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Aaron Hernandez' strangest behavior? Blue cotton candy bubblicious of course.

Jul 10, 2013|

Among all the strange things Aaron Hernandez was documented doing after the alleged murder of Odin Lloyd... his cavalier attitude with his pack of gum might have been the strangest.

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On Sports Radio. Our -- -- here just a minute David Ortiz will be on the show big popping at 530. This afternoon stick around for that affect your calls are few minutes after 44. We've been going through. The many bizarre ought to -- is any inconsistencies. And questions to come out. Of the reports and documents released yesterday in the Aaron Hernandez case there's a million strange one some funny some weird at summit just make no sense. One of them is the sheer number of the sheer number of horrors that he -- he's familiar to the woman and enterprise rent a car to do you know Aaron Hernandez as your own time. While an -- Texas says there's a there's a reason for that. Perhaps. That's a drug dealer will rent vehicles because if you get caught dealing drugs you forfeit the vehicle you were doing business with to the local police department. So this. This. This way beekeeper in a year Erica there and -- their -- are so that's way. You keep your vehicle especially if it's only a small amount you're dealing and you don't do time right so -- -- maybe that's the reason the most logical reason people come up with for why Aaron Hernandez. Read so many vehicles that is a drug dealer. About the good and Nadal got a good that's not a good thing applauding good explanation for it may explain it. But that's not a valid explanation for I mean there's no. Give me non criminal reason. Why you're renting so many cars that you're familiar to the woman and enterprise rent a -- Aaron Hernandez here -- course course and -- He leads the big keys 2020. Lloyd's car. On old Lloyd after they kill -- which immediately immediately connect them back to Hernandez is he's the one who rented the car in his own name. Get to the the other oddity in this one is I don't understand this maybe you can make some sense out of this Michael you're smarter -- -- some -- him. Tuesday for an easy. I like. So we nobody stopped at a service station at a gas station. While they're all driving and they help pick -- the pickup packing -- and cigar a couple of other things and get gas right up the gum is very. Very easy to remember because it's this blue bubble yum content -- -- Already it stands out in your mind right. So then he goes to enterprise rent a car. Right afterwards when he returns the when he returns the vehicle the Nissan Altima -- they believe was at the scene of the crime. Where. He offers a piece of gum. Who the manager enterprise rent a car day. Want a piece of -- weird blue cotton candy bubble yum it's as if he's trying to make her remember right notice that he is carrying blue. Bubble gum in his hands right there are so. Offers are blue bubble aren't -- When the police come back and she mentions this story about how we offered her blue bubble gum. She says that she went back into the 2012 Altima that Hernandez had read that you -- for items that she then disposed in the dumpster of the property at the enterprise rent a -- -- -- -- disposable for these things are not entirely sure pot. Clean up her car well. When one of them is the replicating it seems strange that you would just toss it into the dumpster but whatever -- Fredricka that's sort of been the sort of stuff all the time I don't know -- -- indicate -- located a small vitamin water bottle. In the front driver's side coupled or not that's strange. She went on to indicate she located would appear to be a piece of paper. Containing a colorful child's drawing. In the area underneath the driver seat of the 2012 Nissan Altima. So there's a eight children's drawings in the car. -- That she finds two things. A bullet which is actually -- which she describes it as a bullet and by the way they have gone back it is a 45 and ballistics show it is the from the same gone. That would also extended to five cartridges that -- from five shells that were left at the murder site that we know. That the big bullet casing that's in there is from the same -- even if we have on the and unfortunately that's one thing that they did get right. They were able to. -- Hernandez Carlos Ortiz they were able to do something with -- -- where it has been found that's right. But I watcher it's gonna matter when you found that all you know when every other one of these things is all connected to why the lawyers Havel told -- -- circumstantial case of -- so she finds the vitamin water -- child's -- The -- bullet casing which we now know is from the same gun as the ones that killed old law to release found at the scene. And one other thing what you think that one other thing was chief fines under the seat are probably some -- AP. Oh cotton candy bubble gum which -- always been shoot. In -- UOs image it fell out of the pack covered in the -- eight Choo get discarded to. Piece of blue bubble gum it's as if he's advertising the fact that he is connected to this whole -- it's bizarre. Yeah I mean it's it's it's hard to make sense of it and you just try to figure out all the things that happen. And all of the circumstantial evidence -- after awhile -- we circumstantial evidence is seen as the as a negative thing you. It is just an item here -- an item there -- circumstantial evidence. It just keeps wrapping around and wrapping around a wrapping around eventually there's nowhere you -- with a place to go to you know -- -- there's no the president. To look at as a suspect other than these three guys he's got ranked. He knew it is the advertising. That he's involved in this and the blue bubble something really does it it just sticks at me. I don't I don't say was set up or that he was framed or anything like that. But it is so -- Maybe stuck his -- use come onto the seat. Right I guess that's possible but still you know you look at stuck it on the piece of paper right now in the peace agreement that was the only thing around the child's Wi-Fi and a child's -- to begin with. I don't know because this is of those -- they said it was used to know they said it was a child's drawing its it was he could just be really bad at -- What guys meaning -- eight month old you're gonna get old enough to draw any thing wrong. Now who knows he's got the double -- a letter from crock that that he had. Look at this double life. Yes and now. Okay in his in his normal life.

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