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John Farrell with Salk and Holley: A lot of Jon Lester's problems stem from his cutter

Jul 10, 2013|

We check in with Sox skipper John Farrell live from Seattle. John talks to us about the big comeback win last night, the all-star break and John Lester's continuous problems.

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Good strong report. It's okay. Okay. It's not about. Knew that I think could forget that. Don't wanna make it's that out -- good job man okay. You don't exactly feel betrayed going higher. They go to your children died in car. So legitimate in their top hat. But ladies and their prices watched baseball. Back. After the game in your -- and on the play parlor games and some of his friends. That was the home run hit last night Red Sox game credible nice to see them get the comeback win John -- their manager joins us. Every single Wednesday at this time he's brought -- -- -- insurance counter tire and celebrity cruises John how big win last night. Well consider and we're down 51 after three innings or two and happenings things were looking real good but our offense -- the the four innings combined between -- own daily work. As you know commission last night the way to. Stabilize the game somewhat but given the last three nights in particular last Saturday night in LA where that game got away from us. We we you know we're trying to get out of whole as a team. And over the team win that it did bring shuttle hole last night. I'm regiments and I game on Saturday a lot of people went to bed thinking that thing was one it was all over. And they tie it up. In the ninth inning and then then went and an extra innings you say any thing after a loss like that -- does speak for itself. Mike Michael speaks for itself you know we're we're sitting there with a four run lead with two outs and at first base and thinking OK you know what that they've got the top of the order common but. Still felt like we we were really good shape. And unfortunately things didn't work out for. Talking John -- Hera on WEEI you mentioned Andrew Bailey in the innings that he gave you last night you obviously he's pitched well now as last few his last few outings is the goal. Ultimately would you like to have him close -- games for you again this season. Well. That would be ideal. It it and given that you know. Coaches don't have very good job regardless of the -- pitched -- and but to have his versatility to go up against righty and lefties -- was probably equal efficiency. M and that that's that's set up guy that eighth inning guy. When you can use him in the seventh inning because if you're in the meat of the order it just -- a completely different dynamic your bullpen. But it stays the way it is -- and bella becomes -- guy where you can use and those parts which she's getting back to that mean. So let's -- -- given the injuries we've recently got through. Do we need as many good. Late inning relievers we can possibly get. What does the loss of Andrew Miller -- for your team. Well power arm left and it was started really commandos on the last year and a half you know got added to his credit. Adapted to the role shorter stints more frequent since probably work and then seemingly agreed with him better but. The work that he did shorten down as delivery you know we're talking about -- six -- -- that's got a lot of moving -- a lot of long -- in the -- -- -- delivery. Basically eliminating a leg kick so the timing has become more consistent and when you're able to channel that mid nineties fastball that -- -- well above average breaking ball. You know he became a strikeout -- force in key spots and he will be missed. You know dinners and we we could spend the next ten minutes just doing a mash unit rundown with you and all the guys who were hurt what they're dealing with. The -- comes out of the game quickly last night Ellsbury and of course victory you know you just mentioned. Andrew Miller and -- still isn't back in -- be ready for the all star break. We're ready for tonight I guess that the best way to say because that they also break we'll get here when it -- but I'd probably. Prefer to look to the other side of this in the -- to vote roster. Gets challenged he gets tested and we continually. Put up solid games and games that we come back and win and last night when we're not at -- trying. But when you consider via the effects that we put together the the energy that still remains in our dugout regardless of the physical ailments were going through. That's a pretty special group and how Jackie Bradley spent all day on a plane to come -- and big time home run a couple of good or attached. In and around that the work abroad -- and at third base. -- guys that we. Probably didn't have earmarked coming or going in the spring training ever played key roles force radar. Saw an interesting article today John in the Boston Herald. Scott Glover wrote it. He says since the start of the 2008 season Jon Lester is pitched 11138 innings at most in the American League behind. Felix Hernandez Justin Verlander James Shields and CC sabathia. Has ERA since may may twentieth