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Graig Murphy brings his comedic stylings to The Planet

Jul 11, 2013|

The man of many voices, Graig Murphy, joins Mikey, Ryder and Lenny for some comedic conversation. The guys end up discussing some of their favorite comedians throughout the years.

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That's gonna get weird in here now -- -- -- -- as Lenny megs that's why we're at -- my can be very weird at times too but that's not what I was referring to. Reg Murphy is here he's very weird very weird -- how you're going on don't. You know John Ryder Imus tremendous slash article thank eyes of the goose bumps -- literally is -- -- it's not that you wrote it flash is better than Brett Favre on. Greg Oden. A way to I would go that far off tonight. By the restaurant started need for a link I got a call this article on the Internet it was one of just write down -- -- up my Alley for kind of article it was on fumbled dot com or something. The 25 ugly used to athletes. -- you make a couple of -- system went beyond who's willingly McKee number one yes she what do you. Steve -- Randy Johnson is -- on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But out get that article would Tyrone hill. -- our number one -- Well they had a torn at 125 and I -- I didn't know whether they've started with Willie McGee and ended with you know Randy Johnson sent Zeller went the other way it could do they build up to the 25 you know or is it number one really doesn't listen we don't -- -- will receive a license drilling. That's definitely the worst it looked worse than the size of the usually done it in teasing fashion where you start with the least -- leave the 25 you would -- the ugly so I guess in that case to be stamped itself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So you've -- not mean we saw you at the road course Greg I have career of the fifth that. Come to the rose -- was a roasters. Fiore Dave Russo is gonna come in on Friday -- Yeah it's great we get the you know all star break as we can actually do shows. Me radio shows can you imagine who what are you doing now. No but my point is that we don't have time for Jessica what 610 to 61 are normally at an -- It's like IMF are Iran or North Korea -- -- I started the access. So boy you were very very funny at the roast as you always are and you know the thing about Murphy's and he's also a huge sports fans so he fits in blueberry nights in the program. -- any thoughts on the whole Aaron Hernandez situation I'm just Arafat to talk about what you don't know who else is out there what's going on who's left in the UK and you say the wrong things of -- -- knocking your door. For right at 2 o'clock in the morning just in case that happens by the way and all the comments -- make about it I have. Taken precautions I've already destroyed my area home surveillance cameras. And you cellphone to ruin dispatch system makes room you know. In -- everybody else if if a phone call it now you course. Famous in part anyway for you big show appearances with that as Robert Kraft the years and why -- not a fan of either east Indian mounds to craft. It's a -- you -- and it's up of the John and. And -- for the -- has ever sent anything to her though was he didn't sing it to me he just walked away. Actually he said a review of the wall of the -- mixed real mobile radio. And I suggest -- -- -- but this would be lovely Leslie -- and many walked back. Oh yen and the sun came up to me and says it's it's. It's. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Distributed. To know what nobody imitates you if you're nothing not okay if you. And mister Kraft does have a distinctive way of speaking to me you've captured that quite obviously over the years and the odd ball impersonation of people not everybody does. You know I mean I do yes I'm the only got it does yes in the world and nobody ever requests it it's not likely can't get enough. But on the other hand if there's ever need you know for their -- Red Sox retrospective cartoon festival. And wanna bring he -- the picture I know what got decade. That's my -- in the TO. I was doing to go before we don't know exactly is one guy does the people who do Tito -- -- you doing Tito and I haven't done in years what's left of and it uses you know people on the show as a -- -- of jokes got speed well a new book write a book that came out -- -- -- -- there anymore I'm not thinking like -- now because I don't have to I was doing -- camera during the Stanley Cup rushes back. Do you joining other guys that maybe some people wouldn't know because said they hear you do I used to Don Pardo law so I'm going for him to -- Surface resurface when I don't know what's gonna happen the game -- The senator -- silently not a lot of I argue it's all about them and reach. