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Where is the line drawn with performance enhancers?

Jul 11, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder look at the recent performance enhancing drug developments in Major League Baseball and what the future holds for performance enhancers. They also look at ESPN the magazine’s body issue and explore how much is too much when it comes to the revealing issue.

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-- You know -- I think we've been through intimidation -- that influences. And day night and two to sound like this. John. Not there in the -- up through the Red Sox season I can't. OK if that's where you feel about it we won't do the jingle -- president with a red -- he's wraps up I'm sure will be free. So much it what's bothered me right now. There's the cover of the ESPN body issue that -- but it went what does this time off for you coming I don't know on couple weeks. The story twice first for a second please select from a foreign the American film -- -- -- -- just it's it's Polonia Yahoo! -- and three general. Probably maybe I don't know you don't just once I'd like to see Mark Luke volunteered to do the planet Mikey W volunteered to do it until -- hate that would trade places one day. You know I'll -- additional. They can do my show. Would that be great that would be dead that day would love to do that twenty minutes that sign up on that fifteen minutes so it's free to doesn't like a little was written really remember him from my fifth well. Yeah as the other room. -- about really weird man. I don't know if you wonder I have all the people who station who's not you know he's -- easy going easy get along with Maloney right right. -- -- -- again after a -- body issue Rath -- is -- agency troubling me they -- if you miss your body now my only my body's getting better by the day thanks to the manifest diet could happen but -- upward of the most important thing that I wanna talk to Buccaneers do we need to see this guy does Colin tapper -- His entire naked body on the cover of and ESPN body magazine why he looks like he's doing squat thrusts in his bathroom he has you can see his butt cheeks all the tattoos rib -- I care about that tasteful -- -- -- I don't know how much you briefly in uniform on throw the ball -- -- -- watch it -- when your exercises in your notes are at that you've been noted shoot if you tasteful -- in the the -- -- jobs. Yet -- -- -- doing that -- man for the improper Bostonians that's what we never got a ton of but this is that to me it's kind of like okay now we all understand who read who reads ESPN the magazine mostly I'd say 80% -- right. I would say. Well there's some women in the body issue and knows what that my my point put the woman on the cover of you're gonna do that stick a woman on the cover to make us look at -- -- naked body was running who's running on the government's just. And -- -- it dolphins had attracted to -- and all this announcement does Dalton. We are wreck in progress your planet Mikey show three things don't mention of tougher on the rocker story saying PD's made for a better game six -- win. What since when is less legit better you know I was taken last night actually on the ride home when I get home about 4 am after last night's marathon game. That. You know I wonder in the future might have thought about this I wonder in the future if like forty years from now or maybe last. If this won't even people will be scoffing in laughing at performance enhancing drugs really. Yeah like having you by devils have a little aquatic -- added like the way that. People looking green needs now and baseball on things like that having maybe not to that lesser extent but somewhere around there you know we're well -- the only such -- his -- you know science technology they'll be such an advanced. That this will look you know. Comical. Well I don't know I you know it's still going to be trying to be a -- I think everybody at some point they're gonna say OK well then we're gonna let horses do any kind of steroids to run in the Kentucky Derby olympians are going to be able to do whatever they want to people will be. Having bionic limbs and where where where -- they can run faster. Jump higher hit the ball farther -- throw faster. That normal arms to you know that's common EPO I saw a guy in Ohio writer. I hit two robotic arms he was -- and by the pool at the hotel I was staying -- and he was he -- -- festive lights a cigarette with robotic arms. I was like wow holy cow that's pretty good vote. So -- one of those select electronic cigarettes in my blow himself up but being obviously these days of -- and Jim Abbott who who had that black of the -- you know he's gonna. That that type of player in the future's gonna have. Both arms and one of them will be about it now. What if there's an advantage. To having a robotic body parts from the comes with the future sports are gonna outlaw them a bit ago the golfer they but it what's the name Casey. They were yeah I know Casey had ambivalence in cart they ruled he went to Stanford I believe yet it because he couldn't -- -- -- texted him. In any event I added if that happens of science really takes over that we're talking about -- -- zions already candidates taken over a little bit. Advances with a performance enhancing drugs that are yeah I think that most people just feel that there's a sense of morality to but it can be a level field with when it comes to the numbers isn't a moral thing now -- -- it's probably not a moral thing and it is. It for people don't recreational drugs is a moral thing well. Let's put this -- Clements okay. Most people -- distance did some kind of performance enhancing drug okay he had how many Cy Young news. 76. Or what was it 67 -- you always very of the guys that that too unbelievable you know what I was amended report bastards and they -- out here. And in professional sports. That Iran performance enhancing drugs and are still powering -- but they have 1011 home runs right. That well you know that's out there. Take a look at the top contracts that have been forced down everybody's throats over the last five or ten years and look at all those guys that are making all the big money -- talking like the the Phillies guided -- first baseman Ryan Howard. The A-Rod you know they had the list of the guys that really pulled -- Vernon Wells all these people would pull -- these gigantic context they're the guys put up big numbers right now. Now they're not. So -- Maybe she caused baseball to rethink the whole idea of what's petroleum 250 million had a guy over ten years. -- deal. Off and it's gonna be one that's gonna go now -- through 21. That's gonna go down -- second to A-Rod yes a -- -- is contrary especially is DO planter fascia edits of some question we're whether he's really is legitimate age. If he's not a couple of days -- and probably always been good a good thought to be in consideration because in and his deal I believe I read it correctly today. Goes until the year 20/20 one Ryder. To