is is well over six do you think. Those two things are related is -- a workload issue for Jon Lester. What was I don't think there's any way that you can. In -- set that aside. He has little horses entire big league career. And at times and guys' careers they've got to make some adjustments and be in one. Biggest one brief description where he's been getting hurt as well as it has been with a cover. It doesn't have the same power and -- late this we've tried different things stated to regain that. -- all the way what is done is his changeup has become much improved. We still see good power was fast for me the other night he's 9394 consistently but what we're seeing is just. At times and inconsistent control within the strike zone. Not so much just. Wildness. He -- a couple walked built into that long fourth inning the other night but there's been more inconsistencies within the strike zone that is come back to bite him a little bit particularly with two strikes. And a lot of times that two strike pitches and that Carter shall. You know we can we continue to narrow it down we continue to address. You know physical and and fundamental things that are there are so. That that's the one thing that we we look at right now and that bad pitch doesn't have the same effectiveness that is that he's been known for. You know and majority of his career. So maybe some people have talked about how gifted he is and how hard he can throw from the left side not a lot of people can do that with control and consistency. Did you believe that I mean does he believe that he's one of the best in the game because at times it looks like he's nibbling and it seems like a lack of confidence in his own stuff. Boy you know Michael -- regardless of the status of a player there's gonna be confidence levels ebb and flow. And I guarantee you that you know the first 78 weeks of the season. It was probably pretty darn high and if he goes to a little bit of issues stretch where things are quite get -- the spot where is intending him and the numbers get a little crooked. Yeah I might not be as strong as soon as those first separate which -- mentioned but. You know. Sitting here watching him. You you would like to be able to give what you are seeing in the compensate you have him punching the stuff that you have for. The stuff that -- given pitcher has and let them truly believe it but until. Some of the results support the work. That that's where the confidence continues to grow Yemen and he's an outing or two from regain -- because. Maybe you Kamal the last couple starts coming into into this game at Seattle I thought he was well on the upswing again. And a little bit of pick up there they are right. You mentioned there's some things you can do to try to help them or fix what's going on with the -- What are those things and as a as a former pitching coach and somebody who understands that part of the game what do you do for a player who needs help the specific pitch like a car. Well he. Because you can only work out so much you begin to talk about it to be individualized and start to talk about and use different techniques that allow you to put yourself in a position even if you're not -- I'm working on it. Because physically you need those days of rest in between starts. There's video review that you begin. You know go back to. And breakdown and just pinpoint some and in this case when this cutter it it becomes more the starting point in the strike zone so were in the past maybe. For instance or just an example of if the catcher's mask was the starting point for his cutter which had. Maybe later action. A little bit more -- to what that would get to the actual plate or in off the plate. Now it might not have that same break all of it it's a matter of adjusting the starting point. Rather than going back to the same spot that he's been accustomed to prolonged period of time. It could also mean maybe limiting the exposure to that pitch. As -- mention his changeup has become almost like a split type of action they get a lot of swing and miss and it's become a put away pitch form. These are part of the adjustment cigar has evolved with over time in and you know this isn't just -- about your velocity because the velocity is still there. It's a matter of the action to that secondary pitch. And and look his his his struggles. Blame anyone else for address at the purpose for the question I'm I'm wondering. How much is the catcher involved in this for Fergus reminding him. For lack of a better we're open it is reminding him of what he needs to do during again. Well that there's a lot of familiarity between insulted but even -- the one thing that every catcher or any catcher will go to. In in in two game regular night is okay what can. What can I depend on from this picture what -- can I go to when they need to get a strike what pitched and I go to to finish the -- -- In when there's some inconsistencies there. For instance the finish in the power to his putter. That that leaves open a little bit of -- up you know I don't -- wondering what I'm not a clear picture of what. Salty Earl -- was gonna get. In the given count but didn't go to