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Have you ever done anybody I tried it and some damage is king getting had a bypass. Yes who was the Grady Little took me awhile yet to do and -- -- of the right it's became more joke to make phone calls and Tony Grammy goes to those on stage right. But I mean have you audition yourself to do somebody and it just didn't work and you just put -- aside and saying I'm Sharon F yeah it's obvious that -- yeah. We're for some reason almighty invitations or like either no one knows who they are any more added the you know the old dude keep mr. mode -- who gives a crap off. Tremendous impression but it is like I've learned the last twelve guys like that just held onto it you know it's like that of course fresh stuff was the father put keepers of the and reward among all I could do was part of it that's it. As a collective. To -- accurately noted but he noted knew that what John Farrell he's too generic answer yes very -- speaking voice that you wouldn't recognize who are writing now you can do it dead dead on and -- it would recognize it right I can do Marcel Marceau and let's hear that -- -- That's you know that's just like exactly like my impersonation of the quiet man John Ruiz. Same thing democratic. Also on how apple marks a new apple -- that this -- -- are out this and you know in other authorities think harper were rigid in my view. Is some bumped him up to me is just as long coat hat merely -- some bump composers they borrow they can you spare a dime for a couple of coffee and he just reaches his code is an odd couple. Like it is pocketed so far no one of them mid duck feathers -- horse manure whatever religion. So Murphy where it is -- you played again tell me again I tell everybody to become a studio and Barbara square Harvard's. Where on a Saturday and then we got big fund raiser down on the cape openness that. And winds that Sunday night Sunday night the fourteenth fantastic show for Mark Davis -- times that's at the and in the lineup on that's completely Clark Tony -- Steve Sweeney don't have those guys off. There are also as you know -- the now when you were an aspiring young comedian yes. It's hard to get known real fast but did the big show -- your appearances on the radio station that advance that for you at all because we'd like to think -- important yet this is definitely. Because -- welcome back and I expect that gets in the door and then -- you know but then the you know. You wanna step away from that I don't to a voices stated Trent. I try to but that is more -- and then it's kind of two different things -- each is on his ticket comedy you know stand up comedy it's it's it's a different thing because you can see the faces of the people lower you know and and over is not like the radio you talked general Michael don't look at -- -- -- my -- could hide in the car into the -- -- Franken at the open you know you're out there you can see in the people's faces you know at some stuff works is some stuff doesn't but after awhile communicated a whole thing is fine all the stopped -- and laid it all out there and -- people want. I have a star Madonna rare last month -- he's funny as hell aren't very fun bush your -- Some of the of the younger guys Erica that are really making -- now October. Anger -- -- is awesome. While we Kelly's got from around here. And then I was -- Dana -- Phelps I've laughed right now it's he mixed it and unbelievably could do voice. Doing a little bit you know and put -- law. And -- schizophrenic do that that's true you gotta have a little bit of that eighties Robin Williams in order to flip flop back and forth of course when he stopped being funny guy stopped being funny. Andrew Dice Clay was. On a roll. Everything he said people were using it as their own you know intent. You know talking about why this -- quoting him you know he had some tremendous but did he what breaks a guy like him burn out. Our schools in Vegas with him not with him personally he was upstairs at the remote work at three era. And -- of people wacko. And -- just thought the so you went 200 escalate. But you don't know what he does like that he was it was insulting people that what you write what I mean not not -- -- he would think it's the same thing a lot of time and only as certain shelf life. Yes it's LA you know you take about the island getter done about. What's his name -- the cable guy. Larry the cable yeah right right right you know to be the one guy that shows maybe the difference between the master of the art of comedy and the guy who's not a -- but a guy who just can't keep up with that standard is George carlin's -- because George Carlin all the guys -- my favorite he -- and -- -- more grouchy old man issue as time went