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Alfonso Dennard arrested again

Jul 11, 2013|

Dale and Dino react to the breaking news out of Omaha that Patriots cornerback was arrested again this morning on suspicion of DUI.

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Welcome back it is devils without Callahan it's dale and you know this morning 6177797937. The first words out of Robert -- -- was this morning. When he picked up the phone and said mr. -- You've got another New England patriot in trouble with the law Alfonso dinner arrested for DU I in Nebraska and say here's sick. I I did some checking of the Nebraska laws -- beat Nebraska administrative license re vocation law didn't. It means that the officer pulled over the suspected drunk driver if the driver acts -- performs poorly. He gets arrested for driving under the influence he's out drinking and driving I'm driving I'm drinking -- ice he's been asked to take deep breath blood or urine test. If he fails or refuses to test the officer immediately impound his license says your license is gonna be revoked for fifteen days. He gets a fifteen -- driving permit. And and you know he has fifteen days to prove that he didn't did flunk the test and didn't refuse the test. Here's -- in Nebraska if you refuse the test. The license is automatically revoked for a year. If you refuse to tell -- which is what dinner did which is what he did so we lose this is license for one year if beat takes the test and fails opponent. The licenses revoked for six months. So I then went and looked up the probation law yes because lord knows he was found guilty of assaulting a police officer in Nebraska. These are the types of restrictions in force if you're on probation in a state of Nebraska of these things you can't do with your -- or what is involved one is electronic monitoring and may or may not be a monitored electronically. Are restricted travel and cannot be any liquor store or bar. -- -- Here's where he's gonna have problems. No drugs or alcohol will if you take drugs or alcohol you were in violation. Of your probation done deal. There is alcohol monitoring drug testing they also can put restrictions on who you can and cannot spend time with -- but according to what I'm looking at here from the state of Nebraska. If you're on probation you are not allowed to use drugs or alcohol at all not even allowed in the liquor store and then you can't even be a liquor store or bar you certainly it -- not even at home can use drugs or alcohol. So he is automatically in violation of -- probation just for having had a drink while this this fall under a number of categories stupidity would be one bad timing would be another. This one's going to be very interesting to see how the patriots handled -- just from a and I hate to be so crass about it but from a public relations point am right now they've got to feel like they're walking on eggshells. Is there were. A chance that they would need to do nothing in that looks like he will be going to jail. And I wonder how long he will be going to jail for what the sentence. Just be reinstated the one he was put on probation for well be extended he also got a thirty day jail sentence as part of -- of what when he was convicted right he he got a thirty day jail sentence he got. Com. -- two years' probation and 100 hours of community service. They said that the the community service must beat quote unquote law enforcement related. Now I don't know if he's -- the community service yet. I don't believe he serve the jail sentence and yet these obvious you know -- predates. Yet thirty minus the three so twenty settle yes Seoul. I don't know if this means here BA had to jail or not. While because just by using alcohol he's automatically violated his probation pulses for scary thought. The other starting quarterback is Aqib Talib. No issues there about this they are taking a lot of criticism those somewhat justified much of it not. Of why they didn't look more deeply into Aaron Hernandez background I guess the answer is because he had failed a drug tests. He had no rap sheet he demonstrated at least to the people that matter in that building but he lived elect a certain way and it certainly Wednesday and about. Schizophrenic. Different kind of like when he was away from the facility. But they're saying would you -- original -- always hanging out bad guys did you know there was gang involvement their did you know there -- some shady side Aaron Hernandez probably to some extent but certainly not. Rising to the level of of murder. But as -- a team to leave somebody did wanna keep my now. Could they not be really criticized because this guy has surpassed this guy has a reputation they brought him -- giving their all over Aqib Talib right now. Keep an -- on him. Well and and here's the other thing in and it just in terms of Alfonso Danner. He was convicted. Of punching a police officer in the face yes that's what he was convicted bright. He was convicted of punching a police officer in the Spacey got to think you're kind of on shaky ground anyway. I texture here says dale was wrong on the probation violation if you repeat if he refused the test. They cannot prove he used alcohol. Although there -- other things besides the test you can smell alcohol when. I mean that's what it the year initial arrest is for. You can smell the alcohol and -- took the test or not they can say yes I smelled the alcohol on his breath your honor. And I he obviously had used alcohol does thirty days seem like enough for -- a cop in the face. I think they cut him a break so I mean and now we got two years' probation in the 100 hours shortly -- But it doesn't seem like a whole lot either mark isn't -- market action the NC. I got a good morning I'm mark are you now I'm ready I'm thinking you -- they'll concert or on the very -- I know. -- and -- toxin. And I'm wondering if he merger like it like that at. Why should result that are larger screen and go. Billionaire. Giving Euro while the opportunity giving -- money and giving you the opportunity to start in getting second fortunate -- It gets their act together like why -- gathered here. The straight and narrow and expect it and let out of frustration. -- wait no. You know I looked beautiful in the group shall. If there is screaming mark I don't think you would be in a room by himself I think he would be in the face of the guy who deserves to be screamed that and and by all accounts of those are inside that building he can get profane and he can get. ST to be sure the stock to -- waned in Revere -- good morning. -- -- -- -- I'm yeah -- comment on this probation violation of the people it. Have to do -- Soviet probation he's gonna have to do that time because we violated probation. You know. As of about our being in a volatile violations intimated that they know all they can check your cabinet. And down he's gonna have to do truly is that he violated probation -- thirty days. But he wasn't sentenced to two years in jail he was sentenced to thirty days. But he had it to be a probation -- violated