who took to put in Iraq or put -- -- hitter away -- went so. You know that this -- a matter of if I would go back it's always a pitcher because people won't balls and he couldn't shake off and have conviction to the pension which is gonna execute. And we can have a number of times -- sure what John Edwards been there and then there's and sometimes in key moments. But that particular right is gonna want to count against smoke that's a cutter that doesn't get the spot for the double inside the bag. That's -- 02 pitch at a cutter Ibanez hit -- ballpark. You know if those -- -- executable but definitely we're a completely different scenario and we'll probably looking at different relievers coming in behind. -- -- John -- here on WEEI feel pretty comfortable right now knowing that Lester Dempster who brought Lackey -- -- your rotation. The other spot -- irritation that should be Clay Buchholz as I guess I need an update on -- to when we could see him. One to Alan -- skiers struggled again last night and then maybe I guess could in theory Gaudin Alfredo Savvis although he was taken out of the game last night as well. Where those three yet. You just listen if you moving parts. That. Wolf personal -- long talks again yesterday in an aggressive lycra is scheduled for bullpen today. All things going as we -- war or -- he or she going pupil in the day. Another one on Friday and then we would hope to have him in rehab start on Sunday. We we do believe he's in the at least two rehab starts and so. Basically he's making progress and hopeful to see him -- the rotation -- soon. As far as Webster said the scope. You know we've we've got a couple things going on we've got to check ball make it very protective service. We don't view he wanted to go back out there last night. But felt like a lefthander was. Cold war in that situation -- -- and score some runs and try to. Slow them down left and approach on the mound so Sunday's starters you know. In the media last that I mentioned right now in Webster was scheduled start but still the case but still. I would have another conversations internally to see what might come about next Sunday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well hopefully changes and Ellsbury comes in the Israelis go that's my hope that he you know he felt much improved yesterday so. Hopeful but he's back in the lineup tonight. You know I think until we get through the end of -- this road trip we're still monitoring -- -- data -- He he he adds so much or line up defensively and offensively it was an -- and kind of expected to be in that two hole again tonight so you know Jackie Bradley comes up gives us a boost to the -- put. Yeah we're gonna go up against a -- tonight news you know what -- to his credit he's temperature pretty well against you know the American League here and hope that that'll hopefully get held verbal victory in -- Bakken and want to hold my. Our John time per Mohegan son's dinner with John Ferrell contest question today. Comes from Patrick Murphy from Medford Massachusetts is says duke players. Have any baseball related responsibilities over the all star break if they are not participating. At Citi Field. Well no that it had in mandated by the CBA we can't even org organizers say an official workout on the final day of the but the break which -- Thursday. If there you don't know novels say this we we recommend that paid for pictures you know give themselves two or three days down play a little catch on the Roman out one -- just keep on moving. Weekends we will be at the ballparks apple corporation the Yankees series come out of the breaks off guys wanna commit on that Thursday evening that camp. What what were mandated by not allowing or not having worked out on the all star break. And also it's the same can be said for the day before the regular season opens packing it in April those with a two dates have been negotiated and that's that they have to be a quiet day. Aren't while the all star break of course is next week you finish up. The West Coast trip two more in Seattle three in Oakland -- you guys get a few days off thanks so much Jeff good to talk to again I know weather will do it next Wednesday or not your off stable figure to -- next week. Are -- -- there's John Ferrell -- always joining us. Every single Wednesday should mention for being selective that question Patrick has won a -- overnight stay at Mohegan Sun is now eligible to win the end of the season grand prize an overnight -- dinner with John Farrell and assault and -- show Mohegan Sun -- WEEI dot com slash Mohegan every week to submit your question for the manager. Did or John Ferrell was brought you by Mohegan Sun Boston I bet you didn't though. Mohegan Sun has -- unique -- -- -- with how many table games are about 325 roughly 32500. -- Neighborhood of about 6042. Table poker. Pretty impressive create your moment. At Mohegan Sun dot com pretty good moment last night as a Red Sox is an John Carroll just mentions bounced bounces back. From a 51 deficit early how important is that for them going forward we'll discuss an axle canal at WE yeah.

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