on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think of the average how stupid the average person is and and then realized that that. -- -- But it's 1030. -- is it as an edit. It's big outs of the average person is net realized that half the world is dumber than that I don't blow -- load. If you had ever spend a half hour in the Red Sox locker room okay and observe and listen to a Pedroia. I mean it would be great and you would only need three -- I don't know if he's a fan -- me it's. Really enemy and we had a thing on there they haven't architecture somewhere where I called -- Francona the net and -- him. Oh that's right thirty seconds everything couldn't get mad at this sort of slightly -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he -- -- it was great by the -- it was -- and the for a guy who plays for guys worried. Our number 61777. -- 7937. And now emerged gonna hang around with the me Lenny and writer for awhile and talk about whatever it is you want talk about we're talking about the funniest people have to live I guess we were gonna have bought some kind of text. Thing going on -- that because everybody has their own. Favorite comedians I mean the ones that have moved me to one actually go see them you know the famous ones -- -- at least see an old due late night talk show I didn't. I had to see Steve Martin when he first came down. He was just so different it's a weird man that. As -- I went to the Jorgensen auditorium UConn and he was called three bucks to see Steve Martin after -- exit -- -- after the HBO special. And is very top of his prime with a rabbit ears and hold a banjo thing. And it was well worth the very thought well worth. Three but I said. -- a couple times Rodney Dangerfield and it's different Montauk or go to comedy club in and out of it would like a concert horror or something like that. Where it's a little bit different by point nine ditzy dice clay in Hartford Civic Center. And he had 151000 people screaming this one obscenity was part of his -- notes that you know something about them bleep my bleep them. And it was an unbelievable thing to talk around to see 151000 people yelling that 133 word phrase. At least some kind of record it's just a club record of that for diesel is kind of it was kind of -- dish it -- we realized at that time because you were when you don't come up with some kind of new material you're gonna just be a fad it's dated by eighty whatever you talk -- and it's -- -- once -- Writers -- it's yeah yeah. Best of all time in my book Richard Pryor. I mean he was he was so funny. And he had mixed material he's talking about his life mated Fannie and he was MFN bombs left or driven no luck and warriors didn't matter with him. And then Eddie Murphy came in his steps okay yeah I try to do the same thing he was life while. And then it was just. Do you take MF out of his acting when that city speculators write an American dealers lose that yeah so yeah 181 yours right let's created that's that's an incredible -- it was it was terrific. And we've got a lot of of that of course came from Boston and Murphy is one of them Greg Murphy and -- in the studio here and these he's comedian that's what he is that's what he's bid for awhile and were glad about that let's go to Jim he's the wrestling ghoul line. And a brother and. All made up funniest comedian I've seen him at least that doesn't prime goal or not none other than that -- walk on -- Unbelievable he put it insult people write to their -- Into the old days when you should be able to say funny things and people -- -- -- all sort of political correctness battered. I take affront to every button -- that goes -- in the world we viewed it a lap. Every flag -- I'm not surprised Jim I Don Rickles that would seem like a natural that those that. A -- -- the the tremendous will be able to make fun of each other laugh at each other and former well but it but -- -- the biggest hit a lot and mixing your big kick out. He's he's going to that -- get it into it next weekend. About 88 years old -- is dazed and he's not funny anymore he's not now that I am delighted that I -- like myself I don't. Yeah. Speak directly about it'd be about -- of what you're. Now I haven't seen us live back part of -- on TVs and giving Whitney's not let him and it's the same old paint and get that diet cooking AA you know I mean it is another interesting that -- right. But I can't say that -- says that you that I -- talking. Ali does I didn't make that out what exactly happened -- that was famous you -- blow up like yeah direct jobs right. I -- I not goal is like I like doing everything -- can't -- need to get a look what you can't get a stroke while you're right into that we're -- what are you would have thought you know -- -- -- -- -- -- The cookie. The -- -- -- -- -- I donate to this day I Gary