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Red Sox asst. GM Mike Hazen on the trade deadline

Jul 11, 2013|

Mike joined the show to discuss the teams plans as they appraoch the trade deadline. He was emphatic in his belief that Will Middlebrooks will turn his season around and be the third basemen of the future.

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6177797937. Our front office report is brought to you by vita Coco new Wellesley hospital and by celebrity crews joining us on the AT&T AT&T forgy LTE. -- -- -- general manager Boston Red Sox my case and Mike good morning how -- or so ago where it went very well you know be honest with you some vehicle the vast majority and I know you know this might. A spring and predictions about your baseball team were dead wrong. The the the general topic was character doesn't equal wins. -- assembled a Motley -- I'll overpriced. Law guys who were either on the back nine -- injury concerns going forward how is this thing built the last you must be spotted this morning -- play in six coat to ball. I did the map you're on pace to win 97 and a half games. -- go to. -- -- would be -- Mario little remorse. To begin -- -- what goes on over to. -- But yeah you know I think these guys would probably actually describe themselves very much of the Motley -- There. You know then it's gonna get our and so are to win season. You know we got a long ago it got it figured out this morning. You know to get back to September 2000 a lot of I don't think no matter how we play because now. And all the all the bell rings in the season opening in the early in the severe she'll like. You know rise -- on exactly how art would we watched him reach our bank. Probably in the latter part of 2006 and that to double up and you get derailed by injury by other things happening we are we play in the -- position and they all you see you know at -- and price that. And -- back out that Baltimore. You know -- Jeter come back to the Yankees in the division mistress. It's too difficult and things are I -- rate. You energy level intensity level to first up the ball on it and it because of -- -- It's -- we talked about many different outlook character that Wednesday. By. Turkey currently held on the days when it was pretty -- in recent Q and and -- Jered Weaver and got a -- -- an overall argue coma. -- apple play that there and now I wanted to second inning. You know it's it's early in the game I chipped in or out just comment illegal yeah. When you have older veteran players being in the dugout you know look at some of the younger guys like that you can relax a little bit you know -- -- -- play here. They -- a lot so. I think that's where character played the most. Are setting character aside and allow for the fact that there's a lot of baseball to be played from a baseball analytical standpoint my case and why has it worked to this date. With this baseball team. Yeah it bigger question I think ought to ought to carry law by and large for long stretches decedent. The -- in the second circuit last year and pitching for the last six weeks is an extremely extremely good. Discussion starting pitching Lackey carry the entire -- -- -- you brought guns that are. No lesser and much federal outside a -- are about. There's been much federal last month on basically bought well in order -- -- based also -- what we're going to be getting induction. I think together and has been a combination of those such things. You think the open Barnhart has been really good app -- -- have been some inconsistencies there. Without you know some of the lawsuit. First -- place has been sort challenging. But don't all three of those aspects working together and then I. I think more than -- hundred -- to we don't talk about this really a lot. We really -- we -- the best coach actually one of the hardest working coaching staff and all -- all those guys. Dot -- to prepare our players day in day out here is -- a lot of good experience. All together in the Arctic that's really been done. Mike if we had two under sodium pentothal would you admit that at least at this stage of the season this team has perhaps. Outperformed even your expectations. I'm probably. Probably you know anywhere you're going to -- you don't. You wanna hope you know you're out our expectations and then you you obviously -- all offseason for the absolute best you can on the field. When you walk out of spring training you know you can offer for a -- in order portraits are no more than portrait or a lot of -- player but -- and -- You know noting that -- and we'll get to the -- -- -- a lot of things out there the working retriever and you know whether that injury got in LT but I think I think probably the biggest thing from an extradition order walking out in the fees and I think that yeah. That have been created. -- has helped. Sort of keep that does the ship righted. Studio -- announce that he's. Mike during internal discussions when you guys are discussing whether what we're watching is sustainable for the rest of the year. Is it an oversimplification to say the -- that question would be based on the guys who were performing well. Marketplace he has and David and Dustin continue to perform well and those who haven't performed well middle Brooks drew and others. Raise their game in the second half is that is that oversimplification. No I don't go to vacation I think that that that would be if you could boil it down we're