it. And and you think that translates into a two year jail sentence now. If they do and I think probably do about eighteen months but I believe that that's the case. That -- to comment. It is actually says says really -- your -- -- smelled the alcohol and cops never lie. That's pure BS yeah -- -- the police in Lincoln Nebraska by the way when they pulled him over. He was -- he was westbound. Straddling a lie a lame line between fiftieth and 56 street off so it's not like. Mean maybe they maybe they knew what -- he was driving and -- in Lincoln Nebraska I don't know that. -- but but it wasn't that they they stopped in desperate Hillary let's say we get Alfonso -- he's driving down the middle road. -- Summers Steve. There's no tomorrow. Just one with a clear a couple things are done in the opposite slipped furcal people call and say out of you know if I mean this gets convicted that is gonna end up and Walpole on which actually won't pull the long -- national security surely right. That and surely he would gold hit it last that's where they usually do a couple of months state. They take place with a gonna send him but obviously would get up sent out to us from the garden -- And then come. But I wanted to -- -- we're -- cannot I think I think that perhaps they that they should definitely compromising. I can understand the difference you know with drinking and driving and and a murder charge but the fact that he punched a cop and his. But just a complete sign -- just lawlessness. Already on probation for punching a cop in the face that he's been found guilty of punching the cop in the face. And then violates probation apparently by by drinking and driving. Right -- hit it seems to me that. He he appears to be the same type of bloggers Hernandez and if you look at our probation since. Stop bell and link in the parliament hanging out it was an in this economy. Steve -- you think I Hernandez will ultimately end up and serve the majority of the time. Well -- have she beat you are radio poll. An extreme amount of food in this canteen. That's basically it's like lady ministry without weapons such as well unfortunately even -- who it is almost as good as like what armed services. And that's I mean I worked at Walpole -- street so Fatah and. It's that and that wasn't Matt and I was just not impressed by it felt like I was working at a hotel certain people while. You know. That's unfortunate -- I'm not sure that the -- the terms dream and without women belong in the same sentence is it just saying that that that might have some effect Ryan in content Ryan. -- -- -- where they talk we'll also better prospective disarm. I know that and -- anyways the minimum cookies if you violate the -- to do rapper has probation in jail. And then that's not Colin and me. Any charges me extra charges that will outsource -- -- -- -- and you talked about what would have a little left honestly years' probation. A look stick the -- MacBreak. At minimum that's -- a lot to do. While it's the second call associates -- about the -- liberal -- all sorts -- techsters here who say that's not true that's not true I mean I don't. God knows I haven't been involved with the you know probationary. I hearings are not before but I I wouldn't have expected that he'd have to serve two years in jail if he violated and he's at it policy -- him a break I think -- already cut a break want to see not true marks in the car -- -- Don't wanna clean that up to respect and when you violate your your parole or you're here probation. You you basically failing to keep the peace can be a good behavior so while I'm alert so while you. Do not while theoretically. They could send -- -- two years it is highly unlikely he'll ever get that where it all happen it. They couldn't they -- radically do that well. Theoretically could -- probation so it. That that part of the deal you make that you that if you have violator you they'll keep the peace -- be a good behavior then you have -- over your head it. You basically take the court which I highly doubt Denard will do win his lawyer gives his argument. So I think will happen it's until admit he's a violator. And he'll probably try to make a deal with this new charge and try to basically keep it Abbott. Keep adding on guilt and he'll probably most likely get an additional. Probation and may -- maybe a little bit more jail time and more -- -- I don't think that do you live it in it and it is in relation to what you are -- I think it'll hurt in the after the deadly like -- back so there and you're going to game and you believe -- keep the peace or six months. And you had two years of probation so I think than there are probably New England will get rid and the -- You -- technically open negativity but he's not gonna go to jail for two years are looking committee until earned and. Let me just ask you a quick question here counselor and out -- can they do this almost immediately. Because it's in violation of his of his probation. And they believe if they charge him with the do you lie. Did that he charged in last night so maybe he'll be back in jail and ten days. And they'll be ready to charge. And the prosecutor in Lincoln what day your honor -- guys being presented at a while you're eating you have the -- and -- before. This new charge. And we're gonna happen. Held without bail and then they'll be -- Violation hearing -- on the look too highly be unlikely because the attorney. -- Denard will not one violation hearing that the standard is a lot last. Then an actual trial yet to prove is that they'll keep that and I'm giving it -- you life. Keep the peace but probably cutting new deal with which it charge and you'll get an additional penalty from -- previous that the but that's what we're likely to happen you're not gonna go to jail for two years unless. Did the prosecutor in the rock and want to make you to name. And and Denard attorney wants at the hearing and you get nailed I don't think. Likely wanna you. Now our government did in that in Amarillo and -- -- and I have -- ahead in prison is going to be super -- you can get the worst of the worst. Jailed in the the country you're probably gonna be and -- so -- Light you're gonna be an -- 23 hours a day you're going to have the hard part. And then -- -- guys have been saying that the penitentiary in the they aren't as bad as they are the federal Superman actor. Hernandez will probably have -- Had a decent. -- he put in a ward where he's deemed a threat and then they'll have like harsher. Type felt. I -- people who think that Hernandez is gonna have a hard time badly. Our our mistake and -- -- he gets in trouble would inmate and they put them -- That trouble area where you can deal with. Like the consequences for not being able to be good prisoner. 61777. -- 7937. Tony it's August we see you get your next and now for the Boston Globe Dave Abel was in the courtroom yesterday. Windows Joseph Carr made his appearance first public appearance since the up Boston Marathon bought and talk with him shortly after 9 o'clock.

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