Reynolds was running straight day buddy is already today -- of the Carson show was when he uses that I'd you know I'd and the roasts they dean Martin's roasts and stuff like that. Because that he just -- and they always let -- last the last two so bloated that at that and Alabama law I mean they've taken to to Letterman's desk and then we'll see you but also in like. One time I was sponsor Carson show Glen Campbell comes on he tells this long story you know I'm a late night talk show the world that you want -- long African story with a double and commercials. So he's telling the stories tell the story goes on and on the end the good Clinton gets the of the story -- to -- so that's instruments set as he goes. It is looking at data -- just Darren and it with Rickles goes great story glad. -- -- -- Estimate. That that I happened to the rest that I know that because. You know to be -- polite enough -- have to be somebody like Dominic you're just rip somebody's nuts yeah. I am a Latin America asked anyone to talk about is good buddy Frank Sinatra tune with and -- and good girlfriend exhibited. -- He didn't Sammy Davis -- him -- he's he says Sammy Knight a Sammy and -- that make a lot of jokes you know -- black guy Jewish guy he says. Saying I live in the same neighborhood rates at least it's like -- to set -- -- -- -- he's. I mean it is just like he'd be quote everybody weakest point that Cuba -- and other rooms or just under control yet you know doubted swear now analysts -- -- an accommodation yet area. Do you get it adds that too much of that now -- -- allowed to the next person yeah that's that's the problem yet yet -- a lot of excellent sellers and I don't think. Yeah no I saw right yeah -- trump do -- -- forget who sore right and it's about where it's coming at a time just didn't resonate like they had one on -- inevitable with him in -- very funny and so. You know when trump came in for the via Jimmy Fund radio telethon a few years back there was mean -- and all the studio there and he walked in Boston fifteen of -- -- that little studio Fenway. And he's walking and make his annual donation he he looks right at me says your fired first it says in the capital what quite a bit. Starting -- fired -- seven times ebitda before. Let's go to Brockton for a big bad Dave David. Mike ally that you -- pretty good. Well everybody else it was good. It into. It's actually been made some roster moves today. They've -- Steven Wright which kind of surprised me. It's like yeah they have -- let -- actually get it doesn't even know what lit into him couldn't park genuine you know the place. Like they're neck and it surprised me and against. I I assume they eat and it starts Sunday. Up probably about what this pressure that he came up where they get rid of -- that. I expected Steven -- -- not. Indeed knuckleball pitcher. Pose little harder in week -- Let's face -- -- days who haven't they be given a chance to cry and everybody's come up and done some you know yeah Bradley's practice you know this week middle Brooks is down there and pitches -- shuffled back and worth it's what to -- how do you think -- -- -- -- is doing now he goes up been down pretty down they try to force cross country flight out there and -- is that yeah exactly he's like a Yo-Yo yeah. Yo-Yo -- and. Connect. -- don't shuttle. You know up and down up and down idea that I like he personality. I wouldn't be surprised if the USX like back -- him. There are traders said -- I wouldn't be surprised. I believe that that's been an active thing for quite awhile familial -- differently they're going to be they're gonna guarantee to the psychiatric warranty the next team it takes and -- we are guaranteeing his mental health and there's there's nothing I was stable about a sevenths. I cannot -- question we guys. But not Maloney today alluded. Equus to trade rumor involving Chris Kelly and Brad my shots I was wondering -- music scenes that that that might have been popular support like. You know David like to say they were to class in this program to get involved in any rumors. The rumor mongering. And today the fact that I found out from my sources that that Bartolo Cologne is not only on steroids. Companies also want estrogen. That's just a rumor I don't I -- up -- eventually answer -- question. We always question again. No I don't know anything about the US argument by her side I think -- between you know that that possibility I heard the two names I didn't leaving him -- or anything that guy whether an orchard cause is probably a possible mr. To try to figure out what we're Tim thomas' and we belongs to. No one known -- -- Ohio he's afraid. David thanks nice talking here. We take quick breaks here on 77797. -- 937. Lenny -- Greg our feet John.

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