reach an IC partners again in case mark if he's not worth -- Tony thirteen what you can be eight years from now. You know and and by the -- pujols has that body that looks like it's. -- smaller when he's not get any faster Peters is part of the head down and guys get their foot injury to planter fascia. So he's kind of screwed in net and so was -- Sony has -- On the other thing okay so I'm if you what do you think about ordinance that the of the body issue with Colin Capra a new economical I don't like I -- person and I'm not into -- If you wanted Serena Williams cracking walnuts with her butt cheeks it's exactly they can put them on every single year and I would be OK with it. Red Sox last -- get back on the winning track on Seattle with took -- to 4 o'clock in the morning to get home at the but he's a good evening the Red Sox aborted start awful. That's you know whats -- name the kid thereafter yeah Webster you have a happy edited dictionary goes in -- he treat his awful. And then it was like a contest to seek to be more awful and a I'm -- who at the -- -- RA and and again -- -- hammered him yeah and the Red Sox bullpen which is a piecemeal group of guys now somehow held them to like what one run for the remainder of that game after the get the first six were as low pitched well -- -- -- so Red Sox are back on the winning to Iraq -- -- and were all happy about that we're gonna take your calls on this that the other thing. You know for some reason Hernandez story I told you wouldn't go away at the most recent thing of course is that everybody around him as saying he confessed to somebody. One of the guys Wallace or somebody yeah -- Wallace that he was the triggerman you know yes maybe a proud moment for him I'd say he said he said it's he told. -- it. Ortiz Carlos Ortiz won the associates of -- Cowen and was told by Ernest Wallace told him that and and -- the escorts -- we know these things work. Italy's high profile cases now in particular -- on every single detail of this thing. To see how it it to them further develop so you know that's a subject it is always an evergreen. On the program for any reason you want to enter text message at 37937. But we have wide open sports talk show our format tonight. Which is going to be delightful up until Red Sox baseball. At about 925 also I think. Number number I don't I don't think I'm sure we're gonna have some visitors tonight including his very funny Greg Murphy. -- Coming by to visit with some of the -- right he loves our exports he's -- -- does all the tremendous Thursday Bob Kraft yellows and of course -- will come vital bit -- -- most importantly need your -- phone calls as we wanna hear from you the radio listening audience and keep our fingers on the pulse. A new England sports at 6177797937. There will be no time limits on tonight's phone calls you can keep our. -- writer and idea entertain it just stated engaged enthused about what you're saying for even 67 minutes what's the record by the readings data from Quincy. Yeah probably -- 1213 minutes keeping -- you know like arguing with him for I think what -- think 1214 minutes I would say. Yeah when I look at a breakdown that's not our. You know our our room. MO leaders try to break any record but we would love to hear from the 61777979. 370. And it's grab one now before break. I get these phones a chance to warm up it's AJ in the car AJ I loved you on The Sopranos you were great. Thank you -- going on sold the PP GA knowing that I wanted to make a quick cup point about oh that injury to Andrew Miller but for PDs. In my opinion the only way to stop that is to get the players union and the league to put didn't contract as soon as you get caught doing PDs. Your contract is voided and you don't get. Any of that money. And you know it's gonna stop and AJ is if this all goes downward Brian broad. Is get a hundred game suspension without -- that's -- and an Alex right in the rest of these guys are getting big time suspensions from this bio Genesis. A loaded there's going to be along appeal in a problem won't be till next year but that that will. -- a -- some guys make him think twice yet and you don't. This gets stuck in the contract she got A-Rod deal I mean you've got to get paid for seventy years after getting caught I know east now. The bit and the out quickly the -- Andrew Miller I remember -- when he first came up and went through the struggles with Detroit where you have to control problems are always kind of rooted for him like -- stop these seem like pretty get cute so -- in a intermittent at best he's gonna look at -- funny put it together and found a niche you know shut down the lever that I didn't know what he's. -- this year. Under on the -- go down for the team and then personally as well he's funny put together and another step. Area -- you know he was always a control problem or you don't know what he's gonna get your when he got out there and and even this year a little -- there's been some ins and outs -- his control but overall you're right he stops unhittable -- is lefties and -- have a tough time -- stoop to that stuff goes down and and hard. He throws a very heavy ball. A by the time he releases it -- two feet closer 'cause the guys wicket blank. It's got long legs man like Randy Johnson the problem is I think the long legs are what's screwed as he tried to take a step beside graceful out there on that they've had a couple. I think the lead -- specialized against lefties like that but still be effective against righty is going to be -- top armed Serb. Place and not hard to run of these -- -- throw lefties are always tough but how about that they've had two guys injured. That weren't even hit you know moving to get away from the right -- this year and also Jacoby Ellsbury is returning to ninety's in the lineup leading off consider -- US consulate here yet because we don't want to have anything kids should be to his fragility meter. -- -- Needham you know they definitely need him today they had the hurt victory don't Redfield who had just despite one Bobble up their played great feeling Dwight Evans last night he does great. He's been unbelievable what he's been out there and help the -- eight. He's been playing gold glove caliber -- he really has signed a tweet this out last night by the way -- -- yet to RBIs and a Twitter handle and at John. The ball he caught in the stands writer what are the only guy ever remembered it could get a ball like that is Dwight Evans -- to read such uniform mean there's been other guys around -- can do it. But in a recession reform I'm gonna say right now Victor -- is the best defensive regularly had since Evans retired. You know it just appears compliment JD Ager was held an -- but remember when he ran -- when he was not supposed to catch that. Falcon. Didn't running no I was attempt there's such as Tampa Bay foul territory and let it drop -- catch is that the one time we will -- doc. I -- quick break 61777979237. We wanna talk to every what are you about some.

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