looking right got -- play well you can play -- almost -- it happened. The place to play a little better now I said. Even with a lot of those inconsistencies within our best in baseball you're not sustain that. That level or throw in the prior year. We're you gonna iron 100 it switched. And galloping annual about what we're projected that what you can do necessarily but who -- you know start to carry some of those really good performances. And then it got that. Struggled during their spirits are they start to get our. You know that's increased and really start is important but. -- you expect that either you know you get to you get to hope that that's happened that's where the treat -- like and that's where some you know supplementing the roster guys. You know during the course of the season maybe getting a lot of guys that are undervalued. That -- can step into the situation I think that's where you could continue to ride -- -- We're talking with a Red Sox assistant general manager Mike -- Mike just between you me and dale what's -- real time where you nobody else and nobody else listening how. Behind closed doors what's being said in the organization about will Miller Brooks. I think we still look at this guy at third base and our future. I mean there's just too much talent here. EU -- a lot -- the second you know technical around the league and not gonna happen. It happened to a number of our players I think that's what you often -- that one hour and muted that there was no power. So. I hope it would be sitting in saint there's tremendous talent at -- Everyone you know all right such as is that -- -- power -- and -- stability place or be a good athlete. EA he's got a rough storm circuit currently is quite awful that that happened to a little bit. You know you -- go down and make some adjustments outlets should go through right now. He's got to -- make some adjustments. The lakers went through it. And here and you're. People that second third -- politically proven to be pretty good. Will gonna go -- since he's got to make some of those jobs and got a pitching differently. You know they were told him throwing him as many strikes -- to make that adjustment from approached their point. Well we very much believe in the he's gonna -- there and get things straightened out and and really you know the -- able -- To right the ship combatant Koppel and sort it out now that the shooter who brought another trader. The add depth of the organization. Especially in the bullpen department has been kind of and -- a revelation to me at least. Is that still an area of concern despite the fact that you've been able to bring guys in here who are performed at a very high level orient. I think probably one of the areas will look at the look through an extra weeks certainly. You know Q could we talked about -- earlier you can pinpoint an area that you know this show probably the biggest inconsistencies it's probably did not. Is that a lot of good individual performances I think we have a really solid core. Back into the bullpen. Darden stepped in certain role you know -- -- been very good lately it really going to be huge piece what's gonna happen -- or without. There's a corner really good acting front side that -- and we're gonna that would look at. Looked you know explore whether internal option like he saw a lot that would work and you know all the Seattle -- Torre will also note that the guys. Whether one of those Trudeau got stepped into that that role. Or we go external and not -- -- -- definitely what -- over the next release but yeah that's the warriors team we're certainly target. Mike we haven't seen her play -- since June -- what's the -- -- -- -- -- point five which is on the sideline yesterday and seemed to -- okay as we look at -- a couple of minor league starts before he's back in the rotation. Yeah hard day you know the thing and segregated day right -- -- -- portable and then hope we get Gloria -- and after that it will reevaluated. And in. You know. -- the readiness for the mentally level we don't just felt that just it's for some. You know we -- -- shoot the second out here we go a little bit of a grind to the American League east via. John and I were kind of joking about this earlier on in the program everybody every year says well sooner or later Mariano -- gonna stop performing at this high level and never seems to happen. And it's sort of seems like David Ortiz falls into that category as well we keep thinking. That he's gonna grow old on on your dime but I don't see it happening. Beaten in god or delete. The league performers that have a level of skill that most. People certainly are. I would imagine most baseball player that it wanted to -- -- -- You know or feasibility. Back the last couple years. You know I I remember when I was here early. You know he he -- whole -- baseball and now over the last couple years he's shown. And ability to adapt the guys that pitched in differently whether that's you know changes in the water around them what have you. He's shown an ability used a -- center field gap. Certainly we all know it our all our -- you upset no doubt you're shorting it. Shorten the distance quite a bit but even even going in the bigger all -- us last night. Dropped the ball -- and Julia is such different in the way this guy is able is to Italy it. It recovered higher after the play. And then as we see and in -- a lot of occasions when they start worrying about that