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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 07/10/13

Jul 10, 2013|

You ask it of us, we answer it... we swear!

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It's time for questions -- question what's. The big question. -- -- -- -- -- -- Are we answer questions every day about this time it's brought you by -- restoration specialists if your property your facilities manager Warren insurance Perot call -- to venture. That you have a disaster restoration game plan is calling 774611111. Or -- serve up. Dot com I'm like -- Power demand. I have a question what Mikey would be eligible -- seriously I Cromartie -- rained -- hand mystery doing what is important. J. D. -- impersonation of the -- and he's more of but it really hurt me -- I'm actually solicit some expert -- -- how we. Play North Korea wouldn't say that you're -- -- and it just seems safer knowing what I know about you know your history -- It was from solicitation of -- many companies and we answered questions you should do it should be -- well I don't do that assault on base almost. Grown -- We answer your questions are new breed of journalists question that I know. It. Starting -- a couple questions from the Twitter hash tag ET on you on Twitter on the Twitter net Twitter machine salt real quick what -- seven times six. The -- to Alter -- it's just go to -- Tyrus -- did he do the finger thing -- the -- tolerated and no I'm good with the times tables have more trouble that it's attracting and didn't give us a sentence some 147142120354249. -- -- X 63 of football 7077. And 840000 dollars a year ago. -- NFL fans at the -- high school with a -- and so that's. 111. Next question. I think as the moment tables by double trouble that isn't that the I think David Ortiz seemed so genuine and nice talking nice to hear but if he tested positive noted that you. Yeah yeah hell. All the things we've seen happen in Boston sports. In the last month yet to catch some now kept coming you know it's a trip to Mars it said David I'm a bit. Now it would not wouldn't have been it would it surprise you -- Now but not because of him I mean it's nothing specific to David Ortiz just meant every anybody who test that -- will never ever -- meet anyone ever test positive again. That's right -- in Israel for either one person in the world that would shock it's impossible to be shocked it's called. I don't know who witnessed the cult whose kids to kind of eased. -- that would definitely shocked it took off his. Yeah it's spread rumors of people -- two years ago he's do you think that you don't know that -- sunglasses. And -- -- this. Question what's your least favorite movie with your favorite actor -- I would say it's a good question that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the game Roberts. Yeah it's how about a Italian job -- Ed Norton. He's one of my favorite and and that was a bad movie it's not a good if he's terrible. But it that was a pretty awful to watch it it's 12 -- Charlotte the run and she's she's got married -- both -- -- platinum movie. He's the strait of it would just that he did that I -- -- go ahead and see that it looked bad. So bad Roberts is ridiculous and Japan. -- Julia Roberts what are your favorite. I was watching her and ocean's twelve Leo and she's -- she plays herself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- European art -- well it's it's I don't think they got are like me because they used them. Redd Foxx or whatever it was the -- fox. I don't think there is like accidentally. We can't we're sequels that it is not to call were so holes at the 66. Good the first one yes that person's really it's really what's at any time it's team. -- has ever get sick of talking about Hernandez I'm starting to yesterday but today I had a whole new life. -- those documents that I I read all of the stuff I was fascinated by all of the just bizarre crap. -- to -- its factories. -- That -- -- I like -- my diesel my tweets I don't respond to any of them now. So it's just left on comments I thought like you would have appreciated the over under on how -- the game would -- last night vs what time you would actually go to bed did you make it through to the end Michael -- -- -- -- -- -- once -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Next question thank you very much Jessica Simpson or Kim Kardashian just such as land. Or in her prime Arthur -- now this could mean either you know. -- -- -- Are -- with disease and Jerry's started. You think Jessica -- told -- -- Weaver and his I don't know arts -- she's mostly take part you care who aspect all the sudden all the things you care if they are only. -- were asked -- that without any cast yes c'mon you know I guess -- the whole thing of what it. These are raised are -- she's like -- -- this -- that nobody should cut them. Would you rather share a cell with Mike Tyson -- Aaron -- while. I don't think I can -- so Mike Tyson and he's one of my childhood idols but he's -- he's. We're in uncharted you know now we do want to -- Obama exactly and you were doing it ethical they would just do some great but not a moment -- the love thing. Keep me from killing you -- It. You're getting ripped by the way Mikey Julia Roberts is not in pants using -- -- I mean it's a victory. Yeah. -- we'll talk and tell me you wouldn't want to be -- and sell out is now starting to Reno Nevada properties. This is sickening it's your screen -- That's the problem you'll have to go to sleep eventually. And wanna -- just don't know what's up next question. It's the question guys do you think the changes in bowling ball technology has changed the game for the better or worse -- the changes have been made -- -- -- Street I would assume at least you know that most of them it's like the hot hand and it is time to get the new residents -- -- real. Carter's -- it -- like that hockey equipment it's just golf clubs to use yet -- Itanium -- Another big change and -- -- have been doable in LA the dozen balls that are like you know thirty here's a big. Just taking a fumble that's the first indication. That use the investors. -- you you have your remote via the Euro Asia which cherry -- It's -- -- -- In his -- of the new technology the old power I don't know but it's it's not a cable and it's it's a three -- ball to 31. That your congress one. Look like everybody how much do you boulder where it's known that that doesn't rely -- to market. Which it we can't today do you handle -- hamster pork and let's keep pushing him is in a few minutes so I'll tell you might lose bowling -- -- -- could you do that shooting. What are you better. -- so what you you do regular -- was that it can't opens in general it is for once he thinks we talking about. Straight yeah. I'd much prefer him open man. What do you mean it's not mainly can throw that they are right on the right now you can do as opposed to the little the big spin as much less -- -- -- your -- It balls next question ball. I will Bill Belichick ever take a player again. Recommended by Urban Meyer yes. He will put together a minor player is at Ohio State might -- that Ohio State who believe for sure next question. Are finally oh hole in your socket the big tell Geico toss or soccer keep wearing -- just because a hole and -- you can take hold aside and take. Hold it till it's just it's just distracting tiger as an act. You keep adults actually. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now why do that event prior to what did you once you've lost one you throw out the other one -- where we'll wait sorry doesn't talk a little sort of a similar color. But -- -- greatest and gray. It -- together and I could. Give me an obstacle to a large part of -- Sox go. It's constant it's constantly that aren't all the controversial question for you guys okay. Which other W yeah personality would you like to partner up with the Jewish. Me yeah yeah you definitely much. Guatemala. Can focus on non. -- know you don't know month I'm barely mattered really around it but when you. -- and hand Lou. -- I do before -- tactic as much as a source who was I know who's a sorcerer is -- slow start with I don't know what the situation. Why did you say that what was his reason. For us -- I'd like to do a show with a guy who said -- was the source -- firings that we get back in here to do a show is sorcery or 248. Believe you met him before I met the guy who you are well that that thing tall thing I. Yeah the guy who gave the packages and that you're mad dog that can it's not back a different kind of human. Together ordered some injuries -- you don't like -- are racists which freedom Holmes. Only wish and I can't switch. I guess it would then it's on the and -- -- -- -- an interest in it I guess you could do that yet because what I get four or fewer holes in my toes than I do on the heels. But for the most -- -- don't you get more holes in the deal reached separate those pumps were -- -- all. Nice go with the -- -- -- Mike Adams coming up next not a good long show Yasser regardless. Outlaw that Mikey -- coming up and actually backed the guys tomorrow at two for short show ourselves before its -- baseball's alcoholic W --

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