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Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Red Sox C: Pitchers have "trust in me"

Jul 11, 2013|

Salty joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Red Sox pitching staff, working with Jason Varitek, and the team chemistry.

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One and a -- fly -- big -- failed shockingly bad back to the wall looking up. It's not. Right over the center field. Dumping second home run of the game. Great last. He died today at the Red Sox -- why don't. So all the hitting lefty in the pit. When -- line shuttle took the pitchers -- offensive in center field. The runners in the sports car crosses the plate and the Red Sox related to the nothing that would see bullet. -- do when and it drive it pretty well senator -- -- -- going back back to the warning track back by the feds. It did talk to center field for long periods account. Let's not beat him -- it was an RBI double was happy story. In the pit 201 goes it's in the interest like the Florida the second attack each -- a hole. Holding at third base against them in its second -- -- sounds. Laser softly great play by the way with a runner or again it was. And 73. Prices for yourself. Some of the highlights there Jarrod Saltalamacchia -- -- 937. WEEI. Now there was a time last year were to change some things up maybe get a good -- this was the song that. Here's scum of the played as secondary fence at Fenway Park and we moved off from this one all right this is no longer part of the repertoire when you -- to the plate there Fenway -- A day hump day and -- -- is you know make up here last year and you know we got switched it up this year where were your alone play in low in Ottawa -- Westin book this year for you in particular because you we've seen. The first couple years here now streaky at times and as she really is an early on a year maybe the first two or three weeks -- just a week span since then it's been pretty consistent. What do you been able to do you know for your year offensively you know to be a big jump when we saw last couple years. And that that's you know order player -- do you know a consistent same dog gets a double as work -- there's one thing this. I need to work on is being you know more consistent. You know -- bachelor not so much week to week. And you know they are staying at figures it's got to -- the same approach that last year but. You know they're not trying to do too much early in the count and in a country that. Almost like they're coach Hugh Carey return where your hard work trying to get too big future lies in this -- you know -- a couple of law. -- some of the issues in the past that don't you see when you're not going well the you expand the strike zone right may be too aggressive maybe trying to do too much is that kind of what you're talking about trying to lock it back in the strikes. Yeah I think I think you know without so it just kind of secondary because well it's changed mine -- it's irrelevant sultan and still very great here it's something different and you know I don't know earlier was -- kind of like this election who nurtured it cubic. You have a hitting coach Greg Colbert again assisted -- in coach and in Victor Rodriguez the the combination of the two -- what's that been like in terms of working with two different guys that sounds like Vick does a lot of the video work and we begin at an opinion from -- those guys about your approach at the plate. I had been good the -- you know a couple guys who actually that was seen in game. Greg is bombarded on same touch and you guys might -- -- -- of -- bring a lot of experience. You know some some. Think he did when he played. You know -- -- of I guess mechanical type guy where nearly Cathay electability. Little things like that but it -- is younger Shirley has sources tell leader. You know not thank you much about mechanical part of it and you know go out there -- destroying him he's -- -- -- put -- you know. You know interesting dynamic -- and pitching so John -- beating your head coach one year was probably doesn't get enough credit. -- he does he's the actual pitching coach how how has that been working out mean one takes over but you know barrel still there can overseen some guys. Yeah Adam that they want -- -- -- I mean you know agree -- percent of that in the early great you know. As -- a great -- for -- to lean you know because if they were -- today he understands they're pitching mechanics and you know at times and they get a lack you know I think -- -- him for that he cattle so long but it'll trickle down to it and want to have all the work -- -- Jerry -- normal work on. You guys -- no longer than it enough prayer that you are definitely -- just. You got a chance status he Felix you brought now for a couple years and one of the things with him Jared has been the pitch efficiency were as fans we -- there are goatee. That's five innings but he's got to be pulled out of the game because he's up over a 10510. Pitches. Last night was another night where he got -- in the game what's been the difference if you can. Is there one difference for him that recently he's getting deepening games and a lot more pitch efficient. I just -- mature and I think he didn't. You know start to realize you know that to go out there and Internet and a 96 openly gay. And trample over anyway you know I think he's really. Local news on you know need to start throwing more strikes you get deeper in the game you know I mean there are not sure where -- stole the ball well but it style vote off restored reaching -- and you know I think you'll frustrating and you get the -- -- -- trying to do too much. Almost -- year's rookie -- you know so. I think he's real mature and he's. A lot better you know just go out there and say you know parallel -- less -- than. Which you can do you really don't work a lot quicker I think that you Odom and open our. There you behind the plate as far as calling games you know you can -- wanna get to know some of these guys and sometimes pitchers get too much blame too much credit for success of pitching -- but still little. -- the last month two months whatever you wanna call -- guy's been actually lights out even behind the dish is it. More comfortable with you do do you talk more do you trust more what you see the improved his -- do you behind the play in these pitchers. Yeah I think that. I mean I think we need you to be back there every day and you get to view these guys for future years now. You get -- -- at what they can do what they can do so. In -- let tomatoes reckon you know put it could step on them and not. You know believe that they can execute it on that's such as the -- to execute the pitches. Well I think they've got trusted name in -- it you know call the right -- sure. You know I that a good idea before game that we talk today we're gonna go to this fits this dwell on it. You know instead of just saying look at the slider Lebanese groups Letterman and back doors and you know up in -- almost like a cutter Healy editor. There against -- advance the collectively as the the group routinely -- there -- really good job. And the other part of that we're talking to Jarrod Saltalamacchia and always her right now but David Ross the data came in energy aired with. Reputation of of being really good in terms of handling pitchers is that a is he as a veteran is not a guy you talked to during the years that a guy you're able to bounce something's off given his experience. -- out of every I mean he's she's trying the most -- article about right now just because there. In the energy he brings him down you know what you bring to the pitches that we get emails and competent to. You know reassuring or too low like -- -- this year mean you know our target the particular color are pictured I'd do this little like. Parallel there are you did everything response due respect to Q Annika print the focus back to you know this but we gotta do -- the -- -- so much there's. You know what history caller what's this -- if they execute pitches and now I'm not so the rosters. You know it's a lot. You know John Lackey has been absolutely outstanding this year and he's taken a lot of heat in this town you caught on two years ago and detection and this year. It and obviously showing that he's now healthy and that's a huge difference. There's your difference through it mentally and how is approaching his dwellers do you think it's just this guy's healthy. You know let. I think the next abundant -- or should be an all star you know right now means numbers you know wins -- losses you know showed but I mean you know the -- -- than where Obama and consistent pitcher -- -- -- -- need that well done an unbelievable job. I think Italy now -- and anybody else is gonna literally trying to. Mention they're going to be trying to grind through. Try and make pitches bill it's supposed to think it's frustrating well. You know and -- and healthy this year I think it's. It's good for the by our amateur record on the fastball to -- you know -- time. And -- to be in a situation where you can add velocity. In the gutter lost each that you know it kind of weird and they're on it so. And you know it's by the biggest key. Injured Billy came -- talked about his cutter Jarrett and said he wanted to change the grip on it and actually said that he talked EU when he talked a wanna talk to Dana. Avenging the bullpen coach and sort decided a -- changed my grip on this and make this pitch. More of a Cotter and I was curious how often that happens when a guy role will come to use the catcher guy he sees pitchers every day. And ask you about their movement and their pitches and ask you about it was this one move in more than this when I -- by my grip is that a common practice during the year. Yeah I think so I think you know lot of guys -- to have that there reinforcement of you know what they're doing the bullpen is is scared -- to -- them they can't really see what you think there are not much on the mound so they get -- rely -- a lot. But if that's that's -- -- -- and you know he's still had a roach are tight cutter and who were attached -- think it's kind of a more slider. You know it's you know are really don't throw strikes and be consistent with spiritual. You know last few out of this and that Carter you know landamerica uttered yeah which is. Which took the -- Nearly Celek -- listed ten years ago and we started the year off this year I think that's one of the things that frustrate. Lot of Sox fans are still I still think it's there. You looked electric I thought early on a neck in the first couple innings and Seattle and then it just we've seen it before sort of snowball -- Calls -- plays that have been hit balls that are placed perfectly and get through. Now what do you see from Jon Lester and his struggles recently. What it's Sheila or church and I think he. You know he wants to be great purses now which is Letterman you ought to be he is great and so -- -- That's a factor and the irony is is busy in Iran sanctions you know he's got to believe -- rather. I think so because I get it strikes you're that's -- -- controller. You occurred quite get -- -- ago. You know you really don't play -- -- -- can actual -- OPEC output as well. It these -- too much mechanically but you know I either competitor age every game we we know we get a chance you know I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know 67 and you know that the key to selling -- well essentially about -- as well we know he's going back we -- -- -- go to. You know compete source who then it -- artist -- I'll -- my favorite moments this year a lot of Red Sox fans still point to it was the double -- on June 18 the Gomes it's the walk off that second game and -- dealt comes up India first questions about what's like an -- Ron and Gomes -- now you know the MVP was with Saltalamacchia. You just couple opens a doubleheader is there more Red Bull that day when -- catch Balkans a doubleheader which aired as it. Five hour energy task now you wanna go coffee what do we deal when -- catch two games in the same day bowl games complete games nine innings. You know after the first game I think there's there's just journal wrote off -- -- -- never done that for. Cute cigarette never wanted to regular actually I don't want to. Honorable and you know John -- those judgments that Erica out of and know what to pick I got excited that I -- go to -- a felt pretty good you know urged human pretty well and now I'll -- being there again we -- -- some. Regular goto that are there now there's all our. Didn't answer those five hours a coffee what do we want to get Kurt took well I go to the -- to -- twenty minutes a car deal I need a little public got two games you've got their assault and back there chair. He's durable order -- again but I didn't do for -- -- for the second game lead currently at thirty minute between games side and let them change I had -- to go. -- we have plus some listeners wanna jump in the conversation here we're gonna give you a couple questions -- they hear them the people want to talk he's okay. -- let's hear firm some questions here and -- that today George for Jarrod Saltalamacchia. They solved the how is it with your hair -- on the old spice shampoo commercials with Josh Hamilton C. J. Wilson. I mean come -- and you get the best care in the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- But I -- -- it now. He is talking about your hair and really brought up a question I'd have fury agent is -- old -- commercial comes out -- Polamalu. And all these other guys with your haircut -- juveniles commercials. Locus two billion US civilian -- -- alleged -- I'm -- That's -- -- -- -- the angels actually we got another Ngo and we'll begin here that -- jets Saltalamacchia what -- get a get a haircut. -- questions all. -- you know I let my oldest daughter load runner so that sort of let people and -- I'll -- as long as you want to. It. Is squad we had to -- them. What can you squat really -- just ask. Saltalamacchia what you squat you know culprit -- not answer that if you don't feel like. That is good side we don't do that brought them out is -- do it you know -- -- out think it's more distract. It or less -- report let's go he's still in contact with deputy national talk throughout the year you -- stay in touch with. Some things bounce things off for him he bounced things off field. Yeah yeah he's doing it and that you really believe in talk at least you know once a week or when I'm in the sound boxing noted that there so everybody talk or just. You know. Well almost Stanley you know that's a little bit about this foreign you know you know -- the normal grind then you know that it's. My last will be this you got a couple of -- him all star. Break next -- what's the plan -- we don't. I'm actually not over Florida and central time with family here -- look forward. Still I was there with her up and -- and that these schools I -- him in my. Quick -- figure all of them. Well we're appreciate it via your hours Biaggi. You're below the way out -- opulent tonight. -- Jarrod Saltalamacchia joining us on the -- outlining AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds of ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible. And cut it here or what would you put that question there. It's it's one of these people are curious haircuts in baseball. Thing flow -- cut that thing let. -- what kind of product using ahead. I would take that question and that's your so concerned about fields but our equipment. Yeah -- so much wanted to make sure some of these questions were about hair. So -- forty months there. It could hear the question -- the other broadcast cell -- issue. A hard time here we're gonna lie about her her. One word -- for an. -- -- part of figure that out 617779798378. TT tech on. Is 37923 civil comeback. We will talk. Bruins here yet Tuukka Rask at some big money yesterday. Big money and money but the years some people bothered by. We'll talk about that next.

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