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David Abel: Dzhokar acted cocky in court

Jul 11, 2013|

David Abel of the Boston Globe joined the show to discuss the mood in the courtroom yesterday afternoon for the Tsnarnaev arraignment. He told Dale and Dino that Dxhokar appeared cocky and smirked at his family.

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Fourth and final hour Dennis without Callahan Dale Arnold alongside on this Thursday morning -- Jimmie dale that if you cover. Legal issues for a newspaper like the Boston Globe. Between Whitey and Joseph Carr and Aaron Hernandez this is an embarrassment of riches man if that's meant -- And now that's one of the things that David -- Boston Globe does reliving David joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning Dave how are. Up interest in Joseph Carr's demeanor then his appearance Bollywood Beatrice did you have your impressions of both of what you saw yesterday. Well it. It he walked into the courtroom confidently. You know looked in some ways it's a bit younger then we might expect it. It's -- jumped here in the big baggy. It barely feel it out and you know you look back. Quite quite a few times that his sister who were in the front row of the courtroom. One of stopping one man holding a baby which was registered to -- people that -- So here he would be more like the other confident look of -- Hernandez vs the frightened Carlos Ortiz that we've seen in the Hernandez case is that fair to say. Can you repeat I -- it -- like it sounds like -- your description he was leaning more toward the confident look we see from Aaron Hernandez as opposed to the frightened look of -- some a cohort in crime Carlos Ortiz. I would -- -- out I heard somebody described it as a smirk on his face did you see any of that. You know we had a lot of conversation about how to describe -- discrepancy. Expressed they're. From my point of view yet I think that was. -- Scripture I would hate he walked it. He walked into the court out at -- head that you're there I'm. You get a look at the -- But I actually. 80. I would I would say -- hockey. I'm I'm I'm curious because based on on what I read in the newspapers of people who were there -- gone to school them. Evidently in the time he's been incarcerated he's redeveloped as Russian accent. Because he apparently didn't have a prior to but he had yesterday. Right through we hear you quite a few people who view him for a for a long time you're on the wrestling team retreat black -- or. -- -- He very well regarded as a wrestler and it seemed like him that they could call didn't speak with access. Now it just got it. Function as some people suggested. Or -- gains -- our site. -- It's possible that. What I had a lot of other people interpreted as murky -- yet but it also didn't. Some sort of facial. Contortions that as a result of -- And had the same time some people suggested that it acts and perhaps could have or what we interpreted as an. Russian accent really. It could've been as a result from. Getting shut your Europe. It's hard to say but it's certainly a very much like well we act -- a few hours -- act. We're talking -- David able to Boston Globe he was set the courthouse yesterday for the -- -- of proceedings. This is a little bit off the beaten path David betray the theory. About these supporters of people like -- cars -- have a mean one young woman. -- from the state of Washington. With a T shirt to to give her undying support another full grown woman a middle aged woman drove up from from Freetown and said I'm here to show support for him that another thousands of people worldwide. Did do believe in his innocence give a theory about why these people exist and by and large are they tend to be females as opposed to an email supporters. Well you know a great country which is have people with a bat. Array of -- and and people. Submarines and come here I believe things. You're I had my time a little bit. -- bizarre and and look at our columnist Kevin -- today has written about. -- Nick and Paris and -- Let her church yesterday. Have protested. Funerals of soldiers. But it died. Toward. You as -- And you know. They believe. And they say they believe that he -- frame they believe the government curtsy. And you know -- one of these people actually cited -- I had I doubt -- did you actually hear what one -- he had the group here that way. That was aired yesterday had a conversation with you but we. From the bought and low finish line where I was standing on the armed -- I would. About global order where Al. On the front page next day and finish line and make a film that is. Was about one runner. And who do it and bought it. Bomb went off and I think a lot of video that. And price at around the world -- -- awful. And watered down there there was some sort of remember that there will work only. A controlled explosion. A third guy and so I leave -- -- You're concerned about that. And and for. Its gentlemen as you get that. -- -- It was a reporter it's. That it didn't happen and our -- -- spirit. I was trying to explain it and that that we -- just reported -- airing at that point. In your opinion and you were at the finish line and you were in the courthouse yesterday. Is this really gonna take that three to four months that the the federal prosecutors said that it could take because it doesn't seem like it's. What is involved is all that asset. Well you know if it is one of the largest. He shouldn't in and the history of any criminal it and New England. Hey. Prosecutors. Suggested in court yesterday that they call 200. I think is these are going to. Try their best you can until they see it every epic. Of the evidence against him and that could take quite a long time in the same time. That's where you are calling it their best try to edit in. So yeah we can expect addict equipment -- it's. Nobody knows how -- -- holes in the trial might might occur could take another. Here before we actually trial there. Take a quick point of law if if I can and I don't know if you know the answer to this but we've had people ask us this question this morning. Can you plead guilty. In what could be a capital offense case if if there's the potential of a death penalty involved are you allowed to plead guilty in that case. I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And short but I. But I noted each movie where that. Up based on your reference to a hundred witnesses and probably you know reams and reams of information what a photo of the confession he scribbled on the side of the ball sort of suffice here David. It's been. And attorneys have always. Creating doubt. All current evidence that even. -- be straightforward and -- you know it's hard to say court and being. May very well argue it is equity. And BNP -- is there something to that. And they'd all raised doubts about. How would. How. Frankly don't know that much of it and let as religiously. In -- -- know how we're there yet and them that night whether he scrawled at -- -- was. On the side -- -- Larry captured. So. There is quite good -- -- that we have yet to see and we still. Organ I'll wait and watch. It on our own. Our ability. Final question David whether this becomes a death penalty case is certainly up to attorney general Eric Holder what do you figure the early betting line is on that decision. Well -- from what I gather it's. Very rare. And it it -- penalty at all federal aid. And. I think it you know earth are people who beat it to death penalty should be used. It's hard to find another eight. That it. Ample. And it should he. So I -- I can assure you it will be great pressure. Or. The death penalty. -- -- -- City administration. Decides that that our actions -- the like and I can't. You to the finish line he was in the courtroom he is David -- Boston Globe Dave thanks for the information this morning. David -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT and got -- AT&T -- LTE.

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