they try to get worn -- -- and perhaps you're you're not going to be very successful until you do. My -- and do you or does anybody know what happened to Iglesias I mean he was hitting over 400 promote for the season he's he's struggled to get to 388 right now what what specifically happened. To make the light go on offensively. I think you got I think you got to be a little bit more reps are pro am. You know -- -- coming up in the minor league player. Certainly there and we do this little with a lot of players know we're we're we're talking to which which teaching. Utility on base we value skill I think this team in ought and to a level -- we valued still. Haven't sent that. Every player doesn't fit into that box. You know every player can't necessarily make those adjustments -- they'll try whatever minor league player to make some of those adjustments. I don't think that works for. Politically citizens and not our fault that we probably should recognize that a little quicker. -- -- days that guys are going up there as a tremendous basketball still rate impact ordination. He has the ability to move the ball around fuel. But he also at all he also at the political leverage based all in your browser at apple in almost every situation. And that insulting from the start retreating army that he's been doing he's been looking to attack the baseball and look where you sit in the line. He should be ready -- baseball you know you're if you don't get -- put yourself in the bottom or. Your problem that your -- to -- against Ellsbury Pedroia victory in on Napoli achieved. And and that it right or any starting pitcher so look this guy should be prepared getting more about all of them -- he and you order and years. And then I think that that mindset change has been the biggest differences and for a. Final question for me Mike on the heels of the Aaron Hernandez story and as much as your free to tell us how the vetting process go in. Major League Baseball in general but specifically with the Boston Red Sox when your acquiring a new player. How deeply do you look into his background in these character issues. Yeah I mean we we we were sent to work whether talking go to go. Got a player. At least on the professional side of things. You know we we try to. -- as much as we get on on what makes is gut check -- -- the performer and as it relates to Boston. You know how the underperform but. Also you know what the (%expletive) on the you're going to be like you seeing that we talk about -- it's it's an important aspect of a lot of teams but most specifically Archie this year. Is the type pit bull will go through that vetting process. We go to the trading deadline uploaded an amateur there are players like look better we do a lot of background work -- a lot of these guys do whether psychological testing. And -- you know -- -- interviews and things like that so we we do a lot of looking good corporation -- well. Final question now I was at the bruins' side developmental camp yesterday and there was an interesting point made by Don Sweeney where he said. The young players in the organization we're heading -- double workshop immediately after their their on ice practice to talk about Twitter and social media. And the dangers is that something you guys address -- your young players is well. Absolutely does. It is the new world from evil when I started with direct talks a year ago in terms of the social media and ability to interact directly with fans could -- that. They'll look at a lot of good sides to it you know you know reached beat the community service. Utilities -- they're very you know directly. A -- as an athlete. Those are all groupings and and I that we use that. That vehicle that's to their foundation -- charitable work its server but it all become a distraction. And you know we we just by these guys on using it intelligently look you gotta interact with the ship that's great. Just know that you're gonna you know you could open to some situations again -- and and be Smart or you're doing what you're saying. When you say something. Everybody here it is not a secret anymore you can't take it back you know you eat you -- to think through these things I think the readiness. But you've got at the -- that you know or when they're not paying attention look we ought to go down all the wrote that it W Miller so that they have there. Maybe yes and the what did it up there on the Internet. It's too late you know you might send an -- or two people that we and he's got all caught on the people it which opened its that we try to. As it. -- -- one more thing I was curious about is it etched in stone because after all Mike isn't it is baseball that you -- week at some point will go sideways. Oh no I don't know that -- got unbelievable the saudis such an exciting player a lot. You know those guys ever since he got -- doesn't take off yet and are rolling -- the standings now and then and determine will be. There will be an interesting series of legal their -- booklet of. Is Red Sox assistant general manager Mike -- good stuff I appreciate the time this morning continued success. Or are you my case it would Dennis and Callahan actually dale Wendy you know on the AT&T like AT&T forgy LTE phone lines are open wide open talk would you 617. 7797937. -- still to come in the 9 o'clock hour. -- -- Boston Globe he was in the courtroom yesterday watching Joseph --

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