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Tom E Curran, CSNNE: on the DUI arrest of Dennard

Jul 11, 2013|

Curran joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Dennard's latest run in with the law and talks about the possibility of the Patriots cutting him.

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15 -- And drove last night I. Got it from collapse it. It's nothing alas that in this case what Lou another lap -- any case. Except in movies and entertainment I guess. Butler and 937 WEEI starting today with the apparent arrest of have Alfonso dinner this morning on suspicion. A DU I was pulled over refused. A chemical test and a driving infraction. And try to find out more formation in terms of is he still under police custody has he -- and released this morning still trying to get some information. From Nebraska and maybe the patriots closed -- later today Tommy current a Comcast sports net CSN any dot com Tommy current on Twitter. Joins us here on the AT&T hotline Tom from your tweet earlier it sounds like the patriots. -- and information collecting mode right now on the situation. There still trying to ferret out information and figure out exactly I would guess the police side of the story now or -- -- story. -- how much as though we've gone the last two weeks effectively in this discussion now -- I say Fernandez never happened they don't cut this -- but because of him I think their backs -- against the wall right now. I don't think it necessarily have to -- They've faced I think that. That will be throwing out the baby with the bath water -- moves. He's charged with BYU didn't pick a breathalyzer. He crossed -- lanes. Demarcation apparently. You know. Yes it could be and stupidity involved. But I still think that despite that -- you have to. Allow it to play out give it 24 hours look at the facts that you collected and then decide whether or not you're gonna. Make a decision immediately. I'd be illegal would like four -- -- at the court system. Take its course on this particular. Infraction. And then -- their decision. In the context of his arrest prior to being drafted. The real Robert -- you know talking and talking about principles and auditing in in changing the way they go about it. And what 23 days after that this happens. Then that's that's why I think that they're they're a tough spot right now. -- definitely in the top spot because. You know. -- hammer that will be employed on the patriots now based upon what Robert Kraft said the other day now when he talked about it audit. A they do things and so that was referring to the players papering -- the guys priority and -- standard who by the way I -- good guy. You know and I felt comfortable making that. Proclamation. Given that it was first offense last year he committee. Clearly drank too much got into an altercation. And pop out first sent. Hadn't done anything prior. Really hasn't hasn't done anything since. That's in the he would a risk worth taking him seventh round. So but I think if you look at you know the overall landscape. You know -- auditing what you're going to do going forward. He does -- still -- summer vacation. It real -- back in that state you what is it would be ordered -- set on Monday you'll understand I want everybody in bed by 10 o'clock. Or people's -- -- -- -- -- part still at that the patriots Q weight training camp to begin. Or maybe the other quarterback does some -- technically. It would not be surprised if something happens. Between now and later now start training camp I think the better -- surprise me. And I -- -- by any stretch but. But I do think the patriots can't be brash. And make a decision. Based on. The news cycle. Let's go back before the news cycle with the news that when he was given probation and he was given. Among the served next march based on being found guilty of assaulting police officer. Part of the what was put in place was a letter from Bill Belichick in a -- Levy Nebraska wrote one but his coach. Often the patriots according to the AP story I'm reading here wrote a letter to stead to the judge Stephanie Stacy and asked for. Probation this case and I guess is part of that vouch for the character will that have. Any sort of effect on how the patriots feel -- just feel like he might have embarrassed to hear a little bit Tom based on Belichick's letter. So well I think it's completely goes without saying what there's there's there's a level of embarrassment. It's inaccurate to. Now we're driving to visit his -- sister in years two Beers that didn't feel comfortable get a grip recollect. What would be absolutely buried after going up at the bar at 3 o'clock. But when they -- alumni who know no one no but I think repeated harassment absolutely goes without saying. But the level of embarrassment Bill Belichick feel in the trail of epic gone out on a -- and defending it are there. Will be commensurate with the peace deal or whatever comes out. And that's that's why they can all look -- -- it would Aaron Hernandez. Recorded its Sacramento. And the reaction because this is they'd rather. -- that they brought into the system who had a blemish on would quote unquote ValueClick. Because. -- quote unquote private. Well well well. I think -- you have to. Let it play itself vote treat every situation. -- For the battered American candidate yet you're gonna bring guys in the system. Italy and uses different. Barometer and measuring stick for what it's gonna take it yet activity to leave. It out onto the standard -- wants. Anybody who had any kind of stupidity or attraction that related to -- -- in your house that you cannot screw up. Now more than ever. -- summer vacation at the pitching well. Yet the dummy get your post and C has sent any dot com yen yesterday believe in looking at an Associated Press article with cultural Wii's where he told investigators that. That Wallace and horrendous what went to an apartment in the area that Hernandez and other football players use now. Analytic get the other football players -- these patriots for the eight bandits right Michael Lloyd -- -- no -- Boston bids on his football team but. Now we're talking about distractions here and this just adds up to another one how much you think that becomes a factor and what more maybe you noble who the other football players were stars team go. -- look at other football players are that Carlos Ortiz is here. Two. Law enforcement and uses. The -- other football players who took football player in the conversation. Rush hour with the Boston Dan Fernandez the first one yep. Well Ortiz is playing pick up football or semi pro stock and click call me cynical basketball. Explain all the semi pro football player -- -- interpret what it out the other football where the plot can be in the beating bought that. Good -- and I mean. So raw the players to drag out this article on the question. Article appeared as well make the likelihood is not. In -- palace of the peace there -- the football players fare on occasion since I've been ardently backed bloc. They -- volatility or not. -- -- -- -- -- -- But the other football where -- to be an epic are trying to figure out which are the football players are popular mobile what they saw something going in the the -- -- all of the interpreted as. And yet -- -- distraction anytime. I would think investigators were -- Tommy current Comcast sports net is joining us as you've taught as this. The Hernandez stories progressed Tom have you gotten your reaction from players is have been a feeling amongst the guys you've talked to about. Tallied up how the offseason has gone here so far for the Steve. I think it discussed and I think this sympathy but I think it's it's probably 5050 next. From where -- I've spoken to a communicated with. You know -- It's what most of us have said look what all he has -- away. Would -- a waste of our and then discussed because he certainly give it. The physical talents. And the feel pretty solid upbringing in Bristol Connecticut with you know two parents. In the home. -- acute as people supportive community. In Bristol. And then it'll last seven years 67 years that -- these Bristol which I don't think that. I think that this discussed in that other people had it works and Eric Hernandez turned out blow up that. Where -- you right now with this team we knew we don't know what's gonna happen with dinner right but out assumed to Dell is just sort of sit back he's gonna miss some time -- -- an -- with him but. This late cesium was a couple starters couple impact guys. How you feeling now as opposed to me I thought two months ago. I think there are so many unanswered questions I mean -- in the team respond well to adversity. Is to let that quarterback in the believe it's still the best coach in the league hit a solid running game got a climate -- -- defense is going to be. Very good quarterbacks and they have. So I don't think they're going to be a disaster can and it'll as it seems some people it's -- -- -- contenders is a real stretch. On top nuclear. -- in my estimation. But there's a lot of truth and I think that this is with peace. The greater -- the go go record where I think it is time the patriots and I think the climate between ownership. And football coaches is going to be very very difficult. Well both. You know the military is trying to win football games ownership at this restaurant. There are some overlap. But I think that it's going to be very tenuous right now for both sides I think it's it's. It's a credible watershed. Few months so we've seen him and I think this could be a watershed year for the team in the future direction. Tom good insight we appreciate it we phony a Comcast for the latest thanks for time. -- There was Tommy -- joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE speeds.

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