think there's going to be a problem -- -- the problem. We just when you are you lost a couple of games at the brutal loss Saturday night injuries mounting up a problem he's -- that went to restrict. Yeah. Yet because we talked about yesterday it was and with John -- how important is that win. He talked about the road trip be talked about does that just staying out of a nasty slump going into the all star break. And I think we've we've talked about some things the resiliency of the team. But I just can't I can't get enough of that the number one step for me regret not the most important that -- the most us the most surprising step for the Red Sox maintained. Their ability to score runs at an alarming rate. There is no way if you're out here your doctor I want to hear from him. You can tell me why you've thought in February or march or April after the season that started. The Red Sox would lead the league in runs scored I mean it's that series their first series in New York -- they win that series. Against the Yankees they were shut down in the final game by. Andy -- But in that series I don't think they hit a home run so they went in and and at the beginning of the season. They would they weren't hitting home runs they were scorned -- winning games but not hitting homers. Away people thought after five games ten games fifteen -- -- That Red Sox have the ability to do it well and what did you get a lot of field ending David Ortiz was gonna do what I needed donation even a -- David Ortiz and if you put David Ortiz into this line -- and yet you still are counting on. Mike Napoli -- -- excited about Napoli. Because of injury shot victory -- -- Shane Victorino not excited about victory myself included other -- around him to 55 last year hated guy seems to be going the other way. A lot of question -- face all the last year. -- have agreed on base percentage and a lot of home round probably expected more out of will middle don't run and clearly that's gone the other way that you expected nothing out of the shortstop Steelers general Stephen Drew everybody year hated him before they even heard of them I think it's amazing that they and other -- that it's not the most important step because it still comes down to pitching. But it's pretty important because. I didn't think. I thought there might be times that the Red Sox would struggle to score some runs I think it was a dire situation. I thought they could probably be like a top five top six offense but number one. -- That was was out of the -- that just kind of the way this team is an and that's what's so fun about them is that they have kind of come out of nowhere that they've -- from the ashes of the disaster. That was the last year and a half leading up to this one David Ortiz joining us yesterday explain some of the differences between this year and last year. I notice that different from sprint brand in there where X. I don't. I didn't on. Not probably reporters and and and it makes you move feel -- and and and give it up content. And I think it would -- mattered to -- you know bid saying wait it was the same way. When it was clear. You ought to make sure that you know your preferred -- and theoretical place. And once you have a managers have enough confidence. For you about the -- are you feel you're -- want it wouldn't hurt her very well done and the business really well. They want. And and hear it and then -- Hopefully about. This year. -- I'm a huge believer of but what -- created. From day one it was. Something Burris precedent and and and battery compartment we will regret right now. So funny every time you ask a question about John Farrell and trying to. Try to get a Farrell Bobby Valentine comparison out there it feels like every time we ask a player about that they immediately go to -- It just some of the similarities not that's exactly the same guy that -- hiccup and you know like adorable -- one little year old from it it really Red Sox managers -- -- you know yes I'm -- it it almost feels like that's how they wanna see the world. Yeah which you know John Ferrell I think. -- I think he may have gone a little too far. I just hearing that again I didn't catch that the first time we we topped it Retief yesterday you. Why is he says it's the reason -- part of this is the reason we're playing so well right now. John Ferrell as a reasonably and it's right now. Well. That's that's pretty heavy praise isn't I don't get what you think that's a little. -- Go on a lot of thought and -- so what are generous to -- I don't I don't know why I -- I give a lot of credit to. Straight straight in certain guys out a clear cleaning the slate from last year. Cleaning up a lot of these issues that they had. And developing. Or. Or having an environment that. -- focused on baseball on and not any of the other nonsense that's pretty important but but it's important. But I think. You also had. Doubt that you give credit to get credit for John Lackey pitching like this -- John Lackey kind of now. Okay so John Lackey John Lackey losing weight being healthy -- -- those things I think I give all the more credence to yet John Lackey gets into the -- get credit for fields are. To me it's not about the specific -- I think I got about that -- much more but the first thing you mentioned I don't he deserves all the credit and that's absurd but to say that he's part of the reason why there why they're doing what they're doing. I absolutely think that makes cents and -- chairing -- deserves a lot of the credit and we talked about that some -- relationship just in the chemistry. Forgetting about how the players are actually performing but the chemistry bringing in some of the good guys that he brought in Jon Farrell's ability to race last year get guys comfortable focused on baseball again a racing all the garbage of the previous year and a half and one of the bad memories and then the players and doing what they were supposed to do and in some cases more. Then you really thought they were gonna do but the David Ortiz thing continues to be. One of my favorite parts of the story and absolute tweet about it the other night all the people. -- thought it was a terrible contract and they gave it to him for no reason and you shouldn't do that for guy with a with a coming off an injury the way Ortiz was. Most people look silly right now -- Ortiz. Museum VP of the -- He's the MVP of this team they're not where they are right now about him. He's in the conversation. After that conversation I gotta gotta -- perjury and there -- you could put him in the conversation but if you if you were forced to get a salary a week's salary month's salary you -- to -- for Ortiz would you. While the fat prominent position do that demands to the baseball -- Probably get go that far. Anyone because of salary I was gonna say guns your head but there are some of the events of the last couple minutes I actually you know what -- wanted to go there or do betting a weeks dollar month salary you'd have to say Ortiz of pressed -- -- The number one guy get to pick one person on the team that the MVP you'd have to go with Ortiz and I don't know really. It's a great season but it's -- -- it's not but it is not a knock I just think that. Portman -- brings. They both bring leadership -- Pedroia bring some things a little bit different than bilateral the MVP of the league I just -- MVP of the Red Sox not MVP of the league. He's been the difference maker that they've needed the power numbers he puts the team and their back when it. When it he he means so much to the city in the value coming out and -- in this is our -- in city. She still David Ortiz esteem and so lie. -- just the school to here yesterday he sounded like he was in a great mood nice to see the Red -- when a couple in a row and hopefully win three today and just get this thing move in the moment there's trouble. That's when the guys just seem to step up like that he's -- trouble. Yeah it's been tormented if it is SuSE is the transition. The -- we are -- soft -- our our whereabouts. I'd talk about something that's not so positive -- Red Sox but today we mention it. Red Sox baseball -- right here. -- and Hollywood be on for an hour and then we got Red Sox beat -- 